Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Enter the Stalker

Okay folks, as I'd already mentioned, a new player will be joining our merry little group, and instead of trying to squeeze him into the game, right off the bat, I'll be trying something a little different. I'll be running Stalker through a solo adventure, set a few weeks prior to the current storyline, before he meets up with the rest of the group. For you continuity nuts (and I fall into that category), it begins the day after Guardians head off into space.


  1. It's a beautiful fall morning in Empire City. Alight breeze blows in off of the ocean, the smell of sea water fills the air, and the sun has just begun to peak over the horizon, as Keith Cobb has just arrived for his new job, as a security guard, for the Port of Empire City. The sight and sounds of the sea remind him of his early days as a Navy SEAL, and take him back to the many mornings he spent running, diving, and swimming along the sandy beaches of his youth. But those memories are soon displaced by the sounds of men scurrying about the docks.

    Keith enters the offices of the Port Authority of Empire, where he meets his new supervisor, Sergeant Richard Stranski, a former ECPD detective. Sgt. Straski gives him the standard, welcome as well as going over the policies and procedures. He goes into detail that while PA Security personnel work for the Port Authority Police, they’re not cops. Their primary role is to act as extra eyes and ears for the police, and to handle routine duties like checking IDs, issuing passes, vehicle searches, etc. While it’s not the most glorious work, it needs to be done. He goes onto explain that most of his staff are former cops, and retired military. You’ll be assigned to the day shift, until you complete your mandatory 120 hours of OJT. He issues with a tour of the place, issues him his uniforms, security badge, ID card, and any other equipment he might need, as well as explain his work schedule. Once that’s done, he provides you with a CD detailing you’re specific duties, and asks you to report back at 6:30 AM the next morning, as you’re required to arrive 30 minutes prior to your shift for “pass down” from the offing shift.

    As you’re leaving you can’t help but notice the ease at which people inside the port’s perimeter seem to move about. While it might be difficult to gain entry, once you’re actually inside the port, it’s pretty easy to move about. And with your security badges, which grant you pretty much unlimited access, you’ll be able to roam about at your leisure.

  2. Keith spends the remainder of his day setting up the gym equipment and making sure all of the gear is unpacked and ready for use. He makes sure that they have maps of Empire City pinned to the walls for reference. He also asks Craig if he would look up on the net what he can about Richard Straski. After their last few assignments, you can't be to sure. Of course, without access to ECPD files you cant be totally sure of what you read on the net. As Keith goes through his normal exercise routine he and Craig talk over their planned routes for the evening. Keith's memories of the city come from his high school years and it has been a long time since then. Keith waits till Craig is setting up the police scanner to make his way to his foot locker. Opening it up he looks down at the picture frame setting atop his Navy dress blues. Picking up the picture, he looks at the faded photo from his high school graduation day. His parents had,do, mean the world to him. Putting the picture back, he closes the locker and turns back to the rest of the loft. He begins putting on his armor and equipment. Keith stops and checks the maps once more before securing his helmet. Checking the connections the helm's heads up display comes on. The face plate's reflective surface gleams a bit once the power is turned on.

    Stalker turns and gives a nod to his radio man before he climbs out on to the fire escape. Stalker makes his way across the rooftops toward the spots suspected of being mafia haunts. Always from a rooftop, he watches the comings and goings of Empire City's suspected underworld. After the tenth stop of the evening,he begins to wish he had two things. Some decent surveillance equipment and some warmer clothes under the armor. Empire City is a lot cooler this time of year than the Middle East. Around 0100 hours he gets a call from base reminding him he needs some sleep before he goes in to work at the Port Authority. Nodding to himself, the shadowy figure of the Stalker moves toward home and a warm bed.

  3. Stalker makes his way into the loft through a window. Looking around he nods at Craig as he takes off his helm. Setting the helmet on Craig's work station, he sits down and opens up his log book. He spends a half hour writing in his journal. He then gets up and takes off his armor,storing it in a locker near the same work station. He pads barefooted into the restroom.

    Keith comes out fresh from a shower and ready to hit the hay for the night. As he checks to make sure his alarm is set he wonders for the millionth time when his web cruising radio man sleeps.

  4. Keith pulls into the parking lot of the EC Port Authority. He gets out of his old beat up mustang. Reaching back into the car, he stands to put on his hat and place his Styrofoam coffee cup on the roof. Locking the car he checks his wristwatch as he makes his way to his first day on the job. 0545, He is here on time.

  5. Keith's first few days are relatively uneventful. He's given his orientation, and starts to get his "sea legs". He's beginning to get the layout of the place, and knows where most of the more important buildings, and places of interested are located. While he might not remember their exact location, he can at least point someone in the right direction.

    After his seventh day, he's given his own post. his duties are pretty routine, checking the manifests of vehicles entering a restricted area, and the regulations clearly state that any vehicle entering will be searched. So as a large panel truck pulls up to the gate, he's a bit surprised to be informed that trucks belonging to this particular outfit, East Coast trucking, are "exempt from search" and that he should just "waive them through", by one of his co-workers. The same co-worker tells him that a similar truck will usually come by a couple of times a week, and that they all get the same treatment.


  6. Puzzled by the remarks of his co-workers, Keith will let it go until he has a chance to talk to Stranski,his supervisor. Be it at lunch or at end of shift. Being a bit suspicious of most folks he doesn't know, Keith will write down the name of the trucking outfit, East Coast trucking. If nothing is made of it, Keith will go about his days work. That night when he gets home to the warehouse loft, he will ask Craig to look up East Coast trucking on line.

  7. At the end of his shift, Keith swings by the office for a little chat with Sgt. Stanski, and after asking about the incident, he's told.

    "Look, you're new here, and I think you're a stand up guy, so I'm going to explain how things work. Sometimes you see things that you really didn't see. As long as nobody gets hurt, you let it slide. Understand? Now how about you go home, have a cold beer, and I see you in the morning.

    Later that evening, Craig fills him in on what he's been able to did up on Sgt. Stranski, and East Coast Trucking. All he can find on Stranski is that he was medically retired after 16 years with the ECPD. He spent the last as a detective.

    Now East Coast Trucking is a different story. It's hard to nail down info on them, but from what he can see, he can't figure out exactly what it is they do. While they've got an office listed, and rent warehouse space at several locations, he can't really find any customers. All of the listed owners are known associates of the Leonetti crime family. While there's no direct link, everything he can find on them is highly suspect.


  8. Later that evening, Stalker will visit the offices of East Coast trucking. He will attempt to find a way in through the roof or an upper window. Using his night vision lenses, he will try to keep out of sight.

    OOC: perception is 42%
    stealth 91%

  9. It's a cool fall night, and Stalker has worked his way across the roof tops, to a position that allows him to see the offices of East Coast trucking. After several uneventful hours, he spots a chance to quietly enter the building. After making his way through a roof access panel, he slowly climbs into the building's roof support beams.

    He's able to see several trucks similar to the one he'd seen at the docks. There are several men busily loading crates onto pallets, and this goes on for roughly a half and hour, and then the trucks leave.

    As you continue to monitor the area, a single truck arrives, and two men, who look decidedly different than the regular work crew appear to great it. It pulls to separate area of the warehouse, parks, and and additional two men come out of a back room. The group talks amongst themselves, and you can make out that it's mostly small talk (women, sports, etc.) as this happens, a voice booms out from the office "Quick #^*&% around, and the damn truck loaded."

    The men begin to load crates into the truck, one falls, and busts open, and you spot several shapes that look quite familiar to you. The distinct outline of military assault rifles. As the men scramble to pick them up, the man from the office, comes out yelling at the top of his lungs. "You &#(&$ morons are killing me. Get this ^#$*@ cleaned up!" And then he storms off to his office.


  10. Stalker puts in a call to his radio man and asks him to do a search on military weapons in Empire City streets. He then will move into a position to drop a top the truck as it leaves. He hopes this wont run into his sleep time, he would hate to lose his new job so soon. He adjusts his cape to prepare for the jump.

    OOC: perception is 42%
    stealth 91%
    parachuting 91%

  11. GM Replies

    It takes a few minutes for them to gather up crates, and finish loading the truck. At which point, the guys loading the boxes, head into the cubical like office.

    While you're waiting for them to come out, you get a response to your question. Apparently ATF got a report that a shipment of AK-47s would be hitting the streets soon, but their informant didn't have all of the details. From what you've just seen, they're probably the weapons being loaded into the truck.

    A few seconds later, the two men head out of the office, and get into the truck, followed by a chubby dark haired man, who's face you can't place, but you know you've seen it before. He tells the two guys in the truck "It's simple, you go to the gate, show the guard this paperwork, and they'll wave you through. You better not @$%*@ this up, or Mr. Leonetti's going to have your @#$!" And wave's them off.

    You make you're drop, and manage to get out of the warehouse without being seen. The truck makes a couple of turns before pulling out onto the highway, heading in a direction that heads towards the ports.


  12. Stalker hangs on to the roof of the trailer hitching a ride. He puts a call into his radio man to let him know he is heading toward the ports. Hopefully this will lead him to the gun runners. Part of him hoping it is related to the Leonetti family. Guys like them need to be off the street. He settles in for a ride hoping they didn't bring along a chopper for air support.

  13. GM Replies

    After a short and chilly ride, the lights of a familiar sight appear on the horizon, those of the docks. Instead of heading toward the main gate, the truck veers off toward one of the seldom used back gates. The driver, hops out, unlocks the gate, and then drives the truck in. He slowly makes his way to toward the secured warehouses, where only items cleared by Customs are supposed to be stored. as he approaches, one of the port security personnel stop him, and ask for his paperwork. At which point, and a few seconds later, he's waved through without, a second look.

    The truck makes it's way to a series of shipping containers stacked along the edge of the docks, that are waiting to be loaded onto barges or picked up by trucks, for transport. Once the driver pulls out of sight of the main building, he backs in, and kills his engine. Within seconds you smell cigarette smoke, and hear one of the occupants talking to someone on what you assume is a cell phone.

