Monday, March 14, 2011

One Night In Ecstasy

Anvil's companions.


  1. Sensing that he's going to be yet again back into the action Slik quickly turns to Thunderbolt to finalize the deal... "Yeah, what you said... for justice and truth, friends for life! Now let's see how we do together!"

    Slik readies self for battle, scoping the three and figuring he could probably bull rush the one in glasses and take him down as quickly as possible... with a snap suplex.

    Brief thought in Slik's head "So I'm pegged a wrestler, might as well be one... never got my chain replaced.. might as well go down body slamming a few thugs... (pause)... Diesel, where are you now, ol' oily armored one? We could really use you..."

  2. Thunderbolt turns to face Anvil and his crew and smirks, “…tsk, bad choice Anvil… before you were protected by civis being around… but threaten me now? I’m not breaking any laws not even trespassing… nothing morally holding me back from letting you have it… knew you’d make a mistake eventually…”

    Thunderbolt spins up his magnetic fields ready to deflect incoming attacks the spinning halo of metal disks lowers to encircle him in a tight ring posed to block and deflect.

    Speaking to his companions his tone sarcastic, “…you’re right time enough for a ‘secret decoder rings’ & ‘special handshakes’ later! {heh!}”

    Then his voice turns coldly serious, “The other two are not familiar to me… as far as I know their just hired muscle… Anvil’s an accomplice to Leonetti’s crimes … him take down; his buddies… subdue if at all possible… but don’t hold back either!”

    The magnetic fields shift around Thunderbolt and one of his coiled Kygetsu-Shoge snakes out of his duster pocket to hang in the air ready for Slik Slanderer to take hold of.

    He comments casually, “Your, agile Slik - so try and tie up ‘Glasses’… the cable is woven metal cord 1 ton capacity…should hold…mind the hooked sharp end!”

    “Hope you don’t mind dancing with the sword chick ‘Manhunter’?”

    “I’ll hold off Anvil until we can all deal with him… be flexible… lead them into each other… so we can support each other’s efforts!

    Then in a loud voice, “RONIN! Take EM DOWN!!!”

    Thunderbolt takes flight going up about 80’ft [16”], reaching out with his magnetic control… he rips the metal door in the alley off its hinges and hurls it at Anvil… not to strike for impact…but to wrap it around his head! Similarly metal poles, and chairs, chain fence sections or anything else that is metal in the environment Thunderbolt begins to tear lose and hurl at the big bruiser… not to harm… but specifically to hinder, to through him off balance; but mostly to obscure his vision to prevent him from taking any real planned action! ‘An enemy who cannot see, cannot fight!’

    All Thunderbolt is doing is to hinder or obscure Anvil’s actions with no direct attacks to harm… make him use that strength to smash and tear and rend and Thunderbolt just shapes/moves the metal back into place to obscure his vision... while Thunderbolt keeps his distance. Thunderbolt’s second Koygetsu-Shoge is snaked out as well and is down on the ground posed to act but holding back. It is there merely for Thunderbolt to be able to assist his companions if needed as he watches the battle from high-guard and watch for any gunman snipes or backup Anvil may have waiting in the wings…

    Actions –
    [Move] Fly & Maintain control of metallic items – 400 lbs Capacity used {estimated…possibly more}
    - Electric {Lightning} Control - Electrify Body {Still running from Defib and pacemaker uses…but now ramped up to full!

    [Action 1] Manipulate Metallic Objects

    [Action 2] Holding, Thunderbolt is ready to attack or defend as needed – his 6 disks spin rapidly about him ready to block or deflect incoming attacks or even strike if needed. Thunderbolt does not know if Anvil can ‘superleap’ so he’s prepared to move if need be or deflect a jump by Anvil with a timely push from his disks. [Reduce the effectiveness of anything he does that might be too many actions but this is VITAL..Thunderbolt holds one action for defense…he is taking no chances!!!]

  3. Though preparing a full bull rush Slik suddenly sees the offering of a weapon...
    "Chain!" Slik catches his self gasping aloud as he reaches for the weapon.
    "Hmmmm, nice! Chain, blade, whirl, attack!"
    Slik suddenly rushes towards 'Glasses' with uncanny speed and agility, weaving all the while to avoid any potential incoming attacks, the chain and blade of the weapon whirling above his head.

