Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Gathering


With the group finally in agreement, the mysterious "men in black" escort your little band through the police lines, with little to no difficulty. As you make your way through the crowd of excited onlookers, you all will manage to catch a glimpse of WECN's Amber Green. As the group, passes by her location, you hear her tell her camera man, "Jesus, quick! Get me a shot of them leaving. I want to be the first one on the air with a group shot of these guys." Her camera man quickly pans his camera over the group, before one of the men in black steps in the way, stating, "Excuse me Ms. Green, but I'll have to ask you not to do that."

Amber Green – “Hey, you’re ruining my shot, and last I checked, there was still freedom of the press in this country!”

Man in Black 1, responding to Amber – Ms. Green, I’m sure these gentlemen, would appreciate a moment of privacy, as they’ve just been through a very rough morning, now if you’ll excuse us, we’ll take our leave.

At roughly the same time, a large unmarked white passenger van pulls up, and the doors swing open.

Man in Black 2, speaking to the group - “Det. Jones, let's roll, before these press vultures swing in for the kill."

You all are driven a short distance down the road, to a rather nondescript office building, a few blocks from the scene of the fire. The entrance doors are manned by several uniformed, and armed, security guards. Upon entering, you all are waved around the metal detectors, and X-ray machine, located at the entrance, and the entire group is ushered into one of the conference rooms, located on the building's first floor. The office appears to be nothing special. It contains a large oval shaped conference table, chairs, a large screen, a power point projector, and several small storage cabinets.

Man in Black 1- “If everyone will kindly take a seat, I’ll see about getting some refreshments. We’ve got water, coffee, and cold orange juice. If you need to use the rest rooms, they’re located out the door, and to the right.”

Upon entering the room, both Jack, and Power Chord, can instantaneously that this room is far more than meets the eye. The can feel a mystical power source emanating from the walls. While neither can put their finger on it, both since that some ancient magics are at work. Silver Star notices that once he enters the room, the low level comm signal, he maintains with his “sponsors”, becomes intermittent, and fuzzy. The Machinist will be reminded of the secure conference rooms the Agency maintains at Langley (CIA HQ), (a successful perception roll allows him to figure out it’s the same type of room, but with a few added touches he hasn’t seen before).

Once everyone’s seated, Man in Black 1 speaks – “Gentlemen, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Special Agent Banks, of the Bureau of Special Investigations. My partner (Man in Black 2), is Special Agent Harris, and you’ve all met Det. Jones, of the ECPD’s MCU. If you're wondering where we're at, this room is part of the BSI Empire City Field office, satellite facility. It's an offsite location we set up a few years back, for use in an emergency. With that out of the way, I think it's best that we take minute, and allow you all to take a moment to introduce yourselves. "

I'll wait for everyone's responses, before continuing.



    On the Scene with Amber Green

    The WECN news room, WECN anchorman Josh Myers - “For those of just tuning in, WECN reporter Amber Green has been reporting live, all morning, from what is now a major clean-up operation. The area surrounding the Carlyle Building, corporate headquarters for Citizen’s Bank and Trust, was devastated earlier today, by, what can only be described as, a series of massive explosions. Authorities, after initially struggling to contain the damage, and rescue those injured in the explosions, seem to have finally gained the upper hand. We’ll now go to for the latest update on the situation.”

    “Amber, what can you tell us about today’s events?”

    Amber Green – “Well Josh, things have been rather hectic here. In the last hour, a group of mysterious metahumans has appeared on scene, and apparently, helped with Empire City Emergency Services with putting out the fires. The group was escorted from the scene by members of the Empire City’s Major Crimes Unit, and federal agents, from the Bureau of Special Investigations.” At which time, the footage of your merry band of heroes, climbing into the van, flashes across the screen.

    Josh Myers – “Amber, what can you tell us about these metahumans, and why were the authorities, in such a hurry to get them out of the area?”

    Amber Green – “At the moment, both BSI, and ECPD, are being rather tight lipped about their identities.”

    Josh Myers – “What’s the status of the Carlyle Building, and the surround area?”

    Amber Green - “With the exception of a few small areas, the fires are pretty much out, or under control, and most of the injured have been evacuated to local hospitals. ECPD has set up, what they’re calling an, exclusion zone, around the scene, to prevent any unauthorized entry into the area.

    While there’s been plenty of speculation as to what caused the explosions, authorities are stressing that they want the public to remain calm, and that they’ll provide information as it becomes available. As of now, many questions remain to be answered. What caused the initial explosion? Was it an act of terrorism, or an accident? Who is this new band of metahuman protectors, and what does their appearance mean for the city? You can be sure that WECN will be investing these questions, and will do our best to get you the answers. “

    “Back to you Josh.”

    Josh Myers – “Thanks Amber.”

    “ And in other news, the Empire City Police Department is investigating the apparent murder, of reputed Empire City crime figure, Mario Leonetti. Leonetti was found shot to death in his home, early this morning, by members of his family. Authorities aren’t commenting on whether or not they believe his death is related to his reported criminal activities. “

    “We’ll be back after the break."

  2. [At the scene with Amber Green]
    Silver Star can't help but see the press and with his flair for the dramatic and his perfect timing, he stops a moment just as the camera pans by so he gives the best possible picture of himself for a fraction of a second.

    [in the conference room]
    Marcus speaks softly, his voice digitized,"You can call me Silver Star." He leans back in the chair and patiently waits for the others to answer, before moving in with his questions.

  3. The Machinist IC
    First looking to the ceiling and then to wall on the left, The Machinist nods, "Nice room you have here Special Agent Banks. I am The Machinist."

  4. [At the scene with Amber Green]
    Power Chord tries to stay away from the limelight. He’d try to pull back into his cloak, closing the cape around him so that very few details would be easily observed. While Power Chord is not afraid of a little publicity, he does have a secret identity to protect.

    [In the conference room]
    As Power Chord enters the room, and feels the magical aura, he would immediately start trying to identify the source and type of magic at work. Detect Magic should allow him to tell if the source was good, evil, or neutral in nature. He would slowly move around the room, attempting to divine what is going on here, if he has time, he might try psychometry to see some of the history of the room.

    Once he is satisfied that he and his companions are safe, he’ll join the others at the table.

    “Power Chord.” Since the others are keeping it simple, he will follow suit.

  5. Jack Frost:

    "Hmmm? Oh. I'm Jack," said the newly distracted youth.

    His pale eyes moved from the walls to the walls' owners. Then he did as well.

    "You are spies... or guards in the service of those who rule this land? Do you know what caused the fire at the tower this morning?"

  6. GM Reply to Silver Star - While your comm signal has cleared up slightly, you're still getting a lot of interference from some unknown source.

    Agent Jones silently glaces at him, giving him the quick once over before moving on to the rest of the group.

    GM Reply to The Machinist - As you scan the ceiling, you notice a small camera lenses, and microphone, centered directly over the table.

    Agent Jones, just nods in agreement to your comment, and visually scans across the group, as if he's studying each of you carefully, and making mental notes of your responses.

    Agent Smith's reply - "Thanks, we're in the process of making a few upgrades to the place."

    GM Reply to Power Chord - Power Chord detects no immediate danger. He's able to detect that some sort of warding magic is at work, but not much more than that, unless he wants to make some sort of over act.

    GM Reply to Jack - Detective Jones, with a quizzical look on his face, responds to Jack's question. "Say what? Spies, well I'm not, but I can't speak for these two." gesturing toward Agents Banks and Harris.

    Detective Jones to the group - "Look, why don't we cut the BS, and get down to business. The simple fact is, we really don't know what the hell happened this morning, and you guys are just one more unknown we have to factor in.

    At the moment, we know nothing about you, other than what you've told us, and what little we've seen of your abilities, and that worries people, like my bosses. And when they worry, I worry. Catch my drift?."

    At which point Agent Harris breaks in, and address teh group. "I think what Det. Jones is trying to politely say...is that we really don't have a clue who you people are, or what your intentions are. In other words, how do we know we can trust you?"

    Agent Jones, observing the whole conversation, continues to remain silent, observing the group's responses, as if he's waiting for something.

  7. Silver Star looks at the exchange and raises an eyebrow hidden behind his mask. "If you are trying to insinuate that I had anything to do with the fire happening there, we might as well end the discussion right here." He moves to the front of his chair as if he's about to get out of it.

    "I'm a concerned citizen. I saw an opportunity to be helpful. I do have access to abilities beyond what a normal human can do and I thought that those abilities would be help support the people at work and reduce the number of victims."

    [ooc]He waits for a response before he leaves or sits back down.[/ooc]

  8. The Machinist to Special Agent Harris:
    “Trust? I trust no one and expect the same from you.

    “Did you really trust the refs to call a fair game when The Warriors were in the NBA Championships? Do you still trust that Tim Donaghy really saw those fouls which gave D. Wade and the Heat the Championship?

    “Did you really trust the Citizen Bank & Trust to make sound loans and it is just the economy which required them to be a part of the Federal Bank Bailouts?

    “Do you really trust the coach of the Wildcats when he states that all his players are student athletes?

    “Am I expected to trust you because your suit is black, your badge has the right letters on it, and your name is spelled right on the I.D.?”

    Turning to face Det Jones, “Unfortunately, there is no way I can provide anything trustworthy. What I can provide will be no different than Mr. Moretti giving his word that he was an honest business man, who loves his family.

    “As for your bosses, isn’t worrying their job description? When they are not worrying, isn’t that the time to be concerned?

    “Please ask us meaningful questions. Your time is worth more than this, isn’t?"

  9. Jack Frost:

    Agent Harris asked, "...how do we know we can trust you?"

    Jack looked at the black-garbed spy. "What words would you have us utter that could speak louder than our actions at the tower this morning?"

  10. Power Chord:

    IC:"I couldn't agree more. I'd say you know you can trust us precisely the same way we know we can trust you."

    OOC: Power Chord would like to use his linguistic skills to try to find out a little more about the interviewers. Trying to identify where they are from, education levels, and especially gauging their honesty. If they are open and honest, he would respond in kind and be willing to share more of his background.

  11. GM Replies

    Det. Jones' responds to the group's comments - "Look, I think we're getting off on the wrong foot. No one's trying to accuse you of anything. We're just trying to gather information, and figure out what's best for everyone, including you.

    With the Guardians missing, the city appreciates any help we can get. So far I think you've been pretty open with us, and I appreciate your openness."

    He then turns, and glances towards Agents Banks and Harris.

    Agent Banks looks at his partner, Agent Harris - "Well?"

    Agent Harris, who's continued to study the groups actions and speech patterns, throughout this entire meeting - "They're telling the truth."

    Det. Jones - "And how do you know that? What are you...psychic?"

    Agent Harris, just lets out a laugh.

    Agent Banks - Gentlemen, you'll have to forgive our little deception. Agent Harris is an Empath, a member of BSI's ESPER unit. I requested his presence here, as his unique abilities, would allow us to more accurately gauge your intentions. I hope his presence doesn't upset anyone.

    If my methods have upset you, I apologize, but in the world we live in, you can never be to careful. He'll be monitoring your responses to any questions that I, or Det. Jones, may ask you. Now if you gentleman...

    Det. Jones breaks in - "Whoa Banks, it's crap like this that makes, me keep you guys at arms distance. A little trust would go a long way here."

    I'll wait for you guys responses.

  12. The Machinist:

    mutters,"Ah, the first reveal. Well played."

    with that The Machinist decides it is his turn to observe more closely

    [OOC] The Machinist will use his Surveillance and Investigation skills, plus his Perception and Intuition abilities to try to figure out what is BSI's real agenda and where Det Jones fits in.

  13. Power Chord:

    OOC: Power Chords Psychic Shield is “always on,” and should prevent him from being read. If they are depending on linguistics or body language to determine his intentions, he probably wrote the book Agent Harris learned from, though I don’t think most empaths/telepaths bother much with learning body language, so much easier to take what you want…

    IC: “Gentlemen, obviously, we are willing to work with you, or we wouldn’t be here, so what do you say we dispense with the games and get down to why you have asked us here?”

  14. Jack Frost:

    Jack was content to let the first human wizard argue it out with the wizard-spy in the employ of this land's rulers.

    Earlier that morning, Jack had smelled some candied nuts roasting on a street corner in a merchant's stall. Jack's mind turned to that aroma now and his stomach growled.

  15. Silver Star also looked on satisfied with Power Chord and Machinist taking the reins for now. The conversation was going the way he wanted it to be.

  16. Power Chord:

    IC: “Gentlemen, obviously, we are willing to work with you, or we wouldn’t be here, so what do you say we dispense with the games and get down to why you have asked us here?”

    The Machinist:

    IC: "Unless this is a game of you shows yours and we show ours?

    "Agents, I am confident that Power Chord and I can handle this room of yours. Jack can put you two on ice and Sliver Star can handle whatever BSI wants to send through that door.

