Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It Begins

It’s a cool fall morning in Empire City. The sun shines brightly in clear blue sky.

The temp is in the mid 50’s, fluffy, cotton like clouds can be seen on the horizon, and a gentle breeze blows in from the North East. Everyone is going about your daily routines, as nothing seems out of the ordinary. If anyone has a radio or TV, programming will be interrupted with a breaking news report (fot the more tech savvy members of our little band, you’ll get an RSS feed, a Twitter message, etc.). Authorities are reporting an explosion near the city’s finical district. Initial reports are sketchy, but it appears that there’s been some sort of explosion at the Citizen’s Bank and Trust building, located in the city’s finical district.

Any TV within view is switched to WECN, Empire City’s 24 hour news network. Within 15 minutes of the first reports, WECN reports that their star reporter, Amber Green, is on the scene. They then switch to a live video feed. Thick black smoke can be seen billowing from the building. Emergency workers are escorting the injured to safety. Several dazed and confused office works, their clothing covered in soot, can be seen stumbling from the building.

Amber Green then breaks in.

“This is Amber Green, reporting live from the scene of what appears to be some sort of explosion, at the Citizen’s bank and Trust building. At this time, authorities aren’t willing to speculate on what could have caused the explosion. What is known is that there are multiple casualties, and that ECFD units are still trying to get control of the fire.”

“Wait a moment… it appears that something’s happening….”


“Oh my God… there’s been a second explosion. It looks as though there was some sort of secondary explosion. Several fire fighters and police officers are running towards the scene….”

And then static…

WECN’s anchor man “Amber? Amber, can you hear me? It appears as though we’ve lost Amber …it’s possible that the last explosion killed the feed. We’re going to take a commercial break while we try to reestablish that link.”


  1. OOC: Hey everyone,
    I'm excited to get going. Great bunch of character concepts!
    Dom, with your permission, I'd like to say Jack Frost returned to the World of Men this cool crisp autumn morning. As he's only been on Earth a few hours, I'd say he has no routine yet. Once it develops, I'll get it to you asap.

    “How can it be that no two are alike?” mused Jack Frost as he happily watched the teeming crowds of people on the streets of Empire City after dawn. “All unique and alive and vital and humming. How much progress they’ve made. So much speed and light and noise. What use could these dazzling, modern mortals have for dusty, ancient folk such as I?”

    Jack wandered with the crowd and found an ice rink swirling with skaters before a titanic gold sculpture of Prometheus bringing down fire from the heavens. The ice was ringed with flowers and flapping banners and crowned by a stone building that pierced the sky. Nearby Jack discovered Atlas holding up the Earth and an ancient cathedral to the One God.

    The hint of the winter to come was in the air. He smelled hot apple cider and saw Jack O' Lanterns decorating merchant storefronts. Young children, readied early for All Hallow's Eve, dashed by dressed as goblins and other ancient mythic nightmares as they had for centuries past and Jack smiled. “Perhaps this modern speeding world still has need of the old ways after all.”


    Jack heard something akin to cannon fire. Black smoke in the distance. Curious, the son of the North Wind took to the bright blue sky and flew toward the sound of warfare to discover its source.

    Jack's approach is fast but cautious. His actions will be determined by what he finds there.


  2. Silver Star

    Since I'm a "sponsored" hero, I/they would see this as a perfect moment to "test" me out. So I would likely start the day with some "testing"/analysis of my gear then send me out to do good deeds.

    I'm assuming that my sponsors is the government(local/state/fed/shady?). So I would likely have access to the police bands to get to the location the next issue.

    As I said in my write up, I take my new responsibility seriously and I try my best to be a good hero. I would generally launch myself at the site of the explosions, assess the situation (is there any miscreant to be dealt with who would be causing further explosions? otherwise, it's save the civilians)

  3. GM to Silver Star

    Your "handlers" at the "Agency" (as I'll reveal exactly who you work for, as the game develops), want to make sure your systems get a complete field test, and think this would be the perfect opportunity. They're more than happy "to let you out to play."

  4. The Machinist

    The Machinist will be in his civilian ID walking across the campus of Empire State when he gets an emergency signal on his cell phone ear piece. It appears to be a regular cell phone ear piece like most of the lower income students use but it has added features. The emergency signal is from his computer in his room. It has picked up the RSS feeds of the news services and Twitter postings. The computer using a correlation analysis program will have activated the emergency network of The Machinist.

    The Machinist will issue a few commands and then look up as squint into the sun. He will pull out his sunglasses. Once the sunglasses are in place he will activate the LED read out screens. The commands he has issued will launch his major surveillance protocols on his computers and the bots he has placed on the Empires State computer network. (He knew really shouldn't have placed the bots but he just couldn't help himself).

    The Machinist will use the LED screens to review the correlation data, a side scroll of the RSS and watch the News cast of the TVs feed. He will perform Detect Hidden to determine if this event is distraction, misdirection or cover for a more devious event. He will also perform a Detect Danger to determine if this is beyond the ability of the local civilian responders to handle.

    Successful rolls or the appearance of super-powered individuals will convince him that he has to investigate closer. The Machinist will head to the location and change into costume as the best possible time which he will draw the least attention.

    He will set up a lookout location from a rooftop or corresponding high location from the building. He will construct a device to provide the best visual observation (infrared, telescopic, ultraviolet, etc) to determine the activities inside. He will connect with the responders' communication systems. He will use his talents to reinforce and enhance the responders communications between each other. He will Detect Hidden to identify the leader of each responder organization (Police, Fire, BSI, New Services, and others). He will provide critical data which they may be missing but will not identify himself unless a leader notices that an unauthorized person is in the communication lane. He will create a secure line and only identify himself to that individual leader. He will explain he is there to observe and provide assistance. He does not plan to enter the building or get in the Responders way.

    He will also use his skills to attempt to WiFi link up with the security, electrical, and any emergency broadcast systems in the building. He will attempt to guide Responders and any Super which appears to providing aid.

    He will have a side system tracking and gathering information on the Supers who are helping or hindering the efforts.

    He will not leave his post to enter the building or engage unless lives are at stake and there is no other way for them to be rescued. He will focus on areas where skills can be most valuable. Restoring electricity, unlocking doors, freeing elevators, and enhancing communications are all examples of where he thinks his skills are best used.

    If he enters he will create a gadget to provide a breathing filter.

    (I do not have a problem if parts of this technology is beyond The Machinist's abilities, just scale it back to the right balance. I also wrote this up as if the Agency does not pull him into this situation, If part of your plans are to have the Agency use this event to re-activate him then the only change would be; instead of bots to Empire State, he would perform satellite links to the Agency's computer network to obtain his data and perform his correlation analysis).


