Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Gathering of Warriors

Thunderbolt waited atop the pile of metal scrap at the Empire City – Westside Wreck’s Junkyard. This place was where it all started for him. Memories of that rainy night almost a year ago, flooded his thoughts. The night when he and his sister Sarah had been assaulted and abducted by men, unknown, who forced designer new drug upon them was still fresh in his mind. How he had broken free as the men held them in the back room of a shack that no longer existed to wait to see what effects their mutagen concoction would have upon them. The shack was destroyed in Shawn’s fury when he awoke after being thrown from the crane gantry he had dragged his sister to seeking escape from their captors which was subsequently struck by a lightning bolt that triggered his miraculous power. Shawn had lashed out without thought … those men would never harm anyone again. It was purely self-defense but their death’s still troubled his soul… he had killed them! Their bodies so badly burned they were merely piles of ash washed away by the rain, but not so easy to wash away the guilty memories.

It was appropriate to him that Thunderbolt before parting from his new companions… his newly formed team,
The RONIN. Here is where they would meet in secret their first meeting to officially organize themselves. The fight at the Rave Club had proved not only that they could work together but also that the criminals of the city were gathering to oppose them. Individually they each had little chance on their own.

But together... together these warriors… these RONIN could fight for a better city to take a stand against those who would hide from justice. Together they could make a difference. Slik Slanderer had mentioned he had a friend …Diesel who might be interested in helping out. It was a humble start… but it was a start.

Slik Slanderer, Diesel, Stalker, and Thunderbolt… Shawn pondered… could they do it? Could they be forged into a team of heroes? Could he bind them to his cause… Shawn was not sure… but he would give it his best effort…

Thunderbolt waited for the others to arrive … he sat on the hood of a wrecked Buick calmly out in the open waiting… and hoping…


  1. Stalker makes his way to the junkyard,using the shadows as much as he can. It has become a habit. he does it without thinking. Pretty destitute place for a meeting. He scans the area like a predator looking for a good vantage point. As he crosses into the lot itself he can see Thunderbolt atop a wrecked car. The kid looks like he is deep in thought. Suspecting some of the kid's power Stalker decides to get his attention. Reaching into his utility belt he draws out two shuriken and throws them in Thunderbolt's direction.

  2. The shuriken fly through the air in the direction of the seemingly unsuspecting Thunderbolt. He does not react, but the shuriken spin as if gliding into a graceful orbit. His radar sense alerting him to the flying objects not flung at him but flung in his direction. Only a small amount of magnetic power alters their course sending them into a circular orbit like spinning electrons around an atomic nucleus. They slow into a graceful picturesque pattern.

    Thunderbolt turns slowly in Stalker’s direction his radar sense indicating the direction of the thrown weapons.
    I take it that’s you ‘Stalker’? Hello, thanks for coming. I do not think thrown… shuriken are Slik’s style or are you that the new guy… Diesel?”

    The way he turns and looks indicates he knows where 'Stalker' is but does not actually "see" him...

  3. Slik scrambles, climbs, and eventually stumblesa into the massive wreck of the junkyard... somewhat dazed by the influence that brought him here.
    "I uh... uhm... yeah," is about all Slik can initially muster for a greeting, tired, confused, and his head racing with thoughts. "There's another, if you are asking..." Slik finds himself strangely compelled to say, the surge of instinct coupled with the influence of his new friend steering his thoughts forward, "calls himself Diesel. I worked with him last night... Detective Jones knows...."
    And that point Slik Slander crumbles forward in a huddled position, vomiting through the unfortunately narrow mouth opening of his mask, his knees pressing into the ground below, forming small craters as a testimony to his unnatural strength.
    "I'm so..sorry," Slik stutters, trying to wipe away the remains of sick from his mask with a spike wristband clad forearm, "I'm just very, very tired and it's been such a wild couple of days for me...."
    At that point, Slik falls backwards, and passes out into the arms of what will probably be a very brief and temporary sleep.

  4. [To note This 'Gathering of Warriors' takes place a day or so after The RONIN fought with Anvil and his crew]

  5. [This also means that Slik has had time to inform Diesel of the meeting and invite him to join us here to talk... together.]

  6. Stalker watches the arrival of Silk Slander. His expression unreadable behind the helmet. He steps from the shadows and stoops to offer the apparently ill man a hand. Light from the night sky reflecting the mirrored image of Silk on the faceplate. From Thunderbolt's vantage point, it looks briefly as if a mirror is suspended at man height. The darkness itself reaching out to help up the prone man.

    The gloved hand touches the fallen man's shoulder. Silk can hear the creak of leather. Thunderbolt see's Slander seem to disappear under the drape of the long black cape.

  7. [OOC] Sorry about the confusion... somehow the last part of the last section didn't register with my post class (last day of class for semester was yesterday) brain so I'm going to modify my next entry to include the influence on Diesel.

  8. Slik phases back into consciousness and notices Stalker helping him.

    "Thank you, I'm just a bit fatigued."

    Slik's instincts start kicking in, that inner voice demanding that he get to his feet and make good of the situation. With this command, Slik stands up and addresses his two companions.

    "I apologize about that, I've been up for two days trying to deal with the criminal activity we have at hand. I presume that this is a meeting of alligence, and I seem to remember you (to Thunderbolt) requesting my assistance in acquiring a friend of mine... Diesel. I have a feeling he may be in the city right now, as he is a man of much activity as well. Shall I go and find him?"

    (Upon approval Slik will quickly leave, taking note of his location, and attempt to track down Diesel.)

  9. After Slik's disappearance, Stalker turns and faces up the hill of junk to Thunderbolt. Lowering his hood to expose his helmet. The metallic voice echo's across the space. (It is obvious the voice is modified and amplified by some mechanism in the helm.) "Ok this little get together was your idea so why don't you descend from on high and let's talk"

  10. [OOC: sorry for the delay in response... I was planning to respond after both of you had responded once. Sorry.]

    Thunderbolt slides off the hood of the wrecked Buick to walk over to Slik Slander, "Whao fella if you're feeling ill get some rest all I wanted was to meet you guys so we could talk about what - as a team our goals are and what is the next thing we want do? I also wanted to discuss a way for us all to contact each other when we have a need... and figure out if we can with our various abilities help each other in some immediate fashion."

    Thunderbolt gestures to the surrounding junk yard, "I only chose here as it is isolated but full of cover where each of us could be set at ease that if you didn't trust my intentions you could be certain to use the terrain to your advantage to avoid any trap - not that I was planning any but you really do not know who I am so trust may be an issue... for now."

    Looking at Slik, "Were you able to invite your friend Diesel? If you can contact him, yes. I'd really like to have everyone here."

    "Well, I'll start. I'm Thunderbolt, I control, electricity, and magnetism. I fly by controlling magnetic fields around me, and I can sense objects around me with a magnetic resonance field...sort of like radar. My costume is made of woven metal mesh."

    "My powers... come from the drug Boost... or at least some variation of it before it began to be pushed on the streets in its current form. My sister and I were abducted and brought here this very junk yard to be experimented on by men in suits. In our escape it was storming and that crane over there that I had hidden ourselves on to escape was struck with lightning ... that awoke my powers. So as you can guess... I have a vested interest in stopping the Boost trade. but as a team we can handle even bigger threats to the city. Is there anything any of you would wish to share?"

  11. Stalker extends his hand palm up. "The shurikens please" After placing them back in his utility belt he pulls the hood back over his helmet.