    "We really don't have to play that game do we? Especially with Det Jones caught in the crossfire.

    "What is it that you really want from us"?

  17. GM Replies

    Det. Jones addresses the entire group - "Ok, Ok, everyone just calm down."

    He then turns to look at the assembled group of heroes.

    "First off, let me explain a few things, MCU doesn't want anything from you, other than to find out if you've got any information on what happened today, and what your intentions are.

    As for "my" two sidekicks, as they've stated, they're BSI. MCU & BSI have a standing agreement to investigate any crime involving superhumans. I'm not saying you had anything to do with the explosions, but because your here, we need to check things out."

    Agnet Harris to the group - "Gentlemen, my apologies, I can come off as being a bit overbearing. As Det. Jones has explained, MCU and BSI have a standing joint investigative task force, that investigates any metahuman involvement in a crime. All we want to do is determine the exact chain of events. We routinely conducted these type sessions with the Guardians, and they were very cooperative."

    "Det. Jones to the heroes - "Look, I now this is a bit much, so I'm going to make a suggestion. Everyone's a bit wound up, so why don't we take a little break?"

    Agent Harris to the group - "OK, I need to check in anyway. If you gentlemen need to use the rest room, it's just down the hall, the receptionist can show you where it is."

    Just then, Det. Jones cell phone buzzes, with the familiar sound of an incoming text message. He glances down, and frowns, and slowly shakes his head, as if disappointed about something, as he mutters to himself. "Must be something in the water, I can't catch a break."

    He then leans over and quietly speaks to Agent Harris - "Hey man, I need to step out, as there's a situation, and 1PP wants MCU to check it out. Is there anyway, we can push this back?"

    Agent Harris to Det. Jones - "I'd rather take care of this while it's still freash in everyone's minds."

    Det. Jones - "Look, this could be major. A lieutenant for one of the local mob families, went and got himself smoked last night, and from what witnesses say, it looks like it was done by a cape."

    Agent Harris - "Damn, but I'll have to OK it with, DC. Give me a minute." He, and Agent Banks then excuse themselves.

    Det. Jones - "Hey, guys, I'm sure you'll be heartbroken, but it looks like we'll have to postpone this little interview until a later date."

    I'll wait for replies.

  18. Meanwhile...EC emergency services continues to their work at the site of the explosions. Due to the large number of injured, they've established a makeshift trauma ward, which is providing triage for patients. Those deemed in need of more extensive medical care, are flown to the nearest trauma center, while those with less serious injuries are treated on scene.

    To help the victims cope with the days events, mental health workers, and members of the clergy are beginning to arrive, including among their number is EC Department of Mental Health Services, mental health counselor, Dave Woodrum.

    Not long after arriving on scene, Dave is approached by a police lieutenant, of ECPD's Emergency Services Unit (ESU).

    The ESU Lieutenant - "Hey you", as he looks down at Woodrum's name tag.

    "Woodrum, I just got a call, there's been a shooting on the other side of town, and they're requesting a grief counselor, and as you can see, I ain't got one, so guess what? Your boss just volunteered you. I'm gonna get a uniform to swing you by there, and see if you can give the detectives a hand, grab your stuff, and wait of there."

    I'll wait for your reply.

  19. Agent Harris - "Damn, but I'll have to OK it with DC. Give me a minute." He and Agent Banks then excuse themselves.

    Det. Jones - "Hey, guys, I'm sure you'll be heartbroken, but it looks like we'll have to postpone this little interview until a later date."

    The Machinist - "Okay, but let’s answer one of the questions right now. 'What are our intentions'?

    "We are Protectors. All of us heard the explosion and saw the fire. How I heard and saw was on Amber Green's broadcast.

    "We came to help save lives. I was focused on guiding help to those that needed it. In a situation like this, the first casualty is communications. That is what I was protecting."

    "All I wanteded to do was help. The loss of life whether it is victim or first responder is unacceptable. I believe my fellow Protectors feel the same way.

    "Det. Jones and Agent Harris, I am offering my services to help protect Empire City. I am not empowered to speak for the others on this but as for me ...

    "I want to be a Protector."

  20. On the other side of town, Lorenzo Batali arrives at his family's shop, Stallion Diesel, for what he'd assumed would be a routine day at work. The morning starts off uneventful, as he goes about his usual morning routine of checking his email and voice mail messages, for new orders, the buzzer at the back entrance rings. It's his weekly delivery of clean rags, and his regular delivery driver, Joey De Luca. As he starts wheeling in his delivery cart - "Yo, Mr. B, you hear what happened at Roma's last night? From what I hear, some friggin costumed whack job busted into Roma Pizza (the neighborhood pizza joint, and hang out for several notorious organized crime figures), and whacked Mario Leonetti, right in front of his ol lady. She's all to pieces over it, but hey, whadda gonna do?" and with that, he shrugs, and commences to switch out the bags of dirty rags, for the clean ones.

    I'll wait for your reply.

  21. Silver Star looks at the machinist as if a third eye sprouted from his forehead, then he remembered that he was wearing a closed faced helmet.

    Silver Star clears his throat, "I'm not sure about this protector business, but I'm here to help. I got onsite only after I heard about the fire. I have no clue why it occurred or who did it. At my arrival, I asked the white and blue if they knew, but they weren't talking." He nods at Woodrum, "The shooting, is it in progress? Do you want me to offer you an escort?"

    [OOC]Cougar: I would like to vote on the group name and not get told what it is, especially when the preliminary vote didn't go towards Protectors at all. [/OOC]

  22. Woodrum nods to the officer, gives a tired grin, and gives his reply.
    "That's the nature of the beast ain't it? Eh, so much for working on that paper this evening, I was really wanting to get out of it anyways."

    Woodrum pauses for a second as the officer gives a silent nod of a reply.

    "I've got to grab a few things out of my truck... yeah, its that orange pickup out front. And, if its alright I need to make a visit to the nearest restroom before I leave... 10 more minutes and we'll have a code yellow on the floor as well. If you'll just show me where... oh, never mind... just noticed the door. So who got shot? Any details?"

  23. GM replies to Silver Star

    Det. Jones - "It looks like the excitement's been over for a few hours, and I'm not sure if the boss will allow you down to the area, but I can keep you posted on what happened. From what it sounds like, a cape knocked off Mario Leonetti, and a couple of his leg breakers."

    At which point, he hands you his business card, which includes his cell phone number, ECPD email address, and his twitter ID.

    "I'm out." As he flashes the "deuces" and heads out the door.

    Official GM thing.

    If you guys want to work out a different name, that's fine. I'll give you guys two weeks, as I know you're heading out of town, to work out what you want to do. Just let me know what the final decision is.

  24. GM Replies to Slik Slander

    The officer responds to Dave's question - "All I know is it was some mob mook. I heard the place is a mess, blood everywhere. His wife is babbling about some crazy guy with a couple of pistols. The Chief of D's wants someone to talk to her, and see if we can get more details."

  25. Woodrum, momentarily distracted by his brief conversation with the officer, finding the restroom, and taking note of an older techno riff playing in the background of a commercial coming from a nearby radio (thinking: "I recognize that sample... sounds like an old 303 sequence... was it on a Lords of Acid track, or something from... crap! Gotta pay attention... wish I had something to boost me before I go into this... was Diet Coke in that machine out front, or is it sold out, like all machines are when it comes to the one diet selection.....")....
    Woodrum suddenly clues in on what caught his attention... Silver Star, standing in the corner.

    Turning towards Silver Star, and a bit timid in the presence of an already figure so well recognized...
    "Escort... yeah, uh, maybe.. no.. I mean, what do you think is best? I've got some one to one to do with the survivors, but if the scene is still hostile it might..."
    Woodrum finishes the sentence as he turns to the officer he was originally speaking to, expecting a bit of a reply.
    As he does so Woodrum thinks to himself "They don't know about my abilities... at least I don't think. And not sure what they'd think if they did know. After all, when it comes to regular thugs and citizens, I can clean up an area pretty easy. I may not be as much against those super types as they are, but I hold an unfair advantage against everyday goons..."

  26. Quick GM clarification - Dave is outside of the building you guys are in, in the emergency command center, he hasn't seen you guys yet. Sorry for the confusion.

  27. Woodrum considers what the officer told him as well as Silver Star's offer, and shrugs.

    "What can you tell me about wife? I mean, is she pretty up and up, just a lady that found herself married to the wrong end of the law, or is she a bit of a moll? I mean, with all due respect to her... I'll do my job, there's no question about that. I provide counseling to anyone, regardless.... but it'd make point of entry with her a bit easier if I know what side of the situation she's on?"

    Pausing for a second and then musing out loud...

    "hmmm.... I wonder who our departed is? I've done some work in the past with those "in the system", so to speak, and I'm curious to know if I've crossed paths with the victim before... Eh, doesn't matter. My work is confidential anyways."

  28. GM Replies to Slik Slander

    the Officer replies to Dave - "The wife's Silvia Leonetti, her dead husband was Mario Leonetti. She's pretty shook up right now, which is why they want you to talk to her. look buddy, if you gotta use the can, make it quick, I got a radio car on the way, and the Chief wants you over there ASAP."

  29. [OOC] Oops. I misread the comment. delete my post.. I'll do it again here [/ooc]

    Silver Star takes his card and puts it in a hidden sleeve.

    He looks at the two agents,."So what's next? I'm not sure that saying "I'll see you around" works here, but we will in all likelihood. Should I get your cards too?"

  30. Woodrum replies "Sure thing! Give me just a sec to slip in and whiz and I'll grab my gear and we'll go."
    Woodrum brisks his way through the front entrance as he corners toward the restroom... as he quietly mumbles to himself...
    "Leonetti... Leonetti... sauced up like spagetti.... hmmm.... where have I heard that name before? Leonetti... ah well, looks like tonight's gonna get interesting..."

  31. GM reply to Silver Star

    Agent Harris is busy having a conversation on his Blue Tooth, and just holds up his right index finger, as to say, "one moment". He then reenters the room to address the group.

    "OK gentlemen. After consulting with the Director, he feels it would be in the best interest of the city, to continue this another time. So, I'd going to ask that we meet again tomorrow morning at 9 am, at this same location.

    If any of you need to contact me, or BSI for that matter, before then, our receptionist can give you our contact information. now if you'll excuse me, I've got to finish this call."

    And with that, Agent Harris turns and heads back out the door. Agent Banks, ever the quiet one, nods, and also takes his leave.

  32. GM Replies

    At the moment I'm waiting for a few more of the guys to chime in with their response, before I move this along. Until then, if any of you have any questions, or want clarifications, fire away.

  33. Is it okay for me to post what my character is thinking.... or should I leave that out?

  34. GM Replies to Slik Slander

    Feel free to post away. I know I do some of my best thinking in the throne room.

  35. Lorenzo shakes his head and looks back at Joey, "Some people are just askin' for trouble I guess. Hey Joey, did you see police swarmin' the place?" ---

    Lorenzo waits to hear the answer and then goes back into the shop. "Hey Pop, I gotta run some errands so I'm taking the white van." (Pop knows what this means. "Don't worry, the orders are up to date and I submitted estimated taxes for this quarter already. I may be a while so tell Danny OK." (Danny is Lorenzo's brother.)

    Lorenzo pats his father on the shoulder a few times and says quietly to his father, "I know you heard that too. It wasn't me, but I'd like to find out a little bit more about this. I'll be safe." Lorenzo walks up to a heavy fire door, punches a code on the push button lock and enters a stairwell going down.

    Opening another locked door Lorenzo enters what is obviously a workshop, with equipment much like that found in the garage bays above, including several welding machines, diagnostic tools, air compressors, a small sandblaster, but also sprinkled with some very high-tech gadgetry included a precision plasma cutter connected to a high powered microscope. In fact, the transmission jack in the far corner of the room is actually attached to a mannequin wearing what appears to be a large vest connect to one sleeve of a heavy glove. The glove is resting in an open box with a heavy-duty strain gauge, several small object and a few delicate glass balls.

    Lorenzo opens up a large, man-sized cabinet, briefly examines the blue, metal/fiberglass suit off to the side then climbs in. He closes the doors which are now obviously the back doors of a van, gets in and drives through a small tunnel that quickly rises to the surface, flipping a switch and looking back to ensure that the door to his private workshop securely closes. He comes out in a small garage adjacent to the shop and drives out with the intent of getting as close as possible to the restaurant to see what’s going on.

    Lorenzo will stay in the van for a bit to watch what’s going on before leaving the van. At the first sign of trouble, he’ll pull into a secluded spot and change into his armor.

