Monday, April 11, 2011

Return of the Serpent Lord

GM Replies to the group

The ghost shape continues to form before you. Within seconds you can clearly make out the form of a what appears to first to be a humanoid female, with what looks like some sort of ceremonial headdress or mask obscuring her face. Soon her form begins to solidify before you.



  1. Jack:

    The last nature elemental observed the woman that had recently appeared as a man. An illusion? Or was the male-shape an echo of the life force it drained from the wizard?

    No matter.

    Seeming as otherworldly as ever, Jack Frost entreated with the Old God for Earth.

    "Ancient One, this way is closed. Nature herself forbids your presence here.

    Do not force the protectors of this world to destroy you. Much has changed in your absence. Do not underestimate what Mankind has become."

    OOC: Save action.

    If she attacks, Jack will use his saved action to loose cold and ice upon the Serpent God.

    If a fight doesn't break out immediately, rather than lose his action, Jack will continue negotiations and use his saved action to gain control of the weather outside and quietly conjure up a blizzard.
    He prefers this option.


  2. [ooc: Jack is so cool! Sorry... had to say it, couldn't resist!]

  3. Jack:

    OOC: Thanks!
    I'm enjoying everyone's characterizations!

  4. Skyhawk: Seeing that Jack clearly knows this new arrival, Skyhawk will hold his attack until the group is ready. In the meantime, he will continue flying evasively.

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  6. The Machinist silently curses to himself.
    "Jack? Power Chord? Did we just win or lose?"

    He glances over to Agent Woo to check her status.

    The Machinist quickly looks to the floor to see if he can spot the dagger dropped by the Wizard. He will assemble a device take will shoot a grapping claw with coil attached and then recoil quickly with the dagger.

    He uses all his powers to create this as fast as possible. Using his telekinesis and machine control he will construct the device without his hands. He will keep his blaster aim at the new creature and combine fire with the rest of the team.

    “So Woo are we having fun yet?”

  7. GM Replies to the Group

    The ghostly figure now standing before you speaks in response to Jack's comments - "Somehow the five have managed to prevent the return of my beloved, to this mortal plane, but know this, in doing so you have earned the hatred of all those who follow his path, as well as my curse. One of you has been tainted by your actions, and the day will come when you will pay dearly for your interference. Now before I depart, my loyal servants, destroy this place, and those who defile it with their presence. "

    And with that, she fades away. But as she does, the last of the serpent cultist, goes into a rage, ready to tear you, the house, and anyone who happens to get in their way to pieces. At the same moment, you hear the sound of helicopters in the distance, and Achilles can pick up the faint glow of their landing lights, as well as roughly 2 dozen more cultist making their way from the vehicles he spotted earlier. While the cavalry may be on its way, you still have to hold out until it gets there.

  8. GM Replies to the Machinist

    Agent Woo, looks at you with a sneer that could burn a hole through glass, and yells out - "If I wasn't scared to death right now, I'd smack you." before she opens up with a burst of automatic weapons fire at the now enraged cultist.

    As far as the dagger goes, you can spot the dagger, as it's pretty obvious to everyone in the room, and it'd be quicker just to run over an pick it up.

  9. Using his blaster to clear the path, the Machinist runs over to the dagger and picks it up. He returns to his position next to Agent Woo blasting any cultist that gets in the way.

  10. IC:Skyhawk seeing that the cultists have gone wild, he will Fly around laying down suppressing fire on the cultists.

  11. Jack:
    Breathing a sigh of relief, Jack flew to the ceiling, held his palms downward and rained wind, snow and cold down upon the serpent cultists.

    He said to the lonely blacksmith, "We've won, my friend. We've won."

  12. GM Replies to The Machinist

    You can easily snatch up the dagger, before assuming a position near Agent Woo. You fire off a shot with your blaster, striking a cultist square in the chest, and sending him tumbling backward, and struggling to get to his knees.

    As he does, you hear a faint transmission on Woo's radio - "Woo, come in, I say again, Woo come in. We're over the compound, and the place is crawling with snake heads. We need you to identify your location, as we don't want to engage friendlies."

  13. GM Replies to Hawk

    You fire on the cultists who fall before you, but they still keep coming. As you do, you pick up the same transmission as Agent Woo. Achilles begins to transmit video without interference, and you clearly make out a group of BSI transport helicopters, and several armed military attack helicopters hovering over the compound.


  14. Skyhawk continues his attack on the cultists. He calls out to Agent Woo,"Hey Woo, It wouldn't hurt my feelings if your friends wanted to join our little party here."
    OOC:If the cultists start to mass-attack any of Skyhawk's teammates, he will direct his efforts to assist them.

  15. GM Replies to Skyhawk

    You're managing to pick up a lot more info from Achilles, now that the interference has died down. You can clearly see helicopters landing near the road, and teams of armed BSI agents disembarking. Agent Woo, while busily reloading her weapon, reaches for what she discovers is the last full magazine for her submachinegun.

    "I hate to state the obvious, but I could use a little help over here!"

