Monday, September 13, 2010

There's a situation at ECU!

There's a situation at ECU!

When we last left our heroes, they were locked in battle with an servant of Set. Using a mystical dagger, and his own abilities, he'd unleashed a spell that hand animated our intrepid heroes shadows, and turned them into his puppets.


  1. The Machinist:

    "Oh, darn! there goes any advantage we had. I don't have time to make anything fancy".

    Closely watching to see what his shadow does next, the Machinist starts turning his uncompleted device into a flash device (Blinding Flash portion of Light power - cone attack like a flash light or camer flash).

  2. The Machinist spends 2 actions making his Light Distraction Device.

  3. Power Chord: “Out of sight out of mind”, Power Chord will teleport the amulet to his home, which should be sufficiently shielded to prevent anyone from locating it until he can return to sufficiently shield it.

    Once the amulet is gone, He’ll attempt to see how the sorcerer likes having his defenses removed by casting dispel magic on his shielding, hopefully that will give Jack and Hawk a chance to do their thing.

  4. Jack Frost:

    Jack smiled at Shadow Jack and said to his friends: "The way to rid yourself of shadows is to completely surround them with light... or with darkness."

    Having neither at his disposal, Jack took another tack with the sorcerer's shields. Instead of another blast of ice, Jack will plunge the air around the sorcerer into frigid extremes of bitter cold!

    (OOC: Trying to damage the sorcerer. Hopefully his shields only defend against damage, not extremes of temperature)

  5. The Machinist to Jack

    "Thanks Jack! I am working on it!"

    The Machinist will spend 1/4 of his movement on telekinesis to assemble as effeciently as possible.

  6. Skyhawk realizes that this may be a diversion to allow the people to steal what they are really after in the other building. "Power Chord, Jack, Achilles has spotted some people running toward the antiques area. We may need to split up to cover both areas, or it may be a divide and conquer." IC: I want to shoot at him again. I now it didn't penetrate at first, but I am nothing if not persistant.

  7. GM Replies to the Machinist

    Just as you complete construction on you light control device, you're shadowy doppelganger rears up, and dives toward you to attack.


  8. GM Replies to Power Chord

    You teleport the amulet to your home, and as you do, you draw the attention of the sorcerer. "Fool, do you realize what you've done!" And he unleashes a bolt of mystical energy at you, just as you cast your dispel magic spell, causing the the bolt to dissipate mere inches from you. His shielding though, is still intact.


  9. GM Replies to Jack

    As the sorcerer attacks Power Chord, you let loose a blast of arctic air, and you see him begin to shiver, frost forms on his shield, and it begins to crack.


  10. GM Replies to Skyhawk

    As you shout your warring to your companions, the first of the of what appear to be nearly a dozen people enter the building, and shouts "The Infidels are upon us, kill them all!" And at the same time, the three remaing shadow demons seem to have concentrated their focus on you.


  11. GM Replies to the group

    At the moment, here's the situation:

    The Machinist has just finished putting his light control device together, and is being attacked by a shadow demon.

    Jack is attacking the sorcerer with a cold attack.

    Power Chord just fended off a very power bolt of mystical energy.

    Skyhawk is being chased by three of the shadow demons.

    And now there's 11 cultist entering the building hell bent of killing you guys, and to cap it off, you're all getting a text message from Agent Banks who wants to know "What the hell's going on down there?"

    In other words, it's on.

  12. Jack Frost:

    The avatar of winter smiled, "What's wrong, sorcerer? Are you as cold-blooded as your master?"

    Jack will continue to pour on the bone-chilling temperatures at the weakening wizard!

    (With his movement...) Jack will also coat the floor in front of the eleven charging cultists with slippery ice! ZING!

  13. The Machinist moves 1/4 his movement rate to best position his light control device to hit the Shadow Machinist without blinding his team-mates. He then fires his device.

    The Machinist calls to Skyhawk, “Move around toward me and try to line the shadows up!”

    The Machinist switches his comms to Agent Banks, “Situation Report: team in combat with unknown sorcerer and animated servants. Skyhawk reports that a dozen cultists that had infiltrated ECU personnel are entering the building!