  36. Lorenzo is excited at the possibility of wearing the Diesel armor and pleasantly sings to himself as he waits. "Bottle of red, bottle of white, it all depends upon your appetite..."
    Then he trails off. "This could ugly real fast. A mob war with supers would destroy this whole neighborhood, taking a whole lot of innocent people with it. I hope Joey was wrong."

  37. Power Chord: Seeing as things seem to be wrapping up with the authorities, he will try to indicate to the others that he would like to speak with them before they leave.


    To Silver Star: “Well met and good work today. I hope we have the opportunity to work together again in the future.”

    To Jack Frost: “I’d love to continue our discussion regarding your history. Perhaps you could join me for lunch some time? I look forward to seeing you around.”

    To The Machinist: “I’m wondering you might have some kind of device we could use to quickly get in touch with each other in case something comes up. It has become apparent that we can’t count on current technology. It would be nice if there were some kind of locater so we could find each other if necessary.”

    To the Detective/Agents: “With the Guardians MIA, I think it’s important that the good people of Empire City know that they are not alone, that someone is watching out for them. If we can find a way for you to contact me, I’d be glad to offer my services should they be needed. I look forward to speaking with you again tomorrow.

    OOC: I’m assuming they’ll get directions/instructions as to the meeting tomorrow. It appears that the shooting that has been referenced is in the past. Power Chord will head home for a quick shower, and then to the University if there is still time to cover some of his classes for the day. He’ll make arrangements to free his schedule tomorrow for the meeting and anything else that might come up.

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  39. Jack Frost:

    Jack bid farewell to everyone. The elemental spirit was glad to be free of that tedious prison. Once outside, he rode the north wind high up into the sky over the incredible, shimmering city.

    Jack would return to the roof of the tower that had been burning that morning, where there had been explosions like cannon fire. He would enter the tower to learn the cause of the fire; the cause that the spies had not discovered.

    But first, he would visit the merchant's stall and get some candied nuts.

  40. Woodrum finished up in the restroom and wandered back out of the building. As he opened the door, his eye caught a streak in the sky. Looking up Woodrum saw Jack descend upwards into the sky...
    "Hmm, looks like this ordeal might be a bit larger than some mafia splatter fest," thought Woodrum as he headed towards his truck. As he opened the passenger door he noticed his pocket video recorder sitting on top of his battered old backpack. "Good thing I brought this along," Woodrum thought to himself, "if the action's going to get pretty hot then I may need to record a bit of evidence."

  41. GM Replies to Slik Slander - As Dave leaves the bathroom, an ECPD officer waves him down, and informs him that he'll be riding with one of the detectives from the MCU. About that time, an African American male, wearing an ECPD badge, exits the BSI office building, and is waved over to them. He introduces himself as Det. Jones of the ECPD's Major Crimes Unit. Tells Dave "Hop in the back.", and they head off to the scene of the shooting.

  42. GM Replies to the group in the building

    Agent Banks - Gentlemen, you are free to go, the exit is through the front of the building, and well see you in the morning.

  43. GM Replies to Diesel - Roma Pizza is a few blocks away from your families shop. Are you planning on checking the area out?

  44. Diesel is still waiting in the van to see how many police and/or others are there. "... I'll meet you any time you want, in our Italian restaurant." If he thinks he can get closer through the sewer system, he'll don his armor and go that way.

  45. As Dave sits in the back of vehicle he ponders over what he knows thus far. "I really wish I could get a clue in on what this grieving wife is like.... cause if I knew she had her own fingers into the whole crime gig then I wouldn't have much guilt into making her blurb forth a few confessions... it might at least give me an insight into what's really going on..."

    Leaning forward to the front of the vehicle, Dave addresses Det. Jones, saying "Hey, Detective Jones, have you ever had any dealings with this mobster that was picked off? Know anything about his wife?"

  46. Lorenzo stops and thinks again, "Wait a minute. Joey said the restaurant, but I could have sworn the news reports said his house. Hmm."
    Now Lorenzo will be really suspicious if there are few to no police cars around Roma's.

  47. Power Chord To The Machinist: “I’m wondering you might have some kind of device we could use to quickly get in touch with each other in case something comes up. It has become apparent that we can’t count on current technology. It would be nice if there were some kind of locater so we could find each other if necessary.”

    The Machinist to Power Chord:" I don't have anything with me that I can give you. I will bring them tomorrow".

    The Machinist then picks up the contact cards and goes back to his workshop. There he will make communication devices as Power Chord described.

    He will also start reviewing the results of his data collection from the day. He will be attempting to see if his data can provide the cause of the explosion and if any suspects can be identified.

    He will download all the information he was recording after the was lead down to the ECI command center. He will include the data from the BSI room even if there is interference from the room. That can provide clues to what was in the room.

    He will dictate all that he remembers from the events and review Amber Green's broadcasts since he left with BSI. He will sent out bots to collect info on Det Jones and the BSI Agents.

    Finally, he will sit at his workbench to start building the communication devices [OOC - Since these will be given away permanently, I see these as a combination of his gadget ability and invention. I will spend an invention point, if necessary, since these will not be disassembled later).

  48. GM Replies to Diesel - There are several police cars, CSU, and guys sporting FBI windbreakers outside of Roma Pizza. As well as a small crowd of onlookers. The majority of the uniformed police are either talking amongst themselves, or keeping the small crowd at bay.

    There are several TV news vans parked around the area, and they appear to be either waiting, or prepping for an upcoming broadcast. Other than that, it doesn't look like to much is going on.

  49. GM Replies to Slik Slander - Det. Jones responds to Slik:

    "I've never dealt with him personally, OCCB (Organized Crime Control Bureau) normally handles that type of thing, but I'm familiar with him. He was into drugs, protection rackets, illegal gambling, the whole nine yards.

    From what they told me on the phone, some cape busted into his place, and opened up on him and his boys."

  50. GM replies to the Machinist - It'll take you a few hours to cobble together the devices, and download the info. During that time, I'll allow you to make one Perception roll, per hour, to see what details you were able to pick up in the BSI conference rooms. Also, your sensors notice something a little off about the business cards you were handed.

  51. GM Replies to the group

    1) I'll need everyone else's actions within the next week or so. Namely Silver Star, Jack Frost, and Power Chord (hint, hint).

    2) I'll start taking votes on an "official" group name today, and let it run for a week. I'm fine of whatever name you guys decide to come up with.

    3) I'm finally going to work out the details of the revised skill system, as I saw a very simple system posted over on the V&V forums. I just want to get someone's permission to use it, before I swipe it for use with the game.

    4) Also, you guys should feel free to toss about witty banter amongst yourselves, as you don't have to wait on ye ole GM. I've got a funky work schedule, and I don't want that to affect you guys ability to enjoy yourselves.

  52. The Machinist
    [00C] He will do the perception roll once per hour. One roll will be to try to determine what is off about the business cards.

    When this is complete and no new event has occurred he will go to the building to see if he can gather more information from the fire and see if Jack is still there.

  53. Slik replies to the officer... "Just like that huh?!? Tell me, this "cape"? You know who they may be?"
    Slik sits back immediately after asking his question and thinks the following:
    [thoughts] "A cape huh? Now that's going to make things a bit tricky. I'm sure I could take on one or two but I really prefer normal, everyday thugs... I like my unfair advantage when fighting crime... bringing the street level scum to their knees is what I do best. No matter, its crime in the city and crime has got to be cleaned up... even if one element of crime is taking care of the other half. I may have to thank the cape for that later."

    [ooC] Slik will sit back and enjoy the ride for now... not much else in the immediate to do.

  54. Diesel:
    There's a good chance that Diesel knows some of the police officers, both from his work location (being nearby) and from his old municipal work. He'll get out of his truck and saunter up to one of them.

    "Hey Frank, what's going on? I hear old Mario Leonetti gets offed so I come to see what's up and it looks the Feds have already stepped in. Isn't this local business first? Where are EC detectives? Don't they know that Feds just step on the real evidence that you guys could be finding?" He gives Frank a knowing elbow nudge.

    Lorenzo then points to the camera crew. "Say, are those guys coming or going?"

  55. GM Replies

    Meanwhile, back at the Carlyle Building - The Area is swarming with ECPD, ECFD, FBI, ATF, BSI, and every other agency that has an interest in the case. A security perimeter has been established to keep bystanders, the press, and anyone without official clearance from entering the scene.

    Now that the fires are out, the damage to the building, and the surrounding area can clearly be seen. It appears as though two large explosions caused most of the damage. The first explosion, was the smaller of the two, and appears to have happened in the buildings lower levels. The second explosion, the one that occurred while Amber was live on the air, was much larger, and seemed to come from somewhere within the building's halfway point.

    Amber Green is still milling around, hoping to coax some sort of statement out of one the officials, but so far, she's not having any luck. While no one's willing to say it, everyone seems to be thinking the same thing. That this was some sort of deliberate attack, specifically targeted at the Carlyle Building, or its occupants.

  56. GM Replies to Slik

    Det. Jones Responds - "Well, things are kind of sketchy, as everything we've gotten so far, is coming from Leonetti's wife. But from what we can piece together, a costumed man entered Roma Pizza, and not only killed Leonetti, but four of his bodyguards.

    Normally OCCB would handle this crap, but his wife swears that the guy who did it was a cape."

  57. GM Replies to Diesel

    Officer Frank McLaughlin responds to Diesel - "It's a freakin bloodbath in there. I've never seen anything like it, and I've been on the job for 10 years. Four of Leonetti's boys pumped so full of lead, you'd think they were pencils. And Leonetti's fat face lying in the middle of a plate of lasagna, with one bullet right between his eyes. His wife still hiding under the sink when we found her.

    We were handling the initial investigation, but now every three letter agency you can think of is horning in. The FBI, ATF, and the federal prosecutor are all running around with their panties in a knot over this. I know one thing, Leonetti's boys ain't gonna take this lying down...it's gonna get bloddy."

    And then he wanders off to his car to finish some paperwork.

    At roughly the same time, an unmarked ECPD Chevy Caprice arrives on the scene, carrying an African American dressed in a EC Warriors Hoody, and sporting a ECPD detective's badge. Riding with him is an white male wearing a EC Dept. of Mental Health Services I.D. Badge, and a large stick-on tag with the name D. Woodrum, written in black marker.

  58. Slik replies to Det. Jones:
    "Hmmm... could be a cape, could be just a loonie in a fancy costume... I guess we'll find out soon enough, looks like we're at the spot."

    Slik climbs out of the vehicle and approaches the scene.

  59. Jack Frost:

    Jack rode the North Wind into the exposed middle of the wounded tower (the Carlyle Building). His intention was to avoid the tedious guards and spies who had already wasted too much of his endless time. But if he recognized any of the Gifted (the other PCs), who reminded him of his family, he would join them.

    (If he succeeds...)

    Once inside, Jack's sharp pale eyes peered about. (Can Jack tell who resided on the floors that were attacked?)

    Then the grandson of Mother Nature spoke to the rats in the tower walls. "Silent, stealthy survivors. Cautious, wise watchers. What transpired here today? Were any of your kind injured and in need of aid?"

    "You know the exact movements of the Men in this tower. Your survival depends upon it. You must have seen outsiders who did not belong here.
    "Tell me, ancient friends, who caused the fire and explosions? And who were the Men who lived on the level that burned?"

  60. Diesel:
    Lorenzo has several questions/comments.
    "Hmph. Sounds like a typical but nasty mob hit. Why'd anybody think supers are involved in this?"

    "Ah, it looks like they're finally letting some detectives in. Good! Feds are just looking to solve the case; they don't care about keeping the neighborhood safe."

    (If it's not there)"Where's Leonetti's car? Did it get taken in already?"

    "Say Frank, you guys need some coffee or something, I was gonna get some for the boys back at the shop."

  61. GM Replies to Slik Slander - Det. Jones leads you through the police lines, past the onlookers, and into Roma Pizza. The scene inside looks like something out of an episode of a police crime drama. Crime scene personnel busy themselves taking photos, video, and looking for other evidence. Their are bullet holes in the walls and bar, while broken glass and bloodstains cover the floor.

    Det. Jones, looks around, and spots a small group of plain clothed officers near the back of the kitchen, and motions for you to follow him. Sitting in the middle of the group, wrapped in blanket, is an attractive looking middle age woman, with dark black hair. Her eyes are puffy, and red. Her makeup is smeared, and she's shaking. Just as you approach, one of the detectives looks back, smiles, and says - "Nate, am I glad to see you. This the counselor?" looking at you.

    Det. Jones - "Yeah, so what the hell went down?"

    The Detective nods for you to step away from the woman, and you all step out of earshot. The Police Detective, pointing at the woman - That's Silvia Leonetti, Mario Leonetti's wife. The uniforms found her hiding under the sink, when they were searching the place. She's really shook up. But from what she told us so far, she says that, Mario, a couple of his boys, and her, were having a late dinner. They heard some noise from the back. One of Mario's goons starts to get up to check out, and Bam, he's hit in the chest. The next thing she knows she's knocked to the floor. After that it was a lot of gunfire, silence a voice she didn't recognize, and a single gunshot.