  16. PowerChord:

    IC: Power Chord will fly across the room between Agent Woo and the serpent followers.
    He will cast Shield on Agent Woo first, and then proceed to aid his companions using Ball Lightning if they are away from his team or Mystical Bolts if they are in close proximity.

    “We have done well here my friends.”

    He will stay close to the Machinist and Agent Woo until reinforcements arrive, or the cultists are all subdued.

  17. IC: Skyhawk flies into a defensive position to better assist Agent Woo and the Machinist.
    "All you had to do was ask Agent Woo." Skyhawk will continue to take out the cultists."My ammunition seems to last a little longer than yours."

  18. GM Replies to the group at the mansion.

    As the last of the serpents cultists fall before your combined assault, the fall wall is rocked by a massive explosion "KA-BOOOOM!", sending debris flying across the room. The shockwave almost knocking you all off your feet, and forcing the flying members of the group back a few inches. Then, through the smoke, storm in a group of heavily laden figures, yelling out. "Police, Federal Agents! Drop your weapons our you will be fired on!" BSI has finally arrived.

    Within a few minutes,the BSI assault team has rounded up the last of the serpent cultist, and gathered them together for transport. As they move them toward a clearing, a large military transport helicopter lands, and out steps Agent Banks, who immediately pulls Agent Woo to the side. After a brief sidebar he motions in your direction, and Agent Woo, not looking to happy, walks over to you all. "He'd like to speak with you all now."

    Agent Banks, as smug as ever, speaks. "Gentlemen, you're nation owes you a debt. without your... well, how can I put this, unorthodox investigative techniques, there's no telling how long it would have taken us to track this group down.

    However, you all failed to keep me in the loop on this, and sincerely hope to avoid that happening again in the future. As a result of this little "miscommunication" I'm assigning Agent Woo as your permanent BSI Liaison. Any official communications will come through her.

    Also, to the sensitive nature of this operation, we feel that it would be best if certain details remain out of the limelight. It would do for the public to be shaken up, fearing that a new terrorist organization was known to be operating within the confines of Empire City. So we've come up with a cover story. Agent Woo will fill you in on the details." And with that, he walks off, leaving Agent Woo to field any questions you may have. As he does, those of you within earshot, hear Agent Woo mumble something under her breath.


  19. Skyhawk IC: Picking up on some possible tension beteen Agent Woo and her boss he dcides to probe the situation. "Agent Woo",Skyhawk says. " I guess that you drew the short straw and got stuck with us". "What story are we supposed to follow, do you have a detailed report, or just the talking points in case anyone asks"

  20. GM Replies to Skyhawk

    Agent Woo, still seeming a bit taken aback by the events of the last few minutes, responds.

    "Oh, sorry. According to the powers that be, they want you all to go with the story that the events at the school were nothing more than a disgruntled former professor, and that you all just happened to be in the area. As far as everything that happened here, it was all a preplanned counter terrorism exercise, and that someone dropped the ball and forgot to inform the local authorities.

    Personally, I think it's all a load of $#*!, people have a right to know what happened here, and HE...he just wants to sweep it under the rug, so that people can go on being oblivious to what's really going on out here."

  21. The Machinist looks at Agent Woo and nods his head knowingly.

    "Yes, they do love their secrets. They overrate their own importance and underrate the strength of the people".

    The Machinist looks to his teammates and a smile returns to his face. "Good has been done. We have must decide how we will forge our destiny from here forward"

    "Power Chord, Agent Woo, I am willing to continue our alliance. Do we establish a base together or part our separate ways until called upon again?

    "Skyhawk shall we go celebrate this victory in a manner that our ancient esteemed Jack is use to being done? In order words ..."

    He pauses and looks each person in the eye.

    "Who wants to get rip roaring drunk with me"

    In the first time in years, The Machinist truly laughs.

  22. IC: "Sorry about the trouble with your boss Agent Woo." "Sometimes you have to just accept that there are things that we have no control over, and just leave them alone. I hope that we can develop a better relationship." Skyhawk then directs his attention to his teammates. "Guys, I hope that this is the beginning of a great team, and I just want to tell you that you can count on me."

  23. Power Chord: A smile crosses the mystics face as he looks at his new team mates.

    To the Machinist – “You did well tonight my friend. I’d like to have a look at the dagger if you don’t mind. Perhaps I can learn something of how it works. I might have a glass of wine, but some of us still have day jobs to get back to in the morning.”

    To SkyHawk – “Well met, you and your little friend surely carried your own weight in this adventure. I would be happy to stand beside you in the future.”

    To Jack – “ My friend, I realize you are probably more at home in the open air than you would be in a human built dwelling, but I’m sure I have plenty of room, if you would like a place to rest and recover.

    To Agent Woo – “ My dear lady, I don’t think a cover story will be necessary as I don’t think anyone here will be discussing the events of this evening outside of a BSI conference room, which as I remember are very well shielded. I know we have the cards Agent Banks gave us; The Machinist also has some very nice communicators we have found very useful. I’m sure he’d be happy to provide you with one if you wish. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you should ever require my assistance.”