    Approximately five minutes, pass when the guy on the passenger side says "Joey, watch the truck, I gotta take a wizz." He hops out the passenger door, and wanders off behind a container. A few seconds later, lights appear to your front, and "Joey" yells, "Yo Mickey, cut it off, we got business."

    A panel truck, and a car pull up a short distance from you. You can't make out exactly how many people their are, without giving away your position, but you can hear the entire conversation.

    Mickey does the talking. "You got the money"

    Unknown voice 1 - "Yeah, but I need to see my merchandise first."

    Mickey - "It's all there, ten cases, $7,500 a case. There in the back of the truck if you want to look."

    You hear them walk to the back of the truck, and, the sound of the rear door sliding up. After a few seconds, you can hear them prying open a crate.

    Unknown Voice 1 - "Gregor, pay them their money."

    It takes them roughly ten minutes for them toe unload the truck. At which point you hear Mickey tell Joey, to close up, and get ready to leave. As he attempts to close the door, it sticks, and Mickey asks him "What's wrong?"

    Joey - "Dis #$*&(@ door's stuck again, I gotta get up here and see if I can un-jam it." You hear him climbing up toward the roof of the truck.


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  17. Doing a quick mental count of voices,Stalker counts four men. After the crate is broken open he slowly stands up and allows his shadow to fall on the men below. (Hopefully he sees 4!). He will leap at the one closest to the crate, feet first using his weight to bear the man to the ground. He will then move toward the man climbing the truck and haul him down. once he has hold of climber,(Before he pulls on him) Stalker will look over his shoulder and activate his "Stalkers Gaze" on the men behind him. (Emotion Control:Cause fear radius cost 8PR per use)

  18. GM Replies

    As you stand up, you count a total of six men. Joey is near the passenger side door of the truck you're standing on. Mickey, and one other guy are near the back door. One man is standing near the passenger door of the car, and two others are near the back of the second truck.

    As you jump from the roof, you land on the guy standing next to "Mickey", successfully knocking him to the ground, stuns Mickey, and allows you to gain the initiative in the process. Your "Gaze", freezes Joey in his tracks, and burns your second action.

    While all of this is happening, you catch a glimpse of the guy near the front of the car, just as his cigarette drops from his mouth, and he says "Who the $%^& are you?"

    At this time, you've got the following stats:

    Power: 55
    HP: 25


  19. Stalker will try to play on fear and slowly walk toward Joey, keeping in mind he knows someone is back there behind him. When he gets withing leaping distance, he will turn on the night vision lenses,knowing the light will leak out the helmets eye slits. He whispers enough to force Joey to listen, "I am fear, and I will be stalking you and your kind".

    Stalker hopes the goons behind don't open fire

  20. GM Replies

    Just a quick status report. The truck delivering the weapons (it's the one you rode in on) is to your left, as well a the now awestruck Joey. You're standing on one of the goons back, while Mickey, who's to your right, is trying to get to his feet. The three other goons are roughly 10" (50 feet) from you. Two are located near the back of the 2nd truck, and the last one, is standing near the the right front passenger door of a sedan (which is located to your left front).

    As you begin speaking, the guy near the car door, quickly draws a semi-auto pistol from his waistband, and yells "Waste this &$^%(*@!"

    Just as he takes aim, your mask lets out a reddish glow from your eyes, and he hesitates, muttering "What the @#$%?"

    Out the corner of your right eye, you see Mickey, stumbling to his feet, and shaking his head, as he tries to regain his balance.


  21. OOC:If I remember correctly, the crate of weapons should be next to me on my left? If they opened it to look,i think they did. If that is the case, I will attempt to throw the lid at the gunman near sedan to distract him. If lid is to large then not

    Stalker will look around quickly seeing he is out gunned. But he is slightly familiar with the dock areas. (I assume there are some large containers in area that have not been picked up or unloaded) Stalker leaps at the gunman trying to knock the gun off target. Then he will make for cargo containers or buildings looking for places to hide and try to get the goons separated from each other.

    if he is successful in hiding, he will wait and try to stalk them seperatly
    OOC:(stealth skill is 91%)

  22. GM Replies

    The top to the weapons crate is within reach, but really isn't what I'd call aerodynamic. But, it will provide you with a good distraction (no one wants to get hit with a piece of wood), and allow you to beat feet for a more suitable defensive position.

    Gunman #1, the guy near the sedan, and apparently the one in charge. Responds to you throwing the lid at him. He manages to dodge the lid, which prevents him from being able to get a clear shot at you, and barks our orders to his underlings. "Don't just stand there you idiots, find him!"

    You can got several avenues of escape available. Over the top of the shipping containers to your rear; along the side of the shipping containers, with the water/piers to your right and the containers to your left; or duck to your right, and into the maze of the containers, on the docks.


  23. OOC: I will assume that Keith has a minimal knowledge of the maze of containers, but so would the goons I am betting.

    Stalker will break for the maze of containers and hope to draw them in. He will try to stalk them and pick them off one at a time if possible
    (Stealth skill 91%)

  24. OOC: To clarify, Stalker will choose the route with the water on his right,containers on the left

  25. GM Replies

    Just to be clear, do you want to run into the shipping containers, which would provide you some cover, or along the dock between the containers and water?

  26. GM Reply

    Using your speed, agility, and stealth, you quickly escape the eyesight of your would be pursuers, loosing them in the maze of shipping containers that surrounds you. Though they men momentarily stunned audacity by your initial attack, they quickly regain their senses. As you maneuver into position to strike, you can hear their leader barking out orders to his underlings. "Yuri, Nikolai, bring me this fools heart!"

    They split into three separate groups. "Yuri" and "Nikolai" compose group 1, and are searching to your left. "Yuri" is armed with an automatic pistol. And Nikolai has what looks like an axe handle.

    "Mickey" and "Joey" (the two guys that were driving the truck you were in), are group 2, and are to your right. Mickey has a pistol, and Joey, has a baseball bat.

    The guy from the car, and apparently the brains of the group, is searching by himself, is near the bottom of the containers to your front. He's armed with a pistol.


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  28. Stalker waits in the dark for the groups to spread out a bit further. If they do, he will move silently (Stealth 91%) behind the single goon. 'The Brains' He will place his right arm around Brains neck. Pulling backward on the artery and the windpipe, while placing his left foot into the back of Brains knees. If successful, Brain will be knocked cold and dragged into the shadows. Stalker relieves him off his gun and takes out the ammo clip. He will pocket the clip and leave the gun. He will then climb atop the containers and follow the nearer of the groups.
    If they don't move far enough apart to do this he will simply climb atop the containers and move into the maze of containers

  29. GM Replies

    Remaining low, you're able to stealthily shadow the group's leader as he continues his search for you. As he slowly scans the area for any sign of your presence, he calls out to you. "I don't know who you are, but when I find you, I'm going to cut your heart out. DO YOU HEAR ME!" As he yells, he turns his back to you, allowing you the opportunity to strike.

    You swoop down on him from above, striking him squarely in the center of his back, knocking his weapon from his hands, and causing him to stumble forward, into the side of a container.

    As you get to your feet, he turns toward you. through the reddish glow of your night vision, you can clearly see the expression of anger on his face. as he spits blood from his mouth, clearly the results of your handy work, he reaches down, and grabs a large metal rod. Cursing he rushes at you cursing and swinging wildly.


  30. He is swinging wildly and I know that is too my advantage. I wait for him to get closer, waiting on the swing. (I assume he is swinging with his right hand, as most folks are right handed)

    I step to my left,grabbing his arm with my right hand and aim a strike with the left at his armpit. While twisting with him will place one of my boots into the back of his knee. I can feel my blood pumping as I fall into the rhythm of the dance called combat

    OOC:Will wait to see results before posting any more. My apologies, I just finished re reading the hardcover reprint of "Knightfall by Dennis O'Neil" So I thought I would try writing from Stalkers perspective

  31. GM Replies

    No worries, write in whatever style you feel comfortable with, as this is supposed to be fun way for you to express yourself.

    As for the combat, you manage to dodge is blow, and while your initial grab is successful, your kick misses. As this is going on, you hear the sounds of several men running in your direction.

    You've got the initiative (for your next two actions), as well as the advantage of your night vision.


  32. I silently curse at the miss,I have been laying low setting up in town,need more practice. I will follow behind 'Brains' here since his momentum has him moving, and try to smash his face into one of the containers. If done right should knock him senseless,if not completely unconscious. Either way I need to get atop one of these containers before his friends arrive.
    I quickly look for a way to get atop the nearest one.

  33. GM Replies - if I'm reading your response correctly, you want to do a follow through, and us his own momentum to slam him into a container, correct? If so, it'll be a special attack.

  34. OOC: Yes I would like to do so please
    will that require spending of power points? if so that's fine if i can pull it off great if not then I will just try to get atop a container and move away a bit, so i can try t get to them one at a time

  35. GM Replies

    Stalker silently curses to himself, as his knee strike misses. Realizing what happened, he quickly follows through, using his opponent's own momentum to force him into the side of a shipping container. The force of the blow causes him to drop to his knees, before he keels over unconscious.

    You quickly scans the area for any additional threats, as he does, one of the thugs cries out, "They're over here, I can hear em'". As he spins in the direction of the voice, his night vision, is almost overloaded by the glow of a flash light.

    He rapidly closes his eyes, to prevent himself from being blinded, and climbs atop a shipping container. From their he can make out the figures of two men approaching. One of the two is clearly carrying a pistol, while the other has a large baseball bat. As they grow closer, you can tell it's Mickey and Joey, your "buddies" from the truck.

    Mickey drops down to check on the guy you just knocked out, and states - "He's out. Who the hell is this freak?

    Joe says - "All I know is I'm gonna bust his friggin head."

    While both are directly below you, Mickey is bent over the guy you just knocked out, and Joey is standing a few feet away from him, face the container, and holding a base ball bat.