  5. GM to The Machinists

    He makes his Det. danger roll, and concludes that the fire will overtax EC Fire Rescue's ability to respond. Using a thermal scanner (I'm guessing it'd be the type of device he'd use). He can determine that at least several dozen people are trapped on the upper floors of the building. While helicopters are trying to evacuate them, smoke, and updrafts are making it difficult for them to do so.

    Just a quick question, so I'm understanding what he want to do with the comms. How does he intend to boos them? Just give me a rough idea of what it is he wants to do. As far as identifying who's in charge. It's not hard, as there's a big Mobile Command Post trailer located roughly two blacks away, with large antennas stickiing out of the roof. The On Scene commander James Dunham, of the EC office of Emergency Management. He's standing outside the CP, along with Fire Fighters, Police, and other city workers. But, you can't just stroll over, as the area is blocked off by police, and there are dozens of reporters and on lookers, yelling from just outside the barricades. Let me know how you plan on appraoching him.

  6. The Machinist:

    OC: I know from my real life work that most cities have difficulties because the different Responder organizations don't have communications which can talk to them, so The Machinist will act as a circuit board and power boost.

    IC: Across the street from the fire, sitting on the roof top he just shakes his head. "how something which looks so simple, is so hard to make commercially affordable is beyond me. A single radio frequency difference might as well be a signal from the Moon". The Machinist quickly pulls components from his suit and assemblies his communications array. A small thin smile crosses his face. How many time had he used this to steal conversations and impied communications? He couldn't remember when he stopped counting. It felt different to be using it for a useful purpose. What was he feeling: pride ... satisification...? He didn't know what these feeling might even be like.

    "Focus ... you haven't been away from the game that long. First thing to do is increase the boost on On Scene commander James Dunham personal channel and then route it to all other frequencies." The third light on the left flashed green indicating the connection is processing and the noise filter showed that the feedback loop was set. The feedback loop would prevent conversations for drowning each other out. "In a few seconds I will know whether it is working"

    While waiting for the system to chime the signal that the communications array with its computer router is correctly boosting signals strength and routing the priority communications to the command center; The Machinist turned to his focus towards the building.

    Using his Thermal Scanner scanner he tries to detect where the thermal drafts were the least disrupted. He will communicate with the Helicopters to tell the pilots where to fly to. The Machinist will also attempt to take control of the emergency broadcast (machine control power) system in the building. If successful he will attempt to verbally guide the trapped people to where the Helicopters are headed. He will attempt to detect if any of the Super could be of assistance. if the Supers appear unsure of where their aid is needed; he will attempt to communicate using the emergency broadcast system to guide them to where their help is best used.

    OC: If I am providing too many actions, let me know. This is my first PBEM as well. I am trying to give a list of actions to choose from, so that way if my first action is really quick to perform, you are not waiting for my next response.


  7. As the Machinist begins to network the various communications systems, he notices a small sprite like being sprinting around the building. He doesn't recognize him, and seems to have the ability to generate ice structures out of thin air. He appears to be using his abilities to rescue people trapped on the upper floors of the building. Once he does, the emergency band starts going crazy with chatter.

    "Who the hell's that? Is it one of the Guardians?"

    "I don't know chief, but whoever it is, he's getting people off the upper floors."

    "Anyone in contact with that guy?"

  8. Power Chord:

    I'm assuming we're working as individuals, since we haven't met yet...

    Power Chord doesn't have a T.V. so he probably didn't hear the WECN new broadcast. He has sensed a disturbance, and has been expecting something that will have a major impact on his life to happen soon, so this is not a surprise. I'd imagine he heard about the explosions on the radio. He'd immediately change to his Costume and head to the Bank and Trust. His approach is airborne, flying in at almost 200 mph, he should ge there pretty quickly.

    Coming in from the top, he'd be looking for any citizens on the roof. These would be helped down via feather fall. Next, anyone visible externally would be assisted in the same kind of way, if he sees anyone in a window that doesn't appear to be able to get out, he'd shatter the glass, and again help them down. Focus is on rescue first, but cautious as he still doesn't know what caused the explosions. He'd be watching for any indications that someone or thing had malicious intent.

    Once he has rescued everyone he can identify easily, he would contact local authorities and offer his assistance to whomever seems in charge. His first inclination is to enter the building and start looking for trapped victims. He would be using a protection spell vs. the smoke, using a phantom form (non-corporealness) to search the building. Focusing on any areas Fire Fighters were having a difficult time accessing, looking for opportunities to help their efforts. Protection of others is again his primary goal. Any unprotected individuals identified would first be protected from smoke inhalation, then spirited away from danger. Helping put out the fires is secondary, and would be done sparingly, as it would drain his power pretty quickly. He feels he can do more good saving lives than property, or even catching perpetrators.

    First thoughts, and I know things could change pretty quickly if he gets there, and a giant monster is eating the building. :)
    I didn't know if we were supposed to respond to all, or just to Dominique, email, or post to the board. If I did this wrong let me know and I'll do it differently next time. It's my first PBEM.


  9. Power Chord:

    OOC: (Out of Character I'm guessing...) I loved your turn, the way you wrote it as a story, so I decided to do one of my own...

    IC: Hot water streamed over Dirk’s face, washing away the unease he had felt the last few days. He felt his tense muscles relax as he listened to the classical music being piped throughout the house. His meditation this morning had again been interrupted by visions of people he had never seen before, and the feeling that his fate was somehow entwined with theirs. The visions have become more frequent lately, which usually indicated the events he had seen would come to pass soon.

    As he stepped out of the shower, warm dry air quickly evaporated the water from his body. He wondered idly if the house keeper ever wondered why there were never any wet towels in the bathroom. He looked into the mirror and was a little surprised to see the man staring back at him looking remarkably like his father. It seemed only yesterday Dirk had been living on the streets. His finger traced the scar on his chest, slightly below his rib cage where the villain’s dagger had pierced his side. He shuddered to think what might have happened if his father hadn’t showed up. Of course he wouldn’t be standing here now, but what would it have meant to the world at large.

    How many times had his father saved the world? They had known his father; dignitaries from every continent had come to meet him. People were always showing up asking if his father would save them from some oppressor or guard some treasure, or protect them from some evil. But where were they now? His father had disappeared almost two years ago, leaving no trace, and not one of his so called friends had been able to find a trace of what had happened to him, or where he might have gone, Dirk thought bitterly. He would find out what had happened Dirk again vowed and until that day, Dirk would do his best to ensure nothing happened to the world his father had fought so hard to save.

    No sooner had those thoughts crossed his mind than the music playing in the background was interrupted with a special news cast. It seemed there was something going on at the Citizens Bank and Trust. Explosions had been heard, and smoke was seen coming from the building. Dirk ran to his closet and pulled out the uniform he had recently completed. It was similar to his fathers, but distinct enough that people should be able to tell he was not the same man. He quickly pulled on the uniform, fastened his cape, and opened the door to the balcony.