    Actions- At this point Slik is going to put his all into the attack... a combination bullrush and attack with the chain, with the hopes that the landing attack will both "hammer" (with full body blow) and wrap up "Glasses" (male companion to Anvil), potentially sending both Slik and "Glasses" to the pavement.
    (Where Slik will continue the attack and hopefully subdue "Glasses" before assisting with Anvil and/or the other companion)

  4. Err... replace "chain" with "metal cable"

  5. [ooc: hehe, no problem! There is also a weighted end equivalent to a light club. The cable is indeed metal wire and very long about 80'ft of length! STATS: Hooked Blade +2 to hit, HTH+1d2, R= 16"; Weighted End/Light Club = +2 hit, HTH+1 R= 16" {80'ft}]

  6. Stalker watches his new friends as they pair off with the new arrivals. He quickly scans the area looking at the terrain for anything he can use for an advantage. High ground or cover. It would really suck if he had to turn his gaze on and hit his new friends. He sidesteps away from them and sets himself, waiting to see which way his dance partner is going to move. Most men make the mistake of underestimating a female opponent. He won't

  7. GM Replies to T-Bolt

    As the metal door flies toward Anvil, his bookish looking companion raises his hand, as if to swat a fly, and the door's flight path is altered, causing it to crash into the wall. The other metal objects begin to move erratically, flying in every direction, so even coming back at you!

    "I'm Haywire, and when I'm around, things don't always work the way they're supposed to."

  8. GM Replies to Slik

    You take off toward Haywire, and gaining speed, and then you loose your footing, you think that shouldn't have happened, tumbling toward him (you manage to break your fall), when it feels like you hit a brick wall. You roll into the mass that is Anvil. And he doesn't look happy.

    "That's the problem with you capes, you're all so damn cocky, you can't fathom the idea of loosing."


  9. GM Replies to Stalker

    As T-Bolt, and Slik deal with the new developments, the female make's her move. She makes a swift cutting like motion, with her right hand, and what can best be described as a "blade" of white energy is released. It barely missed your head, impacting on the wall behind you before dissipating.


  10. Just so everyone is clear on what's going on, here's the rundown.

    T-bolt is attacking Anvil with various metal objects, and has one action left. His attack is being "disrupted" by Haywire.

    Slik somehow tripped, something that shouldn't have happened, and stumbled into Anvil. He's got one action left.

    The unnamed (for the moment) female, has just attacked Stalker with some sort of energy based power.

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  12. [Good thing you clarified Dsummer… I had a whole different set of actions in a post!]

    Thunderbolt considers the effects ‘Haywire’ is having, {Hmmm… some kind of probability manipulation and or Luck power… interesting. Perhaps he must still be able to see his subject to target his power upon them?}

    Thunderbolt alters the course of his flight to shift himself over the top of the building out of the line of sight of all those in the alley. Of course this does not blind Thunderbolt, his Radar Sense telling him right where his primary target is. Once Thunderbolt is out of line of sight, lowering his altitude to only 40’ft {8”} he continues to shift his magnetic controlled metal objects in erratic motions, but lashes out with his second Kyogetsu-Shoge the blunt end to snake forth in the confusion wrapping around Haywire’s leg to trip him and sling him bodily with a applied force of 300 pounds right at Anvil! Thunderbolt’s intent to inflict as much blunt trauma on Haywire by using the readily available Anvil to hammer him repeatedly against! His first Kyogetsu-Shoge still under him magnetic control … though thus far he has not exerted it other than to allow Slik to carry and manipulate it…wraps snake-like around Slik’s arm and drags him some 20’ft distant from Anvil before Thunderbolt stops tugging on it to get Slik out of the immediate threat of being so close to Anvil. Thunderbolt is armored he does not try to avoid the metal objects flying his way devoting his efforts to getting out of line of sight of Haywire.

    Speaking, “No Anvil you are mistaken… We do not give up! Even when things catch us perhaps a little off guard,
    We will fight no matter the odds!”

    Actions –
    [Move] Fly 10” enough to break line of sight & Release control of some metallic items – 100 lbs Capacity used.
    - Manipulate Metallic Objects – Grab Slik Drag him away from Anvil [190 Slik’s weight, with 40lbs excess – for 4” {20’ft}]
    - Electric {Lightning} Control - Electrify Body {Still running ramped up to full!}
    * As far as I can tell as long as I have not used all my inches of movement in a round I can split up movement between my actions and manipulating metallic items after I have locked on them is considered a move action… as long as it is not an ‘attack’ {Magnetic Blast}.

    [Action 2] Manipulate Metallic Objects – Grab Haywire fling ‘not releasing the Kyogetsu-Shoge’s grip wrapped around Haywire’s leg’ = 300lbs [1d6 Dam] + Velocity 100lbs {remaining} – 10” ‘to reach Anvil – 50ft {should not be that far}’ [+1d8 Dam] : Total [1d6+1d8+1{Dam Mod} ‘Int’]

    Total Capacity used 730lbs

  13. Stalker barley moved his head out of the path of the blade. He could almost feel the energy sizzle in the air over him. He watches the sword arm as she starts to draw back. He aims a punch at the armpit and steps into her body as he does hoping to slow down the use of the sword arm.

