Sunday, May 8, 2011

Fire In the Sky

It's been several days since you heard reports of a meteorite shower near the outskirts of the city. As far as the authorities are concerned, it was nothing more than a routine astrological event, and other than piquing the interest of local astronomers, it really didn't attach to much attention. But, something isn't quite sitting right with you, and you've decided to check out the area for yourselves.

The area around the where several of the meteorites "burned up" is a sparsely populated rural area near Jonesville. Jonesville is a small town with a population of around 5,000 people. The area's largest employers are a small electronics firm, and several large dairy farms. Most of the population works at the Genesis Electronics, or on one of the dairy farms. If anyone decides to stay in town, there are two hotels in town, and a small bed and breakfast. Things are pretty quiet in town, and a stranger asking questions will definitely be noticed by the Sheriff, or one of his seven deputies. While their not rude, they'll keep an eye on anyone who stands out from the norm.

You guys need to let me know how you plan to go about getting to the town, and what you plan to do once you get there. I'll talk to you all in a few weeks. Until then, have fun, and stay safe.


  1. GM to Hawk

    After you and your cohorts have a few days of rest and relaxation, you receive a message from BSI. They're asking that you fly out to the little town of Jonesville, the county seat of Jones County, and take a look. While its probably nothing, the next town over, Thomasville, has been reporting that wildlife has pretty much disappeared from the area. BSI wants you to take a look around, check in with the research team from ECU, and give them a report. Hopefully, you’ll be back by the next day.

  2. GM Replies to the Machinist

    Things are going well for you. Agent Woo, while not happy with her assignment, checks in with you daily, and forwards any information requests you may have, as well as informing you that BSI has requisitioned funds for a temporary HQ for you and the other Protectors to make use of.

    You also hear of a team group of ECU graduate students, that will be heading out to investigate the disappearance of wildlife from the area of Jones County (the area where several of the meteorites recently struck).

    You're asked to help them load their gear into the panel van they'll be using to move it. You' manage to strike up a conversation with one of the students about their trip. Is there anything you'd like to ask them?

  3. GM to Power Chord

    After a few days of rest, you bump into one of your colleges, Prof. Martin Vance of ECUs Wildlife Studies Dept. He mentions to you about how excited he is to be taking small group of students to study some sort of anomaly, out in the country. He hasn't been this excited sense his trip to Africa, in his grad student days, and with that he's off.

  4. GM to Jack

    It's been days since you've had any excitement, and you've grown bored. As you fly about looking to get yourself in a bit of mischief, you come upon a flock of birds, and begin to chat with them as to where they're headed in such a hurry. They inform you that they're running away from some something unnatural. They're not sure what it is, but they can tell you where it's located, and that for some reason they instinctively knew to flee the area.


  5. Skyhawk goes through his equipment to ensure that it is all operating correctly. Activating his link with Achilles he thinks "Plot the course to the Jonesville area,and scan locally for any low flying aircraft. wouldn't want to run into anything on my way out". Propelling himself skyward Skyhawk gains speed and altitude at a rapid rate."Course plotted and locked in" Achilles relays to him.
    OOC:Skyhawk will use Achilles to help him locate the meteorites and gather as much data as posible about the meteors and the situation with the wildlife.He will introduce himself to the local police, and consult with them about talking with the local population about the meteor and wildlife situation. When the group from ECU show up he will check in with them.

  6. Jack Frost:

    Jack is thrilled to have some mischief to get into! The eager eternal flies to where the birds indicated; swooping, dive-bombing, zooming loop-the-loops without a care in his ancient heart.

    Drinking in the sunlight and the sky, he couldn't help but laugh with joy. Beginnings are always bursting with possibility.

    OOC: Hey, Dom, did you finalize level advancements? If yes, can you please shoot me my new sheet? Thanks.

  7. GM Replies to Hawk

    After checking in with Agent Woo, to update here on your travel plan, you're off towards the town of Jonesville. From the briefing packet provided to you, you know that the research team, from ECU, has been in the area for roughly a day now, but they haven't reported much.

    Within a few hours you've flown to the general location of the town, and can make out the outline of it's smaller neighbor on the horizon. You're able to spot the police station, and land nearby. Within minutes you're greeted by the Chief of Police, Harry Williams. He's a retired state trooper, who took up the Chief's position a little over a year ago.

    He tells you that he's got seven officers, and his wife acts as the dispatcher, plus he can round up a couple of volunteers if needed. He's not sure why BSI felt the need to send you out here, but if he can do anything for you, feel free to call him. He also informs you that the ECU research team passed through yesterday, on their way to Thomasville, and only stopped in town long enough to fill up, and grab lunch at Mary's Dinner (he mentions that the they've got a killer meatloaf sandwich).

