Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Gathering of Warriors

Thunderbolt waited atop the pile of metal scrap at the Empire City – Westside Wreck’s Junkyard. This place was where it all started for him. Memories of that rainy night almost a year ago, flooded his thoughts. The night when he and his sister Sarah had been assaulted and abducted by men, unknown, who forced designer new drug upon them was still fresh in his mind. How he had broken free as the men held them in the back room of a shack that no longer existed to wait to see what effects their mutagen concoction would have upon them. The shack was destroyed in Shawn’s fury when he awoke after being thrown from the crane gantry he had dragged his sister to seeking escape from their captors which was subsequently struck by a lightning bolt that triggered his miraculous power. Shawn had lashed out without thought … those men would never harm anyone again. It was purely self-defense but their death’s still troubled his soul… he had killed them! Their bodies so badly burned they were merely piles of ash washed away by the rain, but not so easy to wash away the guilty memories.

It was appropriate to him that Thunderbolt before parting from his new companions… his newly formed team,
The RONIN. Here is where they would meet in secret their first meeting to officially organize themselves. The fight at the Rave Club had proved not only that they could work together but also that the criminals of the city were gathering to oppose them. Individually they each had little chance on their own.

But together... together these warriors… these RONIN could fight for a better city to take a stand against those who would hide from justice. Together they could make a difference. Slik Slanderer had mentioned he had a friend …Diesel who might be interested in helping out. It was a humble start… but it was a start.

Slik Slanderer, Diesel, Stalker, and Thunderbolt… Shawn pondered… could they do it? Could they be forged into a team of heroes? Could he bind them to his cause… Shawn was not sure… but he would give it his best effort…

Thunderbolt waited for the others to arrive … he sat on the hood of a wrecked Buick calmly out in the open waiting… and hoping…

Monday, April 11, 2011

Return of the Serpent Lord

GM Replies to the group

The ghost shape continues to form before you. Within seconds you can clearly make out the form of a what appears to first to be a humanoid female, with what looks like some sort of ceremonial headdress or mask obscuring her face. Soon her form begins to solidify before you.