  14. Slander, effectively flung back from harm's way, takes a brief second to ponder the situation.
    (thinking to self)- "hmmmm.... if I go into the big one alone that's likely to be doom's day for me, judging by the fact that my new companion views him as worthy competition... my other new pal is handling the sword lady, and we still need to drop the other guy... but I can't do that as long as his powers of whatever are fouling me up... wonder what would happen if he got distracted?"- (end of thoughts)
    Seeing Thunderbolt struggle above to hurl attacks against the active (and quite effective) defenses of the group on the ground, Slik gets the idea to become diversion bait in hopes that Thunderbolt can get a moment in. Using his wall crawling abilities Slik unleashes into a chaotic frenzy of scurrying around the center of the action, running, crawling across walls, making offensive gestures at the thugs and vocalizing insults... all the while hoping that the thugs become distracted and turn their attention towards him (Slik) while Thunderbolt takes the cue for a surprise attack.

  15. GM Replies to T-Bolt

    You've still got enough movement to complete your actions, so don't worry about that. Your radar sense allow you to detect the exact locations of everyone present, so you can easily locate Haywire, Slik, and Anvil.

    However, when you try to entrap Haywire with your chain, things don't quite go as planned. As your Kyogetsu-Shoge flies toward Haywire, it goes horribly off course, smashing into a trash dumpster, with a thundering metallic CLANK! Haywire, now alerted to its presence, now focuses his attention on finding you .


  16. GM Replies to Stalker

    As you dodge the energy blade, you react to the attack with a lightning fast blow to your attacker, striking at her armpit with, what should be a disarming strike. Much to your surprise, she manages to roll with the blow, and is now in a position to strike at your core.


  17. GM Replies to Slick

    As you sprint up the nearby wall, you initially have Haywire's eye, but not wanting to let you get away, Anvil moves quickly toward your position, draws back his hand, and smacks the wall with a blow so strong that it begins crumble crumble under you.


  18. Thunderbolt ponders the effects he is witnessing, starting to get …annoyed. {Grrrr…! Did I miss… or is there some …field he projects that disrupts any ‘direct’ assault? No doubt he is the most dangerous foe here… if our powers refuse to obey our commands! So… no direct attack eh? Alright… let’s get… indiscriminate…!!! }

    Thunderbolt moves over the top of the building changing direction to the street away from the alley maintaining his out of line of sight from Haywire and his altitude of 8” [40’ft]…watching his movements with his radar sense closely. Thunderbolt locates a fire hydrant on the street outside of the alley. Stretching out his magnetic control powers Thunderbolt releases control of all other metallic objects except his spinning disks, the two Kygetsu-Shoge and his large metallic mesh cloak. The objects drop to the alley ground with a clatter of metal.

    Taking …precautions first, he manipulates his cloak detaching the metal mesh clock in the air and flattens it metallic surface until it is a rigid solid fan-shaped plate of metal some 8’ft wide and levitates it before him as a wide shield …just in case someone should try to direct a spray of water his direction.

    Then using as much magnetic capacity as is needed Thunderbolt pulls the fire hydrant and the connecting pipes from the ground bending the metal array but maintaining its pressurized integrity. He tears the pipes and hydrant out of the concrete and twists them around to face the alley entrance. Then he intentionally ruptures the hydrant squeezing the opening to a high-pressure spray of water down the alley aimed at the ground - all the while positioning the fan-shaped shield cloak before him ready to protect himself as needed.

    As the water sprays down the alley on the ground Thunderbolt cuts loose with a lightning bolt at the flowing water from each of his outstretched hands, and yells loudly, “MANHUNTER {Stalker} GET AIRBORNE NOW!!!”

    Actions –
    [Move] Fly 10” enough to maintain lack of line of sight & Release control of most metallic items – 50 lbs Capacity used.
    [Action 1] Manipulate Metallic Objects – Grab Fire Hydrant and pipes [700 lbs Capactity Used]

    [Action 2] Lightning Control = Multiple Attack x2 [PR=4+2], Aimed at area of flowing water, 2d8x2 damage
    * I feel his Damage Modifier for Intelligence is not applicable in this case as he is not aiming directly at a foe and there is no specific ‘damaging location’ on a spray of water. It is an indiscriminate environmental hazard he is creating - an electrified spray of water that only people standing in the water will be at risk of harm from… Hopefully!

    - CONGRATDULATIONS Dsummer! You FINALLY got Thunderbolt to throw a lightning bolt in combat with a super-villain. LOLS! Good fight!

  19. Stalker sees his opponent roll with the punch and makes a mental note to himself, that this is indeed is someone to not be underestimated. She is in line for a body blow and he is to close to avoid it. Continuing his follow through, he brings his arms up to protect his vitals(stomach,groin area)and simply tries a head butt with the armored helm. Thinking as he does that if he stays in tight it will restrict the use of her sword.