    Pending the responses of his team mates, Power Chord will tag along with the Machinist to whatever establishment he wishes…

    Awesome adventure guys! I’m in with investigating the possible serial killer… Sounds like the girl might be college aged. Power Chord would be able to utilize his contacts on campus to see if either of the girls had been students. He’d also like to investigate the girl, utilizing Detect Magic to see if she might have been the victim of some type of sacrificial ceremony. Investigating the site where she was found, he’d use Psychometry to try and see what happened in that location, and how she came to be there.

    As to actions between adventures, Power Chord would like to change up his spell mix a little if that’s possible, maybe a few more combat type spells, as well as some additional defensive ones vs. some of the mundane stuff he currently has. I’ll work with you individually Dom to see how that works, (I’m guessing it would involve utilizing some inventing points?). As to training, he’d like to focus on his Agility. He’d work that into his exercise regimen per his regular weekly schedule. Let me know if you need a copy of that document… possibly he will run into some of the city’s other new heroes as he begins to do some Patrolling of our fair city.

    Looking forward to the next episode…

  24. Skyhawk IC: "I'm not really a drinker, but I would be more than happy to share a drink with you fine gentlemen."
    OOC: Skyhawk only being a few years graduated from college may still know some people on campus, He could attempt to find out from them if they have any information on the murdered girls.

  25. Jack Frost:

    The last nature elemental joined his new companions in celebration of their victory against the forces of darkness and disorder. He politely refused the good wizard’s generous offer of shelter without explaining why. “I shall join you all at the drinking hall soon. There is something I must do first.”

    The son of the North Wind pulled a massive white tablecloth off the long dining room table and dragged it to the mansion’s kitchen. He opened the icebox and the pantry and emptied their entire contents into the center of the tablecloth. Then he pulled the corners together and threw the bundle over his shoulder like Father Christmas and flew out the window into the night.

    Jack flew inside the stone and glass tower that had burned only that morning, the morning he had returned to the world of Men. Jack opened the bundle’s feast and called out to the rats in the walls. Jack got on one knee and said to the Rat King, “Your majesty. My eternal thanks for your aid this morning. May your subjects have a joyous and prosperous winter. Fare well.”

    Jack flew from the spire and rejoined his comrades in a feast of their own. It was good to be among mortals such as these, who reminded him so keenly of his kin. Jack was in excellent spirits yet something gnawed at him. The victory was complete. Would Jack be allowed to remain?

    OOC: Thanks again Dom for a great story!
    Not sure of your advancement rules but how’s this?

    Training: Strength.
    Invention: Which is more of a realization of an existing power, really:
    Body Power: Immortal Spirit: Jack is immune to the effects of aging and disease. He has no need of mundane sustenance (ie: food or drink)

    Not sure if you want us to jumpstart saga 2, but if you do:

    When Jack hears of young girls being murdered in the city, he cannot remain idle. Alone or with his new friends, the young ancient will visit the sites of the evil acts and extend his supernatural sense to see if he learns anything. Then he will communicate with any animals in the area to see if they witnessed the murders.


  26. The Machinist smiles as he looks to his teammates. "Well, that leaves only you Agent Woo who needs to decide whether their going to celebrate with us or not".

    "I'm thinkin Fast Eddy's Pizza. I can get my beer, Power Chord gets his wine, and the rest can choose their own drink plus everyone can enjoy the best pizza, pasta, and salad in Empire City."

    He gives Jack the directions.

    [OOC] Dom, this was an absolutely fantastic adventure thanks.

    In the Machinist's downtime, he will return to his job at ECU. He will catch up on maintenance work and repairs. In his off hours he sets up his computer systems to better monitor the cape activity in Empire City and search for the tale-tell signs of conspiracies at work.

    He will ignore the news reports on the meteroite but take keen interest in the murders.

    For level advancement, I would like to combine the use of an invention point and the advancement to incorporate Weakness Detection into his googles.

    I was thinking of a variation where instead of the straight up bonus to hit, that The Machinist would find out about active defenses as well as weaknesses, or instead of weaknesses it is active defenses.

    What I am thinking of in roleplay terms:

    The Machinist would target an opponent with his goggles and reference his computer link-ups for an action. He would be told by his devices a defense or a weakness his target has then The Machinist would create a gadget to exploit the defense/weakness.

    How do that sound?

  27. After enjoying a night out with his new friends, Skyhawk gets back to work. "Skyhawk may have all the adventures" he thinks to himself, "But Nick still has bills to pay." In his spare time, what there is of it. Nick runs a full diagnostic check on Achilles. "It might have only been some sort of distortion the cultist put out my friend but I have to make sure that you are in tip top shape." Skyhawk continues his workout regiment, making some alterations to his caloric intake and dietary adjustments. he adds some Martial arts to his workout. Nick looks into making some changes to his costume.

  28. OK gents, I'm going to be out of town for the next three weeks, and I'm not sure what type of internet access we'll have, if any. So, for the next few weeks, use the time to talk amongst your selves, figure out what you want to do for character advancement, and let me know what you guys are doing to check out the murders. You can post your responses in Down Time.


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