    Then a voice told her to come out, and that's when she saw him. According to her, and this is where it gets strange, it was a cape. She claims the guys was holding a couple of pistols with a couple of pistols and told her "Your husband will no longer be able to peddle his poison to children." And then, just like that, the guy splits.

    Can you believe it? One guy supposedly managed to take out Mario Leonetti, four of his boys, and then calmly strolls out of the place. Hopefully you guys will be able to clam her down, so we can get a little more info out of her." And with that, he motions you towards Mrs. Leonetti.

  62. GM Reply to Jack Frost

    Jack manages to enter the once shining tower of steel and glass completely unseen, as there are still many unlit areas within its now scorched walls. Moving as swiftly and silently as a cool fall breeze, he makes his way toward the center of the great tower. The many servants of the towering braggart he'd encountered earlier are busily scampering about the tower, making themselves busy searching, and warning each other to "make sure you don't contaminate the area." But he had no time for this.

    The rats listen intently to Jack's request, and their king steps forward to respond. After a brief exchange of niceties, he goes on to explain that for the past moon (one month), they have seen many strange faces in the building. The rats have come to call them the men who befriend the serpents, which makes the rats fear them, as snake are one of their sworn enemies. He continues his tale, and explains that the men who befriend the serpents only come at night, bringing many strange tools with them, and that all but one leave before the dawn breaks. The one that doesn't leave was still in the building it began to burn, and unlike the other humans, not only did he not try to run, he smiled as the fires spread. His body is lying in the ashes near the center of the building.

    When he's finished, the rat king has but one request for Jack. He asks that if Jack has no use for the body, that it be left of him, as he has many mouths to feed in the coming winter, and the human corpse will serve him well.

  63. GM Replies to Diesel

    Frank replies to Lorenzo - "This ain't exactly your typical mob hit, but who ever it was, the guy was real pro. He not only popped Leonetti, but all four of his guys, but he didn't lay finger on Leonetti's wife. Why leave a witness? Plus Leonetti's old lady swears it was a cape."

    As you look around the area, you can clearly see Leonetti's Cadillac is still sitting in the ally, (which can be entered from the other end) next to the restaurant. With a uniformed officer "guarding" it (he's mostly talking on his cell phone, and not really paying attention to the car, or the alley).

    Frank replies to the offer for coffee - "Yeah, some coffee would be great, and would you mind grabbing the guys a box of scones?"

  64. This comment has been removed by the author.

  65. Jack Frost:

    The elemental eternal bowed before the Rat King. "Your majesty, how did 'The Men Who Befriend The Serpents' earn their title?"

    When Jack learned of the culprit's corpse he asked, "Please, could one of your subjects lead me to it?
    "I am indebted to your majesty. I promise those mouths shall not go hungry."

  66. Powerchord: Once he has taken care of his mundane duties, Powerchord retires to his private study and meditates on the events of the day. As he evaluates the events that transpired, he decides to return to the bank to identify the root cause of the explosions.

    He will return to the tower in Phantom form (Invisible/Non-corporeal) to continue his investigation. This should allow him to move about the tower freely, including listening in on any of the investigations currently underway. Once he locates “ground zero,” he will use psychometry to determine the cause of the explosion.

  67. Diesel replies "You got it Frank!" Hopefully it looks like they'll still be there for a while.

    He'll hustle back to car and call in an order to the local shop for a box of coffee & scones and then go pick them up. While he's waiting, he'll fire up the armor to get the engine nice and warm, hooking up the exhaust to a diverter tube to mingle with the van exhaust. He'll pick up the goods (lots of cream and sugar) and take it back.

    Lorenzo will go to Frank first to give him his pick and then say "I can take this around to the rest of the guys."

    If allowed, the first one he'll deliver to is the guy watching the car, but he'll still keep an eye on the restaurant as well.

    Lorenzo nods his head back in Frank's direction. "Chatting with Frank and he said you guys'd like some coffee and scones. Blueberry, chocolate chip, cranberry orange, take your pick. Say, how 'bout the guys watching the entrance over there?"

  68. GM Replies

    Just to make sure everyone's up to speed, here's a quick breakdown.

    Jack, The Machinist, Silver Star, and Power Chord have completed their initial meeting with BSI, and are expected back in the morning.

    Jack Frost is at the Carlyle Building, checking it out.

    The Machinist has just finished up at his shop, and is in route to the Carlyle Building.

    Slik is inside Roma Pizza, along with Det. Jones.

    Diesel is outside of Roma Pizza speaking with the beat cops.

    I'm waiting for Silver Star and Power Chord to jump in and let me know what they're planning. If anyone has any questions, shoot me an email.

  69. GM Replies

    Sorry guys, I made a little boo boo (OK a major boo boo), and accidentally posted my last response to the old thread (not sure how I did it), and Dave (Slik) responded to it. So, now it'll have to get moved over here (Sorry Dave).

  70. GM Replies to Silver Star - This is in response to an email on Star's next actions and a question as to how his skills could be used.

    Just so everyone knows, a basic driving sill will allow you to handle common vehicles such as cars (cars, vans, SUVs, pick-ups), motorcycles, small trucks, quads, etc. I'll take specialty vehicles (fork lifts, construction equipment, tanks, etc.) on a case by case basis. If your background would provide you with knowledge of their operation, no problem, if it's the first time your in the driver's seat, I'd require an INT save to figure out it's operation (plus I'll get to have a little fun as it plays out).

    You can easily use your driving skills to handle a motorcycle. If you want, I can whip up some stats for one, and find a pic of a suitable bike for you, online. Once your "handlers" see you're in route back to the Carlyle building, you'll get a "text message" from them, that they want to be kept in the loop as to what happened there, as they've had dealings with some of the building occupants.

    Also, what's your plan for gaining access to the area, as the police have it sealed up pretty tight.

  71. GM replies to Jack Frost

    The Rat King answers the spirit of winter -

    "The men of which I speak, consort with serpents. I've heard their whispers, as they conspired to do harm against the men who come to this place in daylight. They spoke of their lord, the serpent king, and how they eagerly await his return.

    The one who died, willingly laid down his life so that he could lay waste to the holdings of one of his lord's enemies. This is all I know of there doings. Come now, and my royal guard will show you his resting place.

    And with that, a dozen of the largest rats advance to lead you to the man they speak of. As you approach, you feel the presence of another, while his form is unseen, you sense that he means you no harm.

  72. GM Replies to Power Chord

    Using your mystical abilities you easily gain access to the building. Police officers, fire fighters, and federal agents busily go about their assigned duties, and are oblivious to your presence. Within a few minutes you're drawn to the a set of offices near the center of the building, and within the debris, to the charred remains of what was obviously a human male. As you begin your examination, you feel the presence of another, one that's familiar, it's that of Jack Frost, and his new companions, a small horde of rats.

  73. The Machinist: He approaches the building from the side which provides the most cover. He will steathly as possible move to where he has a clear view of the largest opening in the middle of the building. Taking pieces from his suit and the nearby area he creates a jet backpack and will fly into the opening. Once landing he will quickly disassemble it and start investigating the area.

    [ooc] Uses his gadget ability to create the the jet backpack.

  74. Powerchord:

    IC: Sensing Jack’s presence, Powerchord will drop his defensive spells. “Welcome brother, my curiosity as to the events that transpired here would not allow me to rest. I see you’ve brought friends, acknowledging Jack’s escort with respect.”

  75. GM replies to Diesel

    The cops thank you for the refreshments, make small talk, ask about your family, and generally let their guard down as you make your rounds.

    As you work your way around the building, you're able to slide toward the back alley entrance. The lone young officer stationed there, is busily texting away on his phone, and doesn't even give you a second glance.

    The rear entrance, which leads into the kitchen is open, and there doesn't appear to be anyone about.

    I'll wait for your reply.

  76. GM Replies - Before I reply to Dave's last post, I'll wait till it's moved over here.

  77. GM Replies to the Machinist

    Quick question - Are you sure you want to use the jet pack? It's still daylight out, and their are cops and reporters everywhere. Using the pack will get you a lot of unwanted attention. There are several ways you can quietly enter the building without making a big show about it, as their are workers, federal agents, police, fire & rescue personnel going into, and out of the place.

  78. [OOC:Sorry for the slow response - I posted this in the wrong thread]

    As the meeting adjourns, Silver Star looks around the room. What an odd assortment of people. Even the boys in black and in blue seem to be odd ones. This is going to get interesting very soon.

    As he bids farewell to everyone present, he's wondering if there was criminal intent in that fire and if that was the goal of this meeting.

    He leaves the location with the intent to go snooping at the fire.

  79. The Machinist: Just before taking off The Machinist realized this was a mistake. 'I better be more quiet about this.' He slowly disassembles the jet backpack. Then he sneaks into the building using his stealth ability and agility to its fullest

  80. OOC GM: The bike is pure genius. It's awesome.

  81. Slik (err.. Woodrum) will wait until things are cleared with the police and then politely introduce himself to the wife of the departed and initiate formal counseling openings, probably by saying to her "I want you to take a moment to simply let out Your immediate feelings, right now you deserve to have a release. I am simply here for support, not to tell you how you should feel..."

  82. GM replies to Silver Star

    Glad you like the bike. Hopefully you'll make use of it. Once you arrive at the bank (The Carlyle Building), what do you plan to do?

  83. GM Replies to the Machinist

    Grabbing a set of coveralls, and a hard hat, you slowly make your way through the building. The workers, police, and investigators, attention is focused on collecting evidence, not you. Most of the activity seems to be taking place on the 11th floor, former home to the offices of South West Asian Imports. For some reason, the name seems familiar to you, but you're not quite sure why.

    I'll wait for your actions.

  84. GM Replies to Slik

    Det. Jones begins to listen to you speak to Mrs. Leonetti, and cuts in. "Excuse me, but if you'd like a more private area to speak, the kitchen's empty."

    He gently escorts Mrs. Leonetti into the kitchen, and seats her in the office (which is located near the rear entrance door). He then excuses himself. Mrs. Leonetti, still visibly shaken, begins to cry again.

    I'll wait for your response.

  85. [OOC] Ok, my overall take is to use my investigative training and background to figure out if there are any clues with regards to criminal intent.

    My training isn't about fire investigation, (unless your skill is broad enough to allow for that).

    If I can't tell, then: If the firemen are still onsite, I'll see if I can gather information from them. If the general mood is non-communicative, then I'll back off and I'll just try to pick up stray conversation bits.

    If I can tell, then I'll just go on in and try to get clues as to criminal intent and then possibly clues with regards to who might have committed this crime.

    What is at the Carlyle Building?

  86. The Machinist:
    He makes his way to the offices of South West Asian Imports. He will enter the offices as quietly as possible and search for clues to what happened or what could have caused someone to want to do this.

  87. GM Replies to Silver Star

    Response to your question about the Carlyle Building - The Carlyle Building is the corporate HQ for Citizen's Bank and Trust. Several other businesses also lease space in the building.

    Response to your question about skills - I'm of the opinion skills should be broad enough to allow you to simulate things you see happening in comics. You don't see them fretting over which area a detective has skills in. So while you might not specialize in fire investigations, you would be able to determine that something fishy has gone down.

    As far as the actual scene goes, it's late in the afternoon when you arrive, and while the major fires are out, the building still has some smoldering hot spots (it'll take several days for those to completely die down). Cops, Fire, EMS, and Federal agents, etc. are swarming all over the place. ECPD has set up a cordon around the the area, to keep out unauthorized personnel, but with a little effort, you could slide past it.

    The press is also everywhere, so if you roll up on your bike, you'll attract some attention, including that of Amber Green. She's definitely interested in speaking with you, and would be more than willing to exchange information, as long as it results in an exclusive interview with you (hint, hint).


  88. GM Replies to The Machinist

    As you make your way to the former offices of South West Asian Imports, it dons on you. You remember seeing the company's at work, it had something to do with the university's department of Middle Eastern Studies program, but for the life of you can't exactly recall what.

    The offices themselves, have been gutted by the fire. through the darkness, you're able to make out the scorched remains or what was obviously a well furnished office.

    As you take in your surrounds, the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. You sense that you are not alone.


  89. Still carrying the coffee & scones (they're his alibi), Lorenzo will sneak into the kitchen and look around while also trying to hear any conversations that may be going on around the corner in the main room. Does it look like any food was in the process of being prepared, taken out etc.?

  90. Jack Frost:

    OOC: Sorry for the delay. Been hectic.

    IC: Jack Frost came forward with an escort of vermin. He smiled at the human sorcerer and the lonely blacksmith. "Greetings," he said, holding out a bag of candied nuts.