    (His Perception is 42% so let me know if he hears the rushing water or Thunderbolt's warning if not the body armor is Invulnerability of 6 points)

  20. (ooc) Grinning... Okay, the next move is only do-able if I am directly above Anvil... assuming that you said that he smacks the wall, causing it to crumble under my feet, that I am indeed physically directly above him... if so, it puts Slik Slander EXACTLY where he needs to be... especially if haywire happens to be distracted at the moment. (/ooc)

    Slik sees Anvil directly below him and the walls giving way.... "Yes!!!" thinks Slik to himself, "This is PERFECT!" At the end of that thought Slik musters up his agility and strength and drops... drops that is in a fashion that will allow him to land directly on Anvil's head, allowing Slik to wrap his whole body around Anvil's head, grappling it and squeezing Anvil's cranium until it pops like a grape (well, maybe not quite that aggressive)...
    As Slik begins to fall towards the figure below, that curious wicked energy builds up inside him, a thought enters his head, urging Slik on in a way that audible hallucinations urge a schizophrenic to react...

    (occ) the inner voice of energy is not actually some entity or madness but really just Slik's new instinct talking to him, btw- kinda like a deranged "Spidey sense" (/occ)

    Slik's thoughts encourage him as he falls toward Anvil- "Demand him to tell you his secrets, wrack his mind with your command and force him to spill forth all he knows.... then crush him!"

  21. GM Replies to T-Bolt

    Your electrified water attack will have exactly the effect you want, I'm waiting to see if either of your cohorts will head your warning (hint, hint guys) before I let you know the effects of the attack.

  22. [OOC: Something to consider team ...and I hope either Stalker or more likely Slik Slanderer remembers is there is a very ill Boost addict men on the ground near the club exit on the ground. I never got a change to verify that TB's defibrillator trick saved the man's life! But right now he is helpless! I believe there were two 'potential rapists that attacked the drunken woman... I don't know what happened to the second fella. Also I can't really confirm that the young woman actually fled... TB opened the club door with the metal speed bar... but Dsummer never confirmed what she actually did.]

  23. (OCC: Stalker is in close combat and I have left it open as to whether he hears the warning or the rush of water, let me know if or what he hears)

  24. (OOC: Not sure how this would work as I was in the midst of dropping on Anvil's head... but if allowed to change my move I'll gladly try a backflip over Anvil towards the direction of the downed man, land towards him, and pick him up and rush for cover... keep in mind I'm really, really relying on my boosted agility and strength for that feat)

  25. GM Replies to T-Bolt

    The young lady in question went into the club for help, as she awoke to what looked like nothing more than a few masked men beating up some guy frothing at the mouth. Club Security (Anvil and his partners), came out to check what all the commotion was.

  26. GM Replies to Stalker

    You can hear his warning, but your opponent will get to act before you do. If you choose to, you can try to make an agility save to avoid T-Bolts little sneak attack, or you can try to defend yourself against her attack, I'll let you decide.

  27. GM Replies to Slik

    I've got no problem with you bounding over Anvil, as I will tell you your agility his higher than his, and you'll burn up movement only to do it. I'll also allow you to grab the downed Booster, with a successful AGL save. But once you grab him what do you want to do?

  28. (ooc) Assuming that I'll be sprinting in a direction that is away from the center of the action more or less just grab him and keep running... half dragging, half carrying.
    Yeah, I know that ain't normally much of a way to haul the wounded out but in the time frame that we've got I figure I don't have much choice.

  29. [ooc: Slik, you could just grab the man and pick him up then run up a different nearby wall. Slik has a really high strength it should be little problem. All you need to do is NOT be standing in the water in the ally. TB last saw Slik on a wall so he figured he would be safe from water on the ground or spraying in the air down the alley... angle should be wrong to hit you with it. But being on top of Anvil is not where he expected you to be. I'm not sure how far you can leap with your heightened strength.

    Alternatively you could throw the hooked end of the kyogetsu-shoge over the lip of the roof and jump - swinging on the metal cable from the momentum of your strength and 'swing' to safety with the man over your shoulder in a "fireman's carry". So many options...]

  30. (ooc)- Yeah, what you said! No, seriously, that would work for me if allowed, pick man up and go up the wall, using the kyogetsu as support if necessary (although perhaps not needed due to way I wall crawl (energy bonding))

  31. Hearing the warning and the rumbling of the water,I figure it's time to cut my losses instead of standing toe to toe with this swords-woman. I fire up the 'Stalker's Gaze' and after making sure I give her a good look, I will begin to scan upward for fire escapes or any way to get up out of the water.

  32. GM Replies to T-Bolt

    Your stealth water attack snakes its way through the alley, and goes completely unnoticed by Anvil, who's concentrating on Slik, as he scampers away with the incapacitated booster in his arms. When he moves to intercept them, he steps squarely into the stream of electrified liquid, ZZZZZZAP! sending him reeling back toward the dumpsters, along the club's back wall.

    Alright @$$#*!+, you want to play, I'll play, but I'm going to make you and your little playmates bleed! Do you hear me! He then reaches for one of the dumpsters (there are three lined against the back wall), and snatches it off the ground with ease, before tossing it Slik.


  33. GM Replies to Slik

    Moving with haste, you bound around the alley, before snatching up the unconscious booster, and bolting for the club's wall. As you do, you hear the sound of electricity crackling behind you, and the sound of Anvil, yelling out in pain. Out of the corner of your eye, you catch a glimpse (a successful detect danger roll) of some sort of large object hurtling toward you.