  36. I slow down a bit catching my breath, realizing how sloppy that was. I count to five, then decide it's time to have my boot soles meet Mickey. He's been gracious enough to not pay attention to his surroundings. I drop down so that I can kneel as I hit. Hoping that my standing up watching Joey will add to his growing fear. Fear will make stalking easier. I need to build up a fear in these men. It will make life back here in Empire City easier in the long run.

  37. GM Replies

    You jump from the container, cape swirling about you, as you land on Mickey's back. The force of the impact collapses his knees driving him first first into the pavement, and causing him to drop his weapon. Within mili-seconds you spring to your feet, wand whorl about, eyes glowing red in the darkness, to stare Joey in the face, and he freezes in his tracks.


  38. I stand up slowly, walking toward Joey. I know the light from the helm has him caught like a deer in the headlights. I most likely wont need the Stalker's gaze to get him talking. After my feet are clear of his friend, I jump forward and grab Joey by the shirt, pulling him in so he can see his own face in the mask's reflective surface. I let the helm, lower the volume on my voice, he's going to have to listen real close.

    "Your days are marked Joey. I'm stalking you and your kind. Stay out of the shadows"

    It's then that I remember the other goons out there. I don't know enough. So I hit him with the 'Gaze' (Fear PR=8) Then let him go. His terror should spread among them all. I need to get back home. These three won't be moving guns tonight. I'll see what conn has at home on these weapons. I'll exit over the containers, heading for home before sunlight.

  39. It's close to 0200, by the time I climb back in the loft. The light from a computer monitor is shining on Craig's face. I swear he must mainline Red-bull or something. I set the helmet next to his keyboard. I know he hates it,but sometimes I just want to make sure he is human and not a robot. I can hear him rolling his eyes as I start my workout.

    Ten minuets of jumping rope,followed by two hundred push up's before hitting the shower.
    When I come out of the bathroom,miracle of miracles, he's turned off the computer. "Where are you heading?" He stops and looks at me. "I'm heading to the martial arts supply downtown. Picking up some heavy bags and maybe some weapons for your nightly runs. Besides some of us like the sunlight" He leaves through the front door. I hope he get's the car back in time. I hate to take the bus to work. I lock the door behind him before hitting the sack.

  40. GM Replies to Stalker

    As Keith arrives at work, he can't helped but notice all of the commotion on the far side of the docks. Port Police, federal agents, and emergency personnel. Up his arrival in the office, his supervisor, the phone is ringing off the hook, Sgt. Stranski is busily filling out a stack of reports.

    As you enter the door, he looks up at you, and says, "Kieth, get that damn phone before I throw it out the window."

    As you answer, the woman on the other end introduces herself, as Amber Green, with WECN news. She's trying to reach the person in charge, as she's got a few questions she like to ask him, about the events of the night before.

    You place her on hold, and ask Sgt. Stranksi if he wants to speak with her, to which he replies, "I ain't got time to talk to no reporters, you do it."


  41. I shrug my shoulders. Thinking this might be a good time to get some more info. I find a seat and put the phone to my ear. "Ms. Green. The sergeant can't come to the phone, perhaps I can help you?"

  42. GM Replies to Stalker

    Amber asks the following - "Well to start off, what's your name, and position with the Port Authority?

    Can you give me an overview of exactly what happened there last night?

    Do you believe that any members of organized crime were involved in the incident? And if so, who?"

    She then goes on to say that she'd like permission to swing by later to shoot a few background shots, for News at Noon (the WECN lunch time news program), and wants to know if that would be a problem.

    Your responses?

  43. "My name Is Keith Cobb, I'm a security guard here at the PA. What happened here last night?, Honestly Ms. I'm not sure anything happened here last night. I just came on shift and haven't had a chance to check the log book yet. If any organized crime were involved I'm sure the ECPD will sort them out." I look over at the sarge. "I don't think you stopping by will be a problem. Ask for Sgt. Stranski he's in charge" After hanging up, I see the sarge is still on the phone so I leave him a message on his desk about the news crew. Then I'll grab a cup of coffee and read the log book. I'm gonna have to make sure I can keep a straight face.

  44. GM Replies to Stalker

    Other than Sgt. Stranski blowing his stack when April Greene shows up, "Note, what #$%^& note?", the next couple of days are pretty routine. Kieth's got a day off to get some rest, and work on things around his loft.

    When he gets to work the next morning, he notices that Sgt. Stranski looks a little bit upset, and after completing his initial rounds, you decide to ask him what's bothering him. At first he's a little hesitant to speak, but he eventually opens up.

    "It's that whole thing from the other night. It's bugging me, I mean, I had 15 years on the job, before I got hurt, and ain't scared of nobody. But those humps that got busted up were connected, and they're gonna want some payback for what happened.

    It's gonna cause us a lot of grief, especially wit the union guys, and the trash collections. I'm gettin to old to be trying to worry about dis kind of thing. Just make sure you and the guys watch your backs out there, and keep your eyes open."

    He takes a couple of sips of coffee, and asks, oh, you think you could cover Sanchez's shift tomorrow night? He's got something to do at his kid's school, and he's bugging me about it. Being the type of guy you are, of course you agree. Plus it'll give you a chance to look around the place at night, and see what else is going on.

    You arrive 15 minutes prior to your shift, check in, and get a brief. Nothing out of the ordinary is scheduled, other than few deliveries. Once an hour, you randomly pick a route, and walk through the warehouse area. As long as you hit a few time clocks, to make sure you're making your rounds, they really don't care which route you take. You select several buildings to checkout, making mental notes of entrances, fire escapes, egress routes, lighting, security systems, and anything else that catches your eye.

    It's around 2 A.M., when you head out for what you think will be just another round, when you catch a glimpse of something that definitely catches your attention. You step back into the shadows, just out of sight, to get a better look. At first you're not sure you believe it. It looks like your play buddies from the other night, are back. Mickey and Joey are back in action.

    Mickey's definitely looking worse for the wear, with a black eye, and what appears to be broken nose, but it's definitely them. You wonder how they could have gotten out of jail so fast, but you can worry about that later.

    You watch to see exactly what they're up to, but it appears they're standing around smoking cigarettes, and waiting for someone.


  45. OOC:Was getting to comfortable in the alter ego now your gonna make me think outside the mask.
    lol will have to think on this one

  46. I put a call in on the radio to the office. I don't remember which of the other guards was on duty. Let him know where I am in the yard. Then I pull out the thirty dollar cell phone Craig insists that I buy. I call home and let him know that my dance partner's from the other night were on the lot. Closing the phone I backtrack a few containers. Then I make sure my mag light is on high and start to whistle as I walk back toward my friends. Let them hear me coming from a little bit off. I'm just a stupid flatfoot, walking a beat.

  47. GM Replies to Stalker

    The dispatcher lets you know that she'll send a Port Police patrol in a few minutes, but unless you've got something more than a couple of guys smoking cigarettes, it's low priority.

    Once you complete your phone call, and start you little stroll, you hear Mickey and Joey talking. "Where the hell is dis guy at, I'm getting cold, and the pain killers are wearing off."

    "Stop crying Mickey, it ain't been that long, the boss is already pissed at us, so you're just going to have to wait till..." and that's when they spot you walking toward them.

    As you approach, they basically just shut up, and pretend like nothing is going on.


  48. I nod as I approach. "Hey fellas." I hold up my hands to show I am holding only a flashlight. I slow down as I approach,stopping outside arms reach. "I just need to tag the building showing that I came by." I shrug my shoulders.

  49. GM Replies

    As you approach them, the continue to pretend to act as though they're just a couple of cock workers hanging out for smoke, although both continue to give you the eyeball. As you walk past shrugging your shoulders, you see headlights slowing approaching, and the two of them stiffen up, and nervously look to see what you're up to.


  50. [OOC] Snicker!!! "cock workers"? Grin. Okay, sorry, a typo I know, but I couldn't resist getting a chuckle on that one. (made my day actually... :) )

  51. I pretend not to notice their body language,and tag the building. Then I nod at them and walk back the way I came. When I am out of sight will try to circle back and take a look.

    (Stealth 91%)

  52. (OOC)I roll my eyes at Slik Slander

  53. GM Replies

    You quietly work your way in close, but don't want to get to close, as it might give away your position. You can clearly see a van slowly making it's way toward the two goons.

    As the van approaches, the two signal it to stop. They glance around, checking the area out, and then motion it to come forward. The van stops, kills it's lights, and the Joey approaches the driver, and begins talking to him. You can see them, but it's hard to make out what they're talking about without moving in closer.


  54. I get on the radio, ask if there were any authorized deliveries this late. Then I will again take up the flat foot act and come back around. "Hey fellas' didn't hear anything about late calls. Is everything OK?" I try to stay just at the edge of the light from lamp posts

  55. GM Replies

    OK, sorry for the delay, work, family, and me taking a break to check out V&V 2.1 slowed things down a bit. Now back to the game.

    The Dispatcher replies that she doesn't see any deliveries scheduled in that area. As you question your to "buddies" Joey, responds.
    "Why don't you take a walk, and come back in 10 minutes, or are we going to have a problem hear?"


  56. "No problem here sorry" I nod to them as I back up. I turn and walk away from the light. I then turn off my radio and see if I can find a good spot to stalk these guys. It's been a while since I did this without the uniform.

  57. As you walk off, they watch you for a few seconds to make sure you're out of sight, and then point to where they want the van to park. It pulls off to the side, and the side door opens. It's hard to make out, but there's definitely someone in the back. A few seconds later, the shadowy figure emerges from inside, and stands next to it. (see the NPC section of the V&V Forums).

  58. I try to take a pic using my cell. I know these disposable phones don't always take great pics and in the dark even. Note to self, get Craig to research better surveillance equipment. I stuff the phone back into my pocket, and try to find a better spot to watch what unfolds with the new player in the game.

  59. Using your phone, you manage to snap a grainy, dark photo of the group, as well as a picture of the van, and one of the license plates. Mickey, and Joey, appear to be telling some sort of story, in a very animated fashion, while their new guest, seems to be studying the area.