  14. With a slight nod of his head to acknowledge The Machinist, Skyhawk engages the implant at the base of his skull to transmit his instructions to his companion Achilles."Follow me my friend let's manuver these shadow doppleganders into position for The Machinist's device to affect them." Skyhawk alters his flight path and hopes that this works.

  15. Power Chord:

    IC: “I think I realize exactly what I’ve done, precisely what I intended to do. The amulet is now out of your reach and I will do my best to make sure that it stays that way.”

    OOC: Power Chord is still trying to keep the sorcerers attention focused on himself. He will prepare a mystic bolt, and hold his action until the next time one of his team mates attacks and try to time it so their attacks strike at the same time. It's time for that shield to come down...

  16. GM Replies to Jack

    As Jack coats the floor with a sheet of ice, the first of the cultists bursts through the doors, and promptly looses his footing, tumbling forward and landing flat on his face. several others (3 to be exact), stumble through the door, and struggle to maintain their balance. The others stop, looking confused, and unsure of exactly what they're supposed to do.

  17. GM Replies to the Machinist

    As you finish typing your text, the shadow demon attacks, swooping toward you form the sky, you've got the initiative.


  18. GM Replies to Skyhawk

    Achilles instantly responds to your commands, and on cue, the two shadow demons follow. They're right on your tail, and gaining ground.


  19. GM Replies to Power Chord

    The Sorcerer, now enraged, lets loose with a bolt of mystical energy, that strikes you. When it does, you feel as though your very soul is being torn from you bit, by bit (loose 19 points of power).


  20. The Machinist fires his device at the attacking shadow.

    He will then move to line up with the two shadows following Achilles and the first one for his second shot.

  21. GM Replies to the Machinist

    You let loose with an intense beam of light, that strikes the shadow demon attacking you. At which point, it lets out a blood curdling scream, and it literally shatters into thousands of pieces, that fall to the floor, and dissipate. You then rapidly maneuver for a shot at the other demons.

  22. Skyhawk increases his speed to keep the shadows at a somewhat comfortable distance, If I can get them lined up with The Machinist's device. I will then attempt to blast The Cultist's shield. I agree that it is time for it to come down!

  23. GM Replies to the Skyhawk

    As you pick up speed the shadows continue to follow you, directly into the path of the Machinist.

  24. From the corner of his eye, Power Chord sees Skyhawk angling toward the sorcerer. "I've got to keep him distracted," he thinks to himself.

    He flies back as if he's trying to get away, attempting to keep the mages attention focused, at the same time preparing to synchronize his attack with that of Skyhawk.

  25. Jack Frost:

    With the cultists momentarily delayed, Jack turns back to the Sorcerer of Set and blasts him again with teeth-chattering cold!

  26. GM Replies to the group at ECU

    Here's the current situation

    Power Chord is engaged in a battle with the Serpent Cult sorcerer.

    Skyhawk is leading two of the shadow demons into what he hopes to be an ambush by the Machinist.

    The Machinist is preparing his to attack the next two shadow demons with his light control device.

    Jack Frost is dealing with the horde of angry serpent cultists, and has just frozen the floor.

  27. GM Replies to Power Chord

    With the sorcerers attention, and anger, focused squarely on you, "Insulate FOOL! Now you will know what true suffering is! He then mutters some arcane enchantment, and bolts of black lightning erupt from both of his hands, striking you for 11 points of damage.

  28. GM Replies to Skyhawk

    As you begin to fly past the Machinist, one of the shadow beings manages to touch you, on your foot, and it feels as though a someone has thrust a dagger of ice into your very soul, and torn part of it from you (14 points of power is drained from your Power score). As it does, you pass by the Machinists position, allowing him an almost point blank shot at their rear.

  29. GM Replies to the Machinist

    As Skyhawk swoops by you, he lets out a blood curdling yell, as one of the shadow demons touches his leg, you line up your sights to fire on the demons, when you catch movement out of the corner of your eye (a successful detect danger roll), it's the fourth demon, and he's directly to your left rear.