    "You've got power but your just a kid. Have you ever been in real combat? Heard men die before? Powers nice but it doesn't make you a soldier"

    He turns and begins to walk away slowly. He stops only long enough to turn briefly. "Thanks for the help in the alley. If you need me just call on any high radio frequency. I'll get the message. But it better be worth the trip."

    He continues to move out of the junkyard, unless stopped.

    He arrives back at the warehouse just as the sun is coming up. Craig is passed out in his bunk. As Keith takes the helmet off he drops it on his bunk. Disconnecting the cloak he wakes Craig. "Hey I need to get some sleep if I want to keep my job. Next time your tapped in to traffic and police lines see if you can figure a way to track magnetic auras"

    Keith falls asleep before he can get all his armor off.

  12. Thunderbolt gestures at Stalker and the shuriken glide to within reach leaving their orbit to return to Stalker.

    His expression at his questions is unreadable under his metal mesh mask.

    He replies, "Yes. I have been in real combat... and yes... I ... have heard {made} men die. 'Nuff said! I wanted to find out with everyone what resources each of us can bring to the table. My dad is an ex-cop, now... not so much, so I know alot about the law and police procedures. In his time my dad was a great Cop... and an honest one...something rare nowadays. I do not have a means of transmitting on some high-frequency... I work in a motorcycle repair shop - my last name is NOT Rockerfeller! That's part of why I wanted us all to meet. Do you have a transmitter you can give us to reach you?"

    Thunderbolt pulls out of one of the many pockets or belt compartments, looks like a swat tactical belt affair, several throw away cell-phones.

    "I could afford these. They each have the numbers of the others on them with our hero names... its the best I can do. They are merely pay per month no plan or use contract just minutes. Check them all you want for tracers... tracers are not a resource I have available to me. Turn them off if you are concerned but check them at least twice a day... they can record voice messages. It the best I could come up with. I can make a set of metal cabled Kyogetsu for Slik if he would like them.. but if you got more resources it would appreciated Stalker!"

    Thunderbolt watches as Stalker mores to walk away, " you gonna add anything to the mix, or walk away and play that lone-wolf tune? I can deal with that... but I'd really like your input."

  13. [OCC] This may be a bit out of sequence to Stalker's response... consider it to be actions within the whole leave and go to the warehouse reply

    Slik, back in the heart of the city, scurries and scrambles across walls, rooftops, and anywhere that will increase his speed in hopes of finding Diesel (this includes dropping down on top of passing tractor trailers and riding the trailers until hopping on to some nearby stable object).

    Slik thinks to self as he scans... "Diesel, man, where are you? You really helped me out last night..."

    With that thought Slik takes heed of his tiredness... the roaming about of two days without rest, or much food for that matter, and feels the cramping in his guts and starts to dry heave while clinging to the top of a boxed trailer bed traveling down the main freeway of the city.

    His inner voice kicks in...

    "Suck it up, B***ch! Your d**n fault for not exercising more and eating that toxic trash from those gas stations.... you need to start working out!"

    Slik ponders upon the inner voice, and reflects as to how his own thoughts have amplified since the exposure to the strange chemicals awhile back.

    "It's like intelligence meets primal instinct..." thinks Slik to his self, "a curious blend. My body pushes it self to levels I've never experienced before as my mind pushes itself... with an iron will that sometimes sends me to the very edge of tolerance. It's almost as if... almost as if the same force that allows me to interrogate others has its own inquisiton against me... forcing me to be my best, although my body screams out for rest."

  14. Shaking off the drive of his inner voice, Slik's concentration focuses on scanning the horizen of the city, desperately searching out Diesel while keeping track of the direction back towards the junkyard so that he may return with his trusty armored friend.

  15. The warehouse that has been there home for the last few months sometimes makes Craig claustrophobic. So whenever he can get a break from monitoring traffic cameras and police bands he tries to get out and see what he can of Empire City. One of his new vices has been the magazine 'Capes' If only he could get Keith to understand they don't have to go it alone.

    Craig sits in a coffee house not far from their hideout reading the latest issue of Capes and thinking on what he saw on tape from the helmet. These Ronin guys could be a big help if he could just convince his boss to accept it. Slik Slander wears a mask so facial recognition is out of the question. Maybe he can find some info on the young guy Thunderbolt. He was pretty open with his history. By the time he finishes cover to cover it is almost noon. Past time to get home, maybe he can do some side digging while on monitor duty today.

  16. Thunderbolt frowns thinking, {Wow. This could have gone better... And it all seemed to start so well!}

    Casting his gaze around the junkyard... {Yep. All alone here. Maybe I'm wasting my time?}

    Thunderbolt leans against a wrecked Toyato chassis and waits...

    Hoping Slik or this Diesel... who he still has NO IDEA what he's like... will decide to return...

    He broods in silence, {Not a very good start here...}

  17. GM replies to group

    Once you guys come to a conclusion, amongst yourselves, let me know what you want to do. For now, you've got roughly a week or so to rest, recuperate, and get yourselves together.

    During that time, feel free to discuss whatever you want at your meetings, as well as spend some time with your families, and at work. If there's anything specific you'd like to work (train on), let me know.

  18. GM Replies to T-bolt

    During this bit of down time, you'll have time to study news reports about the meteor shower, and head out to the area that some of them reportedly came down in. How do you want to go about doing it?

  19. GM Replies to Stalker

    Once you finally arrive back at the loft, C runs a quick check on your gear. Apparently a wire somehow worked its way loose from the power source. He can't really figure out how it happened, "it's like some sort of freak accident", but it's easily repaired. He can have working in an hour, if you want to check it out.

    He's also managed to dig up some news stories and TV footage on your two new friends. Give him a few hours and he'll put together a briefing for you to read over.

    Once that's done, I'll need to know what you want to do for the next week, as you've got at least that much free time.

  20. GM Replies to Slik

    I'll hazard a guess that you dropped off the Booster at a local hospital, and explained what happened to the medical satay (hey, that's what heroes do, right?).

    Once you make it home, you'll finally have a chance to sit down, catch your breath, and look back over the last few days. You'll also notice that you have a message from your boss.

    "Hey Dave, good news...I got a message from ECPD. They liked working with you so much, they've requested that we assign a counselor to work with them. And I suggested that since you've already got a relationship with them, you be their on-call guy. We're still working on who's paying for what, but if they're willing to pay for your OT, that will be your
    full time gig.

    I'm not sure what type of case load you'll have to handle, or what your hours will be, but if you think you'd be interested in it, call me back."

    So, I'll need to know what you want to do.

  21. [OOC] Guys- I'm completely lost at this point. I just got several emails flowing through my box that cover the ending events of the battle up until the meeting at the junkyard. I don't know if this is old data or what but I've not read it yet so I don't know if we are playing out the events of inbetween the meeting at the junkyard or if i am still supposed to be looking for Diesel. It may be that my email has been acting up and I'm just now getting parts of the story I was supposed to have read days ago (which would explain why I was supposed to have found Diesel beforehand).
    I can change my story bit, if needed, but I need to know where we are at.

  22. GM replies to Slik

    Sorry about that, I'm partly to blame. I shot out several emails to finish up what happened at the club, give you guys a brief update on what's going on, and to find out what you want to do with your "down time".

    If you read over the emails concerning Club Ecstasy first, then these, they should flow in some semblance of order. If you're still confused, let me know, and I'll put together a timeline of events to bring everyone up to speed.