    He looked around for the white knight and then continued, "Wizard, it would seem there was some truth to your prophecy. This man," indicating the corpse, "caused the explosion and resulting fire. He was a fanatic servant of the Serpent King. Other servants await His return. They struck this tower because it is a holding of the Serpent King's enemies. Is that not correct?" the supernatural sprite asked the rats.

    Jack will join the others in searching the corpse and the area to learn more of the Serpent King's servants and enemies.

    He bid the rats wait to seize their prize.

    OOC: Does Jack's knowledge of myths and folklore tell him anything about who the Serpent King is?

  91. [OOC] I just now found your last bit on my part... sorry!

    Dave will go into the kitchen with the lady and began to ask her again how she feels about this and if there is anything she would like to simply "just let out" (emotionally).

    Slik Slander thinking to self: "Hmmm.... this is a tricky situation. I could use my thought influence to force some useful information out of this woman, but for all I know she could be innocent... and that wouldn't be right. Besides, if I did that with my mask off, things could get disastrous for me..."

  92. [OCC]
    Forgot to add- Unless the GM wants to work it bit by bit, Slik will basically provide therapeutic counseling and use his counseling skill roll to see if he can keep the woman calm while getting at least some useful information out of her... it wouldn't be good to use my confession control abilities at this point, out of costume and dealing with a potential innocent.

  93. GM Replies

    Jeff, The Machinist isn't in the room with you yet, he's still in the hallway that leads into the office, so you haven't seen him yet.

    Just so everyone's clear on their exact location, here's a quick update on where everyone's located. Slik & Diesel are at Roma Pizza. Slik's in the office (which is in the kitchen), and Diesel's outside the door eavesdropping on his conversation with Mrs. Leonetti.

    Silver Star is outside the Carlyle Building trying to gather some information on the fire, and Amber Green is hot on his tail for an interview.

    The Machinist is in the hallway that leads, entering the doors of South West Asian Imports, but hasn't actually entered the room.

    Jack Frost and Power Chord are near the back of the offices examining the dead body located there. Hopefully that will clear up any confusion of where everyone is located.

  94. GM Replies to Slik Slander

    You shown the office, and provided a couple of comfortable office chairs to sit down in. Mrs. Leonetti, is upset, shaking, and visibly drained. As you begin to speak to her, she tells you how she, her husband, and their "bodyguards" stopped in to grab some food, after attending a show.

    The place was closed, but owner, a good friend of the family, let them in. After whipping them up some food, he'd just stepped to the back, when they heard some noise. When one of the bodyguards went to see what was going on, the shooting started.

    She was pushed to the floor, and couldn't really see what was happening. When all of the shooting finally stopped, the man, dressed in an elaborate costume, and carrying several firearms, had killed her husband, and all of their bodyguards. She feared for her life, but the man let her live. She's still scared that he'll come back for her.

  95. GM Replies to Diesel

    As you enter the kitchen you hear the voices of a man and a woman coming from what looks like a small office. As you stand just out of their view, you manage to overhear their conversation. The man is speaking in a calm voice, and basically trying to reassure the women that she's safe, and he's here to help her.

    The woman, who's crying, goes on to explain to the man, how her husband and their bodyguards were gunned down by a costumed man late last night.

  96. GM Replies to Jack Frost

    Jack's skills would give him some basic information on various Snake themed religious sects, but he'd need a few more details before he could be narrow down exactly who they might be dealing with.

  97. GM Replies to Jack and Power Chord

    As the two of you begin to search the dead body, you discover a a golden ring on the body's left index finger. The ring itself in an ornately carved Asp with two small colored stones where the eyes would normally be.

  98. The Machinist takes a defensive posture and slowly scans around him. He is looking to see what could be causing him to sense he is not alone. He will scan infrared, ultraviolet, and the other spectrums beyond human sight.

  99. Jack Frost:

    OOC: My bad, Dom. Sorry.

    Anything else of interest beyond the ring? On the cultist and in the surrounding area?

  100. Power Chord:

    OOC: Power Chord has personal history and knowledge areas related to the Occult; does he have any information related to the “Followers of the Serpent”, or the Serpent King?

    IC to Jack: “Please allow me to examine the ring, I believe its nutritional value to be minimal to your friends.”

    He will first detect magic to see if the ring is ensorcelled/safe to handle. If not, he will dispel magic to make it safe to handle.

    He will also cast a psychometry spell to see if he can discern the history, at least the recent history of the ring. He will be looking for direction, as to what the bearer of the ring’s intent/involvement was with the explosion, and also any knowledge of where the “Followers of the Serpent can be found.”

  101. Diesel continues listening hoping to hear some more useful information. With his knowledge of criminals, he wonders if he remembers the mob using or imitating supers in the past.

  102. GM Replies to The Machinist

    As you turn around you see an athletic looking white male, dressed in a hard hat, and jumpsuit similar to the one worn by the emergency workers you've seen throughout the building, and carrying a flash light. But your instincts tell you that something seems off about him. As he approaches you, he takes up what you instantly recognize as a fighting stance.


  103. GM Replies to Jack Frost

    No worries, I probably need to start posting small posts listing exactly where everyone is, as it can get confusing reading through all of these posts.

    As far as the office itself goes, it's hard to make out do to the damage, but it appears as though the initial explosion seems to have been centered here. The body itself is to damaged to really tell anything about it other than it was male.

    The ring is a finely crafted ornate gold ring, but other than being smudged by soot, and the Asp carving, there really doesn't appear to be anything special about.

  104. GM Replies to Power Chord

    When you examine the ring, it appears to be in all aspects normal, with no special abilities. As you are preparing to cast your spell, you hear the noise of a door, near the front of the office, opening.

  105. GM replies to Diesel

    As you listen to the man and woman speak, something strikes you as odd. It doesn't sound like any hit you've ever heard off. And why would the guy leave her alive? It's just not adding up to you.

  106. Slik (aka in Dave mode) thinks to himself,
    [thoughts] "hmmm... strange. The culprit was dressed as a cape but he used guns to do his trade... yeah, it may be one of those rhinestoned up sharp shooters, but unlikely.... and to make matters more perplexing, this character is out doing his own style of justice... to the criminal element of the city.... and seeing how I pretty much do the same, I'd be a hypocrite to blame him for that... still though.... he's going about it the wrong way... he's letting them get off easy by dying, I'd rather leave them simply beaten up so they can still be swept up in the arms of justice. Funny indeed... I can't help but to wonder what this broad really knows...." [/thoughts]
    Turning attention back to the victim's wife, Dave starts to assure her that things are going to be alright but then pops the question...
    "You said a moment ago that you are afraid that the stranger may be coming back for you, even though he let you live. Why do you feel this way?"

  107. The Machinist:
    "Hello, are we trying to find the same thing? Or are you here to make sure I don't?

    [ooc] The Machinist will take a defensive fighting position. If Hardhat attacks, he will evade. The Machinist while watching Hardhat’s stance will also look for identifiers (tattoos, rings, clothing beneath jumpsuit, etc…)

  108. GM Replies to Slik

    Mrs. Leonetti responds to Slik - "What do you mean? I've just seen my husband gunning down like some dog in the street, and you want to know why I' scared. And where's my brother-in-law. The police said he's here to pick me up. Why aren't they letting me go home?

  109. GM Replies to The Machinist

    As you scan the hallway (which is 10' wide and roughly 100' long, with two plate glass doors leading into the offices of South West Asian Imports, bordered by plate glass along the office front), you can make out the shapes of two other men dressed in the same fashion, as Hardhat 1. Hardhat 2 & 3 seem to be trying to quietly maneuver their way up to you as well.

    As Hardhat 1 hears his companions approach, a sinister smirk appears on his face, and he draws an finely crafted dagger from inside of his jumpsuit. And with that, he speaks.

    "The infidel shouldn't be here, the master will not be pleased. KILL HIM!"


  110. The Machinist
    [ooc]He evades. As he is moving around the room to make sure the three don’t get him corner, The Machinist assemblies as Electronic Shock device (Lightning Device). The gadget will have a range component to it, not only a carrier attack to HtH.

    If the first Hardhat waits for the other two before attacking instead of charging directly, he will assembly as second gadget. It is a Blinding Flash Device (Light Device). His visor should provide some protection against it.

    The Machinist will attempt to Flash all three at once and then shock the closest. While the shocker recharges he will engage in HtH if at least one of the other 2 were blinded, otherwise he will evade until the shocker is recharged.

  111. The Machinist:

    "Infidel ... Master ... and he's holding a finely crafted dagger ... That's just great! I came to Empire City to get away from these types.

  112. Diesel ponders what he is hearing. Of course they had to leave her alive. How else would they know to blame it on a super instead of a typical gangland hit. Now that she's talked, she's probably used up her usefulness and they WILL be back to get rid of her. This is not good. I better make sure she isn't left unguarded for a while.

  113. Brother-in-law? Hmm, who might that be?
    Diesel is getting more interested in this.

    OOC: Sorry I forgot to add that to the previous post.

  114. Power Chord:

    IC: “One Moment,” to Jack, as he reaches out and touches him, casting invisibility on both of them as he looks to the door...

  115. Slik ponders to himself: "Hmmm... brother in law, and she addressed him as such. This is interesting, but ouch, she really flew back at me on my open ended questioning. I'd really love to sneak in some of my unique abilities and get her to blabber all that she knows... but I best not blow my cover... that's a mission for under the mask."

    Dave leans back, apologizes to the widow, and changes the flow by asking "I'm sorry, but they've not briefed me on who would be arriving. Who is your brother in law?"

  116. At the moment, I'm still waiting for a couple of responses, but to bring everyone up to speed, here's the situation.

    Jack & Power Chord are inside the offices of South West Asian Imports, just out of sight of the front doors. They're were in the process of examining the body of the person they believe to be responsible for the explosion and fire, when the hear the sounds of someone entering the office. Power Chord has just cast an invisibility spell.

    The Machinist had entered the building, to conduct his own investigation, when he's confronted by an armed man and his two cohorts. He's currently in the hallway adjacent to the offices of South West Asian Imports.

    As it stands, he's using his actions to Evade, and to assemble a small stun device. The hallway is 2" (10 feet) wide, and approximately 20" (100 feet long). There's a sold wall running alongside one wall, and the glass frontage to offices along the other.

    The Machinist attackers, are approximately 3" to 4" from him. The dagger armed assailant is the closest. The other two, are directly behind him, blocking any exit.

    With the exception of Power Chord, who's just cast a spell, all three of you are at full Power and HP levels.

    Silver Star is outside the Carlyle Building, having just arrived at the location.

    Slik Slander & Diesel are are Roma Pizza investigating the murder of a member of EC's leading underworld families. Slik's interviewing his wife, while Diesel is eavesdropping on the conversation, from just outside the door.

    Once I get Jack and Silver Star's actions, I'll push everything forward.

  117. GM Reply to the Machinist

    Oh, I forget to add, it'll take you a full turn to assemble your stun device, as it's a little hard to put it together while trying to dodge a knife welding fanatic.

  118. Jack Frost:

    The newly-invisible elemental smiled impishly, assuming the human wizard couldn't see him.

    Hearing someone else entering the area, Jack whispered to the Rat King's royal guard:
    "Can you please see who that is?"

  119. Power Chord:

    IC: Seeing the smile on Jack’s face causes Dirk to smile himself. It’s been a long time since he’s actually enjoyed using his abilities. Power Chord removes his hand from Jack’s shoulder and his companion fades away as Dirk moves toward the doorway of the offices to investigate the noise.

  120. GM Replies to the Machinist

    Hard Hat 1 makes a running lunge at you, with his dagger, but you manage to sidestep his attack, and curses as his just misses your throat. "Damn you infidel dog."

    Hard Hat 2 & 3 maneuver themselves into a position, and draw their daggers, as your hands work frantically to assemble your improvised stun device.

    Do you want to use the stun device, or, try to whip up the other gadget?

  121. GM Replies to Jack Frost

    The Rat King, upon hearing the Jack's request, dispatches two of his most skilled scouts to investigate the noises. They quickly return to report to their king. They've returned my lord! The men who consort with snakes make battle with the with another man.

  122. GM Replies to Power Chord, as you round the darkened corner, you can clearly see a frenzied battle between The Machinist, and three men dressed in coveralls, hard hats, and reflective vests. The man nearest The Machinist has just swung a blow that nearly struck the Machinist in the neck, while the two men to his rear are rapidly advancing forward.

    From your point of view, the Machinist is partially in the doorway to the office, and has his back toward you, his assailant, is to his left front, and the other two men are to his left.


  123. Meanwhile back at Roma Pizza

    Mrs. Leonetti tells Slik that her brother-in-law Frank Leonetti, is supposed to pick her up, but the police aren't letting him, as they wanted to talk to her first. Frankie said don't say anything until he can get his lawyer on the phone. She wants to know why she can't see Frank.