  34. GM Replies to Stalker

    Engaging your mask, you make a tactical withdrawal away from the oncoming stream of water, while you agile opponent works to put some distance between the two of you. She avoids your gaze by conducting a series of back flips that allow her to bound off of one of the dumpsters, and eventually land on the roof of the club.

    As she's doing so, you spot a clear path that will allow you to avoid the oncoming water, and make it into the club's parking area.


  35. GM to the group

    Haywire, moves to evade the stream of water, and somehow manages to avoid it. Stalker, manages to notice that the guy is really starting to look he's beginning to feel the strait of battle, as he's sweating heavily, nad breathing hard.

  36. Thunderbolt smirks under his mask - thinking, {Situation is reaching its operational limit... a matter of endurance now! Got to keep the pressure up on Haywire's powers... but too risky to chance hurting innocents. No more indiscriminate property damage!}

    Thunderbolt moves repositioning himself behind and above the 'Asian Martial Artist Woman' that just back-flipped onto the roof making herself a 'target of opportunity'. His radar sense showing him the fleeing Haywire, the furious Anvil throwing the dumpster at Slik and his civi and the 'Manhunter' repositioning in the alley away from the water.

    Thunderbolt thinks, {Ok... keep up the pressure... physical ...and mental by enraging the leadership into making a emotional driven mistake. Anvil seems a big tough guy... bet he considerers women inferior only tools for his entertainment... like most strong-men, bully, misogynists. Let's play with that...}

    Calling out, "What's the matter 'An-va-lid'? You starting to feel the burn... or is that your knees I hear quaking there? Your team's looking a little ragged here... perhaps you should put that smoking hot 'Asian Woman Martial Artist' in charge... she's been more effective and professional than you anyways!"

    Reaching out with his Magnetic control Thunderbolt shuts off the stream of water from the manipulated fire-hydrant and street pipe... too much risk of further property damage and unintended targets. Settling the metal assembly to the ground Thunderbolt releases control of its mass.

    Lashing out with his still controlled Kyogetsu-shoge it snakes through the air at the 'Asian Martial Artist Woman' and wraps around her from behind - effectively blind-siding her, coiling around her body - attempting to bind her from head to toe!

    Then again lashing out with his magnetic control Thunderbolt deflects the hurled dumpster like a magnetic bat - slapping it in mid-air redirecting its force of direction to send it careening Haywire! It is a simple throw not a controlled direction its mass no longer under Thunderbolt's control. Only a flung mass of metal obeying the laws of inertia.

    Thunderbolt repositions his floating cloak held like a rigid metal fan near him ready to deflect any hurled or deflected objects sent his way.

    Actions –
    [Move] Fly 10” enough to maintain lack of line of sight from Haywire and position himself behind the 'Asian Martial Artist Woman' who just back-flipped up on the roof & Shut off water spray release control of Fire Hydrant and pipes [700 lbs Capacity released. Attack with Kyogetsu-Shoge, still under control {Move Action} - Hand to Hand to hit]

    [Action 1] Magnetic Blast = PR5, hurl dumpster at Haywire - 1d8 [500lbs? Capacity Used], Velocity 10" - 1d4 [100lbs Capacity used] - Hand to hand to hit {+2hit weight} 'Released'
    [Action 2] Hold for defense or reaction to actions taken
    * From what I can tell once a object is controlled with a magnetic blast it becomes merely a move action to manipulate it later, unless 'released' then another magnetic blast is needed to reacquire control of the object.

  37. I make my way through the clear route as best I can. I can see the leader of the little group is reeling a bit from Thunder's assault. Since I just fired up the Gaze I think I'll give him a look as I pass by, see if that will put the finish on this mess. I yell at him as I go by, "Haywire! Are you slow or just outclassed?"

  38. Sensing the approaching dumpster behind him, Slik increases his grip on the downed thug as he suddenly switches direction, scrambling sideways along the wall, using as much speed and agility as his abilities will muster.

    "Nice one, fat boy," Slik thinks to himself as he makes an attempt to scurry away from harm's way, "but let's see how good your aim really is."

  39. GM's reply to Stalker

    While he clearly makes eye contact with you, it doesn't quite have the effect you'd hoped for. He wave's his hand, and you helmet shuts down!

    Anvil responds to your "attack" on his companion.

    "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha...That little trick might work on someone else, freak show, but all it's going to do is land you in a body bag."

  40. GM replies to T-Bolt

    Your magnetic abilities allow you to easily "grab" the trash dumpster before it can strike your companion, and change it's course, sending it hurtling, at Haywire.

    As it does, the look of concern on his face, as well as the dim glow around the glove on his hand, are obvious. Just before it strikes him, you feel the strain of it pulling away from your control, and it suddenly goes tumbling into the parking lot, taking out an a new Lexus coup in the process.