  23. For the week of free time Keith will continue to go to his day job and work to keep it. When not at work he will continue his regular workout routines while reading up on the files Craig was able to put together. Sometime in there between the two of them will have purchased(or tried to) some form of smoke capsules in an effort to expand Stalker's Utility belt. He will also keep his night time rounds limited the neighborhood his hideout is in until he hears from one of the Ronin.

    Craig spends most of the week learning what he can about the other 'Capes' in town and trying to convince his friend that Stalker can't always do it all himself

  24. After finishing things up at the hospital in regards to the Booster and then a desperate but unsuccessful attempt to find Diesel to let him know about the other heroes he encounters, Slik goes home.
    "I'm tired," Slik mumbles to himself as he checks his messages...
    "On call worker, hmm... that could be good or bad. On call good as I will know what is going on, bad that I might be in need to get in the midst of the action.... unless the action occurs before I go on call... Ugg, less sleep. But its a good opportunity."
    Slik gets his sleep in, pulls a few days at the office, gets extra long afternoon naps, and then heads out the third evening into the city, hoping that he can find Diesel or at least Thunderbolt or Stalker.

  25. Thunderbolt waits about two hours at the Junk-yard. When no one returns he sighs, "I wonder if 'The Marksman' ever had this much trouble organizing a team. A bad team denotes bad leadership... what's that say about me?"

    [Yes. 'The Marksman is a reference to the Old Champion's comic! LOLS!]

    Thunderbolt takes flight... but not before emitting a disruptive shifting magnetic field and filling the air with electric static in several dual powerful bursts to disable disrupt and scramble any particular pattern of his ambient magnetic field. His hopes are to disable any bug tracer or traceable energy pattern his powers might emit. He files straight up for about a mile before throwing himself in a random direction and falling several miles distant from the junkyard catching himself about 100 feet before impact with his flight power to head home. All measures to cover and break any means of tracking his flight path.

    Thunderbolt will hold onto the three cell-phones hoping he can at some point get his... un-team members to take them so some communication can be established between each other.

  26. Thunderbolt/Shawn does not let up in the next few weeks working his electronic assault on Mr. Lionette's financial computer records. Though any tips or investigations that lead to disrupting any 'Boost Shipments' he will reduce his attacks mostly because he is being more careful and he is working one several projects in the tie period. He will be more careful now knowing that Mr. Lionette has superpowered muscle, but he WILL NOT let that stop him!

    As Shawn he continues his job schedule at 'Tony's Cycles & Scooter Repair', but covers his tracks by going to every Mechanic Vehicle workshop in Empire City and leaves a magnetic trace of his powers ... considering that he does use his powers in his work. If someone can detect his power's presence he is taking steps to obscure and inundate the city with his magnetic signature to make tracking him by that means VERY difficult. As such he does NOT use his powers anywhere within 3 blocks of his house, if at all possible.

    Of course he instructs two classes each week at Master Youn Pi Choy's Do Jung to the non-black belt classes. Using it as a time to relax somewhat and keep his martial arts skills sharp. Plus his single class each week with the Master as he instruct the Black-Belt students like Shawn.

    Shawn now practices a policy of concealing his hair whenever possible away from home. With either his Empire City Knights - NFL Cap or cloth hair-bandana wraps. He is not being obvious about it just stylish so his white hair color is not something obvious immediately. As always he dons his mirror shades... a fashion style he has always had.

    Shawn will look into the Motorcross Racing Circuit to see what the upcoming races of the Spring and Summer he might be able to afford to get into. See if his on again off again sponsor is willing to foot some of the entry fee.

    One time this month Shawn will take his Dirt bike out to tune it for the summer racing he hopes to get to show in. Shawn will take his bike for a Spring shake-down run outside of Empire City at the Race park. He'll get 'Lenny' from work to go with him as his pit assistance. They usually both work together when he does race. 'Lenny' is a bit over weight and is not a racer but knows his mechanics and the racing techniques.

    As for the falling meteorites... that's a hard sell... I could not really see Stalker being interested. Slik is something of a thrill-seeker so he might be interested. IF Thunderbolt EVER meets Diesel... the mechanical engineer might be interested in looking into it. Likely Stalker will be more interested in the Murders. Not that Shawn isn't, interested, but he sees no need to butt in until the cops show they can't really make any progress with the case. Shawn will try to contact Slik and ask if he and Diesel would be interested in looking into the filing meteorites. Plus Thunderbolt wants to see if he can craft useful tools, weapons, etc... for Slik to use.

    Unfortunately Shawn/Thunderbolt is only mortal and he completely forgets to pursue his conversation with his sister Sarah about any meta powers she might have noticed she may possess.

  27. The projects Shawn/Thunderbolt is working on are...
    1) Obscuring his powers signature Citywide to confound any tracking of his location.
    2) Begin working on his underground HQ finding a suitable location and securing it {You already have a PM about that Dsummer} [The THUNDERDOME.. lol..had to say it!]
    3) Work on his Remote Railgun Remote in the garage at home.
    4) Practice with his powers at the Junkyard and on the roof of Empire City Power company. Mostly for privacy and not at home. Thunderbolt is trying to see if these stunts are possible.
    - Using his Magnetic Control, Electric {Lightning} Control, and Radar Sense - in conjunction to see if he can 'hear' radiowave transmissions or speak on Radiowave frequencies by sensing and shifting magnetic field and altering static charge in the air around him. [NOT LIKELY]
    - Using Magnetic Control and Electric {Lightning} Control to try to learn to detect and or 'mask' his magnetic and electrical signature in the environment around him.
    - Practice with Electric {Lightning} Control controlling various electrical devices especially manipulating devices with microprocessors.
    - Practice with Electric {Lightning} Control trying to master micro electrical effects on living creatures {ie. stimulating discrete sections of the brain 'pleasure/pain centers', neural-electrical communication from motor nerves to brain 'inducing electrical paralysis', neural response analysis with perhaps some Magnetic Control assistance 'lie detection', etc... }
    - Practice Storing increasing amounts of electrical energy within his physical body {sort of like Absorption} and resisting induced electrical current {Energy Resistance-Electricity}

    I think that's a full Month!

  28. The bell's ring on the entry door at Tony's Cycle & Scooter Repair. Craig Saunders looks around holding a map and a torn out page from the phone book. He makes his way to the counter looking lost. "Can someone help me? I am looking for a rock climbing supply store. Am I close?"

  29. [OOC] I'm waiting to finish up my part before having Diesel chime in. Hopefully I got it wrapped up, since I don't seem to be making much headway by myself.

  30. Finishing another round of situps (as Slik has also been working on increasing his endurance in the meantime through basic exercises and cutting out bad foods and vices), Slik happens to stare over at a folder sitting by his coffee table... a thought hits him...

    "Diesel's contact!!! I've been so tired the last few days that I cannot even think of the obvious... call the man!"

    Grabbing an extra cellphone that Slik uses whenever he needs to be more discreet in his line of work, he begins dialing the number and waits for the response.

    "Diesel!!! Slik Slander... you remember from about a week or so ago... I need to really catch up with you in a bad way. I ran into a couple of others like us a few nights or so back, and we had a bit of a stalemate against some thugs with over the top abilities... I've been trying to catch up with you and reconnect with the two others... call their selves Thunderbolt and Stalker I think... if we can meet at a mutual spot in the city, I think we might be able to track down Thunderbolt at least. I've got a feeling that he might be hanging around an old junkyard at times."

