Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It Begins

It’s a cool fall morning in Empire City. The sun shines brightly in clear blue sky.

The temp is in the mid 50’s, fluffy, cotton like clouds can be seen on the horizon, and a gentle breeze blows in from the North East. Everyone is going about your daily routines, as nothing seems out of the ordinary. If anyone has a radio or TV, programming will be interrupted with a breaking news report (fot the more tech savvy members of our little band, you’ll get an RSS feed, a Twitter message, etc.). Authorities are reporting an explosion near the city’s finical district. Initial reports are sketchy, but it appears that there’s been some sort of explosion at the Citizen’s Bank and Trust building, located in the city’s finical district.

Any TV within view is switched to WECN, Empire City’s 24 hour news network. Within 15 minutes of the first reports, WECN reports that their star reporter, Amber Green, is on the scene. They then switch to a live video feed. Thick black smoke can be seen billowing from the building. Emergency workers are escorting the injured to safety. Several dazed and confused office works, their clothing covered in soot, can be seen stumbling from the building.

Amber Green then breaks in.

“This is Amber Green, reporting live from the scene of what appears to be some sort of explosion, at the Citizen’s bank and Trust building. At this time, authorities aren’t willing to speculate on what could have caused the explosion. What is known is that there are multiple casualties, and that ECFD units are still trying to get control of the fire.”

“Wait a moment… it appears that something’s happening….”


“Oh my God… there’s been a second explosion. It looks as though there was some sort of secondary explosion. Several fire fighters and police officers are running towards the scene….”

And then static…

WECN’s anchor man “Amber? Amber, can you hear me? It appears as though we’ve lost Amber …it’s possible that the last explosion killed the feed. We’re going to take a commercial break while we try to reestablish that link.”