    While this is going on, both of you hear loud voices coming from the front of the restaurant. Slik recognizes one of the voices as that of Det. Jones. But not the other one. You can clearly hear the loudest voice state "You ain't got nothin, you hear me...nothin, if you want to talk to her, you go through my lawyer! Now get the $%&! outta my way."

    And with that, the kitchen door swings open to reveal the massive frame of Frank Leonetti.

  124. GM Replies to Diesel

    As the door swings open,a well dressed 6'3", 250 pound hulking mass, with olive skin, dark black hair, bursts through the door, looks you dead in the eye and says. "Who da !@#$% are you?"


  125. GM Replies to Silver Star

    As eager reporter Amber Greene begins to try to persuade you to grant her an interview, you receive a transmission from your handlers. They want you back "home" ASAP so that they can debrief you on the days events, and prep you for your "interview" with BSI.

  126. "Damn you infidel dog."

    The Machinist replies, "If I am a dog then you must be a cat! Lets see how a shock collar works on your kind"

    The Machinist attacks with the stun device.

    [ooc] The Machinist will not attempt to make the other device until he gains breathing room. His fighting pattern will be to evade on his first action and then attack with the stun device as long as his evasion lasts (I am assuming we are using standard V&V initiative and phases). If at any point, after he is wounded, it appears he is being overwhelmed he will multiple attack 2 of them (a stun attack and a kick)at a time.

  127. Power Chord:

    IC: From behind, he will cast sleep on the two men farthest from the Machinist. He doesn’t want to take a chance on knocking out the Machinist and not his attacker; from experience he knows the affects of the spell are somewhat unpredictable.

  128. Jack Frost:

    The GM wrote: 'The Rat King, upon hearing the Jack's request, dispatches two of his most skilled scouts to investigate the noises. They quickly return to report to their king. They've returned my lord! The men who consort with snakes make battle with the with another man.'

    Jack said to the vermin, "It looks like your food stores will be bursting this season."

    The glacial godling joined the fray.
    "Machinist, these are neither cats nor curs, but snakes; agents of the Serpent King."
    Jack fired a blast of wintry cold and ice from his hands at a serpent cultist!

    OOC: He'll fire at an unengaged cultist, unless the Machinist or anyone else really needs a hand, in which case he'll fire on their opponent in an attempt to offer aid.

  129. Diesel maneuvers to the door to the dining area (if he can) so he can be heard. "I'm sorry, you must be a new detective, would you like a scone?" Diesel's first action will be evasion (if the bruiser comes in swinging). Hopefully drawing him close to the dining room door, then he'll try to move back to the outside door to get out of there.

  130. Quick Status Update

    Here's what everyone involved in this little melee looks like, at the moment.

    The Machinist - saving one action to Evade

    Armed with stun device: 1d8 electrical damage, 6 charges.

    HP: 21
    Power: 64

    Power Chord - Invisible, casting Sleep spell

    HP: 20
    Power: 67

    Jack Frost - Invisible. using Ice Powers to attack snake cultist.

    HP: 24
    Power: 68

    The Machinist lands a blow on Hardhat 1, inflicting 5 points of electrical damage, and incapacitating him.

    Power Chord's sleep spell knocks out Hardhat 3, Hardhat 2 manages to shake off the effects, but is at is moving about as though he's about to fall asleep.

    Jack's frost attack finishes the job on Hardhat 2. It inflicts 7 points of damage (rendering him unconscious, and encasing him in 7 cubic feet of ice.


  131. Over at Roma Pizza

    Frank Leonetti's massive frame fills the door to the kitchen, as he stares Lorenzo Batali (Diesel).

    "Scone? Do I look like I want a @#*&( scone? And what the #$*&^ are you doin here?"

    At the same time, Det. Jones, who's directly behind him, starts to step into the kitchen, as he's calling out to Dave Woodrum (Slik).


    But stops mid sentence, does a double take, as he sees Diesel, and asks.

    "Excuse me, but who are you, and how did you get in here."


  132. Slik thinking: "Crap! crap! crap, crap, crap! I'm out of costume! Crap! Yeah, I could probably take this guy, yeah, I could easily take over this moll's brain and get every little tidbit I wanted, but then it would be pretty much the end of my career... and I'd be exposed. I'd better play the simple social worker cover."

    Slik merely turns to the widow and says "I assume that this is your brother in law..."

  133. (With all apologies to Slik!) Diesel thinks to himself "Crap! crap! crap, crap, crap! I'm out of costume!"

    To Det. Jones "Sorry, I think I got confused, I was just bringing some coffee and treats around to the officers, since I know these shifts can run long. Here, take these and pass them out to whoever else want one." Lorenzo tries to hand the box to either the Detective or Leonetti and then he will try to leave.

    "I need to get out of here and think about this" Lorenzo thinks to himself.

    "Again, sorry for the trouble."

    If he can get out he will take the long way around to get back to his truck. He'll then start wondering if he knows Frank Leonetti (Knowledge Criminal skill).

  134. This comment has been removed by the author.

  135. Rendering him unconscious, and encasing him in 7 cubic feet of ice.

    The Machinist gives a low whistle as he looks at the 'Hat-cicle'. He quickly secures the Hardhat he had incapacitated. The Machinist turns around looking for his friends.

    All he sees are a bunch of rats.

    "Jack? ... Power Chord?? ... Silver Star??? ... You’re here, aren't you?"

    Still holding his stun device, The Machinist watches to see who or what appears next.

  136. Power Chord:

    OOC: He will drop the cloak of invisibility covering himself and Jack. He has some small chords to be used binding the villains, unless the Machinist has a better method of securing them… He is also impressed with the Ice incasing the frozen thug.

    IC: “We are here friend; I guess we all had the same idea. I wonder what these three were up to.”

    OOC: He is still interested in casting psychometry on the ring to see where it’s been, but he is open to questioning these three. He is curious if a command spell can be used to force someone to tell the truth?

  137. Jack Frost:

    OOC: Hi guys. Fyi, I'll be out of touch for a few days.

    The elfin elemental's pale eyes scanned the area for more servants of the Serpent King as he spoke to the Rat King, "Your majesty, are there any more of them?"

    If not, he'll allow the icy prison to melt (or he'll physically break the ice apart. He doesn't want to inadvertantly kill their prisoner).

    Jack will join the others in searching the prisoners and questioning them about the Serpent King, their intended target, and why they returned to the scene of the crime.

  138. GM Replies to Slik Slander

    Mrs. Leonetti Responds - As Dave asks if that's her brother-in-law, she replies, "Yes", stands up, and and begins to cry again.

  139. GM Replies to Diesel

    Det. Jones to Diesel - "Hold on a second, till I get this cleared up."

    While you don't know Frank Leonetti personally, you've heard of him. He's he may wear designer suits, and handmade shoes, he's nothing more than a street thug.

  140. GM Reply to both Slik and Diesel

    As all of this is going on, Frank pushes past Diesel, Det. Jones, and Slik. Mrs. Leonetti, while still sobbing, hugs him, and says - "Oh god Frankie, I can't believe he's gone. What am I going to do?"

    Frank responds to her - Don't worry, we're going to find the ^&8$# that did this, and make him pay. As for you cops, get the $*&^# outta my way, I'm taking her home." And with that, he and Mrs. Leonetti, make their way to the front door, and leave.

  141. GM Replies to Power Chord, Jack Frost, and The Machinist.

    Once you break the ice, and secure your three "guests", you are able to more closely examine their weapons. Each is wearing a ring similar to the corpse Jack and PC inspected earlier. If questioned, they'll be less than co-operative, as in down right hostile. The daggers they're carrying are inlaid with gold, and appear to be quite valuable.


  142. The Machinist: "Good to see you both. Here, Power Chord, is the communication device you requested." He also hands one to Jack as well. "It allows us to talk to each other from far distances. Press this button here, to make it work".

    Turning to the three men, The Machinist focuses on the dagger and scans it with his visor. "Lets see if the databases have anything on this?" After that the Machinist will do the same for the ring.

  143. Lorenzo will hopefully take advantage of the confusion and slip out as well. If he can he'll nonchalantly go back to his truck and try to follow Leonetti.

  144. Power Chord:

    Accepting the communication device, Power Chord will place it in one of his belt pouches for later examination. “Thanks friend, now let’s see what we can discover regarding these three.”

    Now that things are “safe,” Power Chord will user psychometry to determine where the rings have been recently, and as much of what the “serpents” have been up to as he can tell from viewing their recent activities.

  145. GM Replies to the Machinist

    You're able to scan in a visual image of both the rings, and daggers, but it's going to take while for you to search any available databases.

  146. GM Replies to Power Chord

    As you begin to use your psychometry, you the faces of several men and women, all of them appear to be wearing robes of some type, and rings similar to the ones on the cultist you've captured. You can't quite make out where they're at, but it appears to be some sort of temple, lit by torches, and they're gathered around what appears to be a man, with a snake head.

    But before you can go any farther, bright blinding lights appear behind, as well as the sounds of heavily laden footsteps, followed almost immediately by the words. "BSI, everybody stop moving! Follow my commands or physical force will be used against you!"


    I'll hold off replying to your actions, until Dr. Foom gets back from vacation, and has a chance to respond.

  147. GM Replies to Diesel

    As you make a brake for the door, Det. Jones, slides in front of you. "Hold up, exactly who'd you say you were again? And how'd you get into my crime scene?"


  148. The Machinist: He sets his searches to run into the background when he hears the sounds of heavily laden footsteps, followed almost immediately by the words. "BSI, everybody stop moving! Follow my commands or physical force will be used against you!"

    Standing perfectly still Machinist states, "I wouldn’t think of making you do something as distasteful as that. Unfortunately I can’t see your IDs from here and need to know for sure your BSI. Are Agents Banks, Harris, or Fury with you?

    "These three on the floor already tried to kill me. I would hate for that to be attempted again."

  149. Jack Frost:

    (before the BSI burst in)

    Jack gladly takes the Artifact of Far Speaking from the Machinist and marvels appreciatively at its craftmanship before placing it in a pouch. "Thank you."

    While the wizard and the blacksmith gazed upon the serpentine rings and daggers, Jack will use his keen perception (and rodent allies) to search the surrounding area for any clues as to why the craven culprits would risk returning to the scene of the crime, who the target of this morning's attack was and how they might have earned the emnity of the dread Serpent King.

    (after the BSI burst in)

    "Flee, my friends," Jack whispers to the rats, "and carry my thanks with you. I shall honor our bargain."

    Jack will remain motionless for a moment, clearly wishing he was still invisible.

  150. Power Chord:

    Since it appears his companions have decided to “stay and face the music,” Power Chord will also remain instead of following his first thought to teleport them away from the tower. He would also like to stay on the “good side” of the BSI if at all possible.

    He is however aware that things are not always as they seem and until he is sure of who is coming through the door he will not drop his guard. He will prepare to protect himself and his friends. He will prepare a shield spell to cast between the three in the room and the door to the offices, and that will be his first action if the forces coming forward seem in any way hostile.

  151. Slik goes to get up, but in a quiet, out of the line of attention sort of way..
    (thinking to self) "Hmmmm... she's a moll alright, and by the looks of it, this brother in law is just as shady. It wouldn't surprise if the widow is his girl now... wouldn't surprise me if she wasn't already before. She's definitely one of the guilty of the city, he is as well, and as such I can pick their brains without guilt... they deserve the invasion. I've got to follow them though, and ditch my day to day identity. As for now, I've got to see who all is in this room, what are they in regards to this situation, and what more do they expect from me... if anything. (end of thoughts)
    Slik turns towards the officer who is taking to the scone peddling gentleman. He waits patiently until they are finished, and then politely apologizes for not being able to cover much ground with the widow.

  152. Diesel:
    Lorenzo replies, "You're right. I should have been more prudent in my exuberance to just help out. Look, don't give any of these guys any trouble. No one let me in. I work just a few blocks away and I guess my curiosity got the better of me, so while I was making the rounds with some coffee, I came in."
    Lorenzo is used to chummily chatting with the beat cops, not being grilled by them, but he definitely wants to make sure that none of the beat cops get in trouble for his indiscretion. "Again, sorry about the mixup. Here's my card. Lorenzo Batali, Stallion Diesel, we do maintenance and repairs on lots of the municipal trucks and police vans, so I know some of these guys."

  153. Lorenzo waits a moment then he adds (he just can't help himself) "By the way, do you think it's a good idea to just let Mrs. Leonetti go like that? Odds are she'll wind up dead now that she played her part in saying it was a super who offed her husband."

