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Rise of the Serpent God

GM Replies to the group at the estate.

As you go about your scouting mission, you are able to see the general layout of the estate, and the surrounding area. Skyhawk is able to receive clear images of the area, through his link with Archimedes. The grounds consist of a main building, a barn, and several small storage buildings, with a road running to the north. Other than a flicking light, coming from the downstairs windows, you see no signs of life on the grounds.

While it appears as though nothing is amiss, both Jack and Power Chord feel uneasy. The air feels old and stale, as though the life has been drained from it, and it makes your skin crawl.

Jack notices that while the area should be teeming with wildlife, it's strangely silent, as though the woodland animals have fled elsewhere. Power Chord feels an unnatural energy, that grows stronger with each passing moment.



  1. IC:As Skyhawk returns from his recon mission, he sees Power Chord and Jack Frost in the distance. Skyhawk alters his speed and trajectory to place him on course to link up with his team-mates.He accesses the link to Achilles to keep him circling an providing intel."I've got a bad feeling about this house." He thinks to himself,"Hopefully we can come up with an effective plan of attack." As he comes closer to his team-mates, he slowly decends and tells Jack and P.C. what he has discovered.

  2. Power Chord:

    OOC: After Jack has been healed, and while he is waiting for Skyhawk to return, Power Chord will lower himself to the lotus position and fall into a trance/meditation, recovering his power at an accelerated rate. He will focus on the amulet in his possession. The team will need any advantage it can get in the up coming battle. If he feels he can use the amulet to benefit the team, he will utilize it.

    IC: Jack, “I require a few moments to prepare for the encounter we are about to undertake. Please make sure I am not interrupted while I prepare.”

    OOC: As soon as my Power Points are full, I will prepare for battle with the sorcerer. Power Chord will again attempt to contact the Machinist and teleport him to the estate.

  3. Jack:

    Impatient as a spoiled child, Jack says: "We must hurry, sorcerer, if the power you detect is growing with every passing second! He has the dagger. He has probably initiated some dark incantation with it!
    "The angel and I should go NOW, with you and the blacksmith following when you are ready, as our reinforcements!
    There's no time to lose!"

  4. IC: "Guys, I don't want to argue but,I think that we should formulate an acceptable strategy. This could be BIG. I don't want to go off half-cocked and mess this up.personally, I think we need all hands on deck before we procede." OOC: I'll contact Achilles and get a SITREP from him.

  5. GM replies to to the group at the country estate

    As you all go about formulating your battle plan, the lights seen within the main building go from dim flickers, to a steady glow, that seems to be growing brighter, and brighter.

    Jack notices that the air has become still, it begins to smell old, and damp, as though you'd just walked into a room that's been closed off for years. An unnatural cold seems to be settling over the area.

    Power Chord, feels a dark energy reaching out, stifling natural energies of the house, and all of those around it.

    Hawk's connection with Achilles becomes distorted, and thinks to himself, that's never happened before.


  6. Jack Frost:

    Jack's face darkened as he felt the air change. He repeated himself with uncharacteristic solemnity: "We're out of time. Our hand is forced. Join me when you see fit."

    Without another word, the icy elemental rode the North Wind, hurtling over 200 mph at the house with the hammering fury of a gale force hurricane. He planned to crash through the brightest lit window, unless his senses direct him closer to the event's heart.

    Movement: Fly fast and hard through a window. How he'll use his Action will be based on what he finds inside, assuming he even gets inside.


  7. Power Chord:

    IC: "Machinist, Jack and Skyhawk are on there way into the building. Hurry."

    OOC: He'll create a portal, and immediately cast flight on whoever comes through. As soon as he's able, he'll head toward the mansion following Jack and Skyhawk.

  8. Skyhawk flies after Jack. He will call Achilles to join him. IC: Skyhawk contacts Jack over the radio "Jack, I'm following you into the house.Let's take 'em down."

  9. GM Replies to Jack

    With glass shattering and falling to the floor, you burst through a window on the on the op floor of the main building. You take a a few seconds to get your bearings, and access the situation. The air feels damp, stuffy, and still.

    You're in what appears to a darkened hallway, on the second floor. The hallway itself, goes right & left, before coming to a slight bend. There are a number of heavy wooden doors, lining the hall, all of which are closed.

    You feel goose bumps rising on your skin, as you you hear the sound of faint chanting from below. While a bit frightening, you almost feel drawn to it, but resist the urge to do so. The sound of Shyhawk arriving snaps you back to the present.

  10. GM to Power Chord

    You take a moment to cast your teleportation spell, allowing both the Machinist and Agent Woo to step through. As they do, Agent Woo, looks at her hand held GPS unit, to get a fix on her current location. Once she does, she transmits the coordinates to BSI HQ, and radios for back up.

    "This is Woo, I'm at the serpent safe house. Get the strike teams in the air, and notify the state police, fire, and EMS." She then looks to you for a quick update on what's happened.

    At which time, you inform her, that Jack and Skyhawk are in the house, you'll fill her in on the rest when you've got time, and quickly cast your flight spell on both her and the Mahcinist, before the three of you take flight toward the mansion.

  11. GM Replies to Skyhawk

    You arrive in the mansion seconds after Jack, and like him, you take a second check the place out. Achilles, ever the faithful companion, is right their with you. But, some unknown energy source is affecting your link with him, making it difficult for you to receive his transmissions.

  12. GM Replies to the Group

    In the Mansion:
    Jack Frost

    In Flight:
    Power Chord
    The Machinist
    Special Agent Woo

    Actions gents

  13. The Machinist:

    As he magically flies, The Machinist thinks "Well I don't have to make that Jet Pack now. I will make a teargas grenade instead"

    Looking at Power Chord, "So do I steer or do you?"

  14. Power Chord:

    IC: "Just will where you want to go, and it will be so. We need to move quickly."

    OOC: Hopefully, Power Chord had some time to prepare. He will have pre-cast Detect Magic and will create a magic barrier around the Agent (Forcefield) probably wouldn't hurt to do the same for himself, he will not cast it on the Machinist, as it might interfere with his abilities.

  15. Jack Frost:

    Jack was happy to be joined by the guardian angel.

    The glacial godling wasted no time. He would follow the chanting to its source, as quickly and quietly as possible!

    OOC: Does Jack recognize the chanting, or its language?

  16. Skyhawk flies slowly behind Jack,occasionally looking behind him to ensure that no-one is following them.

  17. The Machinist nodds after recieving Power Chord instructions and wills himself land at a window on the first floor on the side of the house.

    "C'mon Woo, lets do a little breaking and entering"

  18. GM Replies to the group at the Mansion

    As the Machinist enters the window, he see's his teammates are already beginning their search of the compound. Agent Woo speaks:

    "Woo to base, we're on the ground, get a fix on my location, and get the us some back-up here fast!"

    Turning toward the Machinist, "Any of you want tell me what we're up against?"

    As you begin to Answer, Jack and Skyhawk begin to turn toward the bend in the hallway, when they a group of robbed serpent cults appear on the stairwell in front of them. The one in the lead yells out.

    "Intruders! The infidels are upon us brothers, destroy them!

    Continued in Into the Mouth of Darkness

  19. IC: Skyhawk lets loose a blast from his fist, "Jack!" he says, "Let's tak them out!"
    OOC:Skyhawk is targetting the central cultist, in an attemt to cause the rest to have a pile-up on top of each other.

  20. OOC:
    Jack will join Skyhawk in battle. Should I write up actions here or wait til 'Into The Mouth of Darkness' posts?



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