  31. (Assuming that Diesel gives him a time and a place... could be anywhere for all I care, a top of a building, a vacant lot on the outskirts of town, whatever). Slik will return to more rounds of exercise... a beer commerical comes on... Slik changes the channel.
    Slik mumbles to himself... "As much as I want one, no... you've got too many people needing you, Slik... you ain't got a lot to offer but its something at least... but you're gonna have to build up your gut fortitude and cut the crap if you plan on staying alive."

  32. OK gents, I'm going to be out of town for the next three weeks, and I'm not sure what type of internet access I'll have. Feel free to continue with these conversations. When I get back, you'll be beginning your investigation into the mysterious meteorite shower in a little adventure called Fire from the Sky. Until then continue on in this thread.

  33. A young Black American man comes to the counter through the glass windowed door and wall that leads into the vehicle bay area and allows customers to look at the mechanics at work from the lobby sitting area. Its noon and he seems to be one of maybe three here at noon - the shop seems to be mostly informal in it accoutrements. None of the people in site are in uniforms and the young man has no name tag. He is tall over 6'ft, wearing blue jeans, biker boots and a black sleeveless Harley Davidson muscle-shirt. His hair is covered with a full blue cloth hair bandana and mirror shades, but his glasses are up on his head and a locke of white hair peeks out from under the edge for the bandana on his brow. He has ...eerie hazel/amber eyes and his hands are lightly grimed from working in the mechanic's bay.

    The handsome young man smiles, "I think you are way off Mister. The 'Dick's Sporting Goods' is in the Huge Mall across the street... around the back near the Macys' - there's a 'Dick's' store entrance there. You can't miss it!"

    {Think Indianapolis - Greenwood Park Mall}

  34. Craig shrugs his shoulders at that. "Thanks. I am new to town still don't know my way around. Do you think they take custom orders?"

  35. (For those who wish to know Craig looks like the computer guy from NCIS:Los Angeles. Only he wears Hawaiian print shirts)

  36. The young man replies, "Well I know that they provide for several boy scout troops and most of dojos around here. Depends on how... custom your orders are you talking special equipment or custom-made stuff, like logos and such? You might do best if you're outfitting a team of athletes to talk to the little league administrators... Dick's does not do silk-screening for custom logos."

  37. Craig shakes his head. "Naw no logos. I saw a special on National geographic channel. I am trying to find high tension wire for climbing gear. Something lightweight,strong,that takes up minimal space"

    His face takes on a slight flush, almost as if he said more than he meant to.

  38. The young man strokes his chin thoughtfully, "I'm pretty sure you be able to get that from Dick's they are only a retailer. You need a machine shop for that kind of work and a materials specialist. But you might have come to the right place."

    Gesturing a thumb back at the workshop, "We do 'custom' cycle modifications all the time in the machine workshop out back. Me and Lenny race on the Moto-cross Circuit in our spare time and do our own 'custom' work. We do that kind of stuff all the time. I could cobble something up I'm sure! How much capacity, length, how heavy a gauge and how soon do you need it?"

    His embarrassment is overlooked by the young man at the counter.

  39. Craig looks a bit surprised at the offer, but decides not to look a gift horse in the mouth.
    "I'm on a limited budget, I do research for a non profit group. I have a CO2 gun to fire a grapple with. I need roughly 100 feet of line that can haul/hold 250lbs. So I can get crates up and down slopes without too much help" He drops his back-pack on the counter and pulls out a small CO2 gun and a lightweith grapple hook

  40. The young man picks up the grapple gun his eyes widening in some surprise. He turns it over in his hands in a very interested an professionally critical eye of a skilled mechanic - obviously admiring the work.

    He looks up at him, "This is ...VERY good work. So portable and compact, is this custom work, I don't see any serial numbers or makers logos? You should patent this!"

    The young man is watching closely judging his reaction, but continues on, "Yeah, I can make a cable that will fit nicely into this and match your needs. Say, $150 and 4 days? I can have it for you in 2 days for double that if its a rush job?"

  41. Craig beams at the praise. "Wish I could take all the credit. I borrowed the design from my former employer." He chuckles slightly. Then under his breath, "And some of the parts" Returning his volume to normal he replies, "No need to rush. Truth be told I can't afford the rush wages. Will a cashier check be ok? I can bring one back in 2 days"

  42. The young man smiles, "Some of the parts? Nothing Illegal I'd hope. Say no more. Yeah we got a deal. But I'm serious about this workmanship... its very good work. If that's your work you could make good money as a machinist."

    He looks at him judging for a moment, "By the way, how good are you with precision tolerances in machined parts? I might have some work I might like someone to do for me."

  43. "Well I am a passable machinist. I do my best work with building computers and programming. Right now I have a lot on my plate with my current employer. I don't think I will have the time for side jobs." He looks at his watch. "Oh crap!" He grabs a pen from the counter and scribbles a cell number down. "I have to get back to the office soon. Look I could use a friend who knows the city. I spend most of my day in a cubicle. Give me a call when the work is done will you?"

  44. The young man nods grinning, "Yeah sure, never told me your name sir? I'm Shawn... Shawn Wests."

    Shawn reaches behind the counter and pulls out one of the Shop's business cards and on the back scribbles down a cell number in return.

    "You can get ahold of me at this number."

    Picking up the Grapple-Gun, "Do you want me to hold onto this? It would sure help getting the gauge and length capacity constrains correct?"

  45. "Oh sorry" he shakes hands "My name is Craig Saunders. Yeah Shawn why don't you hold on to the gun I can't use it without a line"

  46. Lorenzo is a bit listless for a few days. The adrenalin rush of battling Nemesis is simply a faded feeling now.

    "Ah well, I guess I'm not cut out for this superhero stuff. I got nowhere trying to track down Leonetti's gang and I guess I'm a bit conspicuous in my armor."

    He looks at the broken chain of Slik's.

    "Hmm, here's a project that will keep my mind off things for a while. Business is a bit slow, so I have time.

    "Let's see if I can make this chain the same weight but significantly stronger, so it won't break like last time. If I ever see Slik again I can give it to him, and if not, I can at least use it to lift transmissions."

    Lorenzo starts studying his books, trying out different alloys and smelting techniques, etc. to make Slik's chain.
    [OOC: I'm hoping for a final SR of 16 or higher if possible]

    He's just about done when he receives the call from Slik.

    "Slik! Wow, I wasn't sure what was going on. I got nothing from the detective so things just sort of petered out for me. ... other heroes ... Thunderbolt you say ... a junkyard … hell yeah, I could do that … should we meet up at the Starbucks on Third and Main … no not that one, the one across the street … .I’ll be wearing a Stallion diesel hat … yeah I know, you don’t see too many gearheads sipping lattes … 8:00 good? … see you then … Bye.”

    Lorenzo stops and ponders a moment. “There are no accidents in this world. I’m just ready to give it all up and here it is coming back. I guess Empire City has not seen the last of Disel after all.”
    Lorenzo puts the finishing touches on the chain and tosses it in the back on the truck on his way to meet the man behind the mask.

  47. Slik finishes up the phone call...
    "Stallion hat? Uhm, yeah... I'll, uh, well, Triumph motorcycle t-shirt.... gray with the standard white logo. In fact, just so you'll know its me, I'll ask if you're Bob, the guy with the 2001 Triumph Bonneville for sale."