    As your Kyogetsu-Shoge snakes its way through the air, toward the Asian female, she suddenly turns to face you, and blocks the attack.

    "If you were more of a man, boy, you would come and face me in battle, instead choosing the coward's way, and striking me from behind."



  41. GM's replies to Slik

    As you rush to get out of the dumpster's flight path, it suddenly changes course, careening into the parking lot, allowing you to reach the relative "safety" of the clubs roof. As you clear the roof's edge, you can see Thunderbolt's attempted sneak attack on the Asian female, and a split second later, here lightning fast response. Your unconscious companion vomits.


  42. Thunderbolt surveys the battle thus far. He notes that ‘Haywire’ seems to have some sort of focus item. Is it technology or is it like Thunderbolt’s on costume with regards his ‘Radar Sense’, not really a technological thing but a focus for his powers that allows him to emit his radar sense? Is it a powered device or merely a tool/personal focus for his powers? Thunderbolt notes that Slik got out of the alley onto the roof and that the civi/rapist vomiting indicating he is indeed still alive. Odious and despicable as rape is to Shawn… death is too extreme a punishment and Shawn is relieved his powered attempt as a Defibrillator worked, apparently, and saved the man’s life! It will be up to the young woman if she wishes to press charges for the attempted rape… but she seemed inebriated…she may not remember the facts clearly. All this was moot considering the situation that has developed. Time to change the pace…

    Thunderbolt keeps his distance and positioning above the roof of the club, again maintaining his lack of line of sight to Haywire.

    “Slik, your boost-addict rapist seems to be alive! Get him to the front parking lot for the ambulance paramedics…”

    At that point the Asian martial artist woman addresses Thunderbolt and catches his attention.

    Thunderbolt replies calmly in a respectful tone, “Forgive my dishonorable actions milady, my attack upon you was not meant to cause you any harm… nor would I have held you indefinitely. I would indeed be privileged and honored to cross steel with you in battle – I too am a martial artist and would welcome the challenge! But a leader must sacrifice the self where the lives of... other’s are concerned. ‘The enlightened ruler is heedful, and the good general full of caution.’ We were not here to fight or cause trouble, milady. Slik and the ‘Manhunter’ stopped that man in Slik’s grasp and a companion of his that has fled from apparently an attempted RAPE of an inebriated young woman from the club. The rapist turned out to be a Boost-addict and they had to use force to subdue him. I only came along as I am watching all of Mr. Lionette’s establishments for evidence of ‘Boost-trafficking’ and I got involved as I thought they might have attacked this man before I knew the truth. The man’s heart stopped from the, as usual, ‘Boost-crash’ after the drug’s dangerous high. I used my powers to defibrillate his heart to save him, even attempted Rapists deserve justice. The young woman may not be cognizant enough to remember the whole affair after the fact.”

    “This fight was unnecessary. I realize now that Anvil, Haywire and you were only trying to, ‘mostly’, keep the peace in the club. If Anvil would have demanded or even asked we leave …we would have done so without force or conflict. Nothing can be gained from this fight. I had no intention of harming you or Haywire, and other than the fact that Haywire keeps getting in my way of attacking Anvil… I would not be attacking anyone but Anvil. He has admitted to being a hired thug of the crime boss Mr. Lionette, I know of no crime you or Haywire have committed. I only sought to remove you from the fight as non-violently as possible. Were we to have subdued you I would have merely released you after Anvil was dealt with. I’m still inclined to do just that! The only reason I committed to this fight was, as I’m sure you understand, ‘face’. A mistake of pride I know… I ask your forgiveness. Forgive my rudeness, I am Thunderbolt, what is you warrior’s name? We were willing to fight and able to fight … and I did not want to give Anvil the impression we would NOT fight… but I think our point has been made here…”

  43. Then addressing the others with him, “RONIN! This fight is without point. Even if we defeat them there is no legal ground with which to press any charges… at best Anvil can be charged with ‘Verbal Assault’ as he started this whole thing with a threat of bodily harm to us for us standing outside the club. ‘Disrupting the Peace’, ‘Public Disorderly Conduct’ and ‘Destruction of Public Property’ are the only ‘charges’ that might have any bearing – plus they are charges which we are no less culpable for! I’m sure none of US is willing to reveal our identities to pursue? There is no evidence of Boost trafficking to be gained here and the attempted Rape has been stopped. There is nothing to be gained with further combat… we have proven we are willing and very capable of fighting and fighting Anvil and his associates to a stand still! Do you wish to continue or leave? ‘The general who advances without coveting fame and retreats without fearing disgrace, whose only thought is to protect his country and do good service for his sovereign, is the jewel of the kingdom’.”

    Thunderbolt without any physical motion focuses his will upon Haywire and seizes a hold of the ambient electricity in the device gauntlet he is wearing and either drains its power shutting it completely off or draws static electricity from the air and the surrounding streetlight or other electrical sources if there is no electricity within it to manipulate and sends a surge of lighting at the device to fry it in hopes of burning it out. His magnetic radar sense tracking Haywire’s motions and location.

