Monday, March 14, 2011

Night of the Serpent

Serpent Cultist


  1. "Crap!" Skyhawk thinks to himself. "just when we get this guys force field down, more trouble seems to be showing up." Through his comm-link Skyhawk says to the group. "Guys we have re-enforcements approaching in cars outside. We may want to put a stop to them coming in to assist their friends."
    OOC:Skyhawk will hold his attack to coordinate with the rest of the team.

  2. The Machinist:

    "Agent Woo, Hawk says he see vehicles coming up the drive. Is there any chance they are coming to support us?"

    The Machinist will toss his tear-gas grenade into the center where the Wizard and the most cultist can be hit.

    He will then fire his blaster again in coordination the rest of the team.

  3. The Machinist:

    "Hey Jack, lets see if these cultist are cold blooded like they look. A strong freeze should slow them down!"

  4. The Machinist:

    Speaking quietly into his comm unit "Hey, Power Chord are you out there? We need you."

  5. GM Replies to The Machinist

    As you toss your canister, Agent Woo responds - "Car? No way, my guys are airborne in helos."

    The canister begins to spew its noxious vapors, and a thick cloud of tear gas begins to form (it forms a 2" x 2" cloud of tear gas, near the wizard), but has no noticeable effect on him. But you do notice a dim glow of a ring on his hand (detect hidden).

    As the cloud grows thicker, the serpent sorcerer begins to laugh. "Do you fools believe that this trickery will halt the return of out lord and master? He points the dagger at you, and fires a bolt of black energy that strikes you. You feel as though part of you soul has been ripped from you (you sustain 17 points of damage to your Power score).

    While the gas may not be having much effect the wizard, it is slowing down the now frenzied cultist (all of their attacks are at -2).

    I'll hold off posting the results of your blaster attack until I hear from the others.

  6. GM Replies to Skyhawk

    As you relay information to your teammates, you pick up a very faint transmission from your BSI comm link.

    "Woo, this is Hammer One Zero, over. I say again, this is Hammer One Zero, we are in route to you, do you copy, Over." Then static.

  7. Jack Frost:

    The temperature in the room plummeted. Jack was different now. Changed. Gone was the impetuous, playful child. In his place was the immortal spirit of winter.

    Now Jack knew why he had been returned to the world of Men. He hoped that he would succeed and, after having succeeded, that he would be permitted to stay.

    "Again, my friends!" he roared as he gained altitude and blasted the sorceror anew with the intention of sending him through the gate to the tender mercies of his Lord and Master!

    Movement: Lower the temperature of the area,
    and fly upward toward the ceiling.
    Attack: Ice Powers!


  8. Power Chord:

    OOC: Guys sorry for the delay, real life got in the way of my online time... back to the action!

    IC: Having spent some time observing the ceremony, hopefully Power Chord has found a way to disrupt it (Occult skill 142%... that Heightened INT has to be good for something. :)) if so, he'll us whatever means are necessary to stop the ceremony TK spell, Dispel Magic, Fire, Chain Lightning, whatever he thinks will work. If he can not figure out what will work, he'll try to be creative, perhaps opening a teleportation portal under the unsuspecting sorcerer to drop him from the ceiling of the room.

  9. GM Replies to Jack

    As the temperature begins to fall, a thin sheet of frost begins to form on everything in the room. It's also having a noticeable effect on the reptilian cultists, as they seem to be moving a bit slower (due to their cold blooded nature, they're all moving slower, giving you all an initiative advantage, and a few other things).

    Noticing what's happening, what's happening the Sorcerer speaks - "Insolent fool, do you think you can delay the return of our lord? You will suffer pain beyond belief for your constant interference." And with that, he slashes at the rift in air one final time. The air shifts, and flash of light erupts from the whole, before dying down. Then the air grows still.


  10. GM Replies to Power Chord

    Releasing the time is growing short, you think you wrack your memory for a solution, and then it dawns on you. You yell out to your teammates, a combined attack, by all of you will break the spell, but to do so, you'll open yourself up to attack by the cultist.


  11. Power Chord:

    After yelling for everyone to attack "NOW", POwer Chord will unleash a Chain Lightning spell, hoping to strike the sorcerer and some of the cultist.

  12. Skyhawk who has been holding his attack to coordinate with the rest of the team will blast the sorcerer upon Power Chord's command.

  13. Jack:

    The icy immortal poured it on without mercy! Bringing the room's temperature as low as he could, and blasting the sorceror again, with the intent of driving him through the gate!

    Same as last action:
    Movement to lower the temperature again.
    Attack to ice blast the wizard back.


  14. The Machinist, in coordination with the others, fires his blaster!

  15. GM Replies to the group

    Your attacks strike the sorcerer knocking from his feet, and sending him tumbling toward the gaping whole in reality, as he falls, he drops his precious dagger, and screams out. "Nooo!

    He lands within inches of the opening, and ethereal tendrils reach out to and take hold of the sorcerer. He begins to yell, but can't and his form begins to wither before your eyes, as it does, a ghostly shape starts to form in front of you. You can easily tell that it's a man, dressed in ancient Egyptian garb. As it begins to solidify, a harrowing laugh fills the hall. When it does, the serpent cultist cease their attack, and and bow, while uttering "The master has returned."

    At the same time, you're communicators begin to crackle. "Woo, if you can read this, were 3 minutes out, hold on. I say again, hold on."

    Post your replies/actions in Return of the Serpent Lord.


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