    After a few minutes, the group returns to the van, their guest hops in, and the van pulls off, leaving Mickey and Joey alone. The two of them continue to talk for a few seconds, and as you're trying to hear what they're saying, your radio goes off.

    "Dispatch to Nine Seven (your radio call sign), is everything OK out their?" Mickey and Joey turn in your direction.


  60. I roll my eye's at the fact I didn't turn down the radio. Then I quickly drop my keys and kick them away. I begin to look around,bumble actually, for them just in case the boys come looking

  61. GM Replies

    The two goons hear the noise, and begin to walk toward in your direction. When Joey spots you, they stop, and you hear him say, "It's just that freggin rent-a-cop again."

    While they watch you fumble around, pretending to look for your keys, the dispatcher calls again.

    "Nine Seven, do you read me?"

    Joey says, "We ain't got time for this, Mr. L's waiting on us, and I gotta take a leak. Go get the car, while I hit the john."

    They ignore you, and wonder off into the dark. Also, you're phone vibrates, with an incoming text message.


  62. I bend and pick up the keys, watching them as I do so. I answer the radio,"97 here. Sorry dispatch just jumping at nothing." I then flip open my cell phone

  63. GM Replies to Stalker

    The Dispatcher responds. "OK, just making sure you're alright out there. I've got a marked Port Police unit en route to check the area out."

    When you glance down at your phone, you see
    It's a text message asking if things are going OK, and what info you managed to pick up. If you shoot it to him, he'll run a computer check to see what he can dig up.

  64. I shake my head at my own inability to act. I send Craig a text asking him to see what he can find on the subject of our grainy photo. Now how can I start bringing the gear to work with me?

  65. GM Replies to Stalker

    The Port Police arrive, take a report (and remember) as far as you know, it was just two random guys, and some people in a van talking, and leave. The next few hours of your shift are pretty dull, but you get a text message to "Call home ASAP!"

    Assuming you do, this is what you find out. After running a facial recognition program, on the pic, it comes back with a partial match. The guy in the van is a known mob enforcer, going by the name of Vendetta. He's a low level meta, with some increased strength, stamina, and record as long as your arm. He's wanted for questioning in several assaults, and an arson.

    As far as the van itself goes, the plates are stolen, they come back to a completely different vehicle. And it looks like Mickey and Joey are out on bond. A lawyer, who just happens to represent the Leonetti family, got them bond within hours of them being arrested.


  66. The rest of my shift seems to take forever. Seems like ever since I came out of my little "missions" I can't seem to adjust to life without a mission.

    I get off the bus about half a mile from the warehouse. A jog home will help me to think about Vendetta and why did the Leonetti's bring him to Empire City. Mickey and Joey are small fish,probably don't know why he's here. I can always net them later. I get a look around the neighborhood as I run. Man this end of town could use some 'Stalking' as well. It will have to go on the back burner for now.

    Craig gives me the hairy eyeball as I come in. I can see he has set up some new workout equipment as well as what looks like a Frankenstien's monster of computer parts. He can't be mad over that. I leave the bathroom door ajar so I can hear him when he starts fuming as i get out of my civilian clothes.

    "I told you we might run into metas" His voice comes from the other room. It continues as I come back and start a light workout. "Don't ignore me Keith. Were not secure in town yet." I continue my push-ups. "No connections, few contacts. Deal with the mob and let this new hired gun have a pass." Weights next. Finally he stops his rant when I pick up the customized throwing stars from his workbench. I pull a chair over and have a seat. Looking at him without a word. His shoulders slump,"OK here is what I have on Vendetta", he punches his keyboard. "Just remember if you get killed I'm keeping the Mustang"

  67. I wake around 4pm. Sunset will be in a few hours. The nap helped refresh me a bit. I had spent a few hours practicing with the shurikens,I've used standard ones in the past but these will take some practice. As I check the helmet, I notice Craig has a frazzled look. For lack of a better term. Maybe all the caffeine is catching up to him.

    "I still think you should steer clear of this Vendetta character"

    I sit tailor fashion on my bunk and relax my body and mind as much as I can while waiting on the dark. In the last few years of our teamwork,Craig has never harped so much on a target. Of course we always had better recon and air support in the past. I'll make do

  68. The night has been pretty slow. I have myself a spot across from a restaurant known to be a Leonetti business. From up here I haven't seen anyone who even remotely looks like Vendetta. True he wouldn't come in uniform. But he has a look to him I recognize from other killers. I hate stake outs

  69. You spend what turns out to be a pretty boring night, camped out on the roof. Other than seeing what are obviously local gangsters, hang outside for a smoke, things nothing much happens.

    You wrap up the night, and head home for some sleep before heading into work. Upon arrival, you see a note that Sgt. Stranski wants to talk to you.

    When you head over to see, him he informs you that because of the incident with the gun runners, they've decided to add additional security personnel to the night shift, and since you're the new guy on the totem pool, you're getting moved to nights. It's nothing personal, as you've been doing a good job, but other guys have more seniority, so they got first crack at day shift.

    He also tells you that a new company has just leased space from the docks, it's a company called, GENOM Pharmacuticals. The Port Authority wants to make sure things run smoothly for them, so they want security personnel to swing by and check on them regularly. Swing over, take a look at the place, and find out who's running security over there, and then knock off for the day.

    He's going to pay you for four hours for coming in, but he wants you to report back at Midnight.

  70. GM to Thunderbolt

    That night, security officer Thomas West reports in for his first night at the newest addition to the Port of Empire City. GENOM Pharmacuticals East Coast Distribution Center. While the job isn't what he's used to, it'll keep the bills paid, and who knows, it might lead him to something better. Little does he know that an extra set of eyes will be watching over him, and any other activity at the docks.

    You, on the other hand, have a much busier evening planned. After seeing the various news clips on WECN, Empire City's 24 hour news channel, you decide to do a little snooping around the port area, and see exactly what's going on for yourself. The fact that your father has recently been assigned their, gives you even more reason sot want to make sure that criminals activity isn't taking place.

    After making your way to the port, you take your time checking the place out, and trying to get the lay of the land. Huge cranes run along the waterfront, and literally thousands upon thousands of shipping containers line the dock yards. While workers scurry about the docks, other areas seem less inviting, dark shadows hide their contents, and these are the areas that intrigue you most. You're drawn to them almost instinctively.

    Within a short time you find yourself slowly floating form building to building, investigating their contents, looking for something that should be there. When something catches your eye. A van, your not sure why it attracts your attention, but it does, something about it bothers you. It's sitting idly, and it's occupants aren't doing anything that would raise the alarm, but you have gut feeling that it needs to be looked at more closely.


  71. A shadow clings to one of the large cargo cranes above the docks somewhat obscured by the passing clouds across the moon the shadows move and shift. But one of those shadows in not a trick of the light at all…
    Thunderbolt crouches from the great height peering down from the metal structure his senses alert and his curiosity peeked. His cloak stirs in the evening breeze off the dock-front making an ominous shadow that curls and writhes behind him. He frowns, good thing he made two cloaks one white and one black for night time snooping… usually he did not mind the street scum seeing him as he came for them but recalling how much effort and fighting it had taken to get his dad to take this job at the docks - Shawn really did not want any trouble here, but his gut feeling told him something was not right here. The crane’s metal surface brought back painful memories of a crane not nearly so big but still very much alike that he and his sister Sarah had fled to escape their kidnappers that fateful stormy night when they both were hit by a lightning bolt trying to hide from their pursuers… the night Thunderbolt was born.

    {Focus Shawn, stay on the task!}, he grimaced pushing those searing memories away.
    {If there is trouble here… I’d best find it less dad end up on the wrong side of it. Well let’s do this.}

    Reaching into his duster pocket he pulled the simple micro-tape recorder hits record and speaks, “Mission log 2.2. Traced some of those designer drugs I found last week in the hidden crack house off of Frank the 23rd street. Looks normal here but I know someone is bringing this ‘smack’ in here via these ports. Question is who? Columbians, Mafia or Yaks? Stuff seems too pure and packaged too cleanly for it to be some genius rich punk in an abandoned dock warehouse to be cooking it up for fun. Packaging numbers were traced to a pharmaceutical packaging company that could have been done by anyone… well anyone with good connections. Something tells me this is backed by some big hitters who can pay more than some third world countries make yearly to stay hidden. I keep running across GENOM here and there. They own the bottling plant… maybe I’m just being paranoid GENOM makes a lot of products in the medical field and most of it relatively cheap. Anyways spotted a suspicious Van sitting at the dock…may be nothing but gut says otherwise… gonna take a look.”

  72. Clicking the Micro-tape recorder off he slips it back into his duster.

    Smiling, Thunderbolt sends forth his will and tweaks the nearby electrical grid flickering the light badly for a two block area… simulating a brown out and plunging the already badly lit area into more shadows for the few precious seconds need. Taking flight upon the magnetic induction fields of the very planet he drifts soundlessly down to a nearby building ally behind the suspicious van where he blends into the shadows. His only trace perhaps a whiff of ozone on the night air. Once under cover again he releases his control of the electrical grid and the lights return to normal flickering with the night insects buzzing about them.

    In position Thunderbolt reaches out with his senses scanning the area around him with his MRI scan sending a magnetic overlay of the docks immediate area warning him of all movement even within the shadows as clear as day with the radar-like return.

    When satisfied no one is near he focuses his attention on the Van and shifting the fields of electricity he links his nervous system with the radio in the van shifting the flow of the electrical and magnetic fields turning the speakers of the vehicle’s own radio into a microphone. Pulling out a small set of earphones and a little pocket radio he tunes the little ‘walk-man’ radio to whatever station the van’s own radio is currently on and listens to whatever is said within the van. He grins knowing even if the radio is off… he can provide power from the Vans on battery as the electrical flow obeys his command.

