Sunday, May 8, 2011

Down Time

While I'm out playing in the woods, for my favorite uncle, you guys should feel free to work out what you're doing, and how you want to go about doing it. I'll also be posting your updated character sheets, once I read your replies.


  1. Power Chord: IC – Pulling up across the street from Fast Eddy’s Dirk smiles behind his designer sunglasses. Thinking back over the events of the last few days things seem almost a blur. He’s gone from feeling like a “Lone Ranger,” to feeling like a part of a team in an unbelievably short time.

    He thinks back on his first encounter with the Machinist, and how he believed the gadgeteer had been behind the explosions at the bank… Man, things have changed so much. How alien Jack had looked zooming through the skies fighting the fires. Destiny had certainly played its cards, and brought them to together. His thoughts turned dark as he remembered his premonitions about this group.

    They have won a victory today, of that he is sure, but there was still evil out there, he still didn’t know what had happened to his father, and there was something cryptic about the statements made as the shadowy figure faded from site back at the mansion.

    He shook his head, and waited for a few cars to pass before he trotted across the street.
    He hadn’t been to a Pizza Parlor in years, this did sound like fun, thinking back to his college days. Those had been interesting times to be sure, discovering himself as it were. And here he was again, finding who he would be. He held the door for a young couple, and crossed the threshold looking around for his friends. Maybe he would have a beer after all and something with peppers, olives, and lots of cheese…

    OOC: Man, the Warriors/Ronin are doing an amazing job of role playing… I think we’re going to have to step it up a notch men. Let’s give Dom something to read when he gets back. Maybe we can work some back stories in. I’d love to hear more of the history of Jack Frost, the Machinist, and Skyhawk. I’ve done a write up of Power Chord’s history and posted it on the V&V forum, unfortunately for some reason I can’t access that site anymore due to technical issues… if anyone would like to read it, let me know and I can send you a copy.

  2. OOC: I would like to see a write up of Power Chords history.
    Nick had taken a quick shower and gotten changed into his street clothes in preperation to meet up with his teammates. His shoulder-legnth brown hair was still damp after being towel dried. Nick put on the do-rag he always wore underneath his motorcycle helmet.His attire consisted of his Hi-Tek black boots, carpenter styled blue jeans, and a t-shirt worn underneath his well-worn leather jacket.
    Nick threw a leg over his motorcycle in preperation to start it. He knew the starting routine by heart. Motor off, fuel on 2 twists of the throttle, and 1 kick through, then power on and 1 kick started it every time. When the motor was warm it only needed 1 kick with the ignition on. The bike had started out as a 1996 Harley touring model, but had been heavily modified. It was now a Hard tailed,With a FXWide glide front end. He had added a kick starter which he used more often than the electric starter.
    Nick opened the garage door on the old-fashined converted fire station that he called home. Letting off the clutch as he rolled on the throttle and made his way out into traffic. He loved his motorcycle, it allowed him to cut through traffic easily, was good on gas and felt like the closest thing to flying when he wasn't. He had talked to his parents earlier. he gave his mom his love and told his dad about his teammates. Nick continued his trip to the prearranged location to meet the rest of the group.He circled the location until he could grab a parking spot. After locking his bike, Nick went inside the pizza parlor. Finding his new found friend inside he sat down and prepared to enjoy a fun night out.

  3. Earlier The Machinist have gladly handed Power Chord the Dagger, now he handed his partner a glass of wine.

    "You can switch to beer later, I have read it is better that way. Me, I start with beer and then add more beer".

    He had changed his clothes as well. He had his emergency pack in the back of his car. He is still wearing his goggles but without his helmet, they look like hi-tech sunglasses.

    The Machinist sees a new person enter. He picks up his beer and calls out, "Cold enough to freeze a snake". Hopefully it is enough to tell the newcomer who he is, if it is Hawk (Jack wouldn't dress that way). Otherwise the newcomer should think his is strange and move to the other side of the store.

    Looking at Power Chord, The Machinist says, "Stopping wrong is so much more satisfying than just recording it."

  4. As he steps int the pizza place Nick hears a patron say, "Cold enough to freeze a snake" while holding up a beer."Must be my guys" he thinks to himself. Striding across the floor of the pizza place he takes a place close to theguy that seemed to be calling him over. "Yeah, it felt like ice daggers were thrown at me on the way over" he says. Hesits down next to his teammates. "My friends call me Nick" he tells them. "This is my first time in this place, what looks good on the menu?" he asks.

  5. "Hi Nick, I am known as Mac."

    "The Chicken Fajita Pizza of Spicy Chicken, onion, red pepper, and tomato and the Marinara Pizza of Shrimp, pesto, tomatoes, and black olives are their best speciality pizzas."

    "Their Calzones are awesome too."

    "For Beer, I would recommend Fast Eddy's microbrewery brand: Empire Blonde Brew"

    "Here, let me get your first." The Machinist finishes his and order 2 more Blondes.

  6. "I'll try the calzones, and one of those beers you recommend. I'm not planning to drive until the alcohal is out of my system." he says. Looking at the other person with Mac he asks, "What would you like to be called?"
    When he gets an opening in the conversation Nick asks in a low tone "I know it hasn't been discussed, but I was wondering if you guys would be interested in making our group a regular gig. If we make our presence known around town, I think it could make a positive impact. What do you think?"


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