  30. GM Replies to Jack

    Jack lets loose with another blast of arctic air, the strength of which catches the sorcerer by surprise, and finally shattering his mystic shield. As he does so, he hears the sound of metal on metal, followed rapidly by loud BANG. Several of the visibly agitated cultists are pointing metal devices that spit fire, and steel (automatic weapons), at Jack.


  31. The Machinist line up your sights to fire on the demons, when you catch movement out of the corner of your eye (a successful detect danger roll), it's the fourth demon, and he's directly to your left rear.

    He fires on the demons!!!

    If the fourth demon hestitates, the Machinist will evade and move to position himself to fire his light device on the fourth demon.

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. The Machinist

    If the fourth demon doesn't hestiate, the Machinist fires will still fire on the other demons first! He will pivot and fire on the fourth demon, if he survives the attack.

  34. Jack Frost:

    The immature immortal imp had seen firearms before; tiresome affairs, flintlock muskets that required muzzle loading of black gunpowder.

    These were different. Jack was constantly surprised by the dizzying progress these modern mortals achieved. He caught himself marveling in awe, again, and snapped out of it.

    The glacial godling fired ice at the invading cultists, forming a massive, bunker-like wall of ice in the hopes of defending against the onslaught of their fearsome firearms!
    The structure's intent was to surround them on all sides, and above, with ice, several feet thick!

    Jack'll use all his remaining movement to do this. The rules says this just takes movement, but it feels like it should be an action.
    If it -is- just movement, Jack'll evade with his action in keeping with the "defense" theme. Thanks.

  35. Being startled at the touch of the shadow creatures, Skyhawk increases his speed in an attempt to distance himself from the creature. He takes aim at the Sorcerer and lets forth a burst of energy from his finger-tips. His anger showing in his voice Skyhawk growls at the socerer "Foul servant of Set, you wanted a fight and I will give you one! If it is the last thing that I do you will be beaten into submission!"

  36. GM Replies to the Machinist

    You fire a beam brilliant of laser light that strikes the demons, causing them to begin to dissipate, shattering them into nothingness. As you marvel at your handy work, the fourth demon attempts to strike from the rear. You pivot on the balls of your feat (evade), and turn to face it. You fire, but miss.


  37. GM Replies to Jack

    Jacks quickly defends himself from the cultists by forming a wall of solid ice between himself and his would be assailants. As he does, dozens of bullets strike the ice, sending chunks scattering about the floor of the building. He then begins to entrap them by forming an encasement of solid ice (using his remaining actions to do so).

    As the wall begins to form, the remaining cultists begin to lash out, firing wildly at any and everything moving. One lucky shot, manages to strike jack for 4 points of damage.


  38. GM Replies to Skyhawk

    You fire a bolt of energy at the sorcerer just as the mystical energy field protecting him shatters, striking him for 11 points of damage, and and sending him, stumbling backwards. He curses you in some ancient tongue, as he begins to recover.


  39. GM Replies to Power Chord

    As Skyhawk's attack knocks back the serpent sorcerer, you see your opportunity to strike. Just as he begins to regain his footing, you attack. (although I'll need to know what type of attack you're making before I can determine the results ;))

  40. Power Chord:

    OOC: Mystic Bolts away...

    Sorry, I thought I was holding that from his last action before he got hit with the last bolt. Didn't realize I didn't include it in my last post.

  41. The Machinist:

    "Eat Light! Dark creation!"

    The Machinist will continue to evade and shot with his light device

    If the light device breaks or runs out of characters with a shadow creature still around. He will reach out with his machine control to turn off the lights. He will yell "Protectors! get ready for pitch black!"

  42. Jack Frost:

    Cut by the flying iron, the elfin eternal continued to make the wall thicker and more secure! ZING! (Ice creation with movement)

    Then Jack desperately tried to plunge the air on the other side of the wall into a deep freeze! He grinned despite himself (Cold attack against one or more cultists)

  43. OOC:Skyhawk will attempt to fly into position to coordinate and triangulate his attack with Power Chord. IC:As Skyhawk's flight path takes him past The Cultist of Set, He lets loose a blast of destructive force, attemting to take down the Sorcerer.