    Actions –
    {Move} Flight = 1PR
    Activate ‘Radar Sense’
    {Action} Electrical Control = 4PR, Save vs Int [14] / Save Vs Agl {to avoid mishap} [16], Range 32”
    Stealth = 85% {plus any lighting bonus}

    * Thunderbolt is going slow…speed is not an issue. So he will take his time and make sure he is not spotted or rushes his manipulation of the electronic devices involved – does him no good to burn out the devices he controlling.

  73. I make my way to the GENOM office building. I lock the door on the Mustang and look over at the front facade. Now I need to work night's. That's may slow down some of my missions. Will have to talk to Craig about how to transport the uniform safely in the car. He hate's taking the bus worse than I do.

    I walk up to the front door and into the lobby. I look around for some kind of directory. No listing for security, so I'll see if I can't find a nice receptionist as I wander around

  74. GM Replies to Thunderbolt

    Your MRI scan detects no one else in the immediate area, other than the van, and it's occupants.

    As you cautiously approach the vehicle, you can make out the outlines of what appear to be two men. The vehicle's driver, the larger of the two, is smoking a cigarette, and doesn't really appear to be paying attention to what's going on. Every time he takes drag of his smoke, you can see a large bandage across the ridge of his nose.

    The the passenger's tall lanky frame, is clearly visible in the glow from his cell phone, as he's busily tapping out a message on his key board.

    As you continue to observe them, they don't appear to be doing anything other than sitting, and waiting. But within minutes, a second set of headlights appears to your right. The vehicle, another large panel truck, stops, waits a few seconds, then flashes it's head lights twice.

    The occupants of the original vehicle, now fully alert, flash their lights three times in response. Once they do so, the second vehicle slow advances toward their position, before stopping approximately 100' away.

    The second vehicle appears to be occupied by two men, who appear to be of Middle Eastern descent. The one in the passenger seat steps out, and looks around, and reaches back into the truck, to pull out an AK-47, before motioning for the driver to get out.

    As the driver exists the truck, the passenger, holding the AK, continues to monitor the area, scanning the darkness for any signs of movement.

    As this is happening, the occupants of the first truck dismount. The driver, has a 12 gauge shotgun, and the guy in the passenger seat, has a pistol, but you can't make out the type. They head to the rear of their truck, and open it, but you can't see in from your vantage point.


  75. GM Replies to Stalker

    You arrive at the GENOM distribution center, and are met at the gate by one of their security personnel. He's been expecting someone from the Port Authority, and has an escort take you into the administration building.

    You're impressed with the security features you've seen so far. An armed, professional looking security force. And from the way they carry themselves, you know that they're probably prior military. That's in addition to the security fence, lighting, cameras, and the discretely placed motion sensors, and hidden cameras you spot. These guys have their act together.

    Within minutes of you're arrival, the head of security, Max Tolliver, introduces himself to you. He explains that while GENOM appreciates everything that the Port Authority is doing for GENOM, he feels that he and his staff are adequately trained to handle any situation that may arise. He thanks you for your time, and excuses himself. Seconds later, to rather large uniformed GENOM security personnel arrive to unceremoniously escort you back to the front gate.

    After informing SGT Stranski of what happened, he informs you that he'd still prefer that you swing by tonight, and look the place over, as he "Just feels better, knowing that one of our guys, is eyeballing the place."

    Actions, comments?

  76. "Okay sarge will do" I reply.

    It is as I am driving home that I decide for certain that I won't necessarily check them out just for the Port Authority. Any place with a security force that together peaks my curiosity. I stop at the only coffee house near our warehouse and open up a Forbes magazine. Sometimes I like to do my own research, Craig is good, but you can never have enough facts before any mission. This will tell me what GENOM has told the public. If I use it with whatever C comes up with it could come in handy. I re read the article 3 times before giving up on it as a puff piece. My coffee has gotten cold. I drive the rest of the way home wondering why such a company would have any such security. I don't like puzzles I don't know the answers to. In the SEAL's they teach us to adapt. I can do that. I just don't like to go in blind.

    The loft is beginning to look crowded now. Fitness equipment mixed with tables of computers. Not for the first time do I wonder when Craig's savings will run dry. He never did say where it came from and he can keep a secret as much as I. Since it looks like we are staying in Empire City, we may have to shop for digs elsewhere in town. You can't have to many safe houses.

    Craig has the uniform laid out on a workbench, looks like he has added something to it.

    "I made a minor modification to your look" He has that gleam in his eye he gets when he is about to dazzle me with his cleverness. "I added this belt. The weave is the same as standard parachute rigs so it will be ok as long as you don't stand still for someone to cut it. The metal holding cases are from ammo boxes. Only 1 of them has anything special. You can store a dozen of the new throwing stars inside without them making any clinking sounds as you move. Magnets built into the box holds them snug. Gave you a bunch of cases just cause I thought a single one on the belt looked funny. What do you think?" I have to grin at his exuberance. "Alright genius what do we do with the other ones?" I ask. He considers for a bit, "We'll come up with something for them later." He then picks up his cell phone and drops it into one. "Ta-da!, Turn the ringer off and you can carry a small camera."

    I shake my head as I pull up a chair. " I need all you can find on line about a company called GENOM. I think there is a new player in town besides Vendetta and I always like to know who the neighbors are." His grin vanishes. He knows when to let things slide. I hit the weights for a bit before grabbing some sleep.

    The night finds me perched across from GENOM's main offices. The new gun belt feels fine,shouldn't be in the way. I made sure to put my phone in and leave C's at home. Turned the ring and vibrate off. The building looks quiet, but that doesn't mean anything. I scouted the whole perimeter and the fence is good. Probably electrified as well. Just have to wait and see what's behind the puff piece.

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  78. Thunderbolt sees the two men in the cab of the van clearly, scowls a little that they are not talking… but grins widely at the tall lanky one’s focused attention on his cell-phone texting message.

    Shifting his Electrical control power Thunderbolt releases control of the van radio and instead reaches into his left duster pocket and pulls the cheap pay by month text cell phone he carries for just such situations.

    Then stretching out his will again focuses his control on the lanky man’s cell phone. He does not seize total control of the lanky man’s electronic device… merely appends to its targeted phone number the phone number of his throw away texting cell-phone number so Thunderbolt with get the same text.

    Since he has not been spotted Thunderbolt take his time to control the cell phone and copy every stored number in its memory and every undeleted text message sent or received.

    He grins as his cell-phone fills with the stolen data, and checks to make sure his phone is still in silent mode.

    Then Shawns own personal cell-phone vibrates in his armor/costume’s pocket and he frowns slightly. Checking the sent text message [Shawn, just got home… What no Dinner!?! Why are you never home no matter how late I get in? Gonna go to Tarra’s for something to eat… see you later. Sarah]

    He grimaces, {I hate it when Sarah is out at all hours of the night like this… which strung-along boyfriend was it this time? ‘Sigh’ well at least I gotten her to stay on the pill. Gonna be a real problem if I can’t get dad to really talk to her… I think she does this just to get attention… but this is NOT the way to do it! Wish normal life was as easy and simple as superhero stuff…bad guys and good guys…’ nuff said!!}

  79. Thunderbolt’s attention drawn back by the arrival of a second vehicle Thunderbolt puts his personal cell phone away into his armor. Tries to get some idea from the stolen text message as to what is supposed to be going on before jumping the gun.

    He sees the weaponry the perps are carrying… and smiles, {Looks like these guys are expecting trouble. Wish granted. Hmmm… AK-47 ‘garden-variety’, and a good old 12 guage. Ok. Better neutralize those… don’t want them hurting each other if I need to stomp them.}

    Reaching out with his magnetic control and calling on his knowledge of firearms Thunderbolt focus his attention first on the AK-47, {firing pin, receiver, action… ahh… safety.} twisting the magnetic fields Thunderbolt clicks on the weapon’s safety and jams the mechanism internally malforming the switch’s action internally of the weapon.

    Then shifting his attention to the 12 guage he focus’ his control on the plastic cartridge shell in the weapon and crushes the metal cartridge seat in the gun spilling it contents in the receiver and misshaping the metal so the gun will jam…likely spectacularly when fired.

    Thunderbolt smirks, {Opps…}, and reads the incoming text message.

    Actions –
    - If the message is not clear or he cannot get the text Thunderbolt will have to take less subtle action and get aggressive. He will not allow them to leave without him getting a look at what is in the truck… so if they move to close the doors or he will take direct action first being to hold the doors open magnetically and move to engage.

    Active ‘Radar Sense’
    {Action} Electrical Control = 4PR, Save vs Int [14] / Save Vs Agl {to avoid mishap} [16], Range 32”
    {Action} Magnetic Control = 5PR, Manipulate metallic object s [13 ‘19’]
    Firearms = 79% {minus any mods for not being able to clearly see what he is manipulating}

    * Thunderbolt is does not change his position. Also NOTE… I’m more familiar with Champions so …please feel free to tell me when I’m stepping outside the bounds of what his powers can do. I’d use an area effect cumulative major transform for his ability to control or manipulate electronic or metallic devices… but in V&V… Magnetic Control and Electrical control …seem to cover a wide special effect. Especially when I can put 850lbs pressure on metallic objects…certainly enough to malform most hand-held technological devices.

  80. GM Replies

    Sorry about the delay gents, I had virus on my computer that wouldn't let me access a bunch of sites, or most of the files on my computer (It only seemed to affect MS products). But I'm up and running again (after close to 8 hours of me trying to get the damn thing off my computer), and so far it looks like I'm good to go.

  81. GM Replies to Stalker

    As you scout around the perimeter of the GENOM warehouse, you can't help but notice how much the place reminds you of a high security military or government facility. The "security force" definitely aren't your run of the mill "rent-a-cops", and, unlike a good little number of places, on the docks, the place is light up like a Christmas tree.

    In addition to the outer perimeter security fences, which you spot multiple intrusion sensors on, there are motion activated cameras, several night vision cameras, and a roving security patrol, with a guard dog. You can't help but wonder exactly what it is they've got stored in the place, that would require so much security.

    Plus, your run in with their chief of security set off all sorts of alarm bells that things might be more than they appear. But, for now, you're content to wait and see what you can dig up about them online.