  154. GM Replies to Machinist

    While it's hard to make them out, through the lights, you can make out what appear to be several heavily armed men wearing uniforms you are familiar with, and a female voice answers your question. "I'm Special Agent Woo. Everyone keep calm, and remain still, until my men finish securing the area."

  155. GM Replies to Jack Frost

    The Rat King thanks Jack - "Goodbye Winter Prince, and thank you", as he and his men scurry away. As they do, you hear the BSI agents comments, as the rats pass by them. "What the hell?", and another one "Rats, I hate rats!"

  156. GM Replies to Power Chord

    Several of the BSI Agents rapidly move past you, and into the Office, within seconds, you hear "We've got a body", from the rear.

  157. GM Replies to the group in the carlyle Building. In less than a minute, the BSI tactical team has secured the entire area. Special Agent woo approaches you, while her men take custody of the cultists, and speaks.

    "Gentlemen, it appears you've had a busy evening. Do you think one of you could shed some light on what transpired?"

    As she speaks, Jack feels something drawing his attention down the hall. One of the cultists suddenly breaks away for his BSI guards, and screams out, "Almighty Set, I have failed you!" as runs for a busted window. Before anyone can react, he jumps.


  158. GM Replies to Slik

    As for who's currently in the kitchen. It's you, Mrs. Leonetti, her brother Frank. Some guy with coffee and scones, and Det. Jones, who's asking the scone guy what he's doing there.

    Once the snack guy explains who he is, Det. Jones, explains that he understands you did, what you could. as he's speaking to you, an officer walks in, a he explains that he's the one that allowed Lorenzo into the area. He goes onto explain, he one of the neighborhood regulars " a stand up guy" who looks out for the cops.

    As he's doing this, Frank Leonetti, is making his way out the front door, and into the a Cadillac, parked near the curb. You can make out the vanity plates, on the car, as it pulls away.


  159. GM Replies to Diesel

    As Det. Jones listens to your story, in walks your buddy Frank, the ECPD officer, who commences to smooth things over for you. He explains to Det. Jones that you'd offered to pick up some refreshments, and that you're an all around stand up guy.

    Det. Jones takes your card, and slides it into his pocket. You admonishes Frank for allowing "a civilian into a crime scene", but stops short once he hears your comment, about Mrs. Leonetti.

    He basically gives you the "evil eye", and has another officer escort you out the back door.


  160. Special Agent woo approaches you, while her men take custody of the cultists, and speaks.

    "Gentlemen, it appears you've had a busy evening. Do you think one of you could shed some light on what transpired?"

    The Machinist gives a slight shrug of his shoulders. “Hopefully my friends were able to find out more that I have. I came here to see what could have been the target of the attack. On a hunch, I decided to check the South West Asian Imports office. I only started looking around when those three show up. The first pulls a finely crafted dagger.

    “He attacks me and the two statements he made were and I quote:

    “A) the infidel shouldn't be here, the master will not be pleased. KILL HIM!"

    “B) Damn you infidel dog."

    “Now Special Agent Woo, do you think this outfit looks like a dog. No sir, I am not the Mighty Mutt. I am the Machinist. Now the infidel part is probably correct. I don’t know his Master and I can assure you I won’t be worshipping him anytime soon.

    “Damn you infidel Machinist!”

    “Now that has a better sound to it. Well anyway after he missed with his dagger, we took the three down and secured them. I did notice he had a fancy ring on him as well.

    "After that, you showed up. I wish I have more to provide but is all I have.”

  161. Jack Frost:

    "As she speaks, Jack feels something drawing his attention down the hall. One of the cultists suddenly breaks away for his BSI guards, and screams out, "Almighty Set, I have failed you!" as runs for a busted window. Before anyone can react, he jumps."

    Jack flew to the window and through it, following the suicidal zealot straight down. Riding the North Wind, Jack will attempt to grab the servant of Set out of the air and return him the floor from which he leapt.

    Jack was smiling the whole time.

  162. Diesel shrugs and says, "Sorry just trying help"

    OOC: I assume he didn't see the car leave, only Slik did.

    Lorenzo lets Frank escort him out Once they're away, "Hey Frank, I didn't want to drag you into this, but thanks. That detective looks a little high-strung, but who wouldn't be in his position, I guess.

    Everyone's so tight-lipped, that poor shrink couldn't get anything out of Mrs. Leonetti. I think it's fishy. Be careful Frank."

    Once back behind the police line, he will go back to his truck. He's tempted to go over to the reporters, but then Lorenzo figures if the Detective sees him, he'll really blow a gasket, so he just sits and watches for a while.

  163. Power Chord:

    If he has time, Power Chord will cast Feather Fall on the cultist diving out the window, which should give Jack time to catch him. “You’ll not be joining your master this day.”

    As he has heard a couple of the cultist speak now, he would like to use his linguistic skills to try to ascertain what area/region the cultist might be from. From the physical description of athletic white males, it doesn’t sound like an Asian or Middle-Eastern Cult, or they are recruiting local talent. These were not hired muscle, the fact that they are willing to die simply for failing a task does not sound like a European or American cult. The vision of the temple and serpent headed leader seems possibly Egyptian, but the only snake headed gods he is aware of were females…This could help in figuring out how they came to Empire City, and might tie in to any ongoing BSI investigations.

    Once Jack and the cultist are out of view, he turns his attention to the interaction between Special Agent Woo and the Machinist. Once the Machinist has given his update, he will speak to them both. “Agent Woo, we are currently working on this case with Special agents Banks and Harris. We have a meetings scheduled with them in the morning, perhaps you would like to join us at that time.”

    Power Chord will keep the ring and dagger he “obtained” from the corpse and after the attack concealed in the folds of his cloak. He wishes to examine them in more detail as time allows.

  164. GM Replies to Jack Frost

    As you dive out the window after the suicidal cultist, his rapid descent seems to slow, and you're able to grab hold of a leg. As you do. he screams out "No damn you, NO!" and he begins to wildly flail about.


  165. GM replies to Power Chord

    You're able to successfully cast your spell, preventing the cultist from killing himself. As the BSI are momentarily distracted, you slide the dagger and ring into you cloak without being seen.

  166. GM Replies to Diesel

    As you sit and watch, you see Det. Jones exit the building, get into an unmarked unit, and leave the area. Other than the crime scene you, things are pretty quit around the area.


  167. As the vehicle starts to pull away Slik will take a squint and try to make out the license plate as well as make and model of the vehicle.

  168. GM Replies to Slik

    You can clearly see a large, late model Cadillac pull away from the building. It's a familiar sight, as you've seen it around the neighborhood. Frank Leonetti, Mrs. Leonetti, and a driver are the only people in the vehicle.

  169. Looking closer... trying to get a fix on the tag number and the color of the Cadillac... are we talking a 73 Eldorado or are we talking an earlier or latter model?

  170. GM Replies to Slik

    It's a spanking new black 2010 Cadillac DTS. The vanity plates read "ECS 1" on them.

  171. Jack Frost:

    Still smiling, Jack said, "Take your own life? What could possibly be so bad as to make you squander the most precious possession you have?" as he hauled the lunatic kicking and screaming back up to the group.

    Jack will attempt to safely return the fanatic back into custody.

  172. Power Chord:
    As he draws back into his cloak, he continues to go over recent events in his mind, recalling basic occult information he remembers regarding Set. Set was originally worshipped as the god of wind and the desert storms. Although he was always a dark and moody god, he was believed to be the ally of his brother Horus, and the defender of their father, Ra, but somewhere along the line the view of Set changed. He became a god of evil, in eternal conflict with the gods of light, and especially with Horus, the son of Osiris. Set became identified with his former enemy, the serpent Apep. By the XXVI Dynasty, Set was the major antagonist and embodiment of evil to the Egyptians. Why this change came about is unknown, but it is thought that some time after the unification of Egypt, the religion of Set fell into disfavor with the state religion, the worship of Ra and Osiris. It may be that there was open rebellion against the pharaoh Narmer (Menes) who unified Egypt under his rule, the rebellion failed and their beliefs were effectively quashed.

    The power of Set's cult in the mighty (yet outlying) city of Avaris from the Second Intermediate Period through the Ramesside Period cannot be denied. There he reigned supreme as a deity both at odds and in league with threatening foreign powers, and in this case, his chief consort-goddesses were the Phoenicians Anat and Astarte, with Nephthys merely one of the harem. This would make sense, as Set’s followers would also be from those foreign countries.

    All information he would share with his teammates, and possibly later with the BSI.
    Power Chord is also curious about which task force Special Agent Woo is attached to, and what she and her men happened to be doing in the tower? Surely any immediate danger had been long resolved, could they have been looking for something specific, or perhaps expected the cultist to return?

    Why would the cultist return? According to the Rat King, the cultist who died was happy, as if he had accomplished, or was accomplishing some task. Were these new cultists here to complete the task, recover the corpse, or cover up something that was missed… the list goes on and on. We need answers; obviously something larger is going on than the explosions that rocked the building earlier today…

  173. Diesel:
    Lorenzo sees Detective Jones as a dead end, so he's going to wait to see if can talk some sense into the other gentleman there (Slik), so he waits for him to come out and will try to attract his attention after he crosses back over the line.

  174. As soon as I get everyone's reply, I'll get this rolling.

  175. Slik, pondering the meaning of the tags, appears absent minded at first, and then he turns towards the gentleman motioning towards him (Lorenzo).

    "Yes? How are you?"

  176. GM Replies to the group at the Carlyle Building

    With the cultist properly secured by the BSI security personnel, they are quietly removed from the area. Agent Woo, begins to once again explain who she is.

    "Gentlemen, now that things have quieted down a bit, I can explain what's going on. As I previously stated, My name is Special Agent Woo. I'm the commander of the BSI Special Response Team. My team was here to deal with any unforeseen events that might erupt, and as you can see, that appears to be the case.

    As the lead agency on this investigation, we'll be taking these people into federal custody, until it's determined exactly what their involvement in this is. This whole episode is turning into one big goat rope, and I want to get a lid on it ASAP.

    I've already spoken with my superiors, and they've advised me that you are free to go, but they're expecting you at or offices, at 9 AM sharp. If you've any questions, feel free to contact them on the number they gave you previously.

    You are free to go."

  177. GM to the Machinist

    As you are leaving the building, your computer search for the info indicates that its found something. It turns out that South West Asian imports has recently shipped a number of items to EC University. Specifically to its Archeology department. One of the items shipped, which is part of the university's online catalog of inventory, is a dagger, which bears striking resemblance to the one's carried by the cultist. It's currently in the being stored in at ECU.

  178. GM to the group

    As you all exit the building, through a side door, as not to attract to much attention, he sun is beginning to set, and a cool evening breeze, blows in off of the ocean. The BSI SRT, is loading the cultist into a heavily armored transport van, escorted by a heavily armed team of security personnel. Special Agent Woo, is speaking with someone on her cell phone, as small group of what appear to be federal agents and local law enforcement officials begin to gather around her.

    As you make your way through the maze of debris surrounding the site, you all spot a familiar face, that of ace reporter, Amber Green, and she's clearly frustrated.


  179. And just so everyone is clear as to what's going on, here's a breakdown.

    At the Carlyle Building

    Agent Woo and her team, have just taken the cultist into custody, and escorted you out of the building. Amber Green is stuck outside the security perimeter.

    The Machinist has done an internet sear for anything relating to the cultist, and has found some info that leads back to his place of employment, ECU.

    Power Chord swiped a few of the cultists items, and has them tucked into his cloak, as has come up with some info, on his own.

    While Jack managed to find out several bits of info from the rats inhabiting the building, he's still sorting through it all, and trying to recall why some of this seems familiar to him.

    Over at Roma Pizza, Diesel managed to eavesdrop on the entire conversation between Slik, and Mrs. Leonetti, as well as almost getting busted by Det. Jones, for sneaking into a crime scene.

    Slik got the complete rundown own what Mrs. Leonetti saw, as well as getting an intro to one of the people he'll be interacting with, namely, Det. Jones.

    Both of them had a run in with Big Frank Leonetti, the new boss of the Leonetti crime family.

    Does that bring everyone up to speed?

  180. "While Jack managed to find out several bits of info from the rats inhabiting the building, he's still sorting through it all, and trying to recall why some of this seems familiar to him."

    Still his first day back, Jack will ride the North Wind straight up into the clouds and watch them slowly change color as the sun sets.

    Floating aimlessly beneath the moon, Jack will clear his mind and try to remember.

  181. GM Replies to Jack

    As the sun begins to set in the West, Jack floats silently on the bed of clouds, kept aloft by a the brisk northern wind, and ponders all he's seen this day. As he lets his mind wander to times past, he drift's off into a peaceful slumber, and begins to remember.