  44. GM Replies to PC

    A bolt of mystic energy flies from you hand, striking the sorcerer, and sending him reeling back. He curses, DAMN YOU ALL!, and a wall of flame erupts between you an him.

  45. GM replies to the Machinist

    Your attack successfully strikes the shadow beast, causing it to dissipate into the ether. At which point you're light device goes dead. (Do you still want to kill the lights?)


  46. GM Replies to Jack

    As you begin to drop the temp, you see bits of frost and ice forming on the cultist, as they begin to shiver from the cold. Then, much to your surprise, you feel the heat of the flames the sorcerer has unleashed against you companion. Actions?

  47. GM Replies to Skyhawk

    You're attack is intercepted by the wall of flames, an is unsuccessful in striking the sorcerer. But, you do manage to gain his attention. He points his dagger in your direction, and a brilliant beam of light erupts from it's blade, striking you for 13 points of damage to your power.

    You've got one action left.

  48. The Machinist.

    With the shadow creature done, he doesn't kill the lights.

    He checks to verify his count. He believes he has defeated all the Shadows.

    [OC] Can you provide a situation status. I have lost track of how many foes are in the room and where we are in relation to each other and our foes.

  49. GM Replies to the Machinist

    As requested, here's a quick rundown. Currently, you've eliminated all four of the shadows.

    Jack's engaging the (9) serpent cultist, who are spraying bullets everywhere. (2) other cultists are crawling off the ice he created, and are head back toward the door.

    Skyhawk & Power Chord are slugging it out with the sorcerer.

    Everyone good to go on their status?

  50. Jack Frost:

    The child-like avatar of winter turned to face the flames. Without moving his legs, Jack slid straight backwards away from the fire on twin trails of ice whose edges were snowflake-like crystals of frost. ZING!

    While still skating backwards, Jack lets loose with a blast of snow and ice right at the fire wall! VWOOSH!
    "What else but magical water to extinguish magical fire?" he mused happily.

    Movement: Move away from the fire wall, to maximum range.
    Attack: 'Create Ice' above the fire wall so that the heat melts it, and the resulting water puts out the flames, hopefully! :)

  51. GM Replies to Jack

    You skate away from danger, bullets whizzing past his head as he does so, although the torrent of bullets has now slowed to a trickle as many of the cultist are far to cold to worry about attacking you.

    Then with a mere lick of the hand, a torrent ice falls upon the wall of mystical flames, and "FOOSH!" a wall of steam begins to fill the room, as the too come into contact with each other.

    It affects everyone as though it were a thick cloud of fog. Anyone who doesn't have some sort of senses to counter it, is going to be affected as though it were darkness.


  52. The Machinist.

    [IC] The galloping gadgeteer moves to a location that provides protection from the random gun fire. He starts assembly 3 discs, these disks will emit a sonic burst in small area.

    [OC] Using Gadget power to create 3 throwable items when landing will unleash 1d12 sonic area attack range 2" for 1 turn. So 3 one shot devices. He will attempt to use his mutant power to assemble the parts as well as his hands in order to build all 3 as fast as he can. (Sorta the way you see Jean doing in X-Men 3).

  53. GM Replies to the Machinist

    I'm going to hazard a guess that you're evading (ducking and covering from the gunfire) so it'll take one turn each to assemble the discs, and one action to throw each one, but you can toss them as fast as you can put them together. If you don't evade, you can assemble the first two in one turn. But' you'll have to wait until your next turn to use them.

    Also, what type of pattern do you want to throw them in?

  54. The Machinist.

    [OC] Yes, he will evade and build. Throwing first two when ready. He will complete but hold the third until he sees the results of the first two.

    [IC] As the Machinist tosses his 2 discs over the Ice Wall trying to land in them behind the cultist, he yells "Jack, stay back from the wall and be ready to replace it if my aim is off!"

  55. Jack Frost:

    The GM said: "It affects everyone as though it were a thick cloud of fog. Anyone who doesn't have some sort of senses to counter it, is going to be affected as though it were darkness."