  82. GM Replies to Thunderbolt

    So far, your actions are good to go. You're providing enough detail to let me know exactly what you want to do. If I've got a question, I'll ask for a clarification.

    As you read the text, you silently laugh, as the tall skinny guy has been texting a female (probably his GF), that "this job is going to get him made!" So far, none of the participants have noticed the covert tampering with their weapons, and continue to go about their business.

    As you continue to observe them, the two Middle eastern looking guys, wave over the first two mooks you'd been watching. After talking for a few seconds (it's hard for you to make out exactly what they're saying), the skinny guy heads to the back of his truck, and starts unloading some crates, while his stocky companion covers the area with his shotgun.

    It only takes a few minutes for him to unload the boxes, when you hear one of the Middle Eastern looking guys say, "Open them." to which, the skinny guy replies, "What evah." and cracks open a case.

    Inside are various antique looking artifacts that look to be from somewhere in the Middle East. The Middle Eastern men speak to each other in some language you're not familiar with, nod to each other, and then begin loading the crates in the back of their truck.


  83. I take some more photos with my phone and make a note to have C look into better quality photo gear that will fit in my new gun belt. I spend the remaining part of the night trying to gauge the patrol routines of our newest puzzle piece here in Empire City

  84. GM Replies to Stalker

    As you work your shift, you're able to take down some descent notes. The roving patrols are randomly spaced, as to prevent anyone from guessing how long before they'll return. The guards are serious about their work, and pay attention to their surroundings. The gate guards change shifts every eight hours, while the K-9 patrols switch out every four hours, and not at the same time as the gate guards.

    Upon your return to the loft, you did into the info C's pulled up on GENOM. They're huge pharmaceutical and medical research firm, manufacturing a little bit of everything. They've got some major pull in DC, and are supposed to have a couple of Senators in their back pockets. While they have been investigated for some supposed shady dealings, nothing's ever stuck.

  85. Thunderbolt frowns at the simple text message.

    {Grrr… nothing juicy to that! I don’t have time to go through his other text messages right now… so no real info on what is going down… got to wait… watch some more… I HATE Waiting!!!}

    Grimacing Thunderbolt continues to watch as the Middle-Eastern perps call over the skinny guy and his buddy to unload the Van. He watches intently as the crates are opened.

    {Art Theft? Darn it! Not what I’m here for… didn’t expect that… rats. ‘Sigh’ ah well… must be something illegal… you don’t bring Assault rifles to legitimate art deals. Best get the cops involved and let them sort it out.}

    Reaching out with his will Thunderbolt controls the magnetic fields around him. Quite familiar with automotive mechanics he detaches the battery cables of the vehicle engines at their ends so if the hood is opened it will not be obvious why the engines will not start and easy fix that disables the vehicles without destruction of property.

    Satisfied as they begin loading Thunderbolt calls the police anonymously telling of a super battle taking place in the Docks. He is not actually calling and speaking himself… merely controlling his throw-away cellphone to do so with a simulated voice of his devising as he shifts the electrical fields... being mindful to erase the phone number and ID tag... even though it’s not his personal phone and just a throw away… pays to be careful and practice safe electronic foot-print coverage. He also erases the added cell number the skinny perps cell phone texted to as well. Leave NO Electronic traces. Then one final gesture he triggers some alarm in the surrounding warehouses to bring the dock security on its way along with the police… eventually.

  86. Then he makes his entrance… deciding to spook them just a little first.

    His will commands and every speaker, cell phone and loud speaker near the crooks all begin laughing at once… maniacally in an eerie reverberating electronic voice. Jacking the volumes to maximum.


    He lets the cacophony of noise reverberate around them for a few seconds… intentionally putting the laughter out of synch to make it seem like multiple voices… Then he addresses them in a cold electronic voice.








    With that… Thunderbolt raises his electrical field around him and his bolstered magnetic field and floating out of the shadows he arcs lighting all around him a dazzling display of electrical fury 20’ft about the targets. The air becomes thick with the smell of ozone as lighting arcs randomly to metal objects nearby casting the docks in a bluish shimmering hue. Stretching out his magnetic fields he commands the two Kyogetsu Shoge to snake out of his pockets writhing menacingly in the air on their cable lengths next to him like to metal vipers poised to strike with steel fangs. Adding to the metal in the air three shuriken launch from his coat pockets and buzz around him in a deadly shifting orbit spinning like angry metal hornets ready to bite and slash their buzzing from the rapidness of their spin… sounding like large bees.

    Lighting crackling around him Thunderbolt speaks, “Boo! Don’t run… you’ll only get yourself tired and still BEAT the HELL UP! One chance. Drop the guns …before I make you eat them ...AND Lightning!!!”

  87. This comment has been removed by the author.

  88. [OOC: Sorry got so involved with the descriptions I forget to list TB's actions.]

    1) Electrical Control {Machine control} and Magnetic Control for a few turns to set up his 'ambush from the center of the room'. Call police, Trigger alarm, control speakers, wipe data trail. Call that PR12?
    2) Then [Action 1]
    Electrical Control {Electrify Body}, PR4
    3) Then [Action 2]
    Magnetic control {Manipulate Metallic objects},
    4) Flight Movement - Partial combat move [No action]

    By the way... the CAP words are spoken from the speakers, car radios and cell-phones. His last words are actually spoken by himself in the flesh.

    Hope that clarifies stuff.

  89. GM Replies to Thunderbolt

    The assembled group of goons is momentarily stunned by your rather flamboyant entrance, but they quickly recover. The skinny and heavy set American's are the first to react. The heavy set one squeezes the trigger on his shotgun, and "click", nothing. "What the #$%&?" The two also quickly take aim, and discover, much to their surprise, that neither of their weapons is functioning as they'd hoped.

    The skinny American, the one who'd been texting, decides that he'd rather be somewhere else right now "Oh, to hell with this @#$%!", and turns tail to run away as fast as his shoes will carry him.


  90. Thunderbolt says, “Opps? Guess you like to eat those guns… well… service with a smile!”

    Thunderbolt’s right-hand Kyogetsu Shoge darts out to snake forward rasping across the ground like a cobra striking its prey and wraps around the fleeing skinny American’s ankle and yanks him off his feet slamming him painfully face-first to the ground… before dragging him bodily across the ground back to within 10 feet of Thunderbolt. Then he is hoisted up into the air by his feet dangling some 10’ft off the ground.

    Thunderbolt gestures with a sweep of his left hand at the gunmen and their weapons twist out of their grips to turn in the air at head level to point back at them.

    Speaking - his voice full of menace, “Now… do you want those guns ‘spiced’ with …grease…?”

    To punctuate his threat - simultaneously the assault rifle’s actions cycle, “Shaaaa-Chak!” and the shotgun pumps, “Chak-Chak!”, their barrels pointing with no vague intention or misunderstood immediate threat!

    Thunderbolt casually touches his hand to right side metal cable of his hooked Kyogetsu Shoge letting his already electrified body arc current down the metal cable to shock the helplessly hanging skinny man.

    Thunderbolt lets him scream for a second or two… then says, “…or would you prefer Lightning… like this fool?”

    He pauses letting his threat sink in then finishes, “This is the part where you raise your hands and surrender… or… you try to run? Personally… just between you and me… I’d like you try to run! I love it when they run… gives me an excuse. So? What’s it gonna be boys? The Cops are on their way already.”

  91. Actions –
    [Action 1] Manipulate Metallic Objects- PR4, 2x Assualt Rilfes {20lbs each?}, Shotgun {10lbs}, One skinny American improvised tree ornament {150lbs…give or take}, two Kyogetsu Shoge, some shurikens {6lbs?}; Total WT: 206lbs
    Magnetic Capacity: 800lbs – 594lbs remaining available

    [Action 2] Manipulate Metallic Objects- Damage: Skinny American tree ornament – 1d8{Velocity 61” of 250lb object}, +1d4 {WT of 250lbs object}, +2d8 {electrify body} [No action]

  92. I know Craig thinks I am becoming even more obsessive than normal. Even by my standards. This GENOM thing has me puzzled. I hate not knowing. So I spend as many nights as it takes watching the site. Hell, I even start using C's computer to dig up info on them. I think he was insulted. If something is going on, I may have to just get a closer look. Getting in won't be easy.

  93. GM Replies to Thunderbolt

    As the skinny American is swept off his feet by your attack, he yells out "Oh #$%*!", and dragged back toward you. As he dangles squirming within his metallic restraints, he hears the sound of the rifles bolts lock, and sets his eyes on you and stats, "Do you know who you're $%(*& with! Mr. L's gonna have your $*%&^ head a platter. Your dead, you hear me, you're $*(%& DEAD!" Just before he gets to ride the lighting.

    His rather chunky partner, not quite sure what to do, throws down his weapon, and tries to make a break for it. AS roughly the same time, one of the Middle Eastern looking men, smiles, and quite calmly states, in perfect English, I would to speak to someone from the Embassy, as I wish to claim diplomatic immunity.


  94. GM Replies to Stalker

    After spending a few hours digging around for info on GENOM, you can't come up with anything solid. It's all rumors, innuendo, and coincidence (Witnesses disappear, evidence is lost, people retract statements, etc.). And you work shift is rapidly approaching.

    After you arrive, you get your nightly assignments, and after giving the GENOM facility the once over, you rapidly knockout any other work you have to take care of. You spot check the place throughout the night, and things are going quietly, when you hear a call for assistance from the far side of the docks, over your radio. Apparently there's some sort of super powered dust up taking place, your dispatcher is requesting all available Port Police and Security personnel to respond.


  95. As I am still on the clock I will use whatever Port Authority vehicle I have access to and hustle over to the site. Grabbing the radio as I do. "This is Kobb responding to call"

  96. Thunderbolt replies to the skinny American by gesturing and the hooked Kyogetsu Shoge wrapped around his legs swings him through the air like a fleshy club to slam him crunchingly into the fleeing fat man, “Ahhhhh… Shuuuut UP! You guys are small time thugs… beneath my notice but, I’m here now and you’re out of luck because of it… so… play nice… or you’ll get hurt. Stay down… or I’ll gladly PUT you down!”