    As he began to close the door, he remembered he was supposed to have lunch with his mother. His cell phone flew to his hand from the charger on his bedside. As he launched himself from the balcony, he dialed his secretary Amanda and told her to cover his classes for the day and to contact his mother to let her know he wouldn’t be joining her for lunch. Mundane life taken care of, he began to focus on the task at hand, and the smoke in the distance growing closer by the minute.

    OOC: A little insight into Power Chord, I'm loving this, and we haven't even really started yet!

    Jon aka Hammer

  10. Power Chord:

    Power Chord will carry out my earlier directives.

    Realizing he's not the fastest member of the team, he'll probably be the last to arrive. Upon arrival, seeing Jack Frost helping those on top of the building, he'd probably cast protective spells on himself and enter the building looking to rescue anyone trapped inside. He'd have to do a room by room search, as he doesn't have spells that would help him locate people other than cosmic awareness, and he doesn't have the peace of mind to use that spell in this kind of environment. He will use sphere of protection and heal on those he finds needing assistance, and then create a 5X5 teleportation portal to get them out of the building. He can use his non-corporealness spell to fly quickly through the building... (side note, if you read my short intro, he does have a cell phone with him...)

    He's not looking for trouble, and is much more concerned with ensuring rescuers and trapped individuals are safe. If he does run into trouble, he'll phase through the floor or wall to get away, and continue his rescue mission, avoiding conflict.

  11. Silver Star:

    He looks like something out of a Power Ranger show. He's not overly built, but in great shape. He has an easy gait that speaks of good balance. His costume when you meet him will likely be mostly Silver and he has a prominent Silver Star on his chest. His costume is reminiscent of Power Ranger, including an helmet and gloves/boots. (I'm not going to talk about the costume design, yet, I haven't found something that works).

    While he's wearing an helmet, his voice is as clear as if he's not wearing one, although it has an odd modulation to it.

    He probably arrives on site by running. He's got that sprinter's run that's a little too rigid and focused on gaining every possible ounce of speed.. and, boy, he can run!

  12. Silver Star:

    When Silver Star arrives on seen, his unusual appearance will definitely attract the attention of the authorities, as well as the Machinist, who's monitoring the area. As he makes his way through the police Barricade's, a small child looks up at him and says..."Hey are you some kind of superhero or something?" At the same time, one of EC's Finest steps in to block his path. "Look buddy, you need to keep back behind the barricade." As this is taking place, you notice an "ice bridge appearing from the far side of the building. I'll wait for your specific responses.

  13. Silver Star:

    To the child: Marcus grins at the child, remembers that he's wearing a helmet and then gives him a theatrical thumbs up.

    1- Well.. Does my agency credentials have any bearing with him? If so, then I'll flash them or something and say "I'm simply here to help in anyway I can." Then go forwards.
    2- If they have no bearing: Marcus nods to the officer."What happened here? If this a ruptured main or something?"

    2a)If this is an normal explosion and he'll go and save people:

    Silver Star looks at the Ice ramp and nods to himself. He follows up with a couple of quick theatrical moves (a little Ultraman style with some DragonBall mixed in) and try to hide the fact that I'm actually turning the star clockwise 4 times, to Ice setting.

    His costume turns white as a pearl (the Silver Star does not change color). Then he'll just run off and makes his way to the bridge in a round about way, to help save people from the burning building.

    2b) if this is caused by a maniac of some sort, knowing that the people are being helped by someone, he'll hunt after the maniac. Depending on a description, He'll select which setting he'll go with and go forward to deal with him/her.

  14. GM to Machinist:

    Your detect hidden is successful, but it doesn't quite turn up what you thought. Your heat sensor manages to detect what appears to be the forms of two unconscious bodies laying on the floor just above the fire. From monitoring the communications, you've determined that no one know they're there. The sprite like being, who's currently flying just above one of his ice slides is close to the location, but you have know way to contact him (unless you can work some thing out). The silver guy with a star on his chest, has comms, and you can hear his conversation with the cop. I'll wait to reply any further, until I do a roll-up of the action so far.

  15. Jack Frost:

    Hi Dom,
    Just in case you need player orders for when we arrive on the scene:

    Unless Jack sees the perpetrators of the mayhem, he'll help with the rescue from mid air.
    Movement: Zing! Create big ice slides for people to slide down from building windows to safety.
    Action: Control the weather to a) deprive the flames of oxygen, and b) use wintry precipitation to weaken the flames.

    First priority is helping mortals in need. Then he'll look to the cause, unless the cause finds him first, of course. ;)

    And here's a physical description of Jack Frost:
    He looks like a twenty-something albino elf with blue eyes: chopped white hair, pale skin, fey features, almond eyes, pointed ears, thin.
    He doesn't wear a superhero costume. He has an archaic looking, grey winter coat over old fashioned clothes, all in blues and greys, with a long, thin white scarf.

    Jeff / Jack Frost

  16. The Machinist:

    To Silver Star using his COM: "Silver Suit can you fly? I have found 2 unconscious people on above the fire in the building. Can you get to them?

    The Machinist linking into Commander Dunhams personal COM: "2 unconscious people have been identified on the upper floors of the building. They are above the fire and ice slides unless you have a way to get your people in, let the Silver Suit guy pass the barriers. He should be able to get to them"

    The Machinist hopes his messages are listened to. He smiles, "I must be going crazy. When was the last time someone listened to sound advice without arguing first. I better start on plan B". The Machinist starts pulling pieces from his suit. He is going to make a matter projector which will emit a cold beam. Nothing powerful to freeze anything. His goal is to create a cold spot on the building where the unconscious people. Hopefully the flying sprite will see the spot and investigate the wall to find out why it is there.


  17. GM:

    OK gents, as I said, things have been a bit hectic for me the last few weeks, so I haven’t been able to spend the amount of time on this that I’d like. Plus, it’s been difficult for me to keep re-reading everyone’s responses to keep track of what’s going on (I’m not sure how Dr. Foom does it with 8 players). So, to bring everyone up to speed (namely me), here’s an overview of what’s going on.

    Jack Frost - 2nd to arrive on scene. Currently floating (flying) outside of the bank building, using his ice powers to generate ice slides. He’s not in contact with anyone other than the people on the roof, or his ice slides. The authorities , as well as anyone watching a TV can see him, and is wondering who he is.