    Actions –
    [ooc] That’s is a lot of Dialogue so I’m forgoing doing any actions to see how things resolve out. If Dsummer is feeling particularly generous - Thunderbolt will attempt one action.
    [Move] Fly 1-5” enough to maintain lack of line of sight from Haywire and position himself out of reach of the 'Asian Martial Artist Woman' and address all present.

    [Action 1] Spent in monologue?
    [Action 2] Lighting Control – Shortout Electronic Devices = PR4 or Lighting Bolt = PR4 – 2d8 damage
    * again no Intelligence modifier to damage seems appropriate as this is a indirect attack not a directed bolt from Thunderbolt at a ‘called shot’ target. I don’t see his Radar sense as that …’detailed’. Its enough to locate and target a foe but not so ‘clear’ for precision targeting.

  44. The gaze didn't even phase him. That's not good. And according to the HUD it's off line. Damn! Never had that happen before,wish I knew as much about the damn gizmo's as Craig. Rest of the system is still on line. I will continue to make my way clear of the wave that has flooded the alley. Stopping atop a fire escape I will try to get a better view of the rest of the scene. If fear didn't work on him I doubt my shurikens will bother him. I begin climbing the fire escape to the roof. From up there I can plan a retreat or a new angle.

    I can hear Thunderbolt's soliloquy as I climb. The kids got nerve to go with his meta abilities. I can see my other new ally from here. Have no idea how he got up here so fast, it must have something to do with why his passenger is losing his lunch over the side. I think I will hang out and see what's up with these two. Obviously C and I can't do it all ourselves. I will find what shadows I can up here and take a wait,while I put in a call to C.

    "C, start going over the blueprints for the Gaze. It's off-line. I may be later than normal getting back to base."

  45. [OOC] Sorry about the delay, everyone. There were some tornados that touched down just down the road in a town near us and did a great deal of damage. We finally got net back this morning and didn't have power or phone for a day or so.

  46. Slik notices the thug starting to vomit...
    "D**n! Just what I need now... in the middle of everything..."
    Slik rolls the thug over to allow him to vomit out in a safer manner (hopefully without choking) and then does a quick inspection (pulse, listen to breathing, finger sweep, rescue breaths...gags during... if needed, more finger sweep) to see if he can quickly stabilize.
    In the meanwhile, Slik senses the presence of Stalker and calls out to him.
    "Hey! I promise to get back into the action... looks like this little brat is trying to die on me again... the last thing we need right now. We've got bigger fish to fry!"

    As Slik is working on the thug his inner instict starts kicking in... Slik shudders as he works on the downed thug, shaking off his thoughts.

    Provided that Slik is able to stabilize the thug he will immediately scramble back over the ledge and get back into the action... looking to bull rush either the sword girl or the geek with the Nintendo powerglove... which either one appears closet and/or weakest. If both are away then he will resume trying to drop on the head of Anvil if he is close.

  47. [OCC] somehow part of the text was missing on last post... the dialogue of instict is provided below...

    (Voice in Slik's Head...aka Instict)
    "Let this one go man, you are the bully of bullies, the bane thug of criminals... don't waste your time... let him die... "

    (this is what Slik is shaking off as he works on the thug)

  48. As Slik starts to scramble back over the edge of the building a swirl, and I mean a literal swirl, of information overtakes his thoughts...
    as he hears Thunderbolt's beckoning in the distance his instinct overtake him...
    "Good idea from your friend...let this one end in the hands of your enemies... let them take care of their own, or not. It is not of your concern, follow the path of your allies."

    With that, Slik turns and follows the direction of Thunderbolt (to be continued in the gathering section).

  49. Thunderbolt shifts his hovering position slightly so he is above Slik Slander and the 'Manhunter' to better support them. He waits for the woman martial artist's reaction to what he has revealed... he is not expecting anything really positive. All the while he keeps following Anvil and Haywire's movement on his radar sense. Mentally, Thunderbolt is gathering magnetic power to effect RONIN vacating the area... depending upon what their adversaries decide to do.

  50. GM Replies to T-Bolt

    The Asian female, after shifting to a defensive stance, responds. "You, and your companions, may address me as Razor, and be warned, I am not anyone's fool. Your actions tonight are highly suspect. If you're intent was to only save this fool from himself (as she motions toward the unconscious Booster), when then would you and your companions arrive at this place in force?

    As to who I serve, and why, that is none of your concern. If anything, it is I who should be questioning you, as to why you have returned here, after being warned of the consequences of interfering with my masters business affairs.

    For now, I will allow you and your companions to withdraw, and take this piece of filth with you, as it would not be worth my time to dispatch him. Now begone, before I have a change of heart."

  51. GM Replies to the group at the club.

    Upon hearing Razor's speech to T-Bolt, Anvil responds.