    Long ago, ancient gods roamed the Earth. Worshiped by many, their servants wandered the lands, demanding homage to their lords and masters. One of these pantheons was worshiped by the people of a great desert kingdom. But, do to infighting, one of the gods was cast out. Vowing revenge on the others, and set about making plans to usurp their power for his own. The other gods, being upon discovering his scheme, imprisoned him, binding him with great magics.

    As the centuries passed, the old gods passed from this plan, and knowledge of these events slowly faded from the memory of Man. The one who was cast out, slept, biding his time, and amassing his power. His Earthly servants, who had remained faithful, diligently made preparations for the day of their masters return.

    As Jack awakes from his dream, it's night fall, and several hours have past.


  182. Power Chord:

    Power Chord will say farewell to his team mates… He has some research to do.

    Power Chord will wrap himself in his cloak and teleport to the top of the Carlyle Building. He looks down upon the city, cloak billowing around him, he will leap into the sky, and head away from his home, after a few blocks, he’ll use invisibility, and then head home.

    Once he gets home, he’ll research Set’s current followers, especially anything that might be related to Empire City. He will also research the ring and dagger.

  183. The Machinist:

    Putting his best smile on and convincing himself this won't hurt too much. He walks toward Amber Green.

  184. Lorenzo says to Slik holding out his hand to shake, "Hello, I'm Lorenzo Batali, a local citizen. I was the one who was in the kitchen back there. I tried to say something to the Detective but he didn't seem to want to listen, so maybe you will. Either Mrs. Leonetti is somehow directly involved in this, or else she is in very grave danger, having used up her purpose by mentioning the supers involvement. Either way it seems odd that they're just letting them go, don't you think?"

  185. Woodrum/Slik repies back to Lorenzo saying "Well, HIPAA regulations normally keep me from saying anything but since you were already in the room and they were aware you were in the room... yes, the situation seems a bit fishy... but, I guess you gotta look at it the cops' way... if they hold someone without reasonable cause then that's a greater crime than letting them go. Still, I gotta admit... I don't trust that "brother in law" of hers, and I'll say that there's a good chance they both may end up in a pool of blood."
    Slik stares away at the parking lot for a brief second or two, as if he's a million miles away in thought, reaching back to scratch his neck, he turns back to Lorenzo and states:
    "You know, something bugs me... you said talked about this killer being a 'super'... obviously he was dressed out for the part and all, but do you think he really is and not just someone with a few mental health issues? I mean, I don't really know... I'm fairly new to the city and I know there's talk of a lot of caped crusaders and masked villains working behind the scenes... you know anything about this? Has there been anyone of his kind kicking about the alleyways or something?"

    Slik thinks to himself... [thought] "Hmm... this Lorenzo guy could just very well be another local wannabe... the kind that likes to hang around with cops and pretend he's on the force... I've seen the type back home in the rural towns.... but I don't know... there almost seems to be something about him that... almost...."

  186. Lorenzo replies, "You're right of course. What super would use a pistol or a machine gun? I don' think he was unstable, I think this was a calculated effort to involve supers in mob war. Because seriously, if it were a super you would have heard about flames shooting from his hands or some such thing." Lorenzo makes a sweeping motion with his fist as he says this, getting more and more animated, and then he catches himself. "Yeah, at least that's what I'd think. Well, hopefully you can convince the Detective.

  187. GM Replies to Power Chord

    After returning home you take a few minutes to decompress, and reflect on the events of the day. You dig out several tomes on ancient mythology, and begin your search for information.

    Time slips by, and several hours have passed, it's now early in the morning when you stumble across a bit of information that peaks your interest. It's a bit of text on concerning the "Servants of Set", but not much information is available on them. From what you can gleam, they're a rather minor cult, that worships the Egyptian deity Set, and they hadn't been seen or heard from since the late 1930's.

    Exhausting your libiary of books, you turn to more modern methods, the internet. A quick google search turns up several interesting pieces information. ECU had recently accepted a shipment of Middle Eastern artifacts, from South West Asian Imports, that contained a dagger that is strikingly similar to the one you took from the cultist. It, and several other items, are currently being held in a vault on campus, for use in a display.

    As you complete your search, the sun begins to dawn on a new day, and you have to prepare yourself for your meeting at the BSI offices.


  188. GM Replies to Slik, and Diesel

    As the two of you are speaking, an ECPD officer steps over, and politely informs Lorenzo that, he's been instructed to ask you to move along, and clear the area. He thanks your for the coffee, and asks about getting his bike into your shop for some work.

    He then informs Dave that Det. Jones wants to speak with him back at his office, and that he'll be giving him a ride.


  189. The Machinist:

    "Hello, it is Amber Green isn't? Are you interested in doing an interview?"

  190. Lorenzo replies, "Sure bring it on by, we'll take a look at it."
    He gets back in his truck turns off the Diesel armor and drives back to the shop.

  191. GM Replies to The Machinist

    Amber turns and sees you as you approach. Once you speak, she responds.

    "So, you're one of the guys involved in all of this mess aren't you? What's you're name, and who were the people with you? Are you affiliated with Guardians in some way?"

    If answer her initial batch of questions, she'll hit you with another barrage.

    "Think you could shed a little light on why everyone's been so hush-hush on what's been going on, and why a fully armed SWAT team went into the building like gangbusters?"

    As she's asking, her cameraman, has made his way off to the side, and started to film the exchange.


  192. GM Replies to Diesel

    After you return to the shop, you've got a few minutes to sit down and go over what you've heard, and then things start to pick up. Parts orders are coming in, the phone's ringing, customers are coming and going, and before you know it, it's early evening. The Sun's setting, and the temperature is beginning to dip.

    Just as you get ready to close up shop, the cop you spoke with at Roma pizza roars up on his bike. He and asks if he can get in before you lock up. You let him, in and lock up behind him. As you look over his bike, the two of you spend what seems like only a few minutes talking, but when you look at the clock, it's been closer to two hours.

    He tells you that he's got to get home before his wife kills him, and that he'll swing by tomorrow to check on his bike. As he's leaving, his radio issues a loud steady tone. The dispatcher issues a report of "Shots fired", at a location only two blocks from your shop. Multiple injuries reported, all available units are responding. The shooter is still in the area, is from initial reports, is heavily armed, and wearing a costume.

    With that, he thanks you, and says he's gotta go, and runs out your back door.


  193. Woodrum shakes Lorenzo's hand, and says "By the way, my name's Woodrum..." and heads off to see Det. Jones.

  194. GM Replies to Slik

    You're driven to the offices of the Major Crimes Unit, and escorted in. As you enter the office, there are several detectives going about their work. There's a large flat screen TV on the wall, and it's tuned to WECN. You Spot Det. Jones at his desk, and he seems to be having a heated conversation with someone on the phone. You manage to catch the last few words of it as you walk up to his desk. "So what did you want me to do? SHOOT HER? I had to let her go with him.

    Okay, Okay, I'll see what I can do." And then he hangs up, and speaks to you.

    "Sorry about that, I didn't mean to take off like that, but the chief of D's is riding my @$$ about this whole Leonetti mess. Normally the guys over at Organized Crime would handle it, but this thing about a cape being involved has got everyone all worked up.

    Hey, grab a seat, and sit down. So, what'd you managed to find out from Ms. Leonetti? Any stock in a cape being possibly being involved?"

  195. Woodrum flops down in the chair with an exhausted sort of demeanor.
    "Detective, I don't know man... she didn't give me much. Really, I couldn't even began to break the ice with her when that brother in law of hers walked in... I guess that's who he is anyways. She seemed to have a pretty negative attitude about us being able to do much good for her and is convinced that the killer will come back for her.... and honestly, she might be right, although I personally don't understand that because it would seem to me that if this killer had it out for her then it would have been a lot easier just to have put a few caps in her when he took down her husband... as far as being a cape, she's convinced... but..."
    Woodrum pauses for a brief second and then continues...
    "On that note, the cape bit... what's with that Lorenzo guy that worked his way into the scene? He spoke with me briefly when I was leaving, nothing major... just raising his concerns about the incident and all. Is he for real, I mean, is he pretty much on the level or would he qualify for mental health supports? Don't mean to sound harsh about it, there's just something about him that makes me curious."

  196. GM Replies to Slik

    Det. Jones listens intently to what you have to say, scribbling down a few notes as you speak.

    "Well, the whole Leonetti clan is pretty tight lipped when it comes to the "family business". Frank Leonetti, is a straight up thug, a leg breaker. He's into gun running, drugs, protection rackets, and hookers, but we've never really been able to get anything to stick.

    And don't even get me started on Silvia Leonetti. That's one cold fish. All that crying is the most emotion we've seen from her in years. But one thing's for sure, she's loyal to the family, so I'm not surprised she didn't open up to you. I figured it'd be worth a shot though.

    What's bothering me though, is this cape angel. These cats (the Leonetti's) have had their share of problems, but they mostly try to stay under the Guardians radar. That's one hassle they don't need. And none of the other families use super powered muscle. I really want to get this cleared up before before anything else happens.

    When he's questioned about Lorenzo. "I'll do some digging, but from what I can tell, he's harmless. He likes to hang around the guys, and kick it with them. He's pretty much harmless. This has been one wild day, bombs in the finical district, mobsters gunned down by a cape, what next, aliens landing in Central Park?"

    With that, he lets you go, as he's got reports to do. As you leave the office, it's late afternoon, and traffic is starting to snarl as people leave work. You can hail a cab, but it's probably faster to walk to the subway.

    As you ride to your stop, you've got plenty of time to think about everything that's happened today, and before you know it, you've reached your stop. Once you get home, you take the time to relax a bit, and grab some food, but you've still got that nagging feeling that you've missed something. It' bothering you, and once the sun sets you don you costume to do a little investigating.

    After making your way back to the area around Roma Pizza, you've just begun to check the place out when you hear the sounds of gunfire from a few blocks away.


  197. The Machinist:

    Amber turns and sees me as I approach. Once I speak, she responds.

    "So, you're one of the guys involved in all of this mess aren't you? What's your name, and who were the people with you? Are you affiliated with Guardians in some way?"

    “I am called The Machinist. Earlier you saw the Dashing Silver Star. Flying over head making the ice slides was Jack. With us is the mysterious Power Chord.

    Together we are the Protectors.

    We are not affiliated with the Guardians but just capes trying to use our abilities for the greater good.”

    She hits me with another barrage.

    "Think you could shed a little light on why everyone's been so hush-hush on what's been going on, and why a fully armed SWAT team went into the building like gangbusters?"

    “Unfortunately since the Protectors are new to BSI, we have had several missteps along the way. I believe you heard my receiving a tongue lashing from Commander Dunham for improperly accessing his communications. It was a lashing I rightly desired.

    “The same is true with the SWAT team. The Protectors incorrectly investigated the building without notification to BSI. I believe BSI and SWAT thought we were destroyers and not Protectors, returning to perform more damage.

    “I do not know why the communication silence is occurring, maybe the cause has not been identified and at this point conjecture might cause more harm than silence would. Personally, I do not know the cause of today’s events and BSI has not provided me with what they know”.

    I conclude the interview after that. I head back to ECU and determine the best way to see the exhibit of the dagger and other artifacts.

  198. Jack Frost:

    Jack shook off the remnants of his dream of a mad god that had outlived his enemeies and was ready to return to the world of Men. But not entirely.

    Perhaps Jack's return was not by random chance, as the human wizard had divined.

    Still floating lazily above the teeming city of industrious modern mortals, Jack tried to reach out to contact his kin, the ancient folk who, like the mad god's jailers, had passed beyond this world long ago.

    Had any of them returned as well?

  199. Luckily the shop is empty at this point, so there's no pretense. Lorenzo runs to the door punches in the code and sprints down the stairs to his shop. He opens the van doors, starts up the Diesel armor and quickly gets behind the wheel. He drives up to the hidden garage with the lights off and parks it on the street. The police might have seen it earlier and he doesn't want to draw attention to it now.

    He knows the location (only a few blocks) and decides to hoof it there in his armor. Taking a few minutes to put in on and getting there, Lorenzo hopes he's not too late. This has got to stop before more people, good people, get killed.

    Diesel will try to be as stealthy as he can to sneak a peek where the action is without being seen.

  200. Power Chord:

    Right in my own back yard, He thinks to himself. Maybe I should check this out before the meeting with the BSI.

    A quick shower and a change. He’ll head to the ECU campus to check things out on the way. Normally, he’d hit campus in his street clothes, but since he’s in a hurry, phantom form should serve just as well, plus, he won’t have to answer any questions as to why he needs to get into the vault…

    Power Chord, or rather Dirk Phoenix is very familiar with the campus layout, and should be able to head straight for the vault. He’ll be looking for crates/deliveries from South West Asian Imports, specifically who they are being delivered to, and what exactly the makeup of those deliveries might be.

    He’ll use detect magic as well as mundane search methods to obtain any information he can find regarding the delivery and any artifacts he finds.


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