    The Machinist - First to arrive on scene. Currently monitoring emergency service communications, and scanning the building for survivors. He’s just detected what appears several unconscious bodies in a section of the building, near the roof. He’s able to monitor emergency radio frequencies, and he’s just cracked the coding for Silver Star’s comm device (although he has no idea who Silver Star is). Since he’s out of eye shot, no one’s noticed him yet.

    Power Chord - The last to arrive on scene. Things are hectic, he manages to sneak past the police lines, as they haven’t noticed his presence. He’s slowly and methodically working his way through the building (he’s phasing through the floors, walls, etc.) starting at the bottom floor. While his cell phone service is less than stellar, he can still get an outside feed, and news reports of what’s being reported.

    Silver Star - Next to last to arrive. He’s simultaneously trying to work his way through the police line (and being stopped by one of EC finest), and receiving a radio message from The Machinist (but has no idea who the guy trying to reach him is). He’s also getting a steady crowd of people clamoring for answers about who he is.

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  19. GM:

    While I'm waiting for Silver Star's reply, here's what the Machinist hear's on the comm link he's established with the emergency workers. "This is Bonfire 6 to all units, who sent that traffic? Dispatch, see if you can find out which unit is broadcasting. Can anyone verify that this isn't some nutjob?" Also, don't for get that Power Cord can monitor text messages, tweets, etc. on his cell phone, so he's getting anything the media is putting out.

  20. Silver Star:

    "Whaa?" Surprised, Marcus didn't recognize the voice on his COM. It surely wasn't his handler, since she was female. "Who are you? No, I can't fly, but I can probably manage something. Start talking buddy."

    Outloud, he speaks to the mass of people gathering around him. "Excuse me, I have something to do." He weaves his way through the people and as soon as he's out of the mass, he takes off at full speed towards the ice slide guy.

    He'll either run up the slide to the top of the building (if it's there already) or yell at him to give him a slide to the top. (is there possibly a ladder to the top? how high is this thing?)

    [OOC: another question, did the police officer answer my question about what started all this?]

  21. GM:

    As Silver Star runs past the cop, who's got his back turn at the moment, the cop yells out "Hey, get back here.", but he doesn't let out after you, as he's still trying to hold the crowd back. You can hear him calling into his radio, "Central, dis is two tree, I've got an unauthorized entry", (at which point you pick up speed), and he voice trails off with "Geez, will you look at that guy go!"

    As far as the building goes it roughly 30 stories of so. There are multiple fire ladders running up the building, with firefighters, and people trying to get out of the building on them. Jack Frost is flying around the upper floors, but as soon as you break into the open, your costume and appearance will definitely catch his eye.

    If Power Chord is monitoring his cell phone, he can get a tweet, text message, or rss feed as to the commotion outside. I'll wait for everyone's reply.

  22. Power Chord:

    Power Chord is feeling pretty frustrated at not finding anyone to help searching the lower levels. He knows there was someone outside helping people off the top of the building. At thirty stories, which is about what I'd guessed from the picture on the first posting, I had imagined Jack Frost was making ice slides to nearby buildings, and not to the ground? That's one long slide. ... , which is why he started lower in the building. Power Chord's probably not monitoring his phone, but he is deciding that he's wasting valuable time searching unnecessary floors. He has decided a use of Cosmic Awareness might aid in finding out where he could be most helpful, and he doesn't feel safe using that power inside a burning building. I think he'll head through the walls to a neighboring building roof top, find a safe place, and use Cosmic Awareness to determine where he should focus his attention in the building, and return at that point. While there, I'm sure he'd be checking out the Ice Slide guy to make sure he doesn't need assistance.

  23. Silver Star leans his head for a moment. He says out loud to Jack,"Someone's asking me to tell you if there's anything you can do about the back drafts around the building? Some pilot is complaining."

    [OOC to GM: Do I see anything at the top with regards to unconscious people? Anyone that I can help with?]

  24. The Machinist contact Silver Star: "Can you ask the elf if he can help the pilot with the back drafts coming up the sides of the building"

    The Machinist looks down at his array. He starts turning switch on a new section of it. "Now lets see if I can contact Amber Green. I should be able to link the comms she uses to communicate with the studio." (OOC: action: skills attempt to hack in studios communication feed)

  25. GM Reply to Silver Star

    As you scan the rooftops, you see a small group of approximately a dozen people, waiting to be rescued. They're covered in soot, and a few have some minor bumps, bruises, and cuts, but other than that, they're in fiarly good condition.

    GM Reply to The Machinist

    Amber is in the process of getting back up on the air.

    WECN anchorman Josh Myers - "For those of you just joining us, we've managed to Amber."

    "Amber, are you alright?"

    Amber Green - "Yes, we're fine Josh.. the shockwave, from the last explosion, knocked out our generator, but we're back up and running now."

    At which point, The Machinist manages to break into her broadcast signal.

  26. The Machinist sits posed to upload his thermal images as video feed to Amber, but pauses.

    He thinks "What is the best way to do this? I don't want to just override her broadcast feed?"

    He decides to wait and monitor her broadcast for a little bit, maybe he will be struck with inspiration.

  27. Power Chord: As he moves along the outside of the building, if Power Chord happens to come across the cone of cold, setup by the Machinist earlier, I was thinking he would investigate it, either entering the building at that point, or trying to figure out where it is coming from (could this be the source of the explosions)?

  28. GM Reply to the Machinist

    Amber continues her broadcast

    Josh, from the studio - Amber...can you update us on whats been happening, as we're receiving a number of conflicting reports.

    Amber - Well Josh...there a lot going on, but I'll try to explain it to our viewers. After the second explosion, what appear to be several costumed superbeings arrived, and began to assist the authorities, in their evacuation, and fire fighting efforts (at which point the cameraman pans out to a wide shot, and the ice slides, Jack Frost, and Silver Star can clearly be seen).

    Who these beings are, has yet to be determined, as the authorities, have yet to provide us with any information on their identities, or motivations.

    I've also spoken with several people who claim to have seen a "ghost" or "spirit" making its way through the inferno. Whether he's in anyway connected to the fire, the two beings assisting authorities, or the product of a these witnesses imagination is still up in the air, but as I gather more details, I'll keep you updated.

    Josh - Amber, have the authorities provided you with any information as to what caused the initial explosion?

    Amber - No they haven't. If anything, they're holding that information pretty close to the cuff, and I don't want to speculate.

    At the same time, the Machinist is picking up some chatter on the EC Emergency Band. From what you are able to gather, the feds are in route, and when they arrive, they want a detailed brief from the on scene commander. They also want to know who this new band of "supers" are, and they want to know quick.

  29. GM Replies to Power Chord

    Power Chord enters the building, and as he makes his way toward the roof, he'll encounter groups of firefighters, police, security guards, and good Samaritans helping the evacuees from the bank. Once he reaches the roof, he gets a gut feeling (a successful detect hidden roll) that draws him to a particular rooftop, several buildings away.