    "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. I'll give you this kid, you and your crew have got balls. But don't think that excuses what happened here. You disrespected me and my boss, your ruined a handmade suit, and a pair of Italian leather shoes. And you,re all going to pay for it, one way or another. It might be tomorrow, it might be next year, but you're going to pay, and I ALWAYS collect my debts. Now get your asses off the property."

    As he finishes his speech, the sound of sirens can rapidly be heard approaching, in the distance.

  52. GM Replies to Stalker

    You're able to get a hold of C pretty easily. While T-bolt, and Razor are talking, he begins to trouble shoot your helmet, and from what he's telling you, there's no logical reason it should have shutdown. Once you get back, he'll run a full diagnostic on it, and try to figure out exactly what happened.

    He's also been monitoring ECPD radio dispatch, and they're several patrol cars, as well as MCU units, responding to the club. It might be wise for you to look for a way to quietly exit.

  53. GM Replies to Slik

    Your unconscious Booster is alive, but he still isn't responsive, and his vitals are pretty weak. You may want to make sure he gets some sort of medical attention ASAP. (just saying). ;)

  54. Thunderbolt smiles under his mask and bows in midair to Razor in Japanese fashion.

    Addressing her, "Again, my apologies bushi Razor-San. I had no intention of causing a disturbance here, as I said I only interfered when I saw these two Slik Slander and 'Manhunter' standing over this booster addict. I did not know the situation at first and thought perhaps I was coming to the aid of a mugging victim. From outside the Ally I could not see the young inebriated woman, not determine their intention until I challenged them. It became quickly evident to me after a few moments that they had not assaulted the man but defended the woman. I know not how they came to be here and I had not met Slik or 'Manhunter' before tonight."

    "It is indeed not my concern who you serve but if you serve the ends of Mr. Lionette know that your honor will come to question serving a man that regardless of the danger to public safety pushes a mutagen serum as a recreational drug on the streets that can potentially turn people into super-powered monsters that kill and maim without reason. Only you can determine the weight and cost of your honor milady. IF you continue to serve such a vile man... you will constitute yourself MY enemy and we WILL cross swords...eventually. But tonight I will withdraw with my companions and cause not further incident... NOT because of Anvil's warning... but because I CHOOSE not to fight for a non-productive results. 'Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.' Good Evening milady Razor."

    Thunderbolt reaches out his will and wraps a magnetic field around 'Manhunter' and Slik Slander - locking onto 'Stlaker's' metallic armor and gear and the Kyogetsu wraps securely but not hinderingly around Slik's torso leaving his arms and legs free saying,"Hold onto you passenger Slik we're leaving... my way..."

    Lifting off into the air Thunderbolt brings 'Stalker' and Slik Slander along with him bearing their weight in his enraping magnetic fields in flight.

    Hearing anvil he replies disdainfully down at him, "You have NO IDEA Anvil how much you WILL lose before I'm done with you and your boss! You will not be able to hide behind Razor and Haywire forever and when you can't both you and your candy-assed boss will get to RIDE the LIGHTNING! Justice will find you, and like lightning there will be no warning. I'll see to it. Personally!"

  55. This comment has been removed by the author.

  56. Thunderbolt flies himself 'Stalker' and Slik Slander away from the club intercepting the approaching ambulances and leaving the club swiftly in a St. Elmos' fire glow in the night trailing minor harmless electrical arcs inductively caused by his powerful magnetic field passing over metallic objects, street fixtures and cars on the streets some 30'ft below.

    His destination with his passengers is obvious only about 200 feet or so away from the front of the club toward the approaching authorities still distantly seen down the street.

    Setting them all down and collecting his Kyogetsu-Shoge from Slik he turns to 'The Manhunter', and asks, "Now what are you calling yourself 'Manhunter'... you never answered me?"

    Addressing them both, "I can handle the boost addict form here.. I've dealt with the Cops before... if you two want to be scarce... now is the time to leave. But I'd like to talk further with you two and if you know how to get in contact with Diesel as well Slik bring him along too. Say tomorrow evening around 9PM, at the Westside Wreck’s Junkyard? Its just a sit and talk... get to know each other meeting. I'll try to come up with something that will allow us to contact each other."

  57. Thunderbolt's cloak drifts lightly to his shoulders and reattaches in flight its metal mesh structure being released from the rigid magnetic fields holding it and restoring its weighty supple flowing consistency.

    Actions -
    [Action 1] Magnetic Control - Manipulate Metallic Object = PR5, Lifting Stalker {by armor, buttons, belt snaps, metal mesh webbing etc.}, lifting Slik Slander {by enraping kyogetsu-shoge} [Total Capacity 600lbs...maybe?]
    [Action 2] Saving for defense.

    [Move] Fly 50” out to the front of the club and decently far away.

  58. I am indeed a Manhunter, but you can call me Stalker. I don't need to be here for the police you boys can handle this I assume?

    He nods as he moves into the shadows away from the sound of approaching sirens


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