    Thunderbolt turns his gaze to the Arabian man claiming ‘diplomatic immunity’, “Well! We have ourselves a diplomat… do I take it to mean that YOU, at least, have two brain cells to rub together and will wait there quietly for the police to come take you away and sort this out? If you do indeed have diplomatic immunity… I’ll respect that… but don’t push your luck! Stay right where you are and don’t give me a reason to ‘taze’ you with a lightning bolt!”

    Gesturing with his right hand Thunderbolt collects all the weapons in a pile …well out of reach of the perps. His second hooked Kyogetsu Shoge snakes forward to hover like a threatening corbra menacingly above the two entangled thugs, the first never releases its uncomfortably tightening grip on the skinny American’s legs.

    Just to punctuate his point… two of the 9 shuriken orbiting around Thunderbolt buzz through the air to orbit in a tight circle around the two thugs… if they try to move out of the circle they will get cut.

    He waits for the Police to arrive… flaring a bright electrical aura to attract their attention.

    Actions –
    [Action 1] Manipulate Metallic Objects- PR4, 2x Assualt Rilfes {20lbs each?}, Shotgun {10lbs}, One skinny American improvised tree ornament {150lbs…give or take}, two Kyogetsu Shoge, some shurikens {6lbs?}; Total WT: 206lbs
    Magnetic Capacity: 800lbs – 594lbs remaining available

    [Action 2] Manipulate Metallic Objects- Damage: Skinny American tree ornament and Fleeing fat target both suffer – 1d8{Velocity 61” of 250lb object}, +1d4 {WT of 250lbs object}

    {OOC: Sorry for the Delay... GENCON lag...}

  97. As Thunderbolt hears the sirens approaching he smirks under his mask, checks his second tape player set to record playing back the last 5 minutes of recorded dialogue for his records to make sure he has some evidence and potential clues to proceed upon later.
    {hmmm... getting late... after this, should probably swing by the Work to see what Tony left for me to work on tonight in the motor-pool... got to pay the bills somehow... legitimately.}
    Then grinning he unleashes his lightning to surface scorch the concrete some 20'ft below his floating body. Nothing that some elbow grease and half an hour of hard scrubbing work won't clean up but a clear message of who was responsible is scorched into its surface, "JUSTICE like LIGHTNING... THUNDERBOLT!"

  98. GM Replies to Stalker

    As you arrive on the scene, you can't believe what you see. It's your two new play "buddies", Mickey, and Joey trussed up like Thanksgiving turkeys, with several new bruises. Both of them are whining and complaining about how "There civil rights are being violated." And they've "Got nothin to say till they talk to their lawyers."

    Off to their side are two Middle Eastern looking males, who unlike your two "friends" remain relatively quiet. Both appear to be physically fit, clean shaven, and in good health. Other than a nice looking gold rings on their left hands, neither of them wears anything that will attract attention.

    Strewn about the docks, are the remnants of what were obviously some sort of packing crates, and several piles of automatic weapons.

    Hovering over all of this, is a relatively young looking male, wearing what appears to be a trench coat, and some sort of chainmail armor, with a very large smirk on his face.


  99. GM Replies to Thunderbolt

    Within minutes of your call, the first of the port security and Port Police personnel arrive on the scene. Within five minutes of the first car arriving, close to a dozen officers are on the scene, and they aren't quite sure what to make of it.

    One of the officers sees you, and states - "Ummm, I'm guessing you're responsible for all of this, would you mind coming down hear and explaining what the hell just happened?"

    As he's speaking to you, you hear an officer, with several stripes on his sleeve, speaking to someone on the radio "Dispatch, we're going to need some assistance on this. Have ECPD MCU respond, and contact BSI. It looks like we got a cape involved."

    While all of this is going on, several of the officers move to secure your prisoners and the weapons they were handling. As they go about securing your prisons, the two Middle Eastern males restate that they'd like to speak with someone from their embassy, as they're claiming diplomatic immunity.

    The officers respond with "What ever, for now just shut up and get in the car, till we get this mess figured out."


  100. I look up at him for a bit. As I am still in civies I will wave my flashlight to try to get his attention. "I'm with the port authority. Did you see what happened here? Did you do this?"

  101. This comment has been removed by the author.

  102. {OOC: I think Hammer posted in the wrong thread... lol!}

    Thunderbolt watches as the police pull up and shuts off his arcing aura of lightning having gotten the authorities attention… there is no need to antagonize them. First impressions mean everything. He stops grinning and takes a very serious tone as he floats down to the first officer on the scene.

    The young mans floats down silently with only the occasional static spark from his body and the strong smell of ozone in the air. As he approaches the two metal–cable hooked Kyogetsu Shoge coil up by themselves like some freaky metal snakes and slither back into his duster’s exterior hand-pockets. The buzzing flying shuriken also cease their menacing spinning & buzzing - gracefully soaring through the air; all nine returning to his duster’s inner pockets. Eerily the duster moves of its own volition to open and allow the returning metal instruments of pain to re-sheath themselves without the young man’s lifting a hand. He is… tallish at least 6 foot, his costume up close appears to be not ‘chain-mail’ but a very intricately woven metal mesh ballistic cloth… not any brand the officer is familiar with, must be custom. The duster, leggings, shirt, and cloak are of the same woven metal mesh – in shades of maroon and black, it would certainly turn most small arms bullets. There are also metal armored shoulders, gorge, forearm guards, and shin guards. The young man is lean and light on his feet with the build of an at least amateur athlete. His mask is black and covers his entire face with white exaggerated ‘spidy’ eyes. The top if his mask is open letting his long shock-white hair hang loose. To the officer’s trained eye… the slight hints of flesh at the top of his mask and his accent reveal him to be Black American… likely. He is …armed as well the bulge of a heavy large caliber pistol is under his duster in a shoulder holster and a Katana is at his back. His voice is calm and self-possessed… very serious and obviously just as intelligent.

  103. “Good evening Officer. No. I did not do this… “, gesturing to the scattered crates.

    “I’ve been tracking down some drug trafficking that seems to be experimental psycho-active mutagens manufactured by someone with corporate backing doing ‘field tests’ on poor street civis and teenage kids seeking a ‘new-high’. Let’s just say I have a ‘vested interest’. I was involved in the Crack-house bust up on Frank & 23rd, and that drug bust you guys made last week was from the anonymous tip. I made that tip-off from info I recovered from some laptop files I found, also that gang-land brawl over on Potomac & Elm that you Blues were called in to clean up, that was me… I don’t like bullies.”

    He gestures to the message he has seared into the ground…, “I’m Thunderbolt”.

    “These … thugs, were in the process of transferring these crates from one truck to another… they sort of got scattered when they attempted to flee. I was …following up a lead indicating that a shipment of some importance was coming through the port tonight … I was hoping it was those experimental drugs I’ve been chasing down… but it appears … this is some sort of illegal black-market art sale… at least it seems so. Most legitimate art sales are not done after midnight, with the dealers packing that kind of hardware….”, he gestures to the guns.

    “…All circumstantial, I know, but most foreign dignitaries don’t claim ‘diplomatic immunity’ …unless they want to get out of suffering the penalty for illegal activities in the country their visiting.”

    His mask grimaces, “…though I have not heard of any recent art thefts. It could indeed be a legitimate Art deal…but my gut told me otherwise… easier to ask forgiveness latter if I’m wrong, but I don’t think any national or international art institute was involved in this fishy-looking nighttime deal! The art stuff looks middle-eastern… but I’ve not messed with your crime scene, not touched anything just gathered the guns - they’ve been disabled by the way, so have the vehicles.”

    His mask smirks,” I’m…familiar with police procedures. ”

    Then reaching into his duster pocket he pulls out a micro tape and hands it to the officer, “I’ve brushed that down so don’t bother looking for prints…and I always wear gloves, but the skinny, whinny - one over there said something that you might find useful… I don’t know how admissible it is…but you might be able to squeeze him for his boss or possibly link his boss to this illegal sale, its something to go on at least – that is your copy.”

  104. OOC: You are soo right, I was so excited to have Dom back, and was reading your thread... got caught up in the moment.

  105. I take the recorder and put it in my coat pocket. "I'm Port Authority not ECPD. I'll make sure they get this though. Your new in town are you?"

  106. His expression is ... unreadable, but he replies, "...sort of. I just have a ...soft spot for the 'Men-in-Blue' who have to put up with this crap...", nodding in the direction of the Arabian men claiming diplomatic immunity.

    "I try to make their job as easy as possible."

    He looks around the scene now with the perps apprehended he takes his time to look around at the scene to see if he missed any clues.

    He intentionally stays out of the Police Officer's way and if he must move something he will only touch it with his gloved hand or better yet control one of his hooked Kyogetsu Shoge to move the object. He will also pull out his camera phone to snap a few discrete pics for his records. All VERY professional.

    His demeanor is ... a little frustrated, he obviously was hoping for something more from tonight's 'hero-work'. It is obvious either he is a cop, though he seems too young for that, or he is closely associated with a cop, he is very methodical.

    Area Knowledge: Empire city {79%}
    Firearms {79%}
    Investigation {79%}
    Kno: Criminology {79%}
    Kno: Underworld/Crime {79%}
    Observation {70%}
    Streetwise {79%}

    Facts Thunderbolt is seeking:
    Vehicle License plate numbers, shipping invoice codes or records, cell phone numbers from the perps... {he will use his electrical control - Machine control to get these numbers if needed}, make model and serial numbers for the guns used confiscated, positive ID and pics on some of the art in the crates, noting the names and serial numbers of the ships in dock... VERY thorough!

  107. {OOC: Opps forgot one fact... the positive ID of all the perps involved, including the officers on scene... name and faces if he can manage it. He's trying to build a database of BSI and local ECPD agents and Officers so he knows who is who.}

  108. {OOC: Hmmmm...just thought of this...Shawn is familair with quite few ECPD Officers... he dad is Ex-ECPD...