    As far as the wildlife situation goes, he's heard a complaints from hunters about the lack of deer, but he's chalking it up to the increase in hunters coming in from the surrounding area. With that, he says he's got some paperwork to do, and leaves you to go about your business.


  8. GM Replies to Jack

    As you approach the area the birds have fled from, you can't help but notice the lack of animal life in the area. No birds, no vermin, nothing. In the distance you see a small human town, and a much larger one a few miles in the distance. Your curiosity being what it is, you can't help but want to investigate.

    The town, from the sign displayed along the road, is called Thomasville, population, 1,133. Est. 1852. While there are people out on the street, something about the place seems, "off" to you.


    As far as character sheets go, I don't recall you telling me what you wanted to do for your advancement, let me know, and I'll shoot you an update tonight.

  9. The Machinist:

    He thanks Agent Woo for the requisitioned funds that BSI has provided for us. He contacts Hawk, Jack, and Power Chord on any specific requirements they would have for a HQ.

    He thinks that Hawk and Jack would want flight access.

    He doesn’t know at all what Power Chord would want.

    The Machinist knows he wants to have a series of secure networks, power lines, and backup generators. He looks for an industrial building in one of the more remote locations in Empire City.

    The Machinist gladly helps the students load their gear into the van. He offers to fill it up with gas and check the oil as well. He will place a telemetry tracker on the under carriage of the van.

    He will also attach a device that will track cell phone signals. It won’t listen to the calls. It will record the frequencies used and will send the data at 3am each morning to his base computers. This will allow him to locate the phones or search call records (phone numbers dialed only) later if needed.

    He will chat with the students before they leave. He will try to indentify the loner/outcast of the group. This person he will talk to longer about the trip.

    The Machinist will mention how he wished he had gone to college instead of an electronics and mechanics trade school. One he is able to identify the student’s area of expertise, he will ask questions to allow the student to
    show off. He is hoping a combination of passion and pride in their area and themselves will cause the student to divulge a lot about the trip, the plans for the investigation, and any theories for the missing wildlife.

    OOC: Did you see what I posted for advancement? Is it acceptable?

  10. OOC: I was wondering if you could update my character sheet as well? IC:Skyhawk uses his link "Achilles" he thinks "Start scanning for any traces of those meteors." "This is strange, animals usually leave an area for self preservation. What was it about the meteors scared them off? Was it the impact of multiple meteors in the same area, or are we dealing with something else? My guess is that it is something else, why else would BSI send me up here? Their train of thought must be traveling along the same track." When he gathers as much data he can in a resonable amount of time he will depart to connect with the ECU group.

  11. Skyhawk agrees with the Machinist on his ideas for the HQ, with a couple of suggestions. An area where someone could grab some sleep, shower facilities, a workshop/lab, and hooking the generations to an underground gas supply line. That way the generators wouldn't require manually refilling.

  12. OK gents, once I update the character sheets, we'll get rolling again. Until then do a quick review of what's happening in Jonesville. Majestic and Ranger, standby as I'm about to post an intro for the two of you.

  13. GM to the Machinist:

    You receive a call from Agent Woo informing you that she'd like to meet with you this afternoon at the BSI field office. In addition to discussing getting you and your teammates moved into more suitable facilities, there are some people she'd like you to meet. Actions?

  14. Machinist to GM:

    The Machinist gathers his stuff and suits up. He travels to the BSI Field Office.

    Machinist is glad to see Agent Woo again. He is glad to help. "What do you mean more suitable facitilites?"

    It will be good to see his other teammates again. He is concerned about the people she wants him to me. "So these people are they true masks or false masks? By false masks you know I mean politicans and bureaucrats."

    Machinist mentally prepares himself for the worse case scenario.

  15. GM Reply: Sorry but I've got to put you on hold for a day or so, as I've been having problems with guys getting replies. I've got you, and Ranger up, but that's it so far. Give me a day to get the rest of the bugs worked out so everyone is on the same sheet of music.

  16. GM to the group: OK gents, Hopefully I've got all the tech issues worked out, and we can get moving again. Please let me know if you're still having problems.

  17. Just to make sure I get everyone on the same sheet of music, I'm going to post my replies in "When we last left our heroes"

  18. As the Machinist travels to the BSI offices, he spies the blur of a white and blue streak speeding therough the skies.

  19. Machinist quickly captures video of the mask over head. He queries his computers to search for similar garbed flyers.

  20. Dom, I'm not seeing, "When we last left our heroes" was that a blog entry or just a phrase?


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