    Slik gets off the phone and wonders what the crap he just did... meeting this guy out of costume? Slik wonders to himself if he just went mad... then reality dawns on him.
    "If you take that assignment as a crisis counselor for the police," Slik starts thinking to himself, "You're gonna have to have someone on the inside that knows your situation... knows that you may have to navigate why you can't be two places at once. Who better than Diesel...."

    As Slik finishes up his exercises, showers off, and changes, he looks over at his old leather backpack... "just because I'm willing to be this open with Diesel doesn't mean that I should go dropping my disguise immediately to everyone... at least not until I know Thunderbolt and Stalker a bit better and know their exact whereabouts."

    On that note, Slik stuffs the basics of his costume in the backpack... better take with.

    Slik heads out a bit early, giving him extra time to get to the meeting point. Though he could have taken his truck, he chose public transit into the heart of the city.

    He arrives on time, seeing a man in the stated hat... Hmm.. odd, I think I've seen him before... where.... was it that night before I hit the streets, at the station?

    Slik approaches the gentleman that appeared to be most like the individual that Diesel described himself as...

    "Hi, I'm supposed to meet a gentleman here that had a used Triumph Bonneville for sale... 2001 model I think.. you Bob?"

  48. (OOC) For the interest of the meeting, Slik will arrive as Dave... out of typical professional attire, wearing an old gray t-shirt with a Triumph logo, faded blue jeans, well broke in Doc Marten boots, a very plain brown leather wristband with a simple woven design, and a beatup old pair of dark sunglasses with retro-looking rectangular lenses set in thin silver frames. Essentially, at first glance he appears to be the typical 30 something coffee shop drifter that never quite left their "finding myself after college" years.
    Whether Lorenzo immediately recognizes him as Dave Woodrum the counselor out of work attire is entirely up to you.

  49. (OOC) Oh, and he'll also be carrying an old brown leather backpack as well.

  50. Lorenzo, wearing jeans and a Peterbilt t-shirt stands up and greets Dave.

    "Yeah, I am. It's a 2001 790. What I wouldn't give for one of those sweet T120s, though. 115 MPH like it was nothing!" Lorenzo snaps his fingers. He goes on for a little while longer, talking about the specs on both the 790 and the T120. He clearly knows what he's talking about.

    Before he gets too caught up, however, he interrupts himself, "Can I get you anything? Coffee, a scone perhaps?"

    Lorenzo's demeanor is pleasant as they sit and chat for a while longer.

    "Well, I guess we should go take a look at that motorcycle. Do you have a car, or we can go in my van?"

    Assuming that Dave will say to go in the van (since he took a bus), they go out to the van, a very clean, but nondescript Dodge Sprinter.

    "OK, so where are we going?"

    After Dave tells hims, they drive for a little bit and then he says "Say did Mrs. Leonetti give you anything useful, or did she just babble a bit?"

  51. Keith Hamilton steps out of the bathroom in the warehouse space he uses for his home/lair. Most of the room is filled with gym equipment. One wall is dominated by a workbench and a kit bashed computer that Craig uses for monitoring the city. A pair of bunks like you would find in any fire station are the only furniture in the loft. One upright locker near the workbench is padlocked. Stalker's gear is inside. Two US Navy foot lockers near the bunks stand open. Sitting on his bunk he begins to put on the black shoes that go with his security guard uniform. Looking down he see's a folder just sticking out from under Craig's bunk. Thinking it is more intel, he picks it up.

  52. The folder contains not intel, but several bank statements. It seem's the funds they took from the terror cell have been well hidden. Some in Switerland,some in off shore account's. That explain's how Craig can afford to only do side jobs as a computer repair guy. The majority of the funds paid for the loft and all the gym equipment. Craig is using it to fund their mission against organized crime. Looks like the funds won't last much longer. Keith can only hope the guys they took it from don't come looking. Them or Uncle Sam. He drops the file on the worktable, and heads out the door to make his way to work.

  53. Keith has been at work for well over an hour before Craig wakes up. After getting cleaned up he starts the computer on it regular routine of hacking into traffic cams and recording the sights and sounds of Empire City. Pretty boring in the daytime. He finds his bank file has been moved. Was only a matter of time before Keith wanted to know where all the money went. Reminded of money, Craig throws on some tennis shoes and heads to the bank for a cashier's check. He should be able to pick up some new equipment for Stalker's next outing.

  54. With cashier's check in his pocket, Craig will make his way back to the bike shop. See if the custom work is as good as advertised.

  55. Slik willingly hopped in the van.

    As they are driving around and Diesel begins asking about Ms. Leonetti babbling, Slik looks over towards him and says... "Nothing really, what babbling she did was natural... crocodile tears mixed in with a bunch of typical self entitled mob wife attitude... (mocking her voice) "I'm saying anything until I have my lawyer here... where's my brother in law.. I ain't gotta talk to you" (ending mock)... nothing in the element of spilling the beans the way that our gunman started babbling when I began forcing it out of him... don't know how much of that you witnessed or not.... which reminds me, abilities. If we are going to be working together regularly I guess we need to be up and up with one another as to what our little special talents are, so that we can better assist one another. I know only a little where my powers came from... basically I came into contact with some strange cold war era chemical cocktails that I will fill you in on later... once I've finished researching them myself, that is.... and it gave me a mixed bag of abilities. Basically I became instantly stronger and more agile, which in turns helps with chasing a thug down the street as well as taking him down with physical force... I can, from my estimations, run at about the same speed as one of those 49cc scooters in high gear on a flat stretch... 30 some miles an hour I figure... nothing amazing, mind you, but it really helps when you are on foot. That is, however, when I need to be traveling on flat ground...."
    Slik pauses to point out an area of trivial interest to Diesel... "That place over there, yeah, that one.. it has awesome deals on fresh produce. I don't know if you need to smart shop but I can tell you, as a social worker slash counselor, it really helps my paycheck... stuff usually goes on sale for crazy prices on Wednesday and Thursday..."
    Slik returns to conversation of interest...
    "Anyways, as you already know, I can climb walls, I'm just starting to understand it myself... It feels like though, that I have some sort of mental control over an invisible field of sorts that surrounds me... at skin surface... some sort of bio-molecular- electrical field that allows me to effortlessly bond and release with surrounding terrain..."
    Slik pauses, "Does that make any sense?"
    After another brief pause...
    "And then there's the point of original interest... this weird, interrogation influence I have.... that can make people babble out the truth when I want them to... I discovered that one on accident when I was trying to get a shady flea market owner to tell me the truth about some junk electronics he was trying to hawk... freaked us both out and I've never been back to that place since... fortunately it was 3 hours away from my old hometown. Anyways, its like my mind comes alive.... and like I can mentally penetrate the thoughts of others, gripping their brain like my body can grip on to an opponent and torment them until they babble out the truth about anything I ask... very nasty interrogation technique, probably violates half a dozen human rights issues but what can you do?"
    Slik pauses after his last spill, and then turns to face Diesel again...
    "So, what bag of tricks you got in that suit of yours, and do you have it with you? I trust you man, you had my back from night one on this crime fighting gig I've gotten myself into... but I think we need to be a bit more discreet about our identities till we know the other two better..."

  56. "Yeah, you're right. I should be a little more discreet, but when you know in your heart someone is good, then it's worth the risk. Besides, everyone has to spill the beans at least once and have their 'Midas has asses' ears' moment, so I thought I'd get mine out of the way right now.