    OOC: Doh. Sorry guys!

  56. Jack Frost:

    The impetuous immortal tried to make things right.
    Concentrating, the Son of the North Wind cooled the air in the vicinity!
    His intent was that the steam (hot air) would rise above everyone and visibility would be restored!

    OOC: The use of his movement for this action depends on what he sees when (and if) the steam rises. Thanks.

  57. Power Chord:

    IC: As the steam rises from Jack’s assault on the flames, Power Chord will go to ghost form and phase through the floor or ceiling whichever is closer. He will attempt to re-enter the room close to a wall that was behind the sorcerer the last time he was seen. While out of the room, Power Chord will cast detect magic, this should allow him to see the sorcerer, or at least some of the equipment he is carrying. As soon as Power Chord identifies the sorcerer’s location, he will cast mystical bonds; again trying to make sure he covers the sorcerer’s mouth and captures his hands.

    OC: As soon as he sees that he is obscured by the “fog”, he will use non-corporealness, which I believe is movement only. He will either fly into the room above, or drop into the room below, and move behind where he last saw the sorcerer, hoping to gain a facing advantage.

  58. OOC: Skyhawk will try some evasive manuvers after letting loose another blast aimed at the Sorcerer.I will use myself and Achilles flying different patterns to keep him distracted and open for attack from some of the team. IC: "So sour-puss, looks like you're not as powerfull as you think. Why don't you chew on THIS!"(unleashes power blast and last word at the same time.)

  59. GM Replies to the Machinist

    You manage to quickly two sonic devices, and toss them over the ice wall, into the midst of the massed cultists. They activate, and begin to emit an ear shattering "SCREEEEEEEEEEEE!", that has them scrambling to cover their ears, from the sound.

    With the deafening sound filling the room, they're now far more concerned with stopping your discs, than they are with firing at you.


  60. GMs Reply to Jack Frost

    All say that dropping the temp uses movement only, but it will require you to concentrate on controlling the exact temperature you want. As you do, the fog will begin to dissipate allowing you to see. When it begins to clear, the serpentine sorcerer has, vanished from where he once stood!


  61. GM Replies to Power Chord

    You phase into the floor, as it's closer, attempting to gain an advantage on you foe. You rise back onto the battlefield, cast what you a spell of mystical detection, in your efforts to find him within the cloud of steam, but only seem to be able to detect Jack. As the steam rises, you to become aware that it appears as though your foe has fled the scene, leaving you, your teammates, and a mass of fanatical cultists behind.


  62. GM Replies to Skyhawk

    You let loose with a power blast of energy, at the sorcerer's last known location, only to discover that you blast seems to strike nothing. As the fog begins to lift, you see that it appears as though he's vanished into thin air.


  63. Power Chord:

    IC: Cursing under his breath, Power Chord moves to the last location he knows the sorcerer was, and casts Psychometry to see if he can figure out how the Sorcerer was able to slip away. Since he has Detect Magic already “on,” he’ll also be looking for any magical trails/residue.

    OC: Not sure if this would be detect hidden/detect danger roll… I need a magical tracking spell… hadn’t thought about that. May want to talk about swapping out some spells when we have some down time…

  64. GM Replies to Power Chord

    You cast your spell in an hoping that you'll be able to gain some insight on exactly what happened to the sorcerer. As you do, you're able to see fleeting images of him making gestures with his dagger, as it appears to literally cut through the air. He then steps through the portal before it seals behind him. Unfortunately, you can't make out the exact location he's transported to. You're concentration is then broken by the Screeching sound of the Machinist's sonic weapons, and the moans of the cultists caught in their effect.

  65. Power Chord:

    IC: Power Chord’s first thought is he needs to get the amulet to keep it out of the hands of the Sorcerer. He’ll open a portal to the location he placed it, and use telekinesis to bring it back to him, still taking care not to touch it. He’ll secure the amulet in one of his pouches, then cast Bind, Guard and Obfuscate on the pouch. That should keep it closed, keep it safe, and make sure it is virtually undetectable. Once the amulet is secured, he’ll join his companions in wrapping up the remaining thugs.