    Perched high on that roof top, sits a lone figure. You can't make out exactly what he's doing, he seems to be concentrating his attention on several electronic devices.

  30. Power Chord OOC: I have a couple of thoughts. If the order here doesn't work, or if these actions change the previous post, just let me know.

    IC: As Power Chord encounters emergency services (Firefighters/Police, etc... He would stop and offer aid. I'm sure they would be cautios, running into a figure cloaked in black in a burning building. To allay their fears, he would create a portal of transport (teleportation, 1" square to the plaza below. Hopefully they would move through the portal safely to the ground. In offering aid, he would be asking where they needed help, if there were any floors they were having difficulty reaching, if anyone was trapped that they were aware of, etc...

    He would of course offer aid, protection or healing if anyone needed it. Once he felt everyone inside was out safely, he would proceed to the top of the building.

    OOC: As I stated early on, his focus is saving people. If the above fits in your timeline, I'm good.

    If he does make it to the roof, and the events in your previous post occur, He would attempt to teleport himself behind the figure, assuming He/She is facing the bank. He would prepare for the encounter, and save an action. Floating several feed above the ground, he would declare in a booming voice "I don't know if you're behind this attack, or if you work for someone that is, but I intend to discover the truth." (Using Heightened Charisma to full effect)

    He would prepare two spells, binding the character if they flee, or blasting them if they attack.

  31. OOC to GM: When does the Machinist notice Power Chord behind him? A Detect Hidden (motion sensor alarm in suit goes off), Detect Danger (years of doing this, he senses when he has been spotted), or Power Chord speaks?

    The Machinist's basic assessment of the situation is the fire is under control now. He doesn't know what caused it. He believes who has started it has either left or is hiding in the crowd below. All supers he has seen are here to help and are apart of the attack.

    Is there anything wrong with the assessment I am making for my character based on the events and his surveillance results?

    IC The Machinist to Power Star: The authorities are wanting to know who we are. Do you want me to give your name to them? Also ask Jack what name to give if I am to give a name at all.

    IC The Machinist to James Dunham (with Amber able to hear me as well): We are protecting. What else to you really need to know?

  32. "All supers he has seen are here to help and are apart of the attack"

    Correction: I meant: All supers he has seen are here to help and are NOT apart of the attack.

  33. GM Replies to Power Chord

    As Power Chord works his way through the building, he manages to successfully teleport several people to safety (they're the witnesses that Amber Green spoke to), in the plaza, but he finds himself drawn to the roof. He can't quite explain the feeling, but he feels that he needs to get there (think of this as a gut feeling he gets from his Cosmic Awareness, sixth sense, or what-ever you want to chalk it up to).

    Once there, he's successful in teleporting himself to The Machinist's rooftop perch. He'll arrive a second or so, after The Machinist makes his announcement to James Dunham, and Amber Green (see the Machinist's reply).

  34. GM Reply to the Machinist

    You notice a being (Power Chord), the second he speaks. At the same time, James Dunham comes online demanding to know who he's speaking with.

    "This is Commander Dunham, who am I speaking with, and how did you get on this channel?"

    Silver Star has received your message, so I'll have to wait for his reply.

    As far as your assessment goes, it's dead on, but the authorities won't confirm anything with you, as they still don't know who you are.

  35. Oops... somehow I forgot to post this the other day. Anyone know if it can be inserted earlier in the thread? As it contains some rather important info.

    GM Reply to Jack Frost

    While several of the people on the roof are a little startled to see Jack and Silver Star, once the first couple make their way onto the bridge, the rest quickly being to follow.

    As Jack slowly rises into the air, everyone notices a distinct change. The air feels crisper, and their ears pop, as the air pressure begins to drop. The winds still, and a strange silence overtakes the air, only sounds of the helicopters can be heard. The sky grows darker, and then it begins to rain, not just any rain, but freezing rain, slowly at first, quickly rising to a torrential downpour.

    Anyone monitoring the emergency band, will hear it go wild. Everyone from the Fire Chief, wants to know what's going on, and who the hell these guys are.

    As the rains begin to take their effect, the fires slowly start to subside to the point where the firefighters can gain control of the situation, but the effort is extremely tiring to Jack, and after short period, he needs to take a break.

    As a side note, I'm not really sweating how much movement, and power you guys are using at the moment, as it would slow things down. But, if and when it does become necessary to track it, I'll post each individual characters status.

  36. Jack Frost:

    OOC: Hi gang. Sorry for the delay. Back from the holiday break and catching up.

    Young, ancient Jack Frost said to the white knight, "You were right. These people need our help. But how did you know?"
    After waiting for the answer, the elfish elemental flew into the blue sky and ZING! an ice bridge appeared, connecting the steel citadel roof to the nearest rooftop below. The ice bridge had filigreed railings straight from an Arthur Rackham fairy tale. "This way!" he yelled with a big smile.

    Then (if time moves forward and allows more) Jack flew higher into the sky to seize control of it.
    Jack wanted to use the weather to:
    a) Gently steady the clever mechanical dragons the brilliant mortals had devised (the helicopters Silver Star told him about).
    b) Pull air away from the flames to starve them.
    c) Rain wintry precipitation upon the building to fight the remaining flames, but only if it won't foul up the machine dragons.

    Jack has a healthy fear of flames and heat and will do this from a distance as his powers' range will allow.

    If there isn't time for all this, please use the listed order as the intended priority and cut it off when his time runs out, Dom, as you see fit.
    If Silver Star needs a lift back down to the street, Jack will do it while controlling the weather, if that's feasible, Dom.

    Jeff / Jack Frost

  37. Power Chord:

    OOC: Too bad I arrived after the announcment to Amber and Commander Dunham that would have saved us some tension.

    IC: Power Chord will be using is lie detection skills to determine if the Machinist is truthful.

    OOC: Hopefully they can start working together...

  38. IC, To Machinist: "It's Silver Star. You might want to introduce yourself to me, before you can feel the right to introduce me to others."

    IC, To everyone on the rooftop, Silver Star waves to them as he nears them "Hello Everyone! I'm Silver Star, and I'm here to help. Let's get out of the building where the paramedics can help you. Please make your way to the ice chute!"

  39. IC, to Silver Star: "You can call me The Machinist. All I am asking is if you want an introduction? Never crossed my mind for it to be some kind of right.

    Just trying to handled it now but you can wait til they cuff you if you like. Commander Dunham sounds like the kind to improse his authority first then apologize later."

    IC, to Commander Dunham:"You can call me The Machinist. How did I get this channel? Do you really think all powers are jock related?