    "Me, I guess mainly I'm smart, pretty damn smart I'm told. It's more like things are just easy for me I guess. I work in my Dad's Diesel shop, and we have a lot of municipal truck maintenance and repair contracts, so we do pretty well. Anyway, I got bored working on day-in, day-out repairs. Even tweaking racing trucks didn't seem stimulating or important enough. Then I got this crazy idea to build a suit of armor and try my hand at crimefighting. The suit makes pretty strong and tough, and when I need it I have a flamethrower mounted on one armor.

    It's still based on what I know best, so it runs on, and hence the name, Diesel. The suit can actually take quite a bit of abuse, but I've never fully tested it fully. Later, I realized that sometimes I needed to really hit something so now I also carry around this really big hammer."

    Lorenzo laughs to himself a bit and then remembers, "Oh yeah, reach behind you, in that canvas bag there. I was feeling a bit down about being so inept at the investigative super-hero type, that I whiled away my time making your old broken chain pretty much weigh the same, but be a hell of a lot stronger. It started as a thought exercise really, but I'm fairly happy with the results. I wasn't sure I'd ever get back into this super-hero thing, but then you called.

    "Also, yeah, the suit's in the back. This is my own personal customized truck for my armor. I can sneak in and out of the garage with this and... oops, I'm probably saying too much again. And it looks like here we are."

    Lorenzo pulls up to the junkyard.

    "hmm, is anybody here?"

  57. Lorenzo can hear a voice answering his query. 'Yes someone is here'. Turning at the sound of the voice he can see a disposable cell phone taped to the entry gate. 'Haven't seen the Thunderbolt kid, but I'm inside' Lorenzo may not recognize the metallic voice but Slik will recognize it as Stalker.

  58. Slik, thinking a bit ahead, is just finishing up with a brief change into the more important aspects of his costume (namely the mask and a punked out vest... the jeans he's wearing fit in with the attire and all he has to do now is add the accessories... modified Doc Marten boots (metal plates worked into the soles to help facilitate his climbing control), leather cut off gloves, and spiked/studded leather wristbands.
    Prior to pulling into the junkyard Slik's attention returns to the chain that Diesel offers him...
    "Hey... nice! I've got to admit that I've been kinda torn on how I was going to replace this... and even if I was going to bother replacing it... but nice... since you're good with this sort of stuff, I've been toying around with an idea for my chain...."
    Slik pauses for a brief second as he turns the modified chain over, admiring the way the passing city lights reflect off of the alloy treatment.
    "I had a few old ball bearings from a busted gearbox unit that I saved from my days as a worker in mining equipment. They are a bit too small, however, as I'd like to find an old steel bearing ball that's around 4 to 5 inches in diameter... softball sized or so. My original intentions were to weld it on to one end of the chain... basically make a small but effective variation of a wrecking ball. Nasty, yes, but that would kinda go with my persona."
    Slik laughs.
    "I gave up the idea though because I'm not that great of a welder, and I don't have any equipment of my own... something like this would just bring up too much suspicion if I took it to an average weld shop. And besides, simply welding the ball to the chain might not be the best of solutions. I was wondering though... If I was to secure an appropriate sized bearing, do you think you could maybe..."

    Slik's inquiry is cut short as they pull up to the junkyard. As Lorenzo/Diesel wonders aloud, Slik recognizes a metallic voice crackling the small speaker of a nearby electronic device.

    "Diesel... that sounds like Stalker."

    Slik replies to the voice coming from cell phone. "I've brought a friend... the one I was telling you about... instruct us on how we should proceed."

  59. You can almost hear a raspy chuckle at that. 'Proceed huh? Like I said no sight of the kid yet. I just got here early to scout around. I'm near the car crusher. Come on in. I'm popping the phone in there to avoid trailing it. Do me a favor bring the one duct tapped out there with you' Not long afterward you hear the crunch of the other end being broken

  60. "Sounds good to me." Lorenzo turns back to Slik. " Give me a moment to suit up and bring that chain, Slik. We'll run it through it's paces and see what else you need, without making it illegal to carry around."

    As Lorenzo goes into the back of the van, Slik can see that it is quite well outfitted and high tech. Doing a quick visual scan of the outside using the vehicle mounted cameras, Lorenzo makes sure that no one is out there to see him emerge as Diesel.

    "Come on. Let's go." Diesel says as he locks the van.

    As they're walking in, Diesel says, "Say Slik, what do you think we should do as a group, anyway? Fight organized crime, corporate crime, natural disasters, specialize in super villains? I can see lots of avenues in any of those routes.

    "A while back I scared the crap out of a few of Leonetti's men, but I didn't feel like I could do anything to them, or I'd just be a villain like that guy we fought on the roof. Hopefully some of these other heroes have more ideas and experience."

  61. Slik turns towards Diesel as they walk along...
    "Eh, when I started this gig I really just intended to use my powers to take down some of the local thugs... anything from the run of the mill gas station robber to the local mobsters. Hence the whole bully thing... my look and outlook... Slik Slander, self styled goon buster. It's not turning out that way though...."
    Slik pauses for a second.
    "It looks like our opponents are being picked out for us instead. This new trend of super types working for the Leonettis bothers me... "
    As Diesel and Slik continue walking Slik slowly adds to the conversation.
    "As for goals, my goal right now is simply to try to save this city... and maybe the local region in the process. I'd love to save the world, mind you, and I certainly have a distaste for corrupt corporate practices... but for right now I think I'd do well just to stop the Leonettis and the other local thugs."

  62. Shawn came into work... late. As usual, after the cycle shop had closed for the day, around about 6PM. Shawn had arrived at 7PM, Tony as usual left him a nasty little message...

    [Hey Kid! Ya killing me you know that right?!? Work schedules are NOT negotiable! Don't know how you get all the stuff done after the shop is closed without anyone else around to help but you really burning my balls on this!!! If you was not so good youse be looking for a new job! Anyways... you gots two 'Honda' cylinder jobs and a head gasket that needs replacing, a 'Goldwing' that needs a complete drive-train rebuild and three fuel pumps that need rebuild. You know the drill - do your miracle and keep your job! Now be into work tomorrow on time!!!]

    Shawn smiled, the usual message...

    Checking around in the shop Shawn made sure the workshop's doors and windows were all secure, windows covered and no outside observation possible. Even scanned around with his radar sense and lightning control for any operating tracers or electronic surveillance devices... just to be sure.

    Shawn takes off his leather racing jacket draping it over his 'pride and joy', a silver and maroon Suzuki Hayabusa GSX1300R as he moves over to the work-order board looking over the workload that would take three mechanics at least two day to complete. He sighs and smiles... "Tony is testing me again."

    Moving around the shop Shawn gathers the parts and tools he ...would need for the job lubricants and tolerance measure rules for the various repairs jobs.

    All the parts gathered, the mechanics manuals open, and the machine before him he's ready to begin.

    Shawn looks over at the Workshop CD player and gestures electric control turning it on , and ACDC's 'Back in Black' begins pounding out its music getting him into the mood ...

    Stretching out his magnetic will parts and tool s begin to levitate ad move in a graceful dance of precision control and purpose. The parts and machines float in the air lofted by his powers in a order pattern like aerial ballet. Like a explosion diagram in motion the machines and parts float and move to Shawn's directed will as he works far faster than any human mechanic could EVER compete with. He does not need tools.. bolts and screws simply move of their own volition driven by his magnetic will floating in perfect precision in step with the rock music blaring in the background. Oilcans and lubricant is applied and parts that are not ferrous are moved with levitated pliers into position and locked down. Shawn is precise in his applied pressure setting tolerances and torque all by 'feel'. This is not work... its art!