  66. The Machinist

    He will hold his actions until he sees the results from his discs.

  67. Jack Frost:

    The impulsive immortal felt responsible for the sorcerer's escape, and didn't like how responsibility made him feel.

    The smile gone from his face, Jack raced to the spot the sorcerer was last seen. The determined child of magick used all his powers to find the sorcerer of Set!

    (OOC: Tracking Skill, Occult/Magic/Folklore Knowledge Skill, Ice Powers to detect temperature changes, Wind Powers to detect changes in air pressure, Detect Hidden to find some clue left behind, Inventing roll, Luck Points, you name it!)

  68. GM Replies to Power Chord

    The amulet is drawn from the portal, and safely secured in a pouch around your waist, allowing you to concentrate on rounding up the last of the serpent cultists.

  69. The Machinist

    The Machinist calls to the cultists, "Drop your weapons, get on your knees with your hands behind your head. If you don't I can keep making these babies all day long".

  70. GM Replies to The Machinists

    Your sonic weapons are having the desired effect, as the cultists trapped within Jack's icy barrier, seem to have lost their will to fight on, and are concentrating on trying to stop the devices from blaring out their sonic screech. At the same time, your BSI pager is going wild. Angent Banks is demanging to know what's going on, and as he's got a team agents en route to your location.

  71. GM Replies to Jack

    Jack's frustration is evident to those around him, as he ponders where the evil wizard has managed to escape. He calls on the very winds themselves to help him. Using his various abilities, he's able to gleam a faint scent, but not much more, and its fading fast. He calls out to his team mates, "Westward, he's to the west!"

  72. GM Replies to The Machinist

    The last part of my previous reply was cut off (my daughter was messing with the computer, while I fixed their lunch). Sorry about any confusion it may have caused. As far as the cultist go, don't forget that two are trying to crawl back out the door, on the ice Jack created.

  73. The Machinist.

    He tosses the last device to the doorway the two cultists are trying to exit through.

    He activates his BSI comm, "Machinist to Banks. Protectors have engaged Set Wizard and prevented his acquisition of discussed items except for a dagger. Wizard has escaped but Jack has picked up his trail. Pursuit will be attempted.

    Set Cultists were hidden on campus. They had entered through doorway. They are currently contained but will need BSI Agents to apprend. Cultists are armed. Repeat, Cultists are armed. Treat all personnel, not matching the appearance of the Protectors, exiting building as hostile, even if dressed as campus employees."

    "Machinist out".

  74. Jack Frost:

    Jack will urgently chase the trail before it evaporates!

    "This way!" he'll call to his friends as he races with speed and desperation!

  75. Skyhawk: He will alter his flight tragectory to follow Jack in his pursuit of the wizard. He replies "I am right behind you, let's track this vile sorcerer down and get to the bottom of his plans." Skyhawk instructs Achilles to scan for the sorcerer in an attempt to aid in the search for him. He is keeping his senses up in case the wizard is returning.

  76. Gm Replies to the Machinist

    Agent Banks responds to your message. What? All you were supposed to do was check the area out, I've BSI response team en route, maintain perimeter, and await further instructions. Banks out.

  77. GM Replies to the group

    I need to know how you guys are planning on following the trail. Is everyone going? Or how do you want to handle this?

  78. Power Chord will do anything in his power to aid in following the villian.

  79. The Machinist

    The Machinist will not follow the villian unless Power Chord directs him to and tells him how he can do it.

    Instead he will start making a magnetic device

    [OOC] Purpose of the device will be to 'grab' the weapons from the cultists. It will only have an attack feature if adding it takes no additional time.

    The Machinist responds to Agent Banks, "Kind of hard to hide and watch when you are being attacked. I don't believe we were under direction to allow a Set Wizard to come in, take what he wants, and leave.

    "If that was the direction, then the wrong people were sent on the job.

    "The Wizard has left, did any BSI Agents see him where he went?

    "Do you have a fix on his location?

    "He has successfully taken an artifact outside this building. Can you trace the artifact and provide us its current location?

    "Machinist Out."