    IC, to Power Chord: I slowly raise my hands to where he can see them. "So something finally worked in getting your attention. I know you didn't cause this because I saw you when you first got here. Tried to contact you but you failed the "Can you hear me now" test.

    I didn't start it either, unfortunately I can't determine what did. Do you know anything?

    You can call me The Machinist. I am willing to bet you don't go by Crappy Cell Phone Guy, so what should I call you?

  40. IC, To Machinist: "Machinist, you're the one talking to him, not me. You're the one hacking in my audio piece and his, I'm betting. I'm sure has hell you're getting same reaction from him that you're getting from me right now. So you need to be careful about what you're saying and what you're doing. You're not doing a good job explaining yourself to me and I'm betting it's not working out so well with him either. If you want patch me through to him directly, I'll handle the talking."

  41. IC, to Silver Star:"Your the Star, talk away". The Machinist links Siler Star's comm signal into Commander Durham's channel.

  42. OOC: With my lie detection skill, I’m pretty sure I can tell he’s being truthful; of course, knowing that he is certainly makes it easier.

    IC: (Turning off the menacing Heightened Charisma effect) “I’ve been considering switching to Verizon, but I do enjoy being able to surf the internet while having a conversation… “

    “You can call me Power Chord, and I’ve been through most of the building,” as he walks to the edge of the building to survey the activity going on across the street and below. Turning to face the Machinist, “I didn’t find the source of the explosions, but I believe the building has been mostly cleared.”

    “Those two on the roof have been helping with the fire and the rescue efforts. Shall we join them and see if we can figure out what actually happened here?”

    OOC: I think it’s time we got this party started. I can open a portal to the other rooftop for us to join Silver Star and Jack. With the additional information the Machinist has about the explosions and bodies below, hopefully we can get to the bottom of what caused the explosions.

  43. Jack Frost:

    OOC: Sorry again for the delay. Been jammed.

    IC: Visibly wasted from his efforts, Jack Frost rejoined the White Knight (Silver Star) on the spire's roof.

    After Silver Star directed the mortals to safety, Jack smiled and said to him, "Your bravery does you credit, Sir Knight. Shall we descend into the tower?"

    Jack Frost will open the rooftop door to the stairs down and enter the building with any that will go. With the firefighters working their way up from the street, the team from the roof can work their way down to meet them, searching for the injured as they go.

    If Power Chord and the Machinist appear, Jack will introduce himself and invite them as well.

  44. GM Reply to Power Chord - You open a portal allowing both you and the Machinist to be instantaneously transported to the same rooftop as Silver Star and Jack Frost. You arrive Just as the Machinisist is getting an earful from Commander Dunham (and from the sound of his voice, you can tell he's pissed).

    GM Reply to Jack & Silver Star - As the two of you are talking, the air begins to shimmer and shift. Suddenly, what looks like a "whole" forms a few feet away from you and two figures appear to step through the whole. the two figures are the people you saw on the other roof top. And one of them is speaking to a man who sounds very upset and agitated.

    Commander Dunham's reply to the Machinist - Excuse Me? I'm not sure who you think you're talking to, but let me make this perfectly clear...the only thing you're running is your mouth. No one's given you clearance to be on this channel, so I would advise you to think very carefully about your next statement. Who are you people, and how did you get on MY channel.

    While this little brow beating is going on, TV, police, and rescue helicopters continue to buzz the area. If the Machinist is still monitoring his sensors, he'll detect several groups of police and rescue personnel making their way to the roof. At the same time, he'll pick up some chatter about "The Feds" arriving. They want to know who the "Capes" are ASAP.

  45. Power Chord:
    To the Machinist "If it's an introduction he's looking for, I can get us to his mobile command center if you think that'll help."

    To Jack and Silver Star, "Gentlemen, I've been admiring your work, I go by the moniker Power Chord (I'd gesture toward the Machinist, but allow him to make his own introduction if he's so inclined.) Maybe by pooling our resources we can figure out what happend here and see if there is anything we can do to assist the authorities."

  46. OOC: The Machinist is not broadcasting anything on speakers that he is hearing and he did not link Silver Star's comm into his. All he did earlier was talk to Silver Star (through his comm). So the other characters would only know what is being broadcast on the public broadcasts as far as Commander Dunham and the 'Feds' are concerned.

    The Machinist:

    To Jack and Silver Star: "and I am The Machinist."

    To Commander Dunham (but the others can hear me speaking): "I am The Machinist. I am a Techopath. I read communication transmissions like a Telepath reads minds. I got your frequency by listening for it.

    "I don't know the others so I can't introduce them to you. If you want us to go somewhere to meet you, I can relay the message to them to see if they would join me in meeting with you."

    After this The Machinist turns off all the gadgets he had assemblied which is linking the different communications systems, boosting signals, and gathering data on the building, fire, air traffic, and crowd below.

    All data gathered is transmitted to his 'home' systems. When data transmissions are complete he triggers his anlaysis routines to starting correlating, tagging, and fragging the data.

    When all steps are complete the parts start disassembling themselves and as piece parts float back to their spots on his suit.

    Now the only transmission he is listening to is Commander Dunham's, Amber's, and the 'Feds'. He tunes all other transmissions out like a person tunes out shopping mall music.

  47. @Jack Frost, before the teleportation: "You're the man of the hour. You've been doing more good than I have. I think that going into the building and attempting to see if there is more people to help is a good idea, lets go!".

    After seeing the two others appear here and introductions are done, Silver Star says "Machinist, Power Chord, well met. We were just about to do that ourselves. Let's see if we can help more people or help put a stop to the fire."

  48. Jack Frost:

    The white-haired youth introduced himself as 'Jack' and listened quietly to what everyone had to say.

    But when Silver Star called him "the man of the hour" he humbly demurred and said, "No, no. I'm not a Man at all."

    Then he made for the door into the building. "Shall we?"

  49. Thanks for everyone's reply. I'll be shooting out responses, as well as some additional info within the next day or so, so be on the lookout for it.

  50. GM Replies - With the exception of a few hot spots, the fires are pretty much under control, the winds have subsided, and the evacuation of casualties is running smoothly. ECFD and emergency services should be able to handle the situation from here.

    Commander Dunham's reply to The Machinist - The Machinist? Techno what? I don't have time for this crap... I want you out of my hot zone ASAP, so MY people can work without you interfering. I want you, and the rest of your little gang of capes, to haul your butts down to me NOW. Do you think you're capable of doing that with out a lot of grandstanding for the cameras?

    Also, he's not quite sure why, but "The Feds" communications encryption isn't like anything he's encountered before, even during his days at The Agency, so he's only able to get bits and pieces of what they're saying. But he's able to gather that they're on their way to meet up with Commander Dunham.