    So ...he will focus on the new faces with the MCU and BSI Agents that arrive...and try to avoid being near any ECPD who might find his voice familiar.}

  109. I watch the young man go about his business. I get out of the way of ECPD. It is obvious he has a clue what he is doing,and he's not afraid to step outside the law for justice. I'll have C look him up on line. He could be useful

  110. GM Replies to Thunderbolt

    The cops and security personnel aren't ECPD, they're Port Authority, so you shouldn't have to worry about running into anyone you might have had contact with in the past.

    As far as information goes, the to mooks are well known members of the Leonetti crime family, and have rap sheets longer than your arm. It's pretty easy to pull up their criminal histories, and known associates from any police computer (each patrol car has one).

    As far as the two Middle Eastern men are concerned, they're supposedly "Security Personnel" from the small Middle Eastern country of Qatan, a small island in the Persian Gulf. The island is a hub for international banking. The US has poor relations with them, as they're supposedly used by many criminal and terror organizations to hide their money. Several know supervillains are also believed to have taken refuge their, as they don't have an extradition treaty with the US.

    ECPD arrives within 30 minutes, as well as BSI. And both are hot to speak with you.


  111. GM Replies to Stalker

    You quietly shoot your request out to C, who begins digging around for any info he can find on the new hero in town. Within 30 minutes, the place is swamped with Port Police, ECPD, and BSI, which gives you a few minutes to look around.

    You can't help but notice the difference in behavior between the two middle Eastern men, and you good buddies Frankie and Joey. While Frankie and Joey, are obviously nothing more than common thugs, the two other men, are definitely professionals, you'd guess, military or intelligence personnel. From the way they're acting, they've had training in interrogation, and what to do if captured. Their weapons are immaculate, and neither of them is carrying any sort of identification.

    You've got a few minutes covertly snap some photos of both men, their vehicles, and the items they were caught with, as well as scribble down some notes on the new cape, and eavesdrop on statements from Frankie and Joey.

    Any additional actions?

  112. Thunderbolt gathers his information on the perps occasionally pulling out his personal Micro Recorder to make some field notes. The two thugs Frankie and Joey are indeed familiar to the scene of criminal activity…but they are just cronies. Thunderbolt can’t help but shift his gaze repeatedly to the Middle Eastern …agents, as it is obvious they are not cheap flunkies…but professional mercs or agents. He meets their eyes several times as the port authority attempt to question them.

    {Oh yeah, you and I will meet again… that’s a fact!}, he thinks feeling his anger build at their smug confidence.

    When the ECPD and BSI Officers show up Thunderbolt does not wait but walks boldly up to the BSI Officers directly avoiding the ECPD as … in truth BSI has jurisdiction where supers are concerned… and it lets him avoid running into any of the Officers who might remember Thomas’ boy Shawn and find him familiar.

    {Sorry about this Ole’ ECPD blue-boys… but got to look after my interests too…}

    Thunderbolt walks right up to the agents, introduces himself and reports the same events and situations he did to the port authority that arrived on scene first. He points out the Port Authority Officer he gave the micro-tape to. He is respectful, polite, professional and thorough - as helpful as he can be in answering their inevitable questions.

    He folds his arms at his chest and patiently tries to answer their questions but it is obvious from his stance and demeanor he is done here and is ready to leave.

  113. GM Replies to Thunderbolt

    The ECPD guys are pissed, that you seem to be ignoring them, and their questions, and focusing your attention on BSI's men in black. The two BSI agents listen intently to what you tell them, and eye the security officer you game your recordings to. As one of them heads over to speak with the security officer, the other steps just out of earshot to send a text message. As they do, you take that as your opportunity, to slip away. It'll take a few seconds, they notice your disappearance with all of the people wandering around the area.


  114. Thunderbolt smirks at the BSI officers subtle ‘…get lost’ innuendo.

    Not one to miss a que, Thunderbolt extends his will and the magnetic lines of force in the very planet strneghten around him causing several watches to stop nearby and producing a brief burst of static on all the police radios nearby and he streaks off into the night sky his black cloak fluttering in the rapidness of his take off. The smell of ozone wafts on the night air and the only track of his ever being here some residual St. Elmos Fire in the night air marking his takeoff path briefly and the fading arcs of electrical residue snaking across the tall dockside cranes, lamp posts, and metal roofs of the dark dock warehouses. His only remaining trace seared across the concrete, “JUSTICE LIKE LIGHTNING! THUNDERBOLT!”

    Shawn makes his way swiftly through the night air, grimacing. The night did not go as well as he had hoped… but there was always tomorrow. He glanced at his insulated watch-band 2:36 AM.

    ‘Sigh’ {Well better make my way to the shop… or there’ll be hell to pay from Tony tomorrow…}

    Shawn enjoys his flight reveling in the feel of the power flowing across his skin and through him… he sees the city below. Its businesses, banks …stores. It would be so very easy to just take what he needed to make a living… he could even erase any security tapes that might catch a glimpse of him… so very easy to serve himself. But, again… he knows that is just not how he is made inside. His powers came from people…powerful people doing what they want, taking what they want…regardless of who got hurt, and he knows…he can never be like that! Not without becoming just as bad as those bastards… taking whatever they like doing to people who can’t protect themselves whatever they feel like doing. No. He will NEVER be like that… no matter how hard …just making a living gets. Doing the right thing is not easy… it’s a choice one must make every day… a fight… that is well worth it!

  115. Shawn soars down to the parking lot multi- level building where he stores his ride in the alley outside out of sight from the street when he goes out as Thunderbolt. This is only one of his stash points for his ride when he goes on mission or patrol…switches them up regularly – making sure there are NO electronic security camera’s nearby or that his approach comes into view of any. But each is similar… a trash dumpster which he makes sure is always empty and locked from the inside with a simple latch that can only be triggered from the inside. Stretching out his will he magnetically trips the latch inside opening the dumpster metal lid he lands inside. Then with more magnetic control undresses from his mesh armor costume floating and triggers the light on his bike with a wave of his hand.

    He can’t help smiling at his pride and joy a Suzuki Hayabusa GSX1300R! The saddle bags on its side open with his will their metal buckles obeying his mental command. Quickly in practiced fashion he strips down to his sports shorts and stows his armored costume and weapons. He redresses in his blue and white leather racing speed-suit and his leather bomber jacket - the many metal buckles and snaps easy anchors for his magnetic powers to dress himself swiftly. Pulling on his leather biker boots and snapping the buckles on the side shut without ever touching anything with his hand Shawn finally lands next to his steel steed. Reaching into his bomber jacket pockets he pulls out his mirrored shades and his Empire City - Knights NFL Cap and tucks his long shock-white hair beneath to sports cap donning his shades to hide his amber eyes.

    Straddling his machine, he slides his katana into the custom frame sheath he added to the steel beast along its side. Unzipping his racing suit to mid chest leaving his bare chest open to the warm night air he retrieves his cycle’s keys from the inside breast pocket. Starting the steel street rocket he casually pats the Ninja Gaiden – Hyabusa painted on the gas tank, this Ninja Hyabusa depicted as surrounded with arcing lightning. Shawn settles into the machine reving the engine slightly in the dumpster and gestures at the dumpster unhinging the metal clasps and opening the entire side of the dumpster he drives out mentally shutting the modified dumpster behind him as he takes to the streets.

  116. I realize that I'm going to have to give up the evidence and do so reluctantly,the kid must have said something. No matter,these two guys are obviously in the 'business'. I make my exit as best I can without drawing the sergeants attention. As soon as my shift is over I head home.

    Coming into the loft, i start some calisthenics,I need to keep moving while I think. "Craig, we have two guns from the Middle East. I took some photos. See what you can find." I toss the camera to him. "Let's hope they are somehow linked to our past in the area. A lot of good men died over there."

    My partner knows that some of those men were SEAL's I knew.

  117. GM Replies to T-Bolt

    The next morning arrives far sooner than it should, and as you scan the various media news sources, you see that your debut public adventure, is literally the talk of the town. The TV talking heads are all a fluster with talk of this "new" cape, and the possible ramifications of your actions on international relations. One thing's for sure, the Dept. of State, and the BSI want to see you, as their bosses are less than pleased,

    They're also going on about how you've managed upset one of the largest organized crime families in EC, and people who do that tend to end up dead.

    In other news, ECPD is reporting there's been an increase of accidental drug overdoes among collage aged teens and young adults. A new designer drug is on the streets, and it's spreading like wildfire. ECPD and the DEA are investing possible sources. An anonymous source, within ECPD's narcotics unit has indicated that the drug is being distributed by several organized crime organizations, but the authorities are unable to narrow down their supplier, or who's manufacturing the drug.

  118. GM Replies to Stalker

    After what seems like forever, you're able to track down some information on your two "Embassy Security Personnel". Both men are known agents of the Qatan's National Intelligence Service. They entered the country on diplomatic visas, but you can't determine what they were actually doing at the docks.

    As far as you're new found friend at the docks goes, other than some mentions if someone fitting his description, being mentioned in police reports, nada.

    On a positive note, your next few days at work are relatively good. Things are running pretty smoothly, and no major incidents occur, as many of the local hoods think the area is to "hot" with all of the police and cape activity, they choose to go elsewhere. The extra time you've got on your hands allows you to take a closer look at the dock's newest occupants, the mysterious GENOM. There's been an increase in the number of deliveries they're receiving, and at odd hours. But other than that, you really can't tell much without getting a look inside the place. Something I'm sure you'll want to do later.

  119. GM Replies to Stalker & T-Bolt

    With the little into for T-Bolt, knocked out, I'll be wrapping this portion up. I'll be totaling up XP for Stalker, and posting his updated character sheet later in the week. I'll also be kicking off a new thread, where the two of you will be having more interaction with the other heroes of EC, and running into some of the NPCs introduced here. I'll be posting more as the night wears on, so stay tuned.


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