  63. Work completed took little under an hour, Shawn is ....troubled. The work took his mind off his concerns but only briefly. Not yet in the mood to go home. He needed some...'head-time' to think about his future as a crime fighter. No idea how to contact the rest of RONIN and though he had looked at the newspapers and local rags but no one had seen Stalker or Slik since his last meeting with them. Perhaps they had decided the hero gig was not their thing? could they tell how young he was? Maybe they didn't want to work with some kid with flashy powers? This was getting him nowhere. He could not defeat Lionette's super-powered thugs all on his own. He had family to protect.

    Shawn sighed maybe some flight would clear him mind. He started this war... if he had to fight it alone... he was still dedicated to doing just that.

    Shawn drove his Hyabusa to the now secured entrance to his make-shift subway-station 'vault' he locked it away and suited up.

    Speaking aloud Shawn ruefully comments to himself," call this a 'secret' base? It's just an abandoned subway-station that you've managed to 'hide' with scrap metal makeshift doors. Liitle more than a empty, dirty, underground vault. Am I really going anywhere with this?"

    Shawn looked around at his 'Thundervault', and shook his head in disappointment. No furniture, very little lighting - from a camping kerosene lamp. No water, no tools, no workshop, no computer... hell no heat! And little else!
    Finding the right subway entrance he could ride his bike down to get here had been a trick in itself!

    He sighed again getting depressed at his folly, suited up and took flight.

    The evening air seemed to ease his concerns somewhat. The city looks so peaceful from high up...soaring on magnetic winds only he could feel. He soared down to the city ...going roof side ...patrolling the places he normally found 'boost' pushers... but this evening apparently most of the 'usual suspects' had gotten wise and avoided the laces the wrathful Thunderbolt had repeatedly attacked them at.

    Shawn smirked, 'Well at least they are learning.. that Lightning CAN and DOES strike twice! Maybe ...I'm doing Some good after all?'

    On a whim, Thunderbolt goes by the junkyard where it all started. He couldn't help it... it always seems to draw him back. The place where his life changed forever. It centered him... reminded him what and why he was fighting so desperately - the responsibility his great powers had lain upon him.

    To his shock he is surprized to find... RONIN had Assembled!


    Soaring down out of the sky Thunderbolt arrives at about 8:30 PM or so...

    His mask is in place but his tone is clear he is grateful fr the ...odd chance encounter.

    "Hello RONIN! Did I miss a memo or something? Don't run off...please! I have a means for us all to stay in contact!"

    He lands white metal mesh cloak fluttering behind him to no breeze any of those present can feel.

    "Stalker, Slik Slander...", nodding to both in turn as he turns to the newcomer and extends a hand looking up at the tall machine, "...I take it your Diesel? nice to meet you. I'm Thunderbolt."

  64. GM Replies to T-Bolt

    After sending several night looking for a decent locale to use as a base of operations, you find what you think is a suitable location. It's an abandoned warehouse near the city's port area, and close enough to the interstate that travel won't be a problem.

    From what you can tell, the place hasn't been used in a few years, but the electrical wiring and plumbing seem to be in good condition. There's an office, bathroom, and locker room, as well as a large bay that can be used for training and vehicle storage. With a little work, you can have the place serviceable in few days.

    Are you interested in it?

  65. GM Replies to Stalker

    In addition to your normal activities, and the attending the covert meetings of the Ronin, you've noticed an uptick in activities at the port. The GENOM warehouse has been a beehive of activities for the last few nights. Lots of expensive looking luxury cars coming and going at all hours of the night. And one thing that really set off your radar, two blacked out SUVs, with US Government tags on them were seen leaving the place last night.

    You managed to get the plate numbers of one of them, and when you checked them out, they came back to the US Dept. of Health, the Center for Disease Control specifically. You can't help but think to yourself, what the hell are they doing here? But file the info away for further investigation later.

  66. GM Replies to Slik

    After you're last meeting with the Ronin, you get a text msg from your boss, asking you to call him. When you do, he informs you that MCU is asking you to come to meet them, as they're about to inform the family of murder victim that their daughter is dead. Det. Jones will be waiting for you at MCU's office.

  67. GM Replies to Diesel

    After your meeting with Slik, and the others you've got a few days to yourself, and things in the neighborhood are still pretty tense. Everyone's on edge, and any outsider is eyed with suspicion. ECPD has stepped up patrols, hoping to keep a lid on anything before it gets out of control.

    You've got time to make repairs to your armor, tune up the van, and do a little digging around about Club Ecstasy. From what you can figure out, it's one of the more popular clubs with EC's younger set, and tends to be frequented by members of the Leonetti crime family. It's also reportedly one of the easiest spots in town to score designer drugs.

    Other than that, you take notice of several murders that have taken place over the past few days.

  68. Okay, I guess it's time to start looking to ask for help. Something is going on at GENOME and I want to know what. Since I have already been scouting the place I will start mapping out how to do a little B&E on it.

    When I make my way back home in the morning, I'll put my thoughts down on paper and get Craig to see if he can figure out a way to contact the T-Bolt Kid.

  69. Meanwhile,

    Craig had made his way to the bike shop to pay for the cable to go with the grapple gun. Unfortunately, Shawn was not there. Taking a slight risk, Craig leaves a cell phone number for Shawn to reach him. (If checked it is not a burn phone, but C's business phone)

  70. Thunderbolt spoke to his fellow Vigilantes at the Junkyard detailing out his goals for RONIN in EC. Specifically the systematic aggressive cessation of the production and distribution of the Boost Drug. He also outlines a proposal for RONIN to operate as needed in general as a crime-fighting superhero team of Empire City. To which he hands each of them a disposable cell-phone. They are all very generic, low quality text phones. Each one of them has the numbers of the other phones in memory and they are pay by hour credit-phones that can have more hours purchased at general gas stations or connivance stores. They require no 'official' record just phoned in charges of the hours bought . completely untraceable other than the phone's signal itself. Thunderbolt tells them that he does not have the technical means to 'bug' the phones and even if he did he would not do so out of respect for their individual privacies', but he understands that they can only take his word for that, so he suggests that they turn the phones off and leave them off save for 10 minutes at a time, eight specific times a day. 12AM, 12PM, 6AM, 6PM, 3AM, 3PM, 9AM, 9PM the cardinal points on the clock face. This is so the phones do not have a signal open and traceable by normal means all the time, but we all can contact each other at those specific times. The phones have their own messaging storage so even if we miss each other with the phones on we can leave messages with each other and schedule a meeting place and time. Thunderbolt also tells them they should never meet at this junkyard again it is too familiar. He does tell them he is currently setting up his own Operational HQ but it is not done and he's more interested in seeing how well RONIN works as a team before inviting them to convene meetings there. For now he suggests these impromptu meetings and messaging via the phones is all that is needed for now - to see how things go first.