    GM to the group - You're met by ECFD and police personnel, and safely escorted to Commander Dunham's command post. When you arrive, you see a powerfully built, gray haired male, wearing the dark blue dress uniform of ECFD, glaring at you. His 6'3" 225 lbs frame, towers over those around him.

    He's surrounded, by similarly dressed people, EMTs, police, and several men dressed in dark suits, aviator sunglasses, and earpieces, who seem to be standing back, and watching what's going on, but not really saying much. But the person that stands out the most, is an athletic looking black male, sporting a neatly trimmed goatee, wearing jeans, Timberland boots, an EC Warriors throwback, with a gold EC detective's badge dangling from a chain around his neck.

    As the group approaches, the large man in center, turns to the causally dressed detective, and states quite vehemently "Detective, I want the whole lot arrested, for interfering with my crews, causing a public disruption."

    To which the detective calmly responds, "Easy Commander, I'm not arresting anyone until I find out exactly whats going on. For right now, I think the best thing to do, is for everyone to come with me, and we'll sort this out at the station."

    The whole situation is being monitored by the guys in dark suits, who at this point, jump into the conversation. "Excuse me detective, but we'll want to sit in on any conversations you have with them, as we've got several questions we want answered."

    At this point, I'll wait for the group's responses, especially to Commander Dunham's request.

  51. To GM: Do I get any comments from my handlers? in my radio linkup?

  52. GM Reply - Not yet, but trust me, they are monitoring your activities.

  53. Jack Frost:

    Securing the building:
    Jack entered the tower alongside an armored knight, a mysterious wizard and an aloof artificer who reminded him of Hephaestus. The more he explored these modern times, the more they echoed days gone by. But of all the mortals he had encountered in this teeming, buzzing city, these people most reminded Jack of his family, rest their souls.

    Dunham's command post:
    There were men talking and growling now and try as he might, Jack couldn't keep him mind on them. His mouth held a polite enough smile but his eyes wandered around, soaking everything up. Machines and lights and noise. He was clearly distracted, not paying any attention, and he began to entertain thoughts of leaving this place for the cold clear sky.

  54. Looking to his three comrades, The Machinist says "Commander Dunham has problems with 'Capes' but he is the one who puts a mask on reality.

    I wonder who really is 'grandstanding for the cameras'?

    We have been the protectors of people today. Providing help where 'his' people could not.

    I don't know about the rest of you, but I feel my work is done. I am ready to leave."

    Turning to the Detective, "I will answer questions, within reason, but here and now. I do not wish to travel to your station. Certainly there is somewhere here which will meet your needs."

    The Machinist will have his suit video recording all the conversations. He would have turned it on when they walked up to the command center (OOC: since I didn't mention this earlier - if you want to do a save against Int. That is fine. If he fails he would start recording right after the fed spoke)

    If the Detective makes The Machinist wait in a building or trailer near by, he will pull out a Kindle device from his suit and download books of EC Office of Emergency Management, Fire Department, and Police depts. He will also do a search on books about "Legends of Jack" with "Ice Spirit" in the search parameters. He will silently read the books while waiting. If anyone examines the device, it really is a kindle and the books were public books bought from Amazon.

    He will only talk to his fellow Protectors, the Detective, and Amber Green. If anyone else engages him in conversion he will ignore them but will follow directions with the exception of getting into a vehicle or being cuffed.

    The only way The Machinist will travel to a different location especially 'the station' is if Power Chord uses all the Charisma and vows on his most sacred belief to free him at a moments notice at The Machinist's request.

  55. OC: Power Chord creates a sphere of silence around his new found allies and turns to face them. It should be invisible to everyone, possibly with the exception of Jack, but the team would immediately be aware of the effect, as none of the background noise from the command center would now be heard. There would be absolute silence, except for the sound of his voice.

    IC to team: My friends and I do not choose that title lightly, I have foreseen our meeting here, and it has not been by chance. Great events are afoot, and the very future of the peoples of this world may rely on our working together. I have seen that there is at least one other on whom we may in time rely, but I know that our meeting here has not been a random event, but rather one crafted by cosmic design.
    I also have a feeling that there are key relationships with individuals present that will allow us to be more effective in our roles as “protectors” of this realm, and I long ago learned to pay heed to my “feelings.” If you will allow me, I can arrange a private audience where we might better become acquainted, and also meet those here whose futures are intertwined with our own.

    OC: He would then allow for any discussion/conversation amongst our group. Once our conversation has completed, the sphere would dissipate, and the volume of sound from the surroundings would again be heard.
    His “offer” would be to teleport this team, as well as a single individual from each group represented, the detective, the men in dark suits, and Commander Dunham or a representative he chooses. The media would not be invited.
    Power Chord has knowledge of EC and would select a location within teleportation range, but private enough that they would not be disturbed… opening a portal to a rooftop nearby perhaps… He would assure any takers that he will return them to this location once their business is completed.
    Power Chord will not disrespect Commander Dunham. He may sound like a jerk, but he reminds Power Chord of his father. If Commander Dunham insists they go “downtown,” Power Chord would be inclined to comply, but as the Machinist stated, he will not enter a vehicle, or be “cuffed.” If worst comes to worst, he would put up shields and attempt to evacuate the team. He will not enter a conflict with the authorities.
    To the authorities, Power Chord will reveal that he is the son of Power Blade, an established Hero, but will not give his identity or any other personal information. To the team, he will be a little more forthcoming, as stated above, he has seen the others in his dreams and he will be inclined to trust them without knowing anything more about them.

  56. Jack Frost:

    Everything went silent and Jack snapped out of it. He noticed the lonely blacksmith was ready to leave and then the wizard murmured enigmatic prophecies of great events and Fate's invisible hand.

    "What?" said Jack, not smiling any more. "Sorcerer, tell us what you know and speak plainly." The boyish eternal evinced little trust in human wizards.

  57. OOC: Jeff, you slay me. I love this, and with almost every posting you amaze me with the depth of this character. I mean, I loved the write up, but the way you play absolutely blows me away. I can just imagine sitting around a table with you, reacting to your actions. The character is so “on” it’s just amazing. From childlike innocence to what feels like a Raptor gaze in seconds, definitely an elemental creature. It is a true pleasure playing with this team… I just wish it wasn’t remote.

    I’m pulling from Dom’s posting back in January on the EC blog of the V&V forum for this posting, but here goes my characters leap into the cosmic abyss…

    Power Chord:

    IC: “Surely Elemental Prince, you do not think your return was mere chance?”

    “That you would return to the realm of mortals at this time, and this place; surely we have been gathered by fate.”

    With those words his gaze becomes slightly unfocused, as if he is seeing something invisible to everyone around.

    “I see a dark time for this world, A King returns, and the dead walk again. Those that live on the blood of innocence, and can not survive long the light of the day.”

