Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Gathering


With the group finally in agreement, the mysterious "men in black" escort your little band through the police lines, with little to no difficulty. As you make your way through the crowd of excited onlookers, you all will manage to catch a glimpse of WECN's Amber Green. As the group, passes by her location, you hear her tell her camera man, "Jesus, quick! Get me a shot of them leaving. I want to be the first one on the air with a group shot of these guys." Her camera man quickly pans his camera over the group, before one of the men in black steps in the way, stating, "Excuse me Ms. Green, but I'll have to ask you not to do that."

Amber Green – “Hey, you’re ruining my shot, and last I checked, there was still freedom of the press in this country!”

Man in Black 1, responding to Amber – Ms. Green, I’m sure these gentlemen, would appreciate a moment of privacy, as they’ve just been through a very rough morning, now if you’ll excuse us, we’ll take our leave.

At roughly the same time, a large unmarked white passenger van pulls up, and the doors swing open.

Man in Black 2, speaking to the group - “Det. Jones, let's roll, before these press vultures swing in for the kill."

You all are driven a short distance down the road, to a rather nondescript office building, a few blocks from the scene of the fire. The entrance doors are manned by several uniformed, and armed, security guards. Upon entering, you all are waved around the metal detectors, and X-ray machine, located at the entrance, and the entire group is ushered into one of the conference rooms, located on the building's first floor. The office appears to be nothing special. It contains a large oval shaped conference table, chairs, a large screen, a power point projector, and several small storage cabinets.

Man in Black 1- “If everyone will kindly take a seat, I’ll see about getting some refreshments. We’ve got water, coffee, and cold orange juice. If you need to use the rest rooms, they’re located out the door, and to the right.”

Upon entering the room, both Jack, and Power Chord, can instantaneously that this room is far more than meets the eye. The can feel a mystical power source emanating from the walls. While neither can put their finger on it, both since that some ancient magics are at work. Silver Star notices that once he enters the room, the low level comm signal, he maintains with his “sponsors”, becomes intermittent, and fuzzy. The Machinist will be reminded of the secure conference rooms the Agency maintains at Langley (CIA HQ), (a successful perception roll allows him to figure out it’s the same type of room, but with a few added touches he hasn’t seen before).

Once everyone’s seated, Man in Black 1 speaks – “Gentlemen, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Special Agent Banks, of the Bureau of Special Investigations. My partner (Man in Black 2), is Special Agent Harris, and you’ve all met Det. Jones, of the ECPD’s MCU. If you're wondering where we're at, this room is part of the BSI Empire City Field office, satellite facility. It's an offsite location we set up a few years back, for use in an emergency. With that out of the way, I think it's best that we take minute, and allow you all to take a moment to introduce yourselves. "

I'll wait for everyone's responses, before continuing.