  71. As part of his team contribution he offers to construct, hardened or assist any team member in creation of personal items for their use as a hero...such as Slik's chain to pool their expertise and resources to improve each other. He offers to make a very light mesh metal armored costume for Slik as from the looks of things he is the only team member without some physical armor being worn...looking at Stalker's Armored suit and Diesel's Power Armor. Thunderbolt suggests that Slik at least allow him to make a shoulder web harness for him so if needed Thunderbolt can lift him and move him with his magnetic powers like he can Stalker and perhaps Diesel, if his suit is not too heavy. Thunderbolt explains that being able to fly the whole team into battle or extract the whole team from a untenable battle is a big advantage. At Diesel Thunderbolt mentions that he has begun work on a powerful emplacement magnetic gauss/railgun that he was planning on using as a back up support weapon when he needs to go into a dangerous situation alone. It was to have a remote targeting electronics that he could seize control of from a distance ad direct at targets as needed... but he thinks building the railgun and mounting on his Diesel armor or at least modifying he designs to be mountable on the Diesel suit could be useful. Thunderbolt outlines that he was designing a multi-cartridge system that could fire different types of ammo as needed.. like rubberized rounds with a metal tail cap for subdual to steel-jacketed round for hard targets - like Anvil. Thunderbolt suggests that with his diesel engine providing the 'juice' for a railgun Thunderbolt could boost the railgun's output for brief 'high-power' shots once and a while as needed - though he would have to make the design a little bit more ...robust for such a heavy power load and muzzle energy.

  72. Thunderbolt is very impressed by the Diesel powered Battlesuit is somewhat gets off topic talking 'shop' about the technical details of the suit and theoretical mechanics involved. To all, it is obvious Thunderbolt has some personal interest in automotive mechanics, ballistics and internal combustion engine designs. Thunderbolt makes some references to work and about motorcycle mechanics in general. It's a brief "grease-monkey", "gun-enthusiast" moment of a mechanic and gunsmith talking shop, and puts a more ... human face to Thunderbolt's usual grim seriousness and showcases that indeed though he acts very mature and serious most of the time he is still a young man likely in his early 20's.

  73. Reply to GM -
    Yes. Shawn is quite pleased with the location ...much better than the abandoned subway station. Though finding out the cost of the land location and seeing who owns it currently and if they are willing to sell it will be a big obstacle. Shawn is not rich. He will make discrete inquiries into the legal ownership status of the warehouse. The reason for this is that Thunderbolt wishes to break as few laws about ownership as possible, he is a cop's son. Thunderbolt will continue to piece together the abandoned Subway Station as a secondary or backup Base HQ while he secures the warehouse locale.

    {It is my intention for Thunderbolt to constantly be working on multiple HQ/safe-houses that can be utilized. I know this is a somewhat super-villain trait but planning ahead is never a bad thing.}

  74. GM Reply to T-Bolt

    A quick inquiry about the property shows that it's owned by a family with various properties around the area. A small real estate management firm handles their day-to-day operations, and they're willing to enter a long term lease of the property (five years), for a fee. After a short negotiation, you both come to a figure that you can live with. They tell you can have the keys to the place within the next 72 hrs, although they do wonder what you're going to need such a big place for.

  75. Thunderbolt to Craig -
    Shawn will in the time it takes to work on Craig's cable project using his magnetic radar sense Shawn will schematic out the Grapple gun detailing in 3D view each and every part within the device making construction plans from the device. He will disassemble it only as much as he needs to or not at all if not necessary to fit the cable into the device. His magnetic powers will assist him not only in analyzing the Grapple-gun but also in crafting the Cable for gun to the parameters requested.

    On completion, Shawn will call Craig and inform him of the finished product. He will ask Craig if he could purchase a copy of Grapple-gun device or if Craig was ever planning on putting the device into public production?

  76. Replies to GM -
    Shawn Wests tells the owners that he races motorcycles on the Motocross Racing Circuit on a semi-professional basis and needs a locale for a machine shop as his home garage is just too small for the tools and vehicle storage needed. He also admits he's been thinking about bating around the idea of opening a Gunsmith/Machine shop business. but that is still just 'plans'.

  77. [All of which is True, but not the TRUTH.]

  78. Craig will let Shawn know that he had no plan's to duplicate or mass produce the gun. In fact he even admit's that he did not design it. However he will be close mouthed about it's origins unless pressed hard on the topic.

  79. GM Replies to T-bolt.

    The real estate agent seems satisfied with your answer, and leaves it at that, and as promised meets you the next evening with the keys and and lease agreement. Once you've signed the papers she informs you that "Rent is due buy the 3rd of the month, and there's a $250 late few if it's received past the 5th, no exceptions." She wishes you good luck in your racing, and says that if you got any questions you can feel free to call her at the office.

    Giving the place a second look over, you figure out you can handle most of the electrical work yourself, but you might need some help with the plumbing, and any other mods you might want to make to the place. You also notice that the building is pretty old, and isn't wired for internet or modern phone service, but it's solid as a rock.

    You've got about three days to get any work done before I start rolling you into your next little adventure. Feel free to let me know any mods you like to make to the place, and if you want to check out the surrounding area.

  80. GM to Stalker

    Are you planning on testing out the gun before you use it in action?

  81. Yes Craig would do some testing before springing it on Keith. Most likely with weighted bags and such. This is something I thought Craig would have taken when they split with the suit and never used. The remaining item's for utility belt would be things they could buy/build/or develop with less exotic sources

  82. Once Craig has the gun back at the warehouse he will try to fit testing into his schedule. Most of his day is taken up by simply hacking as many camera feeds from stop lights and such around the city and recording them. He is just trying to keep an eye on things. His stay at home job is tech support for small businesses that want or need websites. His testing will consist of basically firring the grapple at the rafters with a gunny sack tied to it to add weight. Chances are, he will be spending time climbing a ladder to disengage the thing quite often. (I used to do some rock climbing and know that powered ascender's are available,I just have never used one or know exactly how to go about testing one so this is my best guess lol.)

  83. GM Replies to Stalker

    I'm keeping this firmly in what I consider "comic book reality". As grapple guns are things that appear pretty commonly in comics, just roll with whatever you think would work for your character.

  84. Shawn/Thunderbolt Replies to Craig -

    Shawn will then ask if Craig does not mind if he makes a version of the device for himself? He admits to having been curious and made schematics of the Grapple Gun, though he has no intention to mass produce it in any capacity.

  85. Craig will eventually let slip that Shawn could copy it if he is careful about patents,since the device might be listed as military property.

  86. Replies to Craig:
    Shawn will nod in understanding and comment, "I don't think I want to know how you got into possession of military equipment, but if I build it I'll make sure to be discrete in my design. It will only be for personal usage anyways."

    Replies to GM:
    Thunderbolt will move his operations to working out of the Warehouse. Using Magnetic Control and some liberated scrap metal from a junkyard he will rivet metal shutters over all the exposed windows except one skylight exit that he can use.

    Thunderbolt does not like this but he enters the sewers near the warehouse and using his Control Electrical devices and his Magnetic Control he runs a tap into the nearby phone lines and internet communication lines. The lines he runs do not enter the Warehouse... just terminate near the warehouse. He does install a computer in the Warehouse but it has no internet connection. Having the phone/internet lines near is all he needs with his powers to make phone calls or surf the net with a computer on hand to display what he is surfing/doing on the internet. If he can afford it he installs a few cameras to watch the entrances of the warehouse and monitor the roof near the sky light entrance/exit.

  87. It's 9 PM one of the scheduled times that RONIN have their cells active. Thunderbolt calls Stalker.

    "Thunderbolt here. I've observed there is a lot of activity down at the docks with GENOM... I want to find out what all that heavy security and firepower is moving around there for. I think they are the source of this Boost drug. You interested in backing me up?"


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