    “Evil from many sources focused on this world, but we shall stand against them, and they shall break like waves on the shore.”

    As his eyes meet those to each of his companions, “Will you join me in protecting this realm?”

  58. The Machinist:

    IC: Experiencing the shock of pure silence for the first time in his life, He murmurs:

    Elemental Prince?
    or Ruses?
    Lets find out!

  59. OOC: Thanks Hammer. I'm really enjoying this team's characterizations as well, not to mention Dom for making it all possible and John for running the Forum!

  60. Jack Frost:

    Jack had no time for wizard talk of Fate, dark times, Evil undying and responsibility. Not while the morning sun was bright in the crisp blue sky.

    But when the magician said, “Will you join me in protecting this realm?” the glacial godling spat defiantly, "For ages before you were born have I defended Nature. Who are you to ask me that? Who and what exactly are you? And no more riddles, conjurer."

  61. GM Replies - A few seconds after the sphere goes up, Commander Dunham begins a new rant. “Now do you see what I’m talking about, Detective Jones? There total disregard for the law? If you don’t arrest them now, I’m going to your superiors!

    Detective Jones to Commander Dunham - “I said calm down Commander, and if you feel you need to file a complaint, you’re more than welcome to do so.” He then faces the assembled group of heroes, and speaks. “Excuse me gentleman, but it appears that we’re getting off on the wrong foot. My name is Detective Nathan Jones, of the ECPD’s Major Crimes Unit. I’ve been sent here to try to determine exactly what’s happened. To do that, I’ll need the cooperation of everyone involved, and that includes you, and I would appreciate it if you all could make yourself available for questioning. The best place to do that, would be my office, but we can do it here, if it’s more convenient for you. Does ANYONE, have a problem with that?”

    Commander Dunham’s jaw tightens, he starts to say something, then stops short, as if contemplating something.

    At which time, one of the men in black, who’ve been silently watching this whole scene play out, speaks. “Excuse me detective, I have a suggestion, we’ve got a conference room, not far from here. Why don’t we take this conversation inside, away from prying eyes? I think it’d be far more productive if any questioning was done away from all of these distractions, don’t you?”

    Commander Dunham - “I don’t care what you do with them, as long as you get them out of my hair.” And with that, he storms off yelling at one of his subordinates to get him update, a strong cup of coffee, and a couple of aspirin for “This damn headache.”

    Detective Jones - “Sounds good to me.”

    If no one bolts, Detective Jones will gesture towards the men in black, “Gentlemen”, as though he wants you all to follow them, and the pair will lead you all to a building not far from where you’re standing. And with that, I’ll be wrapping up your first adventure together. I’ll try to have your updated Character Sheets up by the weekend, to include your new XP totals.

    I’ll be kicking off your next little adventure, The Gathering, early next week, where you’ll be formally introduced to the men in black, get a rundown on what the feds know about the disappearance of the Guardians, meet your first villain, and if you look around and read over some goodies I’ll post later tonight, pick up some clues about upcoming events.

    A quick update – I’ve sent off the character sketch info to Rich, so he can get to work, as soon as I hear anything back from him, I’ll post it. Also, I’ve been tinkering with my skills system a bit, once I work everything out, I’ll post the official rules changes for you guys to read over.

  62. The Machinist.

    The compromise offered is acceptable. He will nod his head and follow in the direction that Detective Jones gestures.

    OOC: Wonderful introduction. I am have a great time. Thanks to our GM and to my fellow PCs. This is a blast!

  63. Power Chord

    IC to Jack Frost: I am a friend, and hope to be an ally, nothing more.

    OOC: With that, he drops the silence spell, just in time to hear Detective Jones introduction/invitation. He is also happy with the offer to speak privately, and would agree, though he is still skeptical of the "Men In Black." Also, funny that Jack Frost would ask who Power Chord is, as I'm working on a more in depth write up of Power Chords history that I will post over on the forum, hopefully by the weekend. I also echo Cougar's sentiment, having a blast, and don't feel like we've really even gotten started yet.

  64. Jack Frost:

    Despite all the emphatic skepticism toward the sorceror and Fate itself, the son of the North Wind will eventually follow. It would seem Jack doth protest too much.

    As he left, he glanced back at the Knight.

  65. GM Replies

    OK Gentlemen, here's the first of what will be several posts, over the next few days.


    Each of you is awarded 1 hero point. As a quick reminder, Hero Points are awarded for successfully advancing a level, for exceptional role playing, for coming up with a cool idea, etc.

    They can be used to perform a feat you normally wouldn't be able to do, to re-roll a truly sucky dice roll (I'll send you a private email telling you what you rolled, and ask if you want to expend the hero point), or something similar.

    Each of you, with the exception of The Machinist (who was pretty much out of the lime light) is awarded 1 point of Charisma, due to the high profile press you just received, but remember the public is a fickle bunch.


    Each of you also receives 250 XP. I'm also granting Jack, The Machinist, and Power Chord a 250 XP bonus, for some very well played out character interaction. The more you guys get into your characters, the more XP bonuses I'm likely grant.


    OK gents, after giving this much thought, I've decided to rework my skills system. Since I think most of us are familiar with the D20 system, I've decided the easiest, and most expedient route to take, is to adopt its skill system for use. Hopefully this won't cause you guys to much consternation. I want to have the revised skill rules posted no later than Friday, that will give you guys a chance to review it, over the weekend, and post any comments or questions you may have.


    I should have a revised character sheet up by tomorrow, and your updated sheets up by Friday. If you spot any mistakes, let me know so I can fix them.

    While you're waiting for that to happen, I'll be posting the next chapter, The Gathering, in an all new post. Hopefully you guys will enjoy it.

    My goal is to try to craft situations where each of you will be given an opportunity to allow your characters to shine, sort of like a comic book spot light issue. I'm also going to try to pluck elements out of your background, and play them up. So, if you've something you in your background you want me to highlight, shoot me a PM, and I'll work it in at some point.

  66. [OOC:Sorry for the slow response]

    As the meeting adjourns, Silver Star looks around the room. What an odd assortment of people. Even the boys in black and in blue seem to be odd ones. This is going to get interesting very soon.

    As he bids farewell to everyone present, he's wondering if there was criminal intent in that fire and if that was the goal of this meeting.

    He leaves the location with the intent to go snooping at the fire.

  67. Slik (err.. Woodrum) will wait until things are cleared with the police and then politely introduce himself to the wife of the departed and initiate formal counseling openings, probably by saying to her "I want you to take a moment to simply let out our immediate feelings, right now you deserve to have a release. I am simply here for support, not to tell you how you should feel..."

  68. [OOC]
    mistype- to simply let out your immediate feelings... not our.


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