  80. OOC:Skyhawk will follow Jack Frost. He will alter his speed to remain with him and any other team members that are in pursuit of the Set Wizard.

  81. GM Replies to the Group at ECU

    As The Machinist busies himself with his device, Jack takes off in hot pursuit with Hawk & Power Chord fast on his heels. Power Chord pauses for a moment, and looks back as he realize that The Machinist is the only one of their group who can't fly.

    Debating for a moment, he tells him to remain, with the cultists, and to standby, once they've located where the sorcerer, he'll teleport him there. The Machinist nods in agree and gets back to working on his magnetic device.

  82. GM Replies to Jack, Power Chord, and Skyhawk.

    You all take flight, following Jack's lead, and head west flying over the ECU campus, soon, you've reached the outskirts of the city, and sprawl you're so accustomed to, begins to fade away into the shades of browns and yellows of the fall countryside.

    You continue to fly, and the sun begins to set, as you all feel yourselves being drawn to what looks to be a small country estate.

    As you draw closer, a cold unnatural feeling begins to settle over you, and you all instinctively know that your enemy is here.


  83. GM Replies to the Machinist

    As you finish work on your magnetic device ECU PD officers arrive on scent to assist you in taking the remaining cultist into custody. Within minutes a BSI response team is on scene, and you're informed that their commander, Special Agent Woo, wants to speak with you immediately.


  84. The Machinist.

    [OOC] Is the request over the comm or in person by a member of the response team?.

    Can I see Special Agent Woo?
    Has the response team secured the cultist?
    What is the cultist status?

    The Machinist will gladly and immediately speak with Special Agent Woo and answer all questions. He just won't cross the path of any gunfire to do it.

    [IC] I will gladly speak with Special Agent Woo, just tell how you want to do it.

  85. PowerChord:

    IC: “We can’t afford to face this guy unprepared. He basically took us all on, and that was with us taking him by surprise. Now we’re taking him on his own turf, no telling what he’s going to have in there. We need to make sure we’re all up to speed.”

    With that he’ll land on a hilltop that overlooks the estate. He’ll “Heal” Jacks bullet wound, and begin to look over the estate.

    “Skyhawk, can you and your little friend take a look around, please keep your distance, but if you can gain us any intel, I’m sure it will be useful.” I can’t remember if the Machinist gave you a communication device or not,” OOC: if he did, great, if not, we’ll give him Jack’s since we’ll be staying together for now. Before Skyhawk leaves, he’ll cast a protection spell on, and invisibility on him and the hawk.

    He’ll then contact the Machinist. “Machinist, are you prepared to join us? We’ve located the sorcerer in an estate outside of town. You should be able to pinpoint our location. As soon as you’re ready, I’ll create a portal for you from the ECU Vault.”

  86. Jack Frost:

    Jack was happy to be out of the city, and marvelled with gratitude as the human wizard healed him.

    Impetuous and reckless, he had little patience for delay. "We are allowing our quarry time to regroup as well," he said.
    "Every minute we perch on his doorstep increases the risk of discovery." He would wait until Skyhawk returned, but no longer.

    During the avian archangel's absence, Jack would do some scouting of his own. Earth's last nature elemental called out to any animals that lived in the area; squirrels, rabbits, small birds, field mice, raccoon.

    If any heeded his call, he would ask: "Friends, who lives in that dwelling there? What can you tell me about them?"

    (Reply if any?)

    "How long has this land had the taint of evil upon it?"

    (Reply if any)

    "Observant and watchful creatures, how may we enter the house unnoticed?"

    (Reply if any)

  87. The Machinist

    [OOC] What is the time difference from Agent Woo's request and Power Chord's communication.

    He first action will be to support the Protectors.

    So if he hasn't had time to brief Agent Woo yet, he will download a video recording of the events that his visor recorded to a thumb drive, get it to the nearest BSI Agent and signal Power Chord he is ready to move.

    [IC] Ready Power Chord, provide me a door.

  88. Skyhawk says: IC:"Sure PowerChord,I can provide some recon intel.Yeah, I have a comm device. I am going to circle the location and and gradually decrease the radius of the circle, while Achilles expands his scan towards the hide-out and see what information he comes up with." After waiting momentarilly to ensure that Power Chord and Jack do not have anthing else to say he departs.

  89. GM Replies to the Machinist

    A BSI Agent directs you to Special Agent Woo, who's outside supervising her team, as they go about securing the area, and rounding up any stranglers. As you approach her, you can clearly see that she's upset.

    Agent Woo - "Well, would you like to explain yourself?

  90. The Machinist:

    "Anything you want Agent Woo, We set up surveillance inside the building. Power Chord makes us all invisible, no heat signature, nothing, completely invisible.

    A distinguished man enters the building. We watched him approach a crate. He pulled an item out of the crate. Power Chord exclaimed 'Wizard, you will be denied your prize!' The item disappears from the man's hand. He cries 'Infidels! you dared hide from me". The man waves his hand and we all become visible!

    Well for Power Chord, Jack, and Skyhawk its on. I communicate the turn of events to BSI and support my team in the firefight.

    The Set Wizard escapes with the Protectors in pursuit, except for me. I wasn't prepared to fly with them so I stayed to explain myself.

    So how did I do? Any thoughts of the Protectors acting other than a strike team is wrong. In fact, I am tired of surveillance myself.

    Anything else you want Agent Woo? Red Wine, Candle Light, my head on a silver platter?" The Machinist flashes what he hopes is a charming smile.

  91. GM Replies to the Machinist

    Agent Woo listens to you're synopsis of the events, and rolls her eyes, and turns away, before mumbling something about "How she's not getting paid enough to babysit a bunch of macho, trigger happy, rookies."

    She motions to one of her team members to bring over a small plastic storage case. Within a few seconds the case is opened and the equipment inside set up. It's a lap top with a satellite uplink. Soon a map appears, on the screen. And Agent Woo asks you, any idea where the rest of your team is? I can get a strike team in the air in five minutes, but I need some idea of where to start looking?


  92. The Machinist:

    "Agent Woo, they are at an estate outside town. I am able to determine the coordinates from their communicators that I gave them"

    The Machinist has the computers at his base trace the signals from the last 5 minutes and provides the coordinates to Agent Woo.

    "Power Chord I am done here, please open a portal for two. Agent Woo why don't you come with me. You can coordinate your strikeforce and prevent us from making any more rookie mistakes as the same time."

    The Machinist does not smile or wink when he says this. His team has been insulted and he lets his feelings show.

    "If you need a raise to join us, I have 'friends' who can arrange it."

  93. GM Replies to the Machinist

    Agent Woo responds to your comments with a frown, and a tilt of the head, to show her displeasure. She then speaks into her radio.

    "Banks, this is Woo, I'm en route to possible Servant safe house. My team is standing by to respond. I recommend that both other teams be placed on emergency standby, and that local PD, Fire, and EMS be alerted. If you don't hear from me within the next 30 mikes, send the cavalry."

    Then she yells out, "'re in charge until I get back. Make sure have the team ready to move in five. Local PD can handle the rest of the clean up."

    With that, she checks the magazine on her pistil, and the safety on her rifle. And says "After you...sir."

  94. The Machinist:

    Into his comm, "Power Chord open the portal the two of us is ready to join you. I have invited Agent Woo and she is coming, Machinist out"

    The Machinist nods to Agent Woo, "Won't be long"

    He starts assembling a few devices as they wait.

    1. Sonic Blaster
    2. Stun Grenade
    3. Smoke Grenade
    4. Flash Grenade
    5. One Shot Jet Pack

  95. GM Replies to the Machinist

    Within a few uncomfortable seconds of your request for transport, a portal opens, allowing both you and Agent Woo to step trough, and meet up with Power Chord. Once you arrive, Agent Woo asks for an update, and Power Chord gives you all the info he thinks you need. While you listening, you're able to assemble your stun grenade, flash grenade, and smoke, the sonic blaster's going to take a bit long.

    Once PC casts his flight spell, you realize you're probably not going to be needed that jet pack (but that's up to you).

    Continued in Rise of the Serpent God.


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