Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Into the Mouth of Darkness

GM to the group at the mansion

Just to make sure everyone is clear on what's going on, here's a breakdown of exactly where everyone is at.

The Machinist, Power Chord, and Agent Woo, have just entered the broken second story window previously entered by Jack Frost and Skyhawk. To their immediate right is a long hallway, with several wood doors. To their left, at the opposite end of the hallway, are Jack, Skyhawk, and what appears to be the top of a stairwell. Jack and Skyhawk have been confronted by a group of serpent cultists dressed in dark brown robes. As the cultists approached, Skyhawk let loose with a power blast. Hopefully, that brings everyone up to speed on what's going on. If you've got any questions, let me know, and I'll do my best to clarify things. Good luck.


  1. Jack Frost:

    The last nature elemental said darkly, "Mortals, you are tampering with forces that will only revel in your destruction. Cease this madness before it's too late!"

    To convince them, Jack blasted cold and ice at another cultist! ZING!

    If Jack and Skyhawk can fly over this fanatical rabble, via higher ceilings in the stairwell, Jack will do so. Reaching the center of this catastrophic event is his first priority!

  2. Machinist reply

    "Okay Woo, lets lock and load!" The Machinist charges down the hallway toward Jack and Skyhawk.

    He will his blaster first. If Jack and Skyhawk get away from the cultist he will toss the concussion grenade in the middle of them.

  3. GM Replies to Jack

    Jack's blast of Arctic air strikes the cultists, creating a wall of ice at the top of the stairwell, as he and Skyhawk soar over their heads. As you look down into the foyer, you see the glow of light coming from to large doors on the ground floor, or what appears to be a large ball room.


  4. GM Reply to the Machinist

    I'm going to guess you meant, "fire" your blaster, as Jack as created a wall of ice between you and them, you choose to toss a concussion grenade into their midst. As the cultist scramble to get clear, it detonates with a deafening "BOOOOM!" sending out a shocwave that rattle your teeth. The cultists are sent stumbling down the stairs.

    Agent Woo, is already on her radio, trying to update BSI as to your situation.

    "Dammit!... something's wrong, there's some sort of static keeping me from getting a message out, we're on our own, for now."


  5. Power Chord:

    Power Chord is going to attempt to come at this from a different angle. He'll "Go Ghost", Invisible, Non-Corporeal and try to pass through the walls to come at the Ballroom from the other side, away from his companions.

  6. Jack Frost:

    Jack raced through the air toward the large double doors with the intention of bursting them open and hurtling into the ballroom!

  7. Skyhawk: Following behind Jack Frost Skyhawk gets ready to confront the wizard of Set.He attempts to contact Achilles and see if his companion can get a reading on what is occuring in the mansion.

  8. Power Chord will be focused more on interupting the ceremony or spell in progress than on attacking anyone. He will assess the situation, Hold his first action until he determines what his next step will be.

  9. The Machinist

    [OOC] Can Woo and the Machinist run around the Ice Wall?

  10. The Machinist and Woo will attempt to follow the team as quickly as possible. They will make sure that none of the Cultist are awake and mobile first.

    No enemies at our backs.

  11. GM Replies to Skyhawk & Jack

    As the two of you approach the doors you can feel the power emanating from the other side. Skyhawk is able to make contact with Achilles, but the signal is still week and distorted, as though some outside force was blacking the transmission.

    Jack forces the doors open with a blast of arctic air, and the two of you almost blinded by the light, as the two of you enter, you're able to make out a number of shadowy figures around the periphery of room. As the come into focus, you quickly come to the realization that they're not human. They're the serpent like cultist you'd seen photos of at the BSI briefing you'd received.

    The dozen cultists are standing in a horseshoe shape, facing the what looks like a whole in the air. Waves energy shimmer around the distortion, and standing in the cent of it all, is the sorcerer you'd confronted earlier in the day. But instead of the finely crafted suit he'd been wearing, he's now dressed in ancient Egyptian garb, and going through an intricate series of hand gestures, and uttering ancient incantations. With each stroke of the dagger, in his hand, the portal seems to grow larger.


  12. GM Replies to Power Chord.

    You phase into your ghost form, and float effortlessly through the stairwell, and down toward the ballroom. As you approach, strange waves of energy sweep over your form, making it increasingly more difficult for you to advance toward the room. As you push your way into the room, you're created by the scene described above. None of the serpent cultist seem to have noticed your entrance, as they're all concentrating on Jack and Skyhawk.


  13. GM Replies to The Machinists.

    You and Agent Woo, shoot past the cultists, toward the balcony next to the stairwell. Glancing over to check your handiwork, you see that none of the cultist are moving.

    While you're doing that, Agent Woo, removes a 50' section of high tension cable from her vest, and attaches it to the stairwell banister. She then glances over at you, and says, "I hope you're not afraid of heights.", before jumping over the railing. Without missing a beat, your right behind her.

    As the two of you rush to your companions aid you have to shade your eyes, as the glow from the ballroom makes it extremely difficult to see. You can tell that Jack and Skyhawk are diffidently not alone in the room, and the figures before you don't exactly look friendly.


  14. The Machinist activates his comm. unit to communicate with all the Protectors, “Woo and I are in. Is this a free for all or a coordinated attack?”

    "Power Chord and Jack what is the best way to disrupt this ceremony", Machinist aims his sonic blaster at the wizard; "I have a smoke grenade, flash grenade, a tear gas canister, and this sonic blaster."

    "Do you want me to handle crowd control, take out the Wizard, or destroy the dagger?"

    [OOC] As long as Woo and Machinist are not attacked, the Machinist will hold his actions (2 right?) in attempt to coordinate the attack with the other Protectors.

    He will keep 1 action saved at all times in order to be able to create a needed gadget ASAP.

    If the normal cultists attack, he will ask Agent Woo to cover him while he lines up his shot. The Machinist's first instinct is to attempt to destroy the dagger. He will do a special attack using his sonic device.

    If the cultists are about to overwhelm their position, he will release the tear gas canister. He is counting on Woo having a gas mask and he will create one as quickly as possible using the saved action.

  15. Skyhawk replies to the Machinist and the rest of the team: "I think it would be agood Idea to take out the wizard first as he appears to be the biggest threat. I would like to triangulate and coordinate our our attacks sothat we hit him simultaniously and from different sides. Hopefully this will overwhelm him"
    OOC:What do you guys think?

  16. Jack Frost:

    The spirit of winter replied coldly, "I agree, friend, that we must ALL strike the wizard and now. But let us do so from the SAME direction."

    Jack's voice rose in intensity. "Place the wizard between yourselves and the gate, brothers, and let us release our onslaught upon this mad sorceror, as one!" Jack yelled, as he fired a blast of ice and sleet at the the wizard, hoping to knock him, and the dagger, back and into the Mouth of Darkness!

  17. The Machinist:

    "Agent Woo, we are all going to take out the Wizard together. Line up your shot where the Wizard is between you and the wierd opening"

    Machinist repositions himself and brings his sonic blaster to bear on the Set Wizard.

    "This is what I want to be about", he thinks, "No more will I find a problem and catalog it. Those ten years are behind me."

    Confirming his sight line a second time, the Machinist steadies his breathing and ...


  18. Knowing that his teammates are about to attack, Skyhawk lets loose a powerful blast of energy directed at the wizard. "Here's hoping that I live up to my familys tradition" He thinks to himself.

  19. GM Replies to The Machinist

    As you take aim with your sonic Blaster, several (as in four) of the hooded cultist turn toward you and Agent Woo.

    "We musssst protect the Massster!"

    Agent Woo lets loose with a burst of automatic weapons fire. "I'll hold them, but we don't have all damned night!"

    You squeeze the trigger, letting out a high-pitched whine, that makes your head hurt, as the sound waves travel toward your target, they strike an invisible barrier between you and the serpent sorcerer, causing it to shimmer. You continue to fire as Jack's and Skyhawk's attack strike the barrier.

  20. GM replies to Skyhawk

    As you soar toward the ceiling, it dawn on you that the room is actually much larger than it appears, the blinding lights initially distorted your vision, but now that you've had a moment to adjust, you're able to make out where you need to strike. Seeing where the Machinist's attack impacts, you fire a burst of energy, and it to strikes the barrier, in brilliant burst of light.

    While all of this is transpiring, you're able to receive a bit of information from Achilles (a successful detect danger roll), it's not clear as there's still to much static, but it looks as though you're about to have more company. There are headlights on the road, a lot of them, and they're headed for you and your companions.

  21. GM Replies to Jack

    As you attack, the air around you grows cold with a Winter like chill. The arctic blast strikes the sorcerer's barrier, and it begins to crack under the strain. As you and your fellow heroes continue to push, it finally shatters like broken glass!

  22. GM Replies to the entire group

    As the evil sorcerer's mystical barrier finally give's in, he hesitates, and screams.

    "Infidel's! Fools! I tire of your interference, for your insults you will die this night, and the master will feat on your souls. Kill them, kill them all!"

    And with that, the cultists reveal themselves, by removing their hoods, and attacking.

    To be continued (as in post your actions